The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, April 21, 1905, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner.
. hi mnwuinri
The chargo thai half a dozon men in
Now York and Philadelphia control
ovory first class theater in the, United
States, dictato to managers as to
iwhoro tholr stars shall appear or
whothor thoy shall appear at all and
arbitrarily demand and nearly always
rocoivo a largo percentage of tho prof
its from every play produced Jn those
theatres, has boon made by witnesses
during tho progress of tho trial of tho
tho suit of David Belasco, tho play
wright, against Kllaw & Erlanger, the
atrical agents, still in progress at Now
nnd WlilnUcyXIabMs
curori ut horilo without
pnln. Hook of pnrticulnrn
1 7 "m ujii son i riiriK. it. m.
rWfMilcy,A.I.,AtluiitmOnM 103 N.r ryor St.
Cure Stemach and Bowel Troubles
or no pay, Bond for proof ami Bymptom blank
and pay whoil ouroil. Von liavo nothing to risk.
Bond today. I)rvUumblo. 621) Itaclno Bt. Chicago.
ER. Finns opinion
us to patentability.
Send for Guide Boole and WlmCto invent, finest
publlcutlonslssued for f roo distribution. Patents
scoured by un advertised at our expense. Evans,
Wllkcns & Co., 015 1 St. WushluKton, D. 0.
No repair oxeppttng now posts,
nnd null kouiI react, in n Rood
record, bnt wo nrooonntantly lm
proving tho quality of PnRO-Wlro
nnd ouf procoM of (tnlranlzinir,
and nro wouvIok Fngo Fences
moro firmly than ovor beforo.
Wo aim to mnko tho boat fonco.
and "A PAGE today is n PAQ1S
to stay." Wrlto for catalog.
PAQB WOVEN WIRE FENCE CO. Dox 0447, Adrian, Mick.
Incubators, Brooders
100 lCRZlnoubatqcoomploto..tl0.00
ou isgginouoatoroompioto.. o.ou
100 Chlok Broodor coniploto.. 7.00
Acknowledged tht boir. Dollvored
from Kanstut City, Bt. Louis, Chicago,
Catalotr free Prafrin, TnRnha..
tor uo., liox 457, Homer City, Fa.
Ganger Cured
Cancer, Tumor, Catarrh. Fistula, Ulcers. Kc
zeins. and all Skin and Womb Dlieases. Wrlto
for Illustrated Hook. Bent free. Address
DR. BYE. &&1 Kansas City. Mo.
Water Works
For Country Homes.
By our Pneumntio Water System, water Is
forced nnywhoro in houso, stablo or yard,
for nil domestic purposes and for fire pro
tection. Cool water in summer and ice
water need not bo supplied to stock in win
ter. Tnnk undergrtund no freezing or
"bursting of nines. Entirely automatic in
action. Air prossuro gencratcu uy huuu
pump, windmill or engine. Sold on
30 Days Trial.
Awarded two medals and two diplomas
at St. Louia World's Fair. Hundreds of our
individual water works plants nro in use.
Wo have many letters from theso satisfied
users, and have published about ulty oi
them in book form. It makes a book of
strongpeisonalopinions; acopyfree. Costs
J75.00 and up, according to your require
ments. Writo for full particulars.
312 Delaware St.
Kansas City, Mo
a ifo''yrZfc7!tr' ' rTn fltfr
IHi- 0 ,.l-ii,i j i
mmmmmiW itTii 9
The Silent Gossip
It isn't always what you say that hurts
your fellow man;
There aro other ways of giving him
tho "hooks."
And knockers long since learned to try
a more effective plan
They simply do it by their knowing
No spokon word why waste tho
breath? Just give a little wink,
Or elevate your eyebrows half an
Just toss your head a trifle, smile a
bit and slyly blink,
And you've done .the dirty business
that's a cinch.
Thoro's Brown, your nearest neighbor,
he's distasteful unto vou
But you haven't nerve enough to
speak it out.
So whene'er you hear him mentioned
as a follow good and true.
You only wink your eye, expressing
You grin a knowing kind of grin, your
eyes aro narrow slits,
But never say a word from that
you flinch.
But your actions tell your story, ''and
his name is smashed tctfits,
And you've done the dirty business
that's a cjnoh.'
You envy Mrs. Jones a bit, and know
no reason why;
But never stop to gLve her half a
You merely hate the woman though
you smile on passing by
And curl your lips when taking back
- ward glance.
You hoar her kindly mentioned and
you toss your head and smile,
But wouldn't dare a word In-tightest
But your nodding tells your feelings,
ana in just a little while
You have done the dirty business
that's a cinch.
It isn't always what you say you
needn't say a word
To blast a woman's name beyond re
pair. Perhaps you never spoke her name
that anvbodv heard.
Yet smooched a reputation that was
And all the while you do It you are
pufllng up with pride
That you wouldn't gossip oven in 'a
pinch; " t
But your nod or wink or smiling In a
knowing way aside
And you've done the dirty business
that's a cinch.
iflvinGr nnv nnRiaffinrfi to those who
are striving earnestly to bring them
Thn.1". vnn wnnln n Inf of finrm rlfi-
nouncinc nolltica na "dirtv business"
and neglect to go to the primaries and
purity it.
Tlin.f. von tvinli vnn pnnlrl rfvo mil-
116ns to save the heathen ancl forget
to speak the kind word that might help
your neighbor.
That your boasted optimism is mere
ly a laziness that impels you to accept
what you have rather than hustle for
something better.
That you spend a lot of time wish
ing you could do big things and fail to
do the little things that amount to a
great deal in the aggregate.
A Papa Goose Rhyme
John, John, the pipe line's son,
Went to Kansas on the run.
