The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, September 09, 1904, Page 15, Image 16

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0iapTBMi:i(H? -
of those concerning whom tho great
Dickens said: "I love these little peo
ple, and it is not a slight thing when
they, who are so fresh from: God, love
us." In those circles the weary man
of business renaws hisr lease upon life
and -warms the cockles, of his heart;
ho is brought closer to nature; closer
to truth, closer to uoa as he strolls
in tho sunbeams that dance among the
trees and flowers thriving about tho
palaces of nature; in. "the kingdom of
In the ballads; and the tales: of the
nursery there are lessons of life and of
love; lessens of philosophy and of
logic; lessons of truth and' of poetry;
there is simple, eloquence and real
nfirnestness. Those; who' havo not ac
customed themselves to wander in this
kingdom are not able to appreciate
these things, but many whose feet are:
familiar with the ground will bear tes
timony to these claims.
Ther.e are men. who could not, with
patience, sit' through an evening of
Wagner; men; who do not know one
of music's notes from, another, and yet,
if one doubts that there- is; muafc in;
the hearts of these men,, let him, some
winter evening, peer 'through the por
tals' of "the kingdom" and he will be
given a. touch; of the- soul of music
compared with which.' the products of
"the, harp that once; through Tara's
halls," are. hafcdly worthy of mentipri,
Some'tJf these' ndtes mqrf grate 'liarshV
ly upon the ear Of the Wagn'erJan;;
the disciple .of Thorites may imagine
that h& detects indications of discord;
the follower of Beethoven, nifty assert
that all" is not harriipny; but those
who, like' .the Irish? raver in "Cousin;
Kate," are "of the kiiigffom;' will be
able to grasp the celestial character of
the melody, TiierQj& real music' in
the "patty cake, patty cake" of "the
baker's man,"' i'ri tti&i'trbt, trot, trot"'
of the jourriy "to ,Banury Gross; ,r inu
the "Heydiddiediddje" pf -ythfc cat
and the iiddleVin.'the.'.'Siriga song of
sixpence,. a. p'ockat full of rye, four and
twenty blackbirds baking in. a pie," dr
in "Onery, orr-y ickery,. Ann; IMllison,
Follison, Nicholas, John; Queevy,
quavey, English navy, rinktum, tink-
tum; Buck."
Those who are "of th" kingdom" can,
testify that out of the mouths of babes:
comes, wisdom. One of the- best known
of the district judges in' the city of
Omaha, long ago learned to leave his
dignity upon the bench and to forget
it while recuperating in the sunshine
pf "the kingdom." Not long ago the
judge left his home in the morning
before his infant child had awakened
Arousing from his sleep, the little one
rubbed his eyes and calling to his
mother, asked, "Where's my daddy?"
-tie was told that the' judg& had gone
to his daily labors. "Did he kiss me
before he went away?" asked the child.
The mother replied in the affirmative.
For some time the little one lay still
and then called, "Mamma, come and
feel my heart."
The mother; with some curiosity and
considerable anxiety,. . complied with
the request, and. asked, "What's tho
matter with your heart?"
The little one replied "My hearths
a Deatin' hard." . . ;-
"What is youx. h-earj, neating hard
for?" asked the mother.!
"My heart's a beatinr hard fpr my
daddy to come home!"; replied the
child. ...-' - . -
The sweetest singer of aji the ages
gave to men the sweetest song of all
the years when he said: "Of such are
the kingdom of heaven!"
As the forget-me-nots '6'f the angels,
?re,wn before t&e foot-sore man, make
Jjje s pathway easier ta tread, these
iittle "heart beats" matfe themselves
ieit over the broad expanse that sep
arates the nursery from the cduntingr
zoom, spur men to greater effort and
inspire them- to nobJifcjpurpose.
'flnn "J11 in the 'Kentucky hemp
flffi , shda.ndeMdan. a. maze, of
aoubt and skepticism? was so impressed
with his now found affection for
wun ms now found affection for a It was no strike, simply a caso of no
noble woan that he Anally planted orders. py
njs leet irmly upon; "faltk's founda
tion stbaes" becaase la conceived that
there must be a good. God, else there
could not be such a holy love. Within.
tno radius, of the child's pure affection,
within the embrace of the little arms,
within the feel of the little "heart
beats," there ia no room or doubt.
there-is no place for skepticism.. The
purity, the lovor the faith of "one of
the least of these" points as unmis
takably to divine origin as. the needle
points to the pole. Love and faith,
and hope and charity, all these, as well
as rest and recreation, await those
who would make the happy pilgrimage
over hallowed ground in. "the king
dom of never-grow-old."
