The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, September 09, 1904, Page 11, Image 12

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The Commoner.
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Montgomery Ward & Co.'s Big
Catalogue No. 75 is Now Ready
IEbRMbbbV Bk Wn m RVwafiLi a IHW
The People's Favorite Catalogue
"CO TCT3 Ward's Catalogue No. 75
i" lC JC li Tho biggest, boat and most roliablo cata-
- 0guo issued by any catalogue houflo in tho
world wo mako no oxocptlons. Boo Lot "A" below. Bead It.
Bigger an better than rcr etf pounds or valuable iHfermatlon, 1 0O page or rare nlnea-prlntcd ah heTy white fceek
paper, carefully elte, handsome cover by tho HimouH artist, Ike Morgatt-n catalegHO that Hkeuld bo In every household.
-You Can Get a Copy Absolutely flD pp
t&nKwTFJ,lr(lil?' B"ltab' 'or framing, by ordering any of tho 1 lota descrlbod below. JL MS-JLmJ-JLd
Don't delay. Ward'h Cataloour 1b tho 1'opulaii Okb everywhere, and Is preferred by almost everybody to nli
others. We expect thousands of applications as soon as this announcement Is road, so wo urgo you to gut our application In early.
It s tlie Only Complete Catalogue
TIlUIUI tno only ono that la nlxtnlittnlv nr.
complete lit every detail, tho onh
duto and
nothing bnt porfpetly dppcndablo goods at prices the fowestobtnlnablo
anywhere. Cataloguo No. 73 Is all that n good cataloguo should bo. It
represents tho largest stock of goods In tho world 21 different divisions.
caohastorojnitBolf, 85 soparnto and distinct lines open for your ex
amination. .Practically everything wo havo to soil Is Included no
thing is in Cataloguo No. 73 this year an improvement wo know will
bo hailod with delight by our thousands of friends and old cuslomor.
EciitinTl f( T.1TX J?0,tnJnKl'k"ltovorboforonttomntrd.
77 iHf J ,a ., V.10.101 on heavy whlto book paper,
making It strong and durable, rich In nppcaranco. easy to road, and
more- dostrablo In ovory respect. The KdltW da Lmo Is n triumph In,
catalogue making. It contains over BO.OOO Illustrations, most of which
aro new and print rorfoctly on tho flnn whlto paper usd for tho Kd.
tl?n il0 LujW 8j.00O quotatl&nsof hlgh-grado, absolutely honost mor
chandlso, sot In now typo cast especially for this cataloguo: 12 pages of
carpots, rugs nnd portlcrca printed in actual colors 'l imos of men's
nocktlca In actual coJoffl, about 2U0 pages of satin finished tmnnr show.
lng actual photographlo reproductions of laces, ombroldorlos. milll-
uun.Huinuuo iHHiiionB, iun, omj. xnis caiaioguo weighs over UK IDs.
and In 3 inches thick. Whon wo toll you that other catalogues don't
S0' over 8 lbs. you will quickly boo what an enormous book Cataloguo
No. 73 is. Exports pronounco it tho finest specimen of a cataloguo
evor produced.
Fot "Hip Wnmrn ?ho y ,.otc,,t "tJ,,.M ,n wiqa'B
U1 Wcar, furniture, notions, grocer I to,
glassware, toilet article, stationery, sewing machines, berks Jewelry,
enrpets, curtains, and 10,(MJ other goixl and notcswiry articles. Far
tlcularcaro has been given toour fashions In v:omcn'wrailnpapparei.
Our btiyors havo picked up tho best of titr)tlilnu ihmn InNiw York
undothor Lantern markets. Our rtylcfi ate correct and the. iy latest
later than thewo shown In any other tiiural tatuiruio. Drn't buy
from an old cataloguo with ioftt j car's itjlcs. CatalcMJCscf other Aims
Issuod ahead of ours contain last year's larhlrns, and nio not tiunt
worthy. Wo know this to ben fact, bceuuto thlsxar's itikawrrcnot
shown by tho New York designers until Aticmt ,nrdwouatodla)td
tho publication of Cataloguo No. 73 until cur Lujuu returned from
How York with tho now samples for ncxtr.lnlcr.
It Is our policy to leal tno rMfiiwIrn, and )ou con positively rely
upon our cataloguo. Among other thlnrs cf jntcrcrt tovtrnu-n In
Cataloguo No. 7J Is tho largest retail stock of dry cccc'nln thuttorld,
Ghoico silks, dainty llnons, fnrhlonablo dirrs rrca, hxllng. towel
ing, cotton goods, otc.j in fact everything a Yildo-awolccdry-rcrdsiitoro
should havo -oil of tho best quality and very rcarrnaLloln price. Willi
Cataloguo No. 73 In your hands ou can, at jour Iclruro, reject etery.
thing for your homo, for ynurwlf, for your family, without the troublo
of n shopping trip, and with the obsclitto certainty that uvorything
will bo just allttlo bit better than you expect.
PrT "Ft77T'vl,mr1",ir n'ocuoNo.73wlllbofonndnsotjrco
i ii , cf great ccnvenlenro and economy.
