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    OCTOBER IS, 1104
The Commoner.
Condensed N
An Associated Press dispatch dated St. Louis
Oct. 17, says: With eighteen entries, representing
America, England and Japan, the Qrst kite-Ilyiug
contests of the kind ever held began today in the
aeronautic concourse, the Stadium and other clean
places at the world's fair. Among the contest
ants, many of whom have world-wide reputation
were Dr. Alexander Graham Boll, inventor of iho
telephone bearing that name; William B. Eddlo
inventor of the Eddie kite, and 'Captain Baden
Powell, -of England.
ews of the Week
The Infanta Maria Delas Mercedes, princes or
the Asturias, sister of king Alfonso, of Spain, and
the former queen of that country, died October
Mis Dora Meek, aged 18, died at her home In
Ceiitralia, III., on October 16. Tho young lady
slept nearly six months in the winter of 19ul.
About six weeks ago, after an attack of measles!
she again fell asleep and remained so until she
An Associated Press dispatch, dated Paris,
Oct. 18, says: Parliament reassemblod in extra
ordinary session. A lively Incident occurred in
the corridors between M, Pugillesi-Conti (repub
lican) and M. Ceiestin Rose, a late Bonapartist
candidate. Tho latter hissed M. Pugiliesi-Uonti,
who responded with blows from his umbrella. The
parties were eventually separated.
While Arthur Haaren, of Sioux City, la., aged
9 years, was putting up a trap in the attic of his
home, he became entangled in tho rope and was
strangled to death.
President Ezcarra, of Parraguay, has resignod
his position and General Escobar has been ap
pointed acting president. Members of the diplo
matic corps are still trying to effect a pacific set
tlement of the differences between tho govern
ment and the revolutionists,
An.. Associated5, Press cablegram, 'dated London,
Oct. 19, .says: A Vienna dispatch o the London
Standard this morning gives a rumor current in
that city to the effect that a Cunard steamer from
Flume, with 2,000 immigrants on bord, has s ink
off the Spanish coast. A fierce storm was rasing
at the time. The Standard has no conhrmation of
tue report, but gives it for what it is wortn.
President Roosevelt has removed from office
Robert S. Rodie, supervising Inspector of tho
sleamboat inspection service of the Sixth district
of Now Yoric. This action was the result of the
disclosures made in the report of the national com
mission which Investigated the General Slocum
While E. O. Eggen and his sons were burning
an old straw stack a few days ago on their farm
at Sioux Falls, S. D., they found package contain
ing 1,500 pennies. The pennies were identified as
part of the meney stolen from tho First National
bank of Toronto which was robbed a year ago
It is supposed the robbers took rfiiuze in the straw
stack and left the money when they resumed their
. Miss Miriam Grant, granddaughter of the late
President TJ. S'. Grant, was married to Lieutenant
Ulysses S. Macey of the warship Franklin. Oc
tober 17.
The immense bronze statue of ifirederlclc the
Great, presented to the United States govern
ment by the emperor of Germany, arrived in Wash
ington October 17. It is, covered with heavy can
vas which will not be removed until the statue is
unveiled on November 19.
A treaty of peace was signed between Chili
and Bolivia October 17.
Popstamat, a notorlpus Bulgarian agitator,
"Was murdered at Salonlca, European Turkey, Tues
day while walking along the principal street. The
murderer escaped.
Owing to the- many misunderstandings which
kave arisen bqtwee,n the United States and. Pan
ama, President Roosevelt has instructed Secretary
of War. aft to make an early visit to Panama to
see if he-can make an adjustment of the difficulties.
A startliuir nronositinn wno n,itrnt,i i...
Hatch of Quincy, ill., at the national prison con
gress. Dr. Hatch auvocated homicide or tho right
to let a diseased person take his own lifo when ho
is found to bo Incurable. Ho uaid ho also would
have tho state dispose or tho pormanontly lnsano
and incurable by putting such persons to an easy
death.. Dr. Ransom of New York, who was pres
ent, declared that reforms wero started to savo
lives and not to destroy them and supported hia
argument by saying: "I do not believe-wo had
bettor tako into our hands tho functions of tho
In a gale which prevailed over Southern Flor
ida ! riday, Saturday and Sunday tho wind attained
a velocity ol seventy-live miles an hour. Consider
able damage was done to ships and several llve3
were lost alone tho coast.
John Tyler, American vice consul general at
Teheran, Persia, has cauled the stats department
that tno shah has telegraphed the crown prince of
Tabriz to arrest Immediately the murderers of Dr.
Laborl, the American missionary who was killed
many months ago by fanatical Persians.
The contract for the construction of the gov
ernment building for the Lewis and Clark cen
tennial exposition at Portland, Ore., has been
awarded to J. E. Bennett of Portland for $225,582.
When tho registration of voters closed at Bos
ton tho total number of names on tho list was
114,175, the largest number of registered voters in
tho history of the city.
An Associated Press dispatch dated Syracuse.
N Y., Oct. 18, says: "An audience that crowded
the Bastable theater to tho doors sat through tho
performance tonight unconscious of the fact half
the city fire department was fighting what prom
ised to be a stubborn blaze two floors above. So
perfect were the precautions taken by the theater
management, the police and fire officials, that al
though the streets outside were jammed with ex
cited people not one of tho big audience knew
anything was wrong until water began to drip
fiom the ceilings. Then the audience was told that
a pipe had burst and no trouble was experienceu,
The monument erected In honor of tho late
Major General Frank Whcaton,' by the state of
Rhode Island, was unveiled with appropriate cere
monies at the Arlington cemetery, Washington,
D. C.
Representatives of Mississippi planters are
employing whole families of Mexicans for work in
that state. There is a general movement in Mis
sissippi, it Is said, to get rid of tho negro laborer
as far as possible.