Rudimentary Instinct
"Why is it," asked the elderly man
with the contemplative air, "that we
instinctively choose the tables and
chairs next ta a wall in a restaurant?
Why are the tables in the center of
the room always the last taken?" ,
"Don't know; never thought of it,"
responded his companion. "But I'll
bet you. have a theory to account
for it"
The elderly man. smiled-knowingly,
I and. continued: '
"You will notice that the corner
seats are always first,' taken It's- the
same In street catsJpr railroad coaches.
Every man or womam. Instinctively
takes: to a cornerr and screws his or
her back into it. Have you noticed,
too, ,thafe when passing peppier along
a wall you will always edge inward
if you possibly can.
t ' . ... . . .
"Why is it?., simply mstmct an
instinct the origin' of which dates back
to prehistoric times, wnen men had.
not yet learned the use or metal
weapons. It is the instinct we inherit
from our cavedwelling ancestors, who
had only clubs with which., to defend
themselves. Instinct is only an un
conscious disposition to make use of
previous experiences.
"When the prehistoric man wanted
to eat his meat' in peace he huddled
into some cranny in a cliff or against
the side of a big rock. In that po
sition he felt secure, for nothing could
attack .him: from the rear, and he
could observe everything that ap
proached his way; It must nave taken
ages of experience to have bred that
instinct so deeply within us, for even
now, when cave bears and mastodons
do not frequent our eating resorts, we
prefer walls; and especially corners
every time.
"I snppose,. too, mat's why man
naturally walk on. tne outward side
of women along sidewalks. In case
a winged ichthy-osarus should swoop
down, on them he couia bang her over
against the shop windows and stand
off the beast.
, "It is another rudimentary instinct
which has survived the need, of it,
, Man instictively protected woman by
having a cliff on one srae of her and
himself on the other, and to this day
sheexpects Jtf" S-an Francisco Sun
day. . , -;
Idle Men in Ireland
I asked a strapping young fellow
Who sat on a truck on the quay at
r.ondondemr with a little bit of a
pipe between his. teeth why he did not "God Dress you, sor, wu
you find it. for me?" saiu ne, witu
thn readiness of his race. It was a
doleful tale they tola me In that town
in the "Far Down." The snipping
roe iinM frjirlp. wasr bad. and. worst
rtf nTf their shirt factories had just
closed and this threw the girls out!
As I sat on a jaunting car on a
road In Donegal I passed a company
of boys who trudged along barefoot
with thoir shoes slung, over their
shoulders, i learned that thoy had
just returned from Scotland, whore
they usually go every summer to
gather in the harvests for tho Scotch
farmers. But there was nothing for
them In. Scotland this year and thoy
were walking from Londonderry, somo
it a,xly m,les' t0 tnelr horao in
the Rosses. The crops were not poor,
but the introduction of American
agricultural implements during tho
past few years wrought such havoc
with their Industry that this ono oc-
wiuuuon, winch tho poor of that coun
try looked forward to every year, is
rapidly being taken away from them,
rhen there is nothing to do but fall
back on the potato crops on tho bits
o the land at home. J. OTDonnoll in
r.moijcan Letter to the Pittsburg Dis-paten.
TJi PlttJcMl Ofrttok
Political conditions in August are
not a very valuable indication of the
wheat is going to happen. It Is re
corded that on the 22d of August,
18G4, Abraham Lincoln mado this
memorandum, which ho put away care
Contains Decoration of Independence, Constitution: of the U. S., All
National Platforpw, of; all political parties, since their formation, to and
including those of 1004, 'l88 pages. Postpaid 25 cents. Address,
' THE COMMONER, Lincoln, Nebr.
i. i
Great Reduction fn Rates via
thn ImSS Tif i?-??".! ? ?Ld. cverjr "FunkI" n September and Oct. 11th. Half Utt, (plw tZOO) for
th0 SySJU"? ." p2,nt ,n JndUn DOM in OUlo and Kentucky. KV '
!ft S t,uS5 llxn' 80!5 'i:n.?KlJr8 nd Tliundw, also Hopt. 3rd 4tb and ma.
S?'T? Sin viciHrr?.',S0ldrd'l,,y-. 3h2S " and return wrid fcpt. 9tj aad 10th.
I'?,?."1K,8ad atop OTor showed at SU Louli on all tlckeU.
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