The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 23, 1906, Page 4, Image 4

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The Commoner.
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THE COMMONER, Lincoln, Neb
"Tho peace of. tho gravo" has been secured
again, in tho Philippines.
Senator Tillman says the - purest whiskey
made 1b moonshine. "Moonshine."
XJp 16 dato about everything has been done
towards digging tho Panama canal except got
ting ready to dig. fa
President Roosevelt might try the roranants
?rUdsCinliowab.Urati0,1 Mh0mo U h'S reimbl,can
The two most strenuous standnatterq n iim
Peace has again been restored in Jolo inn
sorao Idea ot uS vlnt 1,? ?? cit!es raay sot
chises tor. taxing Upwes? DUt UI,on tma-
now; Snt wnds t monoy
moans that "wo" editorlni w i, ff, J0 secretary
't in U,o p.ural h?ffgfffc ulnal tt ho mema
Let us see! T?nf u-
Springfield, Ohio, whS is L inCclnPe.ssman fr01
down tho congressional rSS8 wnt on cuttinS
south because that lection fH8?atl0? from th
negro? section is so unjust to the
"BheXg nitl no bo as
This republic Zm o well Sr,Cfn republI."
or the new lights tha? hve Sjftffi "-J
as S teffilft that as long
really no reason why a sena S?lato7, there
pncea by any such lif tie lS101lU1 1)G infl
intorests. ule si(le issues as public
Washington, D. C, March 19.- While the sit
uation in the senate as regards tho railroad rato
bill is not entirely satisfactory to Senator Till
man and the other democrats leading the great
fight in behalf of tho shippers of the United
States, they feel confident, at least, that in a
few weeks tho upper branch of congress will
dispose of this important measure. As previous
ly pointed out in this correspondence the friends
of the main proposition aro not a unit as to the
extent tho bill ought to bo amended. Tho ques
tion, however, will bo weighed carefully, and
there will be abundant opportunity between now
and the time the voting begins for the democrats
and the republicans acting with them to confer
and agree upon changes tho reform element think
should bo made to perfect tho proposed law.
No careful or accurate poll has yet been mad
by the democrats for the reason that a great
many of the senators on both sides of the cham
ber have not. desired to make it They are wait
ing to hear more of the speeches on. the en
grossing subject. As much as the question has
been discussed within the past three years, with
the thousands and thousands of printed pages
of testimony taken at tho various committee
hearings, and the pages that havo been written
by the brightest men connected with the press
of this and other countries, it would seem that
there is little more to be said. And yet nearly
every prominent senator who takes the floor
manages to hold the closest attention of his audi
tors. New arguments aro constantly being ad
vanced. The interest of the public in the de
bates is simply intense. The seating capacity
of the galleries is not largo enough to accommo-
Rinr? cfnn01111?8, w daIIy aPPly for admis
ii ?iv s.?nators of bo" Parties are free in the
distribution of tickets to the reserved sections.
U? n Ways lAle, ca,se durinS session of con
?m h Capi city is owded with visitors
nercenSnf 10n,f ? C0Untry' But a small
percentage of the favored ones are able to earn
access to the chamber on the days that the bS
guns are to be fired in the discussion, ana It to arl
mteresting sight to behold handsomely dressed
ladies entering the capltol an hour or two before
the senate Is called to order. The women an-
pear to take the keenest interest in the debates
and men and women both seem more than Prepaid
for remaining hours if Senator Tillman hannera
to enliven the proceedings as he has LmfenOv
done since the leadership in this remark fight
bffie?rsenaSKmAnl?,b3r tUe mtled and
uanieu benator Aldrich and other rpnnhiin-n
ThTSoruthf,,in,ters!fte co" SSSSSS
ine bouth Carolinian has surely buckled on
bSK bee" ready r &WteE the
toAtaE InSs toff T Pre
0e friends Jlho bUI say tte IZT Coffer
is construed to mean that M?. AWrloli ami wJ
thTLmeers ,and aS. 3USt where a11
Hv55 onththeab S S$e that La en de
Culberson; of ?tSm imf p Were by Senators
These speeches on 'accounfSeS,.?f ,MaryIand
brilliancy, as well as thp LL ?l?Ir f?rce and
be very largely clrontl?eW Pints ralse(1 wW
naicn wlS ywo ulated in thQ coming cam
? iLJl ossrs Rayner and Culberson are ranged
fiscato or Cffl tneTrp! v S tn n
tent. Senator Ravner TnTi -7 to any ox"
interested in 'iferiSS, Sf
his argument all the more noworfifl nSiima??
