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The Commoner.
Week et Washington
Important disclosures have- been
made by tho state department as to
tho results of a tour of investigation
niado by Dr. Thomas Norton, Ameri
can consul at liarput, Turkey. The
report says that 5,000 Armenians have
beon killed by tho Kurds and other
elements o tho Moslem population.
Tho department of the interior has
mado public the contents of a report
from tho commissioner of education
at Porto Rico, which shows that there
are school accommodations for only
one-ilfth of tho children.
An Associated Press dispatch dated
Washington, D. C.Jan. 21, says: "The
petition of Edward H. Harriman and
Winslow S. Pierce, tho Oregon Short
Lino railroad company and tho Equit
nblo Trust company, for a writ of
certiorari to tho circuit court of ap
peals for the third circuit in their
proceeding against tho Northern Se
curities company, was presented to
tho supremo court of the United States
today by Attorney W. D. Guthrie of
Now York. If tho petition is granted
tho effect will bo to cause a review of
the ontiro paso by tho supremo court.
White House authorities have issued
tho following statement regarding tho
nomination of tho wife of tho former
governor of Mississippi to bo post-
mastor at Iuka, Miss: "Mrs. Mary G.
Stone, whoso nomination as postmas
ter at Iuka, Miss., ha3 been sent to the
senate, is tho widow of tho lato J. M.
Stono, ono of tho most popular chief
executives Mississippi over had. He
sorved as governor for twelve years,
a longer term than that of any other
occupant of tho office. Ho personally
confronted mobs wherever they ap
peared In hl3 state and was firm in
upholding tho majesty of tho law. As
governor ho offered a reward of $1,000
for the apprehension of the miscreants
who fired into a postal car and pub
licly stated that while he was gover
nor United States postal cars should
not bo mado tho targotJ of assassins.
Ho was a brave soldier and officer,
carrying to bis grnvo tho soars from
wounds' he received in battle. He
was a gold democrat and refused to
accept a seat in tho United States
senato bocauso tho tender had cou
pled with it tho condition that he
should obey tho will of tho legisla
ture on the money Issue. Mrs. Stono
Is a worthy woman and will fill cred
itably' tho position to which sho has
boon appointed."
touch on tho main question," said A.
O. liird, vice president of a number
of railroads composing the Gould sys
tem, at a hearing today beioro the
house committee on interstate and lor
elgn commerce on the question of giv
ing tho Interstate commerce commis
sion greater powers. Among the roads
represented by Mr. Bird are the Wa
bash, Iron Mountain, Missouri Pacific
and Texas Pacific. Unreasonable rates
per se, ho said, have disappeared. The
trend of aitairs, remarked Mr. Bird,
is of a revolutionary character, but
he explained that ho used tho term in
opposition to the word evolution. All
that has been proposed i3 in apposi
tion to what has been done, he con
tinued, and ho added that the mis
take was mado in dealing with the
railroad question of assuming that tho
railroads are controlled by ono mind."
Representative Bacon has intro
duced a resolution which quotes from
newspaper dispatches that the United
States has established a receivership
for the republic of Santo Domingo and
asks that the president be respect
fully requested, if in his judgment not
incompatible with public interest, to
inform tho senate whether any agree
ment ha3 been made between the
United States and the republic of S'an
to Domingo, and if so, tho nature of
the terms of the said agreement, and
particularly whether any agreement
has been mado whereby this govern
ment undertakes to guarantee the in
tegrity of the government of the re
public of Santo Domingo, and whether
under said agreement this government
assumes any responsibility or obliga
tion to tho republic of Santo Domingo,
or to any other government on behalf
of Santo Domingo."
uuo lazuli iiittCti IU ivuobitt." xjytU4-tir
uiwuu put uio question 10 Uio iiuuno
aua iur. uuuers wua cue only vote re
corueu. fa'eemg mat ma motion Wiu
luat, mr. uaer rose in nis seat auu
suuiung his nnger at tne reijuuiicau
aiue ojl tne huuse said: "Tnau is uie
interest you people navo in nuinan
ity and in an unuerione 3aid mac U
it nan ueen a h-iug or an emperor who
nan ueen snot uuwii tne nouse lnime
uiateiy would have aujourned. Ihe
nouse had hardly resumed us compos
ure ueiore incense excitement was oc
casioned by liepresencative Pearre oi
Maryland being sincwen with nervous
convulsions. Dr. Hunter, tho Ken
cucKy member, atteuued the striciten
Mr. Pearre, tho speaker meanwhile
announcing that a ten-minute recess
would be taken.
Tho president has sent to tho sen
ato the nomination of Charles Rich
ardson of Massachusetts to tho oirice
of secretary of embassy, at Rio Do
Janerio, Brazil.
The monthly report of tho collec
tions of internal revenue shows that
tho total receipts for the month of
December were $20,745,019. This is an
increase of $163,228 over the receipts
of the month of December 1903; but
tho receipts of the last six month3
show a decrease of $039,(541 compared
with the corresponding period of 1903.
A resolution was introduced in the
senate by Mr. Spooner, appropriating
$7,000 to pay the necessary expenses
of the inaugural ceremonies. The res
olution was passed.