But Kansas balked and John was
And sadly homeward Johnny walked.
r ' A Mental Reservation
"Do you not believe that senators
should be elected by the people?" we
asked of Senator Graball.
"I have no, objections," replied the
senator after a judicial pause. "How
ever, I see nothing objectionable to
the present system of selecting the
proper man for the people to elect."
"It is a sin to steal a pin," .
To steal a loaf Js crime., '
To steal a beef makes you a thief
And sots you doing time.
But steal some laws and get your paws
On every fellow's throat..
And take his wealth hv wnnir nrrri
And VOU'rfi n. mn-n nf Tirfo
Indeed, that is your greatsMchance
xu uo uiuuju captain oi: tmance."
: V jo
Brain Leaks 'n
nil mmmmimwm
TwyTrTK PTrAf wkmkml
ViV. . Mmrmj m m w m rmmnfjKrrutrtrmmm
Bend for
our 1006 C&ta-
loiruo and select
tho Diamond that
von -would like to wear
jindown. Wowllls6ndltfor
examination . navlncr all ex Dress
r.liarcrofl oursolves. Itlfc DloascB TOU
vnn m&v Tav ono-flf th of. the nrlce and
Limn it. sendfntr tho balanco to us In clnrhfc
otiuAl monthly payments. Guarantee of valno
and nn&lltv accomDanlcs Oronr Diamond. TVoam
tho only Diamond Cutters boIUuk tholr product at re
tail, and can make lower prices than any other houso
1 n the bUBlncBfl. Wo wpa the Gold Medal at tho BtXoula
'Exposition, against tho combined offorte of all domes
tic and forolprn exhibitors. Our Catalogue 1b tho best
and most roUablo guido for buyers of. Diamonds,
Watches and Jewelry. Write for It today.
LOFTIS BROS. &jCO.,(Est 1858.)
Diamond Cutters Bad Manufacturing Jewelers
Popt. D-09 9 to 98 State St., CHICAGO, ILL.
Egtfs from Prlzo-wlnnlng Barred Plymouth
Rocks $2.00 per fifteen. Cottage Poultry Yards,
Route 5, Boone, la.
It's Too Often the Case
That you spend too much time criti
cizing and too little time helping.
That your boasted "plainness of
speech" is- merely boorishness.
That you content yourself with giv
ing advice instead of lending a helping
That you are planning such big
things for tomorrow that you forget to
attend to today's duties.
That you grumble at the wrongs
that abound on all sides and fail to
make any effort at righting them.
That you attend to the business of
others without warrant and neglect
your own business without excuse?
That you waste time envying thV
mw wu mm u, iortune and fail to
malwuse of what lies at your hand,
that you yearn for reforms" witlibu?
l cmermBieea
aaa wnarmBtecq m
KBffTOH'S Bmt, Cesgh, Dfan
teatpvr aaa lAdlgetUoa Core.
retorin&ry ipeciflo for wind,
threat aad itomMa trouble
Strong remmmdt. f 1.00 dm
can, or dealer, or Exp. prepaid.
The K ewtea Itemedy Co,
Teledo, Ohio.'
accurately describes 216 varieties of
fruit. Send for oar terms of distribution.
Wo want more salMiaenv Stark Bro'K, Louisiana, Mo.
60ConoerdCrapVlnesfrS1 due bill coodfor25c and
catalog free. Write for it Wo pay frelcnt on J10.00 orders.
Cured to stay oared. My TRUE METHOD kills tho
deadly germ which causes Cancer. No knlfol No
palnl LonseBt cstabUahod, most rollablo oancor
Specialist. 1G years In this location. I glvo a WRIT
TEN LEG AL GUARANTEE My fco depends on my
Huocesa.Sondforlroo 100-p. book and positive proofs.
DR. E.0. SMITH, BSSffW;-
John CWooloy, Editor
A Journal for nU ao aro interested in tho torn
ppranco movomenti .Published wookly. News, In
vestlgatlon, Information, Inspiration, and PoUtlos
Sixteen pngoB ovory week, .somotiraos.moro. It is a
national and International bureau of Information
on all subjects relating to tho liquor traillc. Sub
scription prico ono dollar per year.
Headers of Tho Oommonor who aro not now sub
scribers to THE NEW VOICE may tako ndvantago
of our special clubbing rate of 11.45 for both papers
ono year. This offer la not good for renewals to
Send all ordojS'to Tho Commpner, Lincoln, Nobr.
Oi' 7,
)Real service Pis never servility.
The nearer one gets to God the clos
ed one gets to 'one's neighbor.
The fact that there Is no law against
it (does not always make it right.
,The way to make tomorrow better
than yesterday is to work today.
It isn't the money that counts; It Is
the intent and purpose of the giver.
The men who talk the loudest about
politics being rdirty are the men. who
are too, lazy to help clean things.
A man may burn so much "midnight
oil" that he has none left to oil the
day's machinery.
1 The man who starts out looking for
trouble usually finds it just about to
enter his own door.
When a man begins to imagine that
he "doesn't look his age'' It Is a sign
that he is grovving old.
- The man who has no business of his
own is a mighty poor man to engage
to attend to your business.
A man may 'buy the reputation of
being a phinalthropist, but ho can not
buy the real, philanthropist's charac-
If a man is real honest he will admit
that tho proudest moment of his lifo
was when he co'tiid.Hei5tf,f.'otu -J-
gge bunjh $ 1.0, each
" '..-
nit& V '-'V
Tfie Dakotas
The great extent of territory
served by the North-Western
Line in Iowa and the Dakotas,
as well as other states north
and east, enables it to offer
the most convenient train ser
vice to all important points.
Fast time and eauioment
that embodies
The Best of Everything
ror tickets and full Information apply to
R. W. McGINNIS, General Agent
I0?4eq Street Lincoln, Nebr.
mW & ortli. fetoJWJway