six years' service in the L, Z DurIn his
Mr. Rayner was a meml r ?f rePresentatives
torstate and forefgif mLrL hQ imP?rtt in
has always made a ,e?a '? ?mmitteG- He
affecting the roramU i?Ud7 of meures
bis legal pracUco has had tl ??imty' and
itlenMos? SttlSjS A CllGntS meQ
here, aro in a perturbed state of mind over tho
recent turn of events. As published in the daily
papers a Roosevelt republican, club was recently
organized at Cincinnati. The president-and sec
retary of war were unanimously elected honor
ary members of the organization. Judge Taft
writing for the president and himself, threw a
big bomb into the camp of the dominant , faction
out in the big Ohio city. In plain language the
secretary told the reform element in his partv
that if that old combination of republican trick
sters persisted in maintaining the machine and
nominated objectionable men for office it was
the duty of honest, sincere and fair-play repub
licans to bolt. This thrust was aimed directly
at Cincinnati republicans who train under tho
banner of Senator Foraker. Boss Cox and Sen
ator Poraker, through force of circumstances,
have been compelled for years to have a close
political alliance, even if it was not agreeable
to all concerned. On occasions, too, -in -the past
when Senator Hanna was living arid at the head
of political affairs in Ohio, Boss Cox, Senator
Foraker, General Dick, Goneral Grosvenor and
the rest of them had to make a semblance of
getting along harmoniously.
. .,Tw,. Publican conventions have been held
in the Sixth Ohio district that is now represented
m the house by Congressman Thomas Edmund
Scroggy, of Xenia. This is normally a democratic
district and the democrats would ordinarily carry
it without a republican bolt The chances are
ThP fwSiW111 Sae bas tnat seat tbis yr.
aL urnnf down of General Grosvenor in the
of n dpmnSrifCt, Tl not resuIt m tbe "election
of a democrat, but the republicans are apt to" cet
saooSnaforetP f W
o uDeinocratic visitors from Ohio to the nation's
capital bring the information that Hon Tom L
bfSSl8 inT!ncIb,Ie mayr of CieveiandTwni
nai ? 2l3LaiCtir in this year's Political cam-
ef thHe6 Sff meS 5 Sftfe 8fleCt"
out of the measii .?,! aUB?,Ul6 senate lmoolted
territories ofmiS7NVeXDe 1 ?
heretofore been mpntinno,i v C0, As has.
wanted to drag AnloZ dJj n if3 they
the union as one stZ 5 ew MexIco lnto
spite of the 10! om,t0Sether in
tions of the great west T?im me, fr0m a11 por
acting with him wTif LiThe fPfaker and those
p'nt1 tHhe1e1theThFSf "
ceive more XbIS "
senate amended the house fin It1the day the
insists that the senat? Jt '" ,?peaker Cannon
of congress too often S"!68 ?e lowep branch
to such pVacSces ' He Wants to Put a 6j
to prevent a union of L?? m,ontns more
Mexico, and whirh f ! eir t3rrltry with New
of demoemts mtrXmT alm8fc e
with the situation Thiv are we11 satisfied
the house managers mSS JG J, c?nfldent that if
tude the senate wnia th.eIr stubborn attl
the Foraker amLdmentthnf5 Indefln"ely for
bill by a tarSSJff ta th
crats and a numbe? of rfl!,Sween the demo
democrat favored tho Wnm8?bl!cn?s- 0nIy o
"$?& ArlSas!011 Stateh00d bni
a favorabrop?oar& have such
sure on Speaker Cannon SndhTi, tbe pres'
cease their opposition ? imi? Is follwers to
and telegrams are iRlm?ly terriflc- "Letters
the states offteoeSS tJt SSFffc ?nr0m
h0UT"Cr ? nsSder?160"011 .?.-?
repoSed to Gththho0useIn S" Sn be orabl -prepared
by a sub Li? measure is being
means coxSmitte cSSStiif 2 th& ays
New YorifTwiii c"Blsl;lne of Messrs, Payne of
AVArf"- ..;
'HtVof jr-.