The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, September 15, 1905, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner.
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. A dispatch to the St. Louis Globe
Democrat under date of Philadelphia,
September 4, follows: "Former Com
mon Councilman John C. Steger of the
Thirty-ninth ward committed suicide
at his homo tonight by shooting him
self in the head. Steger had been a
sufferer from gastritis, but the roal
cause of melancholy was worry over
tho gas trouble of a row months ago,
when Mayor Weavor settled the ring.
Steger was an advocaio of gas lease
and had remained faithful to the ring.
with having tricked her out of certain
letters which she professed to have
received from "Senator Piatt of New
York and which she purposed publish
ing under the title of "Love Letters of
a Boss."
A dispatch to the Baltimore Sun
under date of Now York, September
-3, follows: "Peculiar in its unexpect
ed disclosure was an operation for ap
pendicitis recently perrormed in St.
Luko's hospital on Robert A. Pope,
of Newburyport, Mass., a nephew of
Colonel Albert A. Pope, a bicycle man
ufacturer. Young Pope, who is a Har
vard undergraduate and a candidate
for this year's football team at that
Institution, recently presented himself
to Dr. Hussey, of St. Luke's. Pr. Mar
koe, assisted by Dr. Hussey, examined
the young man, and, diagnosing the
case as appendicitis, performed an
operation. To their great surprise
. they found lodged in Pope's appen
dix a 22-calibre bullet, to the presence
of which the irritation of the appen
dix had been due. "When the opera
tion had been successfully performed
and Pope was informed of the dis
covery, he was greatly surprised. "I
ad forgotten all about the bullet
Fpr'.rs ago," was his first remark.
1""" 4 t J. JLJ WU5lUi'.r, 1 .
"" the bullet lodjrip""1,17 sn?u
So here's 'tJomen. ltJ"b , , Bme
&o neies to fJ".ithough he was
by you ctfnG thereafter, he rapid-
- Tno..wWered and thought no more of
Wilis healed wound, believing that the
bullet was not in his body. The piece
Fourteen lives were lost and three
vessels were sunk by a storm which
recently swept over Lake Superior.
President Roosevelt has received
cablegrams of thanks for his .peace
making efforts, from the czar and the
Japanese emperor.
ised-by John Wannamaker at Hong
Kong, China; Seoul, Korea and Kyoto,
Japan, costing $10Q,000. The army de
partment has rapidly extended into
the forts and port stations and
throughout the Philippines. The rail
road department has grown from 197
to 292 branches and from 69,000 to
75,000 members, one road alone hav
ing appropriated $225,000 for build
ihes. The extension of association
buildings throughout the south and
the west has been notable, the gain
last year being nearly $3,000,000 in
new property. The state associations
raised and expended $240,000 and the
international committee $156,000, the
local associations expending $4,120,000
in their work. An advance of more
than 100 per cent in membership in
the past five years has been shown
in the Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation of North America."
nuoum cm., richly npui 7 it lS3fcJii
work.. fn7 itmiM 'j ' Wtim
Cot Ihlnnul ul u&?VS
w. will lend thli Li ,?.".
ltd ptytipr, M ,nt 15 W uj ,"
tea and It torn. m.i ' "i
rtmilne tutlmnnlili fr .in. ..A w "I
I., 852.850 1farborBU,CHlciS
A Washington dispatch says that
Congressman Payne of New York will
be superseded as chairman of the ways
and means committee. Speaker Can
non is not satisfied with Mr. Payne's
nosition on the tariff question. It
is claimed that he is altogether too
Hezekiah Butterworth, well known
as a writer and at one time assistant
editor- of The Youth's Companion, died
at his home in Warren, Rhode Island,
September 5.
urifc-r-uuKTH COST
Beds, 50c: Shrines. S0c: Mali,,,,..
I 75c; Dressers, $3,00; Dining Tahiti
bSL75; Chairs, 25c- Shiilt. W.