At 2 o'clock Jan. 24, the 3enate or-,
ganized as a court of impeachment on
the case- of Judge , Swayne. Chief
Justice Fuller, in his official gown,
was escorted to the presiding officer's
desk and swore in the senators. Pro
cess wa3 issued for Judge Swayne and
the court then adjourned until Jan.
27 at 1 o'clock.
Representative Baker of New York
has introduced another resolution re
questing tho president to bring suit
against Paul Morton, the secretary
of the navy, and J C. Stubbs, for en
tering into a contract in restraint of
trade. '
Tho state department Is attending
to tho details of tho agreement af
fecting tho administration of finances
of San Domingo. A commission will
bo named to consider the subject of
reform in Dominican affairs. An effort
will bo made to purify the present
system, and to regulate expenditures
and receipts. Tho total debt of San
uomingo, foreign and domestic, is
inucGU at auouc $35,M0,000.
An Associated Press dispatch dated
Washington, D. C, Jan. 32, says'
"Nono of the impending measures
The senate has confirmed the nom
inations of Henry E. Cutting, as re
ceiver and Albert Wheelon, register
of tho land office at Pierre, S. D.
About 135 members of the house of
representatives attended a caucus and
by a unanimous vote a resolution was
adopted to support the Davey bill, ex
tending authority to the interstate
commerce commission to fix railroad
rates. The resolution is as follows
"Resolved, That we hereby express
our aproval of the provisions of house
roll No. 1778G" (the Davey bill.) The
Davey bill was agreed on by tho min
ority, members of tho committee on
Interstate and foreign commerce It
Is very short, providing only that when
tho commission shall find, after due
hearing, a rate to bo unreasonable it
shall name a reasonable rate in its
place; that this rate shall go into effect
after twenty days notice and shall
remain in effect until set aside by a
competent court of review, and that
tho case may be tried in any court
taking jurisdiction upon the facts and
testimony adduced before tho commis
sion. ma
Two sensational occurrences marked
the session of the house on Jan 23
Representative Baker of New York
moved that an adjournment bo taken
put of respect for tho Russian people
hVroreiat0Hf '""V0 inK
orror at tho wanton massacre that
It has como to our knowledge' that
It is reported that while President
Roosevelt 'cordially approves of the
senate's disposition to reduce appro
priations, he feels that the naval esti
mates ought not to be reduced so low
as to. interfere with the carrying into
effect of the government's naval pro
gram. The present estimate is $103,-000,000.
An Associated Press dispatch dated
Washington, Jan. 24, says: "At a
hearing before the house committee on
way3 and means, Secretary Palmer of
the American Beet Sugar association
opposed the pending bill reducing the
duty on sugar and tobacco from the
Philippine islands. Mr. Palmer said
that just prior to tho tariff agitation
regarding Cuban sugar in 1901, eighty
six new sugar factories had been pro
jected in this country. Not one of
these was built. Since that time Eu
rope had curtailed her sugar crop
under the terms of the Brussels agree
ment and the price had gone up to tho
point where American capital was on
the point of again enlarging the In-
M1StS A? f ,B conntry- Now to open
the Philippine market in competition
with the American beet sugar industry
would again discourage this move
ment. In replying to a question by
Mr. Curtis, whose bill was under con
sideration. Mr. Palmer said that the
total sugar product of the Philippines
S"5 tons annually, and if the
United States took it all there would
still have to be imported 1,500,000 tons
to supply tho demand.
nrifbUl aPPrPrIating $5,000 for the
erection of a monument to tho mem-
Yf ?aln ?' V' 0rMl Com
manded Admiral Dewnv's flagship,
Olympla at the battle of Manila bav
has been introduced in the senate. His
widow aged GO years, is working as
a clerk in one of tho executive depart
ments at Washington. Her only son
Captain Grldlev, met death by accident
on board tho Missouri, recently
Seorfttnrv TTmro nn- j.- .
?ed J1n- 1S wUh r(ar to thowyg:
Jat on of neutrality on the part of the
Chinese government, fc as follows-
apprehension exists on the part of
some of the powers, that in the even
tual negotiations for peace between
Russia and Japan, claim may be made
for the concession of Chinese territory
to neutral powers. Tho president
would bo loath to share thiB apprehen
sion, believing that the introduction of
extraneous interests would seriously
embarrass and postpone the settlement
of tho issues involved in tho present
contest in the far east, thus making
more remote the attainment of that
peace which i3 so earnestly to be de
sired. For its part the United States
has: Repeatedly made its position well
known and has been gratified at the
cordial welcome accorded to its efforts
to m strengthen and perpetuate the
broad policy of maintaining the integ
rity of China and the 'open door' in
the Orient, "whereby equality of com
mercial opportunity and access shall
be enjoyed by all nations. Holding
the3e views the United States dis
claims any thought of reserved terri
torial rights or control in the Chinese
empire, and it is deemed fitting to
make this purpose frankly known and
to remove all apprehension on this
score so far as concerns the policy of
this nation, which maintains so con
siderable a share of the pacific com
merce of China, and which holds such
important possessions in the Western
Pacific, almost at the gateway of
China. You will bring this matter to
the notice of the government to which
you are accredited and ycu "will invite
the expression of views thereon. John
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