The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 01, 1907, Page 15, Image 15

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NOVEMBER 1, 1907
The Commoner.
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The Wall Street Journal quotes
from John Sherman to ohow that In
introducing the anti-trust hill he
aimed at making it strike only at
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unlawful combination. Stuff! What
John Sherman was aiming at was a
law. which would get itself buried
deep in the archives of congress and
never bo heard of again. Somo fel
low without a sense of humor resur
rected the old gun and proved that It
would carry a light charge artd make
almost as much disturbance 'at the
muzzle as at the breech.--Minneap-olis
Journal. . .
Following, closely upon Senator
Knox's address before the Yalo law
school the renewed assertion of the
rights of the states in high repub
lican quarters in, Illinois is fresh as
surance that the extreme views put
forth by President Roos&velt and hiq
secretary of state will divide the re-,
publican party deeply. If the attempt
is made to push these revolutionary
theories too far in practice.
The president has already raised
the question whether concentration
of governmental powers such as he,
proposes would not bo as grpat a.
threat to the stability of, our insti
tutions as was secession and whether
the resistance of the American peo
ple to the one would not ho as firm
as it was to the other.
The American people are devoted
to the federal government. fThey
would not see it shorn off,a single one
of its legitimate powers. Such of its
constitutional powers as have lain
dormant they desire to he brought
into action whenever tlie pcqasioh
may arise. Its service in, providing
fpr the national defense,, carrying the
mails, regulating the currency and
regulating interstate. and; fpreign
commerce they could ,not 'dispense
with. Administered iri accordance
with the spirit of the constitution
they affectionately regard it as the
inost., eneflcje,n,t u, government, on
earth. ',.."'
But, , national . patriotism is not
stronger than tlie. state patriotism. of
every American. No. American wants
his state. divided or. merged In ,anjr
other 6tate. And yet the new .sclmpl
of constitutional Interpretation wquld
merge them all intq an imperialism
reaching from qcean, to ocqan, .with
an autocrat at the head of it.
It Is a fact that the hand of BUch
a government is never felt in, the
affairs which touch the citizen most
nearly and which endear the Amerr
lean system to the American citizen.
If the federal hand is ever thrust in
to these affairs far enpugh to be felt,
it will awaken a spirit which will
let the authors of the, innovation
knpw that the fundamental law of
the United States ;must rip, be
changed, even as the' rWonfc .de
clared at Runnymede they would
tolerate no change in, the laws of
England. r,
The masses of both parties, stand
firm on this ground. If President
Roosevelt wants to make ah issue
on it next year the democratic party
will be delighted to meet him. St.
Louis Republic.
: The new" York traction-1 financiers
made $3M&6,000Ton one swnitfini
deal. This amounts to''? GQ, 00 0,0 0 6
5-cent fares. It would talce a con
ductor, stealing ten fares a. day, 205,
000 years to "knock . down" $3&
000,000. Kansaa,eity Star.
i.- : 1 r ,
. The New 'York World charges Mr,
Bryan, with' making a fajse state
ment concerning- It and demands that
he make1 a retraction. The dejnand
comes with ill grace from a paper
which has made-so many misstate
ments about" "Mf; Bryan and refused
to retract .them-when the wrong was
'pointed o'ut.-Buffalo (N. Y.) Times.
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