The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 26, 1904, Page 4, Image 4

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The Commoner.
Filtered nt the po&tofllce at Lincoln, Nebraska, m second
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TIIE3 COMMONER, Lincoln, Neb.
It seems that China is destined to get bumped
If tho door is open, and badly jammed if the door
is closed.
It is worthy of note that the only congressman
who eVer resigned a seat after learning that' he
was not honestly elected is a democrat.
If it is true that Mr. Schwab, speaking of the
shipbuilding trust, said, "All Js lost save honor,"
then, indeed, are his assets pitiqbly small.
- Tho gentlemen who are shrieking so loudly for
"harmony" are tho gentlemen who raised the
rumpus. That fact should not be overlooked.
When a "captain of industry" uses the mails
to defraud it is called "subtle financiering." When
anybody else does the same thing it is called a
A democratic administration purchased with
trust money would bo worse for the co-isumers
than a republican administration. That's the only
It seems that the only thing doing at tho
headquarters of Tho Hague peace tribunal is the
matter of janitorial attontion to the cobwebs ac
cumulating in the deserted rooms.
To a man like Congressman Sliafroth ihe
words of pralso bestowed upon him for his manly
action are worth more than congressional honors
or the salaried emoluments thereof.
Pending settlement of the vexed question as
to who Is "father of tho now navy it might be
well to holp tho child get rid of a whole lot of use
less nurses who get most of tho baby's malted
,. a?,D,??8 contention that tho democratic
party should disband may bo founded on the fact
that ho cannot understand why it did not after ho
loft it J. Adam mistakes the size of the hole
he left.
Tho Iowa anti-trust law has been declared un
constitutional on a technicality. Some of these
days it may happen that tho taxpayers will benefit
by a technicality, but it appears to be a very faint
sort of a hope. J
Judging by the appointment of "Doc" Jamie
son, it must bo evident that Prosident Hoosevelt
is a Btronuous civil service reformer only when
tho appointment of spoilsmen will not serve hi
purpose better.
vlt will be observed that the newsparers that
howl loudest about "yellow journalism" have
nothing to say about tho crimson and buff ten
dencies of the Administration managers of Wash
ington court etiquette.
Postmaster Goneral Payne has issued an order
that only Bell telephones shall be allowed in nost
offlces. Why? Well, tho fact that Mr. Payne is a
stockholder in tho Bell Telephone company mav
have had something to do with, the order.
. Dr, Harper sayft thai 6rit!clem otiliri RocUe-
The Commoner.
feller is not barred from Chicago university. Cer
tainly not, but neither is any professor in the
university barred from thrusting his head into a
lion's mouth if he really wants to do it. Dr.
Harper is too awfully innocent.
It seems that an investigation has brought
out the fact that 20 per cent of the gas meters 111
New York city measure too fast and that the gas
was in many cases adulterated. This is the nat
ural result of a private monopoly, but would not
exist under municipal ownership.
The Washington Post says: "Mr. Bryan de
clares that no one will be admitted to the St.
Louis convention who was antagonistic to the
Kansas City platform." Annanias was struck dead
for just such misrepresentation, but owing to
changes the Post paragrapher is safe for a time.
J. Sloat Fassett still insists that we are under
treaty obligations to Korea Strange that J. Sioat
fails to keep up with the procession. Were we not
also under treaty obligations to Colombia? And
what's a little matter like a treaty with a world
power when that power vjants to gobble something?
The Sioux City Journal says that Wall street
is coming around to Roosevelt, which is proof
that a great light has "dawned upon Wall street.''
The Journal is mistaken. It is not a new light;
it is merely Wall street acknowledging the fact
that its attempt to befuddle the people was a
dismal failure.
Some of the papers that bolted m 1896 are call
ing Mr. Bryan a republican asset because, he is
not willing to have the party turned over to those
who betrayed it. Well, they can give expert tes
timony on the subject of "republican assets," but
somehow the republican papers do not treat Mr.
Bryan as kindly as they did the men who assisted
the "republicans in 1896.
The Milwaukee News is authority for the
statement that Secretary Shaw has no authority
to withdraw government money from banks for
the purpose of paying it over for the Panama
ditch. It seems strange that a newspaper usually
so perspicacious as our Milwaukee contemporary
should for a moment think that Shaw or any
other member of this administration, would for a
moment be deterred by such a little thing as lack
of authority.
Harper's Weekly says that the answer to tho
question as to whether it will be well for the
mw w country to keep Mr. Roosevelt
c 7 ,u '? ofllce ?r t0 disp?ace him by a
Stands With democratic nominee "will de-
Mortfan. Pend entirely upon the veputa-
. tion of the man selected by the
democratic national convention." Harper's
Weekly means that this will depend entirely upon
Morgans reputation" with " Herpont
Henry Watterson reiterates that he wants
nothing and will have, nothing, if he could get it
Will h q jln,the shane of Political office'
l ut desires simply to be "a
Without Kentuckian of Kentuckians a
Hitching7 democrat of democrats." Are
tw o Ye t0 accePt this as assurance
that after the democratic national convent
shall have nominated a ticket nnri Xn V r.
form, Mr. Watterso wi not T4rt an i nt?Ut"
hurried trip to Europe as ho mS i ti k a
j89G? up, us no did m the year of
Commenting upon the appointment nF To
son as naval officer Obtag. MfbS.'SS?'
