The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 10, 1905, Page 11, Image 11

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MARCH 10, 1905
The Commoner.
During the great religious revival
at Louisville, Ky., 6,500 people were
The volcano of Kilueau near Hono
lulu, H. I., is again in action, and is
reported to be just as active as it was
in 1898.
Major Robert Clark of Erie, Pa.,
is dead at the age of 89 years. Mr.
Clarke assisted In the laying of the
corner stone of the Washington monu
ment in 1848.
John Phillip Sousa, the march king,
has made a protest to the English gov
ernment against what he calls "mii3ic
piracy." He asks the government to re
fuse to allow the open piracy of his
copyright compositions and declares
that this practice does not exist in
any other country where the interna
tional copyright law is enforced.
dian insurance laws be amended to give
policyholders something to say about
tne disposition of trust funds. The
finance minister replied that the Cana
dian insurance act and charters were
not open to the same objections as
have been taken in the case of United
States companies. However, he con
cluded, if the criticism did apply to
some companies in this country the
proposed amendment would be a proper
subject for consideration."
The floor of an African Methodist
church at Brooklyn, N. Y., gave way
while the congregation was attending
the funeral of an old member. Eleven
people were killed and about fifty oth
ers were injured. The church structure
was condemned several yoars ago.
The city of Hot Springs, Ark., was
visited by a disastrous fire early Sat
urday morning, February 25. A square
mile of buildings were destroyed en
tailing a loss of $2,000,000. So far
three dead bodies have been recovered
from the ruins, while several persons
are missing. The origin of the fire,
which started in the Grand Central ho
tel, is a mystery.
Mrs. Marie Hoffman of St. Louis,
Mo., was attacked by a large dog in
her yard, and was so badly frightened
that she died within an hour. The phy
sician who attended her said that al
though she had been badly bitten,
fright caused her death.
The North Sea commission, which
concluded its investigations at Paris,
France, found that Admiral Rojest
vensky was not justified in firing on
the British fishing boats in the North
Sea, although he was justified in being
very greatly alarmed. The Russian
commissioner dissented from this verdict.
An Associated Press dispatch, dated
Ottawa, Ont., Feb. 27, says: "In the
house of commons this afternoon -W.
F. MacLean of Toronto called the at
tention of the finance minister to the
case of an. insurance company of Can
ada, stating that American capitalists
wanted to control its $500,000,000 of
trust money. He asked that the Cana-
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A historical piece of Irish property
recently changed hands a few days
ago. The Associated Press says: "Lord
DeFreyne, whose Irish estates three
years ago were the scenes or notorious
evictions, has ended the long struggle
with his tenants by consenting to sell
his estates to the congested district's
board, under the land act. The ten
ants celebrated the event with huge
bonfires and rejoicings. In July, 1902,
the sheriff and a body of police visited
the estates of Lord DeFreyne at Lough
Lynn, Roscommon county, and en
forced writs of evictions against a
large number of tenants who were in
-arears for rent. Subsequently, the mat
ter was taken up by Irish members of
the house of commons, who described
the evictions as having been made un
der distressing conditions, and shortly
afterwards Lord DeFreyne began an
action for conspiracy against John Red
mond, John Dillon, Michael Davitt and
other members of the Irish league.
The action never came to trial, the
.parties agreeing to pay their own
Following the behavior of Mrs. Cas
sie L. Chadwick, who refused to an
swer a single question when, her trial
came up in the Cleveland courts, last
week, her attorney, Mr. Dawley has
sprung another surprise on the govern
ment by filing a motion to quash the
indictments against her.
? wvwF 1
Mrs. Jane Lathrop Stanford, widow
of the late Leland Stanford, founder
of the university by that name at Palo
Alto, died at Honolulu, February 28,
'tnder peculiar circumstances. S"he de
clared repeatedly while dying that she
had been poisoned and an examination
will be made to ascertain the truth.
No motive can be found for the alleged
crime and her brother seems to scout
the theory that she died of poisoning.
Sir Henry Irving, the famous actor
who was stricken a week or two ago,
is reported to be convalescing.
While T. K. Neidrlnghau3 is losing
a vote now and then in the fight for
the Missouri senatorship, the deadlock
. . i -i ..i.i. i;iii.
still remains unuroneu, wim mue pros
pect of an early election.
Sailors on the steam dredge Texas,
which foundered at sea, have been
rescued and tell a terrible tale of the
privations they endured. Twenty-two
of their number were, drowned in the
wreck which occurred Christmas eve
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Established 1780 Dorchester, Massachusetts
45 Highest Awards in Europe and America
and the remainder of the crew were
left without food or drink. They were
compelled to drink sea water which
made terrible sores upon their bodies
and they were just about to draw lots
to decide which one should be killed to
furnish food for his fellows when help
Fruit growers in the vicinity of Ben
ton Harbor, Mich., have reached an
agreement to stop picking fruit in
the orchards. All of it will be taken
to a central packing house, where it
will be graded and packed by an asso
ciation of the growers. This will cut
out the commission men.
"With the breaking or the ice gorge In
the Mississippi at St. Louis and the
passing of the last of the big floes it
was discovered that the new govern
ment dike, 900 feet long, had been com
pletely demolished. The cost of the
work was $200,000. A protection dike
at the East St. Louis, 111., water works
was also swept away by the outgoing
ice, doing damage estimated at $15,000.
During the closing performance at
the Zoo in St. Louis, a tiger suddenly
sprang at Trainer Herman Boger and
seized Boger's head in its jaws. At
tendants rushed to tne rescue anu
saved Boger, who was carried from
the cage unconscious. Boger received
two serious scalp wounds and several
lacerations about the face.
nia senators and representatives in
congress to call the attention of Presi
dent Roosevelt to the menace of Jap
anese immigration. Tho resolution
urge3 that Immediate action be taken
to limit the immigration of these pec-pie.
The United States district court at
St. Louis has handed down a decision
holding that the revenue law which
provides that nothing shall be added
to whisky after it has been placed in
barrels and inspected, refers only to
taxable substances.
Clifford Sifton, minister of the In
terior, has resigned from the Canadian
government because ho can not sup
port the educational clause in tho
Northwest autonomy bill, which prac
tically endows separate schools for
Catholics in the northwest.
Notices have been posted at all the
plants of the H. C. Frick company In
tho coke region of a 10 per cent in
crease in wages, to begin March 1.
General good times is given as the rea
son for the advance.
Argument was begun In the supremo
court Wednesday on the appeal from
the circuit court of E. H. Harriman and
others against the Northern Securities.
The California senate passed a con
current resolution requesting Califor-
Lieutenant General S'tossel, the hero
of Port Arthur, arrived in St. Peters
burg a few days ago. He was loudly
applauded by the people, although
there was a noticeable scarcity of mili
tary and naval officials to welcome
Ouro Throat Trouble
caused by coSt3 ot uso of
tho VOlOOm Sold onjr in bmxem ,
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