Blankets, 25c; Comforls, 50c, Rugs, $1.00; Catpdi
10c yd. nnd ovorythlng you eanjosslbly want
Oup Biff Warehouse tz Overflowing
Tho croatoat Bargain Clearing Salo ever Leld.
Oomploto Catalogues iiont FREE. Address
Colonel Robert McCulloch died at
his home in Booneville, Mo., Septem
ber 4. Ho commanded the second
cavalry regiment of Missouri under
Sterling Price and was at one time
commissioner of public buildings for
feen years ago, it developed ,)&!&2m2X!&l
rt? a rifle, Pope accIdenta'-T a continuance in the court at Chi-
A Washington dispatch to the St.
Louis Globe-Democrat says that Pres
ident Roosevelt will ignore the tariff
issue in his coming message to congress.
cago and it is said' they will apply to
the federal court for injunctions re
straining the government from the
prosecution of the derendants for conspiracy.
.The committee appointed by the
New York legislature to investigate
insurance companies, iiMn session in
New York City.
The peace treaty between Russia
and Japan is extremely unpopular in
Japan. Rioting broke out on the even
ing of September 5 in Tokio. Two
men were killed and several hundred
wounded. Only one paper in Japan
advocates the peace treaty. Other
papers call the treaty an Insult to the
Japanese nation.
Illinois Central 1 1
Annual Stockholders' Meet'ng ai Chi
cago October 1 8 Personal
Attendance ot Indlviual
Holder's Desired
Lieutenant Slattery, army engineer
at Honolulu, has made a report ad
verse to the improvement of Nelles
harbor, Midway island, because the
I harbor is not, one on which it is w.orth
- - --" i j - j i ii
while to spend money, unless to oe
improved and fortified as a strategic
A dispatch from Madrid to Paris,
to the Eclair, maintains that, despite
the denial, it is probable that King
ProalrlAnf Rnncspvfilr hns rtpmnndofl I Alfonsm will mnrrv "Prinness "Eueenie
a i .1 -..... i. t-i ' l . .ww, -w . .. ,,..- .-,, .
,vui ;au Kavo uu viuem;u 01 uumiie tne resignation of F. W. Palmer, the of Battenberg, niece of King Edward
until recently,- when Pope began hisT1Wi nt(njor
f football training."
sA. bomb exploded at Barcelona
Twenty-,one persons were killed.
L '
A cloudburst did great' damage In
v.."the villages of New Berlin and Ed
meston, N. Y., September 4.
public printer.
The Odd Fellows orphans home at
Mason City, Iowa, was destroyed by
ifirse September 4.
An Associated 'Press dispatch, un
der date of Washington, September
4, ' follows: It was official
ly admitted at the state department
' today that the German government
had refused to issue an exequatur to
J. Martin Miller, appointed by Presi-
dent Roosevelt as consul at Aix La
Chappelle. Mr. Miller has been called
upon by the state department to make
, a statement regarding the reported
I displeasure of the German government
with him because of articles which he
wroto as a newspaper correspondent
; , and which reflected upon Germany.
Mr. Miller is one of President Roose-
' velt's most favorable biographers. The
interest in the case is particularly
; keen because Mr. Miller figures in the
charges made by Miss Mae Wood,
' dismissed from a position in the'post-
ofllce department. She holds Mr.
- ' Loob, secretary to tho president;. Rob
ert J. Wynne, former postmaster gen
eral, and Mr. Miller responsible for
her troubles. She charges Mr. Miller
.iohn Cownie, a government crop
reporter for Iowa, has issued a state
ment in which he declares that when
this year's corn is husked it
will be found to be far short of the
general reports of its yield. He says
that the yield will be 100,000,000 bush
els short of what it might have been
if good seed had been secured last
The town of Sapainx. P. I., was dam
aged by a tornado August 27. The
American naval collier Supply and the
German steamer Mowe have been dis
patched to the assistance of the inhabitants.
Topeka officials of the Santa Fe
railway have discovered what appears
to be the systematic theft of railway
Public notice is hereby given that theregular
annual meeting of the Stockholders of the Illi
nois Central Railroad Company will be held at
the Company's ofllce in Chicago. Illinois, on
Wednesday, October 18,1003.atl2o'clocknoon.