Fni tVlf T3n Too largest stock of hnrdwaro In tho world
, Is at our command, everything for your
homo, your barn, your farm, your ranch. No matter what your occu
pation Is, wo have what you need your clothing, your shoes, fnrm
Implomcnta, vohiclos. harness, photo and olcctrlcal goods, books,
watohos, etc. Everything from windmills to fish hooks-all at prlco no
low that you can eavo any whoro from 15 to CO por cent by trading with us.
Ileitardless of your ago. your occutntlnn. or lr.ur wrnlili. It onnhim vnu
to naloct exactly what you rant rlthout tho tinnornnrn nf l.lfln
dozen stores and taking what they havo to offer, whether It Is lust what
Nothing but tho best la
I iiBB-
BBsH&bVJKbL e'tiRS5iBB
70i want or not,
X7 Tlri "KTrti- ;all TvocV.
. ,. J-"''1 pood enough for onr cus-
tomoro. Many flrmaaro making anolsottboutihelr!low prices: hut don't
bo mlslod. A low prWj Is no bargain unless you got quality. Anybody
can sell worthlcco goods cheap.
Catalogue No. 75 is FREE with any of the following Bargain Lots
With each lot wo pack an attractlvo D'arcy Fhotogravtirc with our compliment. Cut out and uno order coupoa belaw
IlcAutlful reproductions of famoua masterpieces FHEE with
our compllmenta, with ItuA"Qnd Bpccinla "B" to "O"
riatlno Black Tones. 10x20 inches. Finn Kid Finish Taper.
Tho D'arcy Photogravuro Oclatln Process', tho finest
method known for securing perfect photographic ef
fects. Tho accuracy with which details and pcrspco-
Lot A
To 1o Shinned
by Freight. A
copy of Catlog
No. 73 (Edition
do Luxo) and a souvenir photogravure, both absolutely free. Vor
Iit "A" 9S.40. Ordor tlilH lot ALOIVIS ir you want It.
23 lbs. Best Granulated Sugar - - - $1.00
25 lbs. Selected Fancy Japan XXX Rico 1.00
10 bars Hannah Cobb's Laundry Soap - -.40
1 Handsome D'arcy Phototrravuro - - FREE
1 Cataloguo and Buyers' Guide No. TO
Edition de Luxe - - FREE
Until October. 15, 1904, Lot "A" -Packed
in case for shipment by
freight; weight, about 75 pounds.
The D'arcy
tivo, as well as tho general beauty cf tho original
lotogravures would be a
paintings, nro all preserved In tho pictures has caused experts to pronounco tho reproductions far superior
to tho flnost and most cxpcnslvo photographs. Any nno of thews flvo magnificent photogravures would be a
beautiful docorutlon to tho finest homo. Tho originals woro painted by masters whoso nanus have long been
lamous tno world over. viVITSfJIMUpTS, BACH pNK A MAHTKKI'IKCJil
A Country Scene In Normandy, by Vorschuur, a famous Dutch landscape painter.
JVnt tn Im r!nnvliiP(.il. Iiv Alfnnn Hnrlnif. n ltusslan artlut.
VleoliiR- From the FlnmcH, a remarkably dramatic painting, by Adolf Schrcyer, a Germ an piJuter,
Tlio Farmer's I,iiiirh. bSIuIlon Dupro a beautiful pastoral painting.
The lie To n no of Znpotn nriilvc, by Vercstchagin, tno famous artist who wna killed on tho Basslan i
battleship l'otropavlovsk at 1'ort Arthur.
Spoclnl B Polished
Oak Writing Desk. G
foot high. 80 lnohoa
wide. A lino ploco of
fnrnituro. A cata
logue with as nei
each .... O.o
Bpcclnl C 8,000 of these lino Rockers bought es
pecially for this oalo. A good, largo basket scat
lteod Hooker. A catalogue, edition do luxo, paokod
with every Chair. Weight, complete, about q i ne
801bs. BpooialO-.ap.OOrockerfor , .yl-VO
Special D Box calf, solid leather
soles. A 8hoo that sells for $3.00 at
xnost'placca. Don't forget slzo. Sold
only with Lot A. These lino shoes $1.90
Lot A $2.40. Both, by freight,
Speclnl P-15,000 Mel
tonetto Walking Skirts
?cs. This
od Btri
BKirt, II,Us;r no
. $1.
Lot A, 2.10
Speclnl O All
iVool KorBoy Jack
et. inches
long; morcor
izod sergo lin
ing. A hand
some garment.
nra hlnplrrtr
castor. A wondorful bargain. Packed with Lot A
and Bhippod by freight, a cataloguo included. This
iackot, $5.tX);Lot A, $2.40. Special Q, avnn
both together ?f.WJ
Cut Out On Tflls L.IDO
ay. JgL
Special II-KItchon Cablnot Table
with hardwood top. Tho lowest prlco
wo havo over seen. Prlco, with cata
Ir-100-1 b.
sack of
best ltlco
at lowest
nrlco ev
or Imnton. TVlItlnn dn Luxo
catalogue with each sack. 100-1 b, sack
Special K Ono of the best Oil
Ilea tors m ado. 28 Inches high. Weighs
j6 lbs., with n cataloguo.
