The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 08, 1907, Page 6, Image 6

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The Commoner.
The Commoner.
Now that Japan has manifested a "don't-care-a-cent"
feeling about that fleet rendezvous
in tho Pacific ' perhaps tho president will no
longer deem it ' necessary.
Now that Secretary Cortelyou has dis
charged the obligation, will Chairman Cortelyou
please come through with the facts about those
campaign contributions?
Paragraphic Punches
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Kdltor nnd Proprietor.
'iWciMitii J. MrarcAi.rK
Awjoctnto Editor.
CiiAUiiics W. Buy an
Kdltorlftl nporon nnd I3iiRiho
Ofllco 324-330 South 12th Street.
Entered nt tho Postoulco at Lincoln, Neb., ns eccond-clnss matter
'Ore Year - - Si. OO TlircoTvronthn
LlxMoiithH - - 0O gliiBlo Copy
Jji.Clubrt ol'Flvo or moro, Snmplo Coploa Frco.
PcrYcnr - .B tforclpn PobUirc D2 CcntflKxtra.
8UHS0KIPT1ONS can bo sent direct to Th6 Com
moner. They can also bo sent through newspapers
which Uavo advertised a clubbing rate, ,or throjiBli
local agents, whero sub-agents have boon appos
ed. All remittances should bo sent by poBtofflca
money order, express order, or by bank draft .on.
WW York or Chicago. Do not Bond individual
.checks, stamps or money.
. JMSCONTINUANCES -It is found that a 0-rgo
majority of our subscribers prefer not to uavo
Ihelr subscriptions Interrupted- and their files
broken in caso they fail to remit before expiration.
It is therefore assumed that continuanco is desired
unless subscribers order discontinuance, either
when subscribing or at any tlmo during the year.
Presentation Copies: Many persons subscribe foi
friends, -intending that thd paper shall stop at tno
.end of tho year. If instructions aro given to Uint
effect they will rocelvo attention at tho proper
i3M3VAliS Tho dato on your wrapper shows
tho tlmo to which your subscription is paid. llius
January 31, '08, means that payment has been re
ceived to and including tho last lssuo of January,
1008. Two weeks aro required after money has
been received before tho date on wrapper can do
changed. - - !,
CHANGE OF ADDRESSSubscrlbers requesting
a change of address must givo OLD as well as NEW
ADVERTISING Rates furnished upon applica
tion. !1
Address all communications to -
'-THE COMMONER,5 L'ncdln, Neb. '
'! .Now, everybody take ,a. slong, breatlr, and
then 'laugh! j
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l . ..Secretary Taf t can look over the- financial
situation and prove an alibi. .,- . T'
ajJjhiough water was forced put stocks (last
week" to All the Panama canal. '
"nhinnern must move." declares the Chicago
Tribune. Would it be cheaper than cleaning
' Pity that Wall Street could not have used
some of the ballast those balloons threw; over;
board. -;;-;; , , f: ' '
is Japan -is now talking of a-igreatnij
itornatio'nalexpoBition at Tokio. Ah-ha! Re7
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"Now York takes a hopeful view," says
'an exchange. That's about all left for Now
York to take, isn't it?
The international balloon races were pulled
off without an accident. ,Managprs of American
railways please take notice!'
It. appears that the government dumped
more' ''money into Wall Street last month than
it removed, dirt in Panama.
A physical director in Cleveland" says ciga
rettes aro harmless. To be sure. It's the
smoking of them that hurts.
Wiiou Secretary Taft returns he will find
Uie Oklahoma constitution in operation and the
people happy that they did not postpone.
By the way, during the "free silver scare"
was thero any trouble about cashing a good
check at any bank west of Manhattan?
A scientist informs us that the spine con
trols 3,000,000,000 nerves. A lot of financial
spines seems to have lost' tlieir connections recently..
It seems that Mr. Morgan and Mr. Rocke
feller rushod to the rescue with bundles of
money that the people had deposited in the
The attention of a ' lot of erstwhile Wall
Street financiers is called "to ttho fact that Ne
braska and Kansas are in need of a lot or corn
shuckers.' -.
The Boston Daily Tribune has suspended
publication, giving as its reason the fact that
the man who owns it does not want to publish
it any longer. The reason is valid.
Oklahoma's birthday will be November 16,
just twelve days before Thanksgiving. How
would you like to accept an invitation to, eat
Thanksgiving dinner with Oklahoma this year?
A lot of republican organs that gleefully
ogged on the "democratic panic" of 1893 are
yelling lustily for "confidence" and "coolness"'
during the "republican panic" of 1907.
Iowa claims to have raised pumpkins
enough to make a pie for every man, woman
anil child in the United States. We'll not be
happy until we get the one due us.
Secretary Taft and General Wood should
get together. While one is telling us how peace
ful and quiet things are in tho Philippines, the
other is asking for ten more companies of
Tho Englishmen who bought Barnum's
circus for $2,000,000 and sold it for $400,000
are in a position ' to sympathize with several
eminent promoters of watered stock companies
in Wall Street.
The Philadelphia Press declares tlrat tho
republican party in Pennsylvania- is thoroughly
united. Thiscompletely refutes the mmdr.'that
the capitol. graft exhausted 'the cash ' resources
of the state treasury.