At a meeting of the Carnegie hero fund com
mission at Pittsburg, Pa., it was decided that no
awards of medals or benefits will be made by tho
Carnegie hero fund commission before tho next
meeting of the commission, which has been fixed
for January 18, 1905.
Two little children In tho children's homo at
Shelbysvllle. III., wero burned to death In their
bed. Fortunately the twenty-nine other little ones
in the home escaped.
An Associated Press dispatdh, dated Des
Moines. la.. Oct 20, savs: "Claiming that he was
branded with a red-hot iron in initiation Into a
secret society. Roland Hunnewell of Boone has
began a suit against that order for $5,000. Tho
suit is brought against members of the Peterson
ledge, where he emered. Senator A. B. Hobart
of Cherokee, is his attorney."
Timothv J. Tee, an engineer, has been sen
tenced to four years Imprisonment and hard la
bor in the salt mines of Mexico. I ee was ad
judged to be guilty of responsibility for the wreck
ins of a train In which wreck ho received serious
injuries himself.
Conntv Attorney James P. Enellsh of Douglas
countv. Nebraska, bas given It as his opinion that
the official ballot of that county must be a sinele
column affair. This makes the ballot a trifle over
six feet in length.
. An Associated Press dispatch, dated Washing
ton: D. C. Oct 20. savs: "Oantain Henry M.
Seeley of Boston today was annotated Inspector of
hulls and Theodore T. Mersereau Inspector of
bollora In tho steamboat Inspection service at Now
York. Theso appointment nro one of tho re
cults of tho conclusions of tho Slocum disaster
commission, the appointees taking tho placca of
Jarncs A. Dumont, Inspoctor of hulls, and Tliornaa
II. Barrett, Inspector of boilers, whoao removal
from tho service for laxity and neglect. In perform
ing their duties, had been directed by President
Reports from Montgomery, Ala., nny that the
town of Gordon, on tho Atlantic coast railroad haa
bcon almost totally destroyed by fire.
A drart of tho Invitation to tho powore to
name delegates to tho now peace conference to bo
held at Tho Hague, has bcon submitted to tho
cabinet by Secretary Hay.
"Trafalgar Day." a national holiday In Eng
land and tho English colonies, was celebrated Oc
touer 21, and tho flagship of Admiral Nelson, tho
hero of tho battlo of Trafalgar Bay, was decorated
with flags nud laurel.
"tho Amorlcan Navy; May Its Glory Nover
Grow Less," wore tho words In which King Edward
toasted his naval guests at tho luncheon at Buck
ingham palace Thursday.
On a scale of two, signifying good, and three,
medium, tho Prussian crop report for tho middle
of Octobor shows tho condition of winter wheat to
bo 2.U and of wintor rye 2.7.
A resolution disapproving of reciprocity with
Canada was adopted by tho Vermont houso of rep
resentatives without opposition.
Tho city of St. Louis was shakon by a slight
earthquako October 21. Tho disturbance was re
corded on tho seismograph In tho -eather bureau
oxhibit of the Philippine government at tho world's
Tho American marines, who havo bcon at tho
Isthmus of Panama for tho past year, havo boon
ordered to remain there pending a settlement of
tho difficulties" that havo arisen.
An Associated Press dispatch, dated Washing
ton ,D. C, Oct. 20, says: "In May, 1902, Presi
dent Roosevelt appointed tho national Martinique
and West Indies rellof committee to collect and
disburse funds for tho relief of sufferers by. the
Mount Peleo disaster. Tho committee has com
pleted its work, has made a final report to tho
president and has asked to bo discharged. It
raised $157,592."
The North German Gazette of Berlin prints
an explicit denial of the statement contained in a
dispatch from Pekln to. the London Times that
Germany was intriguing against China's acceptance
of tho Anglo-Tibetan treaty.
Edward L. Bartlett, solicitor of New Mexico
einco. 1889 and once adjutant general of the ter
ritory, Is dead at Santa Fe of pneumonia. He wan
born in Maine and went to Santa Fe in 1881.
An unconfirmed report, dated St. Thomas, D.
W. I., Oct 21, says that the United States has
seized the custom house at Puerto Plata. Refer
ring to the affair the Associated Press says: "Tho
.orted seizuro by the United 8tates of the cus
,,. in house at Puerto Plata presumably arises from
tho already accomplished or contemplated occu
pation of that port by an American, designated by
the commission wj.ich awarded to the Santo Do
mingo Improvement company $4,500,000 damages
against Santo Domingo. That award was auto
matically self-cecuting and provided that If San
to Domingo failed to pay the award tho agent
named by the commission was :o take charge of
four of io customs ports of the Islands and apply
60 per cent of tne revenues to the pavment of the
claims. The affair Is not one in which the United
States government. Is interested."
The Japanese and Russian armies are In
trenched a short distance from each other south,
of the Shakhe river, preparatory to resuming the
struggle when the rains and mud will permit. Th-9
Russians have been doing nearly all 'ho offensive
work for the past week. It is reported that the
Russian soldiers have been effecially disguising
themselves as Chinese lately, and a Japanese pro
test has been submitted to Spenner Eddy, secre
tary of the embassy at SL Petersburg.