To permit personal attendance at said meet
ing there will be issued
To Each Holdor of Cno or More Shares
of the capital stoclc of the Illinois Central nail
road Company as registered on the booksof the
Company at the close of business on Tuesday,
September 20, 1005. who Is of full age,
I over the Company's lines from the station on
.4-rr- rMinin nn.n1 T7fllrnnr1 nonrGSt tOblSOr
her registered S&faS t0
such ticket to be good for the Journey to Chi
cago only during the
Four Days Immediately Preceding
and the day of tho meeting, and for the return
journey from Chicago only on the ua or wo
meeting and the
Four Days Immediately Following
when properly countersigned and stamdur
Ing business hours on or beforo baiuru-y,
tober 21, 1905-that is to say. fee t v, ecn i WJJ
m. and 5.00 p. mXn "ofllce o .the Assls
Secretary, Mr. W.G. Bruen, Jn ChicnBo. o
ticket may be obtained y any hoWerM si
reentered as above, on oppncaiic w. "f obDt
each stockholder must 1""","" state
his or her ticket. Each appllci t on oMe,
the full name """" certificate oi
exactly as given Ic his or her cer t
operators acting as ticket agents on
that road in Colorado.
Twenty-three deatns from cholera
have occurred in Prussia. The autho
rities report sixty-six more cholera
B. B. Ewing, well known by Mis
souri democrats, committed suicide at
Butte, Mont.
tickets being practiced, by telegraph sck, together with the number ana mw-.
onerators actinjr as ticket agents on such certificate. No more in." bold.
Company. A HACKSTAfl
$ ij tanh tt, "o and &rfi i fflg
tho locality when, you to. - giunw
SSS 'ffi i3coi:
JITAVii -- " nvT.
Associated Press dispatches under
date of Omaha, September 7, follow:
"Mae C. Wood today flled a civil suit
in the district court against United
States Senator Thomas O. Piatt and
the "United States Express company
for $25,000 for alleged services ren
dered to the defendants. Miss Wood's
petition alleges that while she was
employed in the postoffice department
at Washington she rendered service to
the defendants by 'tipping off' the in
side workings of the ofllce, and by as
sisting to keep out of Postmaster
General Payne's annual report of May,
An Associated Press dispatch under
date of New York, September 5, fol
lows: "One hundred members of the
international committee of the Young
Men's Christian Association of North 1903, a recommendation of the 'post
America and their forty-live employed check' system, 'thus saving the ex-
socuroa uy u -V"Si St Washington, ' v'
Wllkons & Co., 015 V St., wa -
Cover 'em up quick with Dr. Miles'
Norvino, or they will suffer from expos
ure and friction, nnd will ncho and pain
you. Dr. Miles' Norvino will mnko you
fat,, strong, hearty, nnd oblivious to
nervo trouble. At Druggists. Money
back if first bottle fails to bonoflt.
secretaries, fifteen foreign secretaries
at home on furlough and men about
to take their posts as foreign secre
taries, are holding a conference at
Bronxville, a New York suburb.
Among those present is C. R, Joy of
Iowa. The number of secretaries in
foreign lands now equals that in Amer
ica, and $105,000 was raised last year
fov foreign work, twice as much as
three years ago. New buildings are
rapidly being erected in the larger cen
I tors of the far east, three being prom-
press company several hundred thou
sands of dollars.' " '
Dr. D. E. Salmon, chief of t)ie
bureau of animallndustry in the (Jo
partment of agriculture has resigned.
Burham M. Pense, a well known
Chicago lawyer, died at Paris, Franco,
September 5.
A reign
of outlawry
Russia, and
per in goo" iV""r"f he county. ""
Antl-Republlcan paper In the eoi
T. w. care Commoner. -- -
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exists ill horn bull calf uoai y.
the gov-' Stock Farm. Lincoln, Neo.
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