The newspapers that are praising . certain
eminent financiers for rushing "nobly 'to the
rescue during the crisis" would doubtless sing
the praises of the man who applied the torch
and then turned in the fire alarm.
Mr. Harrlman says there is plenty of money
in the country, the trouble beingthat 'it is not
circulated fast 'enough. The newspaper para
graph ers are doing their best; now let Mr. Har
riman step forth and lend his Valuable assistance.
The role6tions of 1907-'passed' off quietly.
Toni L; 'tfolihson defeated Burton' for mayor of
Cleveland.' , Mayor Whltlqck. 'was re-elected in
Toledo. Republican candidate for mayor in. .Co
lumbus, Ohio, probably elected. Democrats
have probably carried Kentucky . .'Republicans '
carried Nebraska. , ' '
.The Associated Press gives this report:
Massachusetts re-elected the entire state
tloket headed by Governor. Curtis Guild, Jr.
Henry M. Whitney, the citizens' democratic can
didate for governor, polled a heavier vote4hah
Charles W. Bartlett, the anti-merger democrat.
Pennsylvania elects John O. Sheatz, repub
lican, head of the ticket, ,'for state treasurer,
by a large -majority.
New York state elects Edward T. Bartlett
and Willard Bartlett, joint candidates on the
democratic and republican tickets for justice
for the court of appeals, over the candidates of
s the independence league (Hearst). New York
City elects the Tammany candidates by a consid
erable majority over the independence league
fusion candidates,
New Jersey is claimed by both sides. The
early reports indicated a plurality for Frank
Katzenbach, Jr., candidate for governor, but
later returns show John Franklin, republican,
making largo gains.
The Maryland contest for the governorship
is in doubt, owing to the lateness of returns.
The Rhode Island returns indicato the re-
election of Governor James H. Higgins, demo
crat, over FS.MI. Jackson, republican, by a plur--ality.of
about 1,500, showing a democratic gain
from the plurality of last year."
In Mississippi the election of Noel, demo
cratic candidate for governor, is-assured; as'' he
had no opposition. ',
The possibility of a parcels post will give
Senator Piatt a further opportunity to do some
of what he considers his best work in the sen
ate. Indianapolis News.
Now, if Roosevelt would only order General
Apathy out for a fifteen-mile ride with the "fat
'colonpls," perhaps the old 'warrior would get
shaken up a bit. New York Mail.
Europe is getting ahead of us in the bal
loon industry only because the war ofllce over
.there doesn't care what it does with the tax
payers' money. Philadelphia Inquirer.
Perhaps the reason President Roosevelt
moved his camp from Stamboul, La., is because
it occurred to him that Dr. Long lives in Stam
Xord Conn. Too stam much similarity. Ohio
Although "Uncle Joe" Cannon kicked off in
the Galesburg game he managed to get off the
field quickly enough to prevent his boom from
being damaged in the scrimmage. Indianapolis
News. " "
The president's Louisiana host is a manu
facturer of fobasco sauce. While he is down
thero he may learn of a few more ways of put
ting hot stuff into his message to congress.
Washington Herald,
The fifteen miles ride failed to disqualify
the fat colonels of the. army. There is nothing
for -the war department to do now but make
the supreme test: ,set them at crossing their
legs. Cleveland Leader. ,
With Mr. Roosevelt in the Louisiana
swamps thegovernment can go on running, but
who is -.there to run the canvass ,of Secretary
Taft for tho republican nomination for presi
dent? New York Press.
"1 believe tariff- revision is inevitable,"
said Congressman Philip Pitt Campbell, "but I
am opposed to a wholesale cutting of rates."
Hooray for Campbell and a reduction of the
tariff that fails to reduce. Kansas City Star.
v- .- j
Must have been something the matter with
J. Pierpont Mor(ga'n when he lost his temper
over a little thipg like being seateel behind a
post at the Episcopal convention. Why didn't
he buy the post and have it removed forthwith?
- Philadelphia Inquirer.
We do not mind informing Milwaukee that
the time of the year is approaching when
Louisville's claim for the democratic conven
tion appears to be more fetching than Milwau
kee's and that the matter is likely to be decided
in the winter time. Houston Post.
AThe odds of 10 to 7 on Mayor Johnson in
the Cleveland mayoralty racer against Secretary
Loeb's candidate may be due to a. lack of funds
by the Burton forces. Is the contest not worth
the attention of, some Ohio collector of cam
paign contributions? New -York. World.
The press is printing cdlumns-of sarcasm
at the expense of the -Newport society girl who
rises at' daylight to milk five cows. Certainly
it is to the young woman's credit that she pre
fers playing- the dairymaid oJdancing attend
ance at monkey dinners. Rochester Post-Express.
After having spent his summer vacation In
tolling the country of the great work done hy
republican liberators in the time when he was
"no spring chicken," Uncle Joe Cannon is now
preparing for his winter's work of suppressing
the house of representatives. St. Louis Republic.
George Washington is in a fair way to
again become popular as the model to be hem
up to the sons, of , the rich. Some; nosey indi
vidual has unearthed a -presentment against
George charging, him with haying dodged Ins
taxes, and undervalued his 'belongings. Nasn
villo American.
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