The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 04, 1906, Page 5, Image 5

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AT 4, 1906
The Commoner.
Wanted 25,000 signafuns ti Ihi
Primary Pltdgi by Juna I,
?-'" vi njjijNijm iff
Lit every Commomr Reader take
Hold of thi Ttwlin?.
The Commoner has unreeled its towline for
& thirty-day campaign in behaU of the primary
pledge. It is desired that Commoner readers
make an organized effort to secure during the
next thirty days 25,000 primary pledge signa
tures. The Commoner calls upon every one of
its readers to take part in this work. It is
of the utmost importance that democrats he
thoroughly aroused to the part played by the
primary in the government under which we live.
The primary pledge is designed to awaken
the interest of the rank and file of voters in
the primaries of their party. As a result of the
campaign waged on these lines thousands of
democrats have signed a pledge promising to
lose no opportunity to participate in the pri
maries of their party, and to see to it that the
party makes a clear, honest and straightforward
declaration on every question upon which the
voters of the party desire to speak.
The congressional elections are now ap-
proaching, and The Commoner desires to arouse
new interest in the primary pledge plan of or
ganization. To this end Commoner readers
everywhere are requested to participate in the;
effort to obtain by June 1, 25,000 signatures to.
the primary pledge. '' " f
If Commoner readers will exert' themselves
t 11
there will be little trouble in.xpaclilng this dej
sirable result. .
The final result of thiserffort will be an
nounced in The Commoner of June 1, but in the
meantime tlie progress of the work will be out
lined in each week's edition.
Let us make a good showing for the next
Issue of The Commoner.
If you do not have a primary pledge form,
you will find one below. This may be clipped or
copied, as you prefer, and signatures attached
Send signatures to The Commoner office as
rapidly, as. possible.
The following letters have been received:
Dr. Rv S. Wishard, Eberle, 111. I enclose
primary 'pledge signed by twenty-seven good
Amariah Conklin, Cedar Run, N. J. Find en
closed three signatures to the primary pledge.
I am forty-five years of age and have been a
democrat from my first vote, and five of my
brothers are democrats. This place is not very
big, but three to one are' democrats. I hope
we can vote for an hone3t democrat in 1908.
The Commoner is doing good work in the cause
of democracy.
Joseph Ward, Koshkonong, Mo. You will
find enclosed a primary pledge with thirty-five
signatures. .1 am always ready and willing to
help and do my duty to my party.
Henry Jenkins, Anthon, la. I enclose two
subscription cards and twenty-eight signatures to
the primary pledge.
Ann Feback, Dodd City, Texas I have se
cured the signatures of thirteen good democrats
to the primary pledge. I have taken The Com
moner since the first issue, and would not miss
a single copy for twice the price of the paper.
Mr. Bryan's letters are a feast of education for
the people. You can depend on me to do all
in my power for the most truthful paper I ever
O. Lonergan, Kelly, Kans. I most heartily
agree with "William Looser of Greenville, Pa.,
in his article on the primaries and the duty of
the voters to attend them. Also that it is the
duty of the voter to refuse to either nominate
or support any man for office who is associated
with corporate and financial interests.
Levi Clark, Winchester, Ind. I enclose a pri
mary pledge bearing 27 signatures.
James Varner, Bloomfield, la. I am a reader
and an admirer of your paper, and fully endorse
the primary pledge plan. Please send me some
blanks for the purpose of securing names to the
Thos. O. Hartwell, Saranac, Mich. Find here
with pledge with 14 signatures.
Hugh Bleakley, Alliance,, Ohio Please send1
me before Saturday night, one hundred and fifty
primary pledges. This will be used at our Jef
ferson banquet.
W. D. Kahl, Kelso, Kans. Find fourteen
names to the pledge. I am seventy-seven years
old and cannot get around as I used' to, so you
must excuse me for not getting." more names.
Will send you more as I can get them. God speed
The Commoner,. .
. u. xjurv ouu, uwij', vv. v a. xuib bwlo ia
in better shape for our party than it has been
for some time. We have control of the capital
city now for the first time in several years. I
shall do all I can for the democratic party, i
Henry Schlichting, Sheboygan Falls, Wis.
I enclose a primary pledge with fifteen signa
tures. Scott Justice, Logan, W. Va. I hand yoi
herewith petition containing the signatures of
thirty-five of the democratic citizens of my county,
and would ask that you send me three or four
blank petitions and I will have some of my
friends do some work as I am very busy myself
at this time.
Joseph Diehl, New Albany, Ind. Enclosed
you will find the primary pledge filled out.
W. IT. Martin, Brownsvillo, Oregon Enclosed
find ten names signed to the primary pledge.
These are democrats.
J. Wheaton, Strasburg, Mo. I enclose a pri
mary pledge with thirty-five signatures.
A. H. Backhaus, editor the Leader, Pierce,
Nobr. I am sending you today the following pri
mary pledges and hope soon to be able to send
you several more: A. II. Backhaus, W. E.
Powers, Joe Raubach, Carl Behnke, James D.
Boll, Henry Bockleman, HenryBuckcndahl, Wil
liam Sporleder, E. Wichmong, Albert Bleyhl, F.
L. Degner, Julius Kuhl, Fred Kuhl, F. O. Oes
trierds, G. F. Lierraan, Albert Mueller, William
Reh, August Glishman, Charles Herschlag and
F. Mittelstadt.
Capt E. S. Bishop, Jonesville, Va. I en
close a primary pledge with fifteen signatures.
Andrew Shlell, Browns Valley, Minn. Here
with find a primary pledge signed by eight good
M. V. Bell, 'Tackner, Mo. Please find en
closed eleven signatures to the primary pledge.
Keep the good work going,
W. B. Gex, Graham, Mo. Enclosed please
find names of twenty-nine democrats signed to
the primary pledge. These signatures were
picked up very cheerfully at our primary Satur
day. I was very much pleased at the interest
shown and ac the earnest ''effort put forth ZJto
chop.Sft Bd sound delegate ,to our countyj, 6onj.
vention'l wish.,: The Commoner uccm fnTfitir '
praiseworthy efforts to encgui.-'.ge good cluxta-
William C. Brown, Cotter Ark. I herewith .
send in my-p"rjmary pledge.
B. F. Stilwell, Syracuse, Tnd. Enclosed nai
a primary pledge bearing twenty-four slgtiaturei
The following have sent in signatures to
the primary pledge in number as follows: W.
L. Ford, Yorkville, 111., 12; E. P. Trainer, Point
Rock, Ohio, 22; O. P. Hyde, Marietta, Ohio, 6;
George Wiswell, New Sharon, Iowa, 10; C. W.
S. Dilley, Darlington, Pa., 35; John Tiller, Win
field, Mo., 29; Samuel N. Rickel, Claypool, Ind.,
I promise to attend all the primaries of my party to be held between now- and-r
the next Democratic National Convention, unless unavoidably prevented, and to use
my influence to secure a clear, honest and straightforward declaration of the party'i
position on every question upon which the voters of the party desire to speak-
. . - I
l State.
Voting precinct or ward.
13T Fill out Blanks and mail to Commoner Office, Lincoln, Nebraska.
' l