Special F-20 pieces Win, A. Rogers' Silverware, 6
cs, fl
ir si
IDPOd uY l
Lot A. $2.40.
knives, 0 forks, 6 largo spoons, 0 teaspoons, 1 butter
Knuo, i sugar spoon, uom onir wun lxn a, to oo
shipped o)
freight. Rogers' Silver, tXWj
lror Dotn . . . . .
Special E-A fine WomnVs '
Shoo mado of (mild hnr rnlf.
A big bargain at our prloo.
Bold onl v wl th 3 ,nf. A . Vh tvtn
shoes $1.40: Lot A $2.40. r on
uom togotner, by troignt . . r.a
FIR out this sido for ordering any of tho
TJurgain lots described above I encloso
Please ship Spociul
to adUrcss below.
T vm, 1nn'f ram in nnlnr nnv of tho
Bargain Lots, we will gladly send Cat
alogue upon receipt of IB cpnts to help
pay postage-tho book Itscl f Is f rco. I
encloso IS ceatH for which plcaso
send Cataloguo, No. 73 to o
SnirpiNO Point..
Lot A
if yon
Specials D, E, F, O.
P. M.N. will be sold
only with Lot A. Do
not order them alone
our object is to
send you a profitable
J freight shipment. In
cluding a free cata-
Speclnl M A gray
fur Lap Robe, mado
from Japanrso goat
skin. A flno robe.
4 ft by 5 ft. Bold only
with Lot A. Lap
robo, $3.10 1 Lot A.
$2.40. Jloth packed
tOKClhcr . te rrr
Wt., about f&.70
90 lbs.
A ratalognowith
tTcry shipment.
Ssoclal nrFanoy
Pace Doublo PI u oil
Robe. Tho greatest
bargain evor offnrod.
2-ply plush, CObyeo in.
Hold only, with Lot A.
Plush robo, $1.95 j Lot
ed in
-for shipment by mk xn.
freight . ....... $.5
Special O- Air Tight ilcater, 88
inches high, made of sheet steel,
alakol trimmings. Burns every
thing except coal. Jsqual tho price
if you can. Weight, 40 lbs. .A cata
loguo with each ship- m -i rjtt
xnent il.J
. . .... UW ! Tt . ..,. A .u.l.l
loguo and a D'arcy photogravure, Pr cesexp re 'Wffii'fflSffl-aifiSpyC
oooKiet aescriDing aoovu uuxjjmio - - ,
Wontg?oniery Ward. y Co ndngnstrel Chicago
The OldestiLargest nd Most Favorably Known Catalogue House in the World-Established In 1872
The Government Ownership of Railroads
By Judge VanWaggenen of Iowa,
I was told by & prorilinent man in
Jowa, immediately alter my Water
loo speech, that the idea of govern
jnent ownership of railroad woul4
be strong in t,Ue cities, but that it
' would not meet with savor among the
farmers; --It;therefQrG,give6 joiqi 'great
' ueal Jf .satfef action G. find ihefirst,
meeting- called-to"&xjonsiderthe seue
originating,among .the.f armers .and to
address Hhis eetinlargely ifcom-
posed of that class of our citizens. It
was the thought of ttiis .man that the
farmers would loolc Upon the purchase
of tho railroads as entailing a debt,
,whereas it -would really he the pur
rt.oca of a viiiufilila asset, of vast
n inironcp in viilule. It had
.neenhdasmow, my icmviction that
ithev-.sentiment ls-as -4wb -w-itronger,
among the rmers -tnan
amongatiy - otherclass - of people. i
shall therefore proceed this evening to
discuss the question of government
ownership of the railroads, not partic
ularly from the standpoint of the far
mer, but from the standpoint of all
the people of the country. I shall not
be able to enter into any comprehen
sive review of the whole subject for
it would take more time than I can
consume this evening to demonstrate
the benefits of government .ownership
while several evenings would be nec
essary tofiilly"discu8 the many evils.
which It -would--elimrnate irom lour
politics,' from the 'riadminfestration of,
government- and -from the commercial
lifemnd imlnstrjrof -our people.-. Ishall
content myself for tnis occasion with
attempting to present as clearly as
possible the wonderful growth of the
sentiment as indicated by the rapidity
with which the pBlicy is Deing univer
sally adopted by the nations of the
world and the unform success with
which the acquisition of the railroad
has been attended. I am not certain
that these facts are not a complete
answer to .all the objections to govern
ment ownership of railroads, which
havo .been orxan bo :made. If three
fourths tof the railrod&af tfceiworftl
asidc-from the TJnitod StHaTrMarla. Britain .arm now la th
hands of tthc'govcrmweht, if forljr-'hro
- :fta
-: 'K
jl a
..i.hAi. idtjikitf.jiL4J
t ?4lUft-t --J.
. .