StaJwart shSraoS.T!3 80es on' an'3 &
rll ". snuf flora, trimmers, comnrom-
Champlon isers, and accommodating m?n
of Reform, retain their popularity with tne
emciency ana pnrFty'of 'tT 1 eXP?Se 0l
5-et, this deplorable condlHnn "? ,seivI-" And
the fact that w , have in ? the wm? tSi ln 8plte
Good. ctoea thaUe? "he Srlct
Pt." The Telegraph tX Z'" ?
Hoosevelt also .WSM.
by deeds and only so." In other words, the M
is to "stay put" when it serves tho Roosevelt ad
ministration's interests to have it so. Otherwise,"
If-, la tn ho fiaiilert rfrtwn ,Yibe
The Lato
A dispatch to the Cincinnati Enquirer, under
date of Live Oak, Fla., February 1G, quotes Mr
niyun us tsaymg; "Mr. Hanna
has grown in public estimation
during- tho last eight years, his
recent election demonstrating
ma iuw cuomg uum upon tho
people of his state. He won his place at the hcaa
of his party in the senate and in the nation by
his extraordinary executive ability and by his
skill in organizing the forces that control that
party. Even his political opponents recognized
the strength o his personality and his many ad
mirable qualities. He- was- one of the most force
ful figures in modern politics."
In his address at Chicago, Bishop John L.
Spalding sounded this warning: 'If the present
methods continue a few indi
viduals and trusts will boon
control the means of production
and distribution, and this in an
era in which monev is tho
mightiest form of social iniiaence and dominion.
To these few individuals and corporations will
belong an authority and power greater than any
history makes known an authority and power
which are incompatible with political liberty and
popular institutions. If our national welfare
cease to rest on a foundation of religion and mor
ality it will vanish."
Be Bold
at the
The Louisville Post says that in 1896 and 1900
the democratic party repudiated the platform of
1893, and adds: "Now if the
democratic party has again
changed its opinion, chere is no
reason why it should not have
the eaual .boldness to renndiate
the platforms of 189G and 1900." Are the Post
and the people whom it represents willing to make
the test of the election of delegates to the na
tional convention the question as to whether the
national platforms of 1896 and 1900 shall be re
pudiated? If the Post really desires to be bold,
will it be willing that the boldness oe displayed at
the primaries rather than reserved for the con
vention floor, after delegates nave been elected on
the so-called harmony platform.
The Denver News says: "The clause of the
anti-trust act which provides for the imprison-
ment of persons guilty of operat
iveveals ing illegal trusts would be, of
the a verity, the strong right arm of
Program. tn government if there were an
... . administration at "Washington
With a. serious intention of enforcing the law. To
repeal it would leave the law merely an instru
ment by which an illegal trust might be made to
uissoive, but the organizers of It would go scot
tilt uin,shment and at llberty o carfy ou
J?rIou5 ?usines3 to some other form." Be
S5S! JSf8? Kngs are so weU understood the
2i S.that the oralW bill will not be
hi,tlllB session of congress. The News is,
S?wpS?dly mrrect; and yet the democratic
tT2?2?e!S WiU d0 wel1 to tak0 every opportunity
2E L e People that the Foraker bill repre
ovpnf S prosm Ht will be carried out in tho
event the republican Pjrtyta restored to power.
of rJni1!;?11 S,treet Joal 'says that a number
of replies have been received by New York bank- In5 houses in response to a re-
Ari queBt for a statement of busi-
tUId aess conditions in their locality.
Scheme. Tho Journal says that these re-
manifmri ,Won ?Ie.s diffored from each other in
Sart hlf 1S' bXfc tllat thei'e wa a 0lo"s
Sfl!6111 in on aspect. For in
Slon,? lhese rop'lios' aft raying that
nestSn Tv1"?"8 aro g00d' declared t l
fcrtin? thaf cn"V?fy conservative because of the
exnlainpf? iS0.m,et?ing mlhi happen;" and, it is
waT VSh ' but,moat Peopie connect it in some
2P!w 5 PrQ,Bidential election," Those who
Sd M00 wm iinddent8,oC camnaign. Of 1896
-what flX hav?, uo dIfflculty in understanding
brine IS? ST8, 1 lt i8' however, a bit early to
ttonfi, ?at W and wel1 worn Bcheme, al
S ?ferbaps; !t is fc well to have it now.
can nnnii l depended upon that the Ameri
SfemSfPtn?1?1!6 riquired t0 endure tho same
SnnJSfei? ! i8bten tbem' bat wore Practiced bo
successfully during the last two presidential cam-