The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 10, 1905, Page 15, Image 15

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MARCH 10, 1005
The Commoner.
Cbe fldorh of Congress
Aii Associated Press dispatch, dated
Washington, March 1, says:
The legislative activity of the fifty
eighth congress during its short ses
sion just closing may be estimated by
the fact that over 100 laws affecting
the general public have been enacted
and over 1,000 private acts passed.
The private acts consist largely of
pensions', granted, while a few relief
measures and removal of charges of
desertion made up the remainder. The
regular appropriation bills all are pro
gressing to completion and some of
them have already received the signa
ture of President Roosevelt. The sen
ate has amended and ratified arbitra
tion treaties with seven European
powers and sixteen American republics.
It also has sat as a court and acquitted
Charles S'wayne, judge of the district
court for the Northern district of Flo
rida, on articles of impeachment voted
by the house.
In 1oint session of the two houses
the electoral vote for president and
vice president was canvassed and the
official announcement made of the elec
tion of Roosevelt and Fairbanks.
A revision of the Philippine tariff
has progressed nearly to completion
without indication of defeat, and an
act has been signed intended to de
velop the resources of those islands
by guaranteeing interest on capital
invested in railroad building and au
thorizing the issuance of bonds for
municipal improvements, schools and
roads. The laws for Alaska have "been
codified, an. additional district judge
authorized and" the revenues from the
liquor traffic in that territory diverted
to the support of schools, the building
of roads and the care of the insane.
Legislation for the government of
the Panama canal zone and the regula
tions for the construction of the canal
has been passed by both houses, but
differences remain to be adjusted in
Two new battleships were provided
for by congress in the naval appropria
tion bill.
The trade mark laws hae been re
vised and an international copyright
act passed. Jurisdiction of the forest
reserves has been transfered from the
interior to the agricultural department
Authority to make arrests in forest re
serves has been granted employes, as a
measure of further protection. Presi
dent Rooseelt has been authorized to
set apart a portion of the Witchita
forest reserve as a breeding place for
game animals and birds.
By resolution of the house the de
partment of commerce and labor has
begun an investigation of the oil trust.
Obscene matter has been prohibited
from importation and transit as inter
state commerce. As a further aid in
the enforcement of the immigration
laws steamships entering United States
ports are required to furnish complete
passenger lists.
Captured confederate battle-fiags in
the possession of the war department
were ordered returned to the proper
authorities of the state in which the
regiment carrying the colors was or
ganized. Tim American National Red Cross
society was incorporated as were the
trustees of the grand encampment of
Knights Templar of the United States.
Statehood bills have passed both
houses and are in conference. Both
measures contain provision for the ad
mission of Oklahoma and the Indian
territory as one state.
The foundation for railroad legisla
tion has been laid by the passage of
win miuufiu tue nouso atter exhaus
tive hearings and the beginning of an
inquiry by the senate, which is to be
wuum,icu uuiiug me recess.
A halt has been called in the ex
travagance with which public docu
ments have been printed.
The president was authorized to
grant medals for heroism in the saving
of life in train wrecks.
The extradition law3 of the United
States were extended to the Philip
pines. The state of Arkansas was ceded
a strip of land from the Indian terri
tory. A portion of the Round Valley
Indian reservation in California was
opened to settlement. Settlers in the
Rosebud reservation were given addi
tional time to establish citizensnfp
The unallotted lands of the Yakima
reseration in Washington were ordered
disposed of.
Twenty-eight of the public acts are
authorities to build bridges or dam
navigable streams; twenty-three relate
to the District of Columbia and four to
tue judiciary.
This is the only
Windmill Tower
which can be set
close up against
the house.directlv
in front of the door
and right over the
walk without being
in the least in the
way . It gives
This Tower is made
only by
Write for
Tripod Tower.
1263 12th Street
There is
nothing like it
It is a marvel
of strength too.
"Corpse" Came to LIftj
Nathan F. Chidester, a Jefferson bus
iness man, wa3 attacked with a serious
illness two days ago and died, accord
ing to the attending physician. An un
dertaker prepared the body,for burial,
It was wept over by the family, and
on yesterday afternoon the funeral ser
vices were held at the Chidester
home. A clergyman delivered a "pow
erful" sermon, at the close of which
those present were Invited to take a
last look at the dead.
A relative of Chidester noticed, when
she looked at the faco, that the lips
were moist. With a cry she declared
that the man was alive. A hurried in
vestigation was made and it was dis
covered that he was breathing. Phy
sicians were quickly summoned and
Chidester was removed from the coffin.
In a short time he had regained con
sciousness and was sitting up in bed.
He is now able to walk about the
house, and if no setback occurs he
will be out attending to business in a
few days. The coffin was taken back
to tho undertaking shop.
Chidester has not been told of the
narrow escape from being buried alive.
It is feared that the shock might be
too great for him to bear in his present
condition. Jefferson, Texas, Cor. New
York World.
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