The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, January 01, 1904, Page 15, Image 15

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JANUARY 1. 1004.
The Commoner.
lor Singers and Speakers.
The New Remedy For Catarrh is
Very Valuable,
A Grand Rapids gentleman who rep
resents a prominent manufacturing
concern and travels through central
and southern Michigan, relates the fol
lowing regarding the new catarrh
cure. He says:
"After suffering from catarrh of .tho
head, -throat and stomach for several
years, 1 heard of Stuart's Catarrh Tab
lots quite accidentally and like jeveiy
thing else I immediately bought a
package -and was decidedly surprised
at thimmediate relief it afforded me
and still more to findr a complete cure
after "several weeks' use.
"ftiave a little son who sings in a
hoys' choir in one of - our prominent
'churifies, arid he is greatly troubled
with hoarseness" and throat weakness,
and on my fetumhome tram, a trip I
gave him a few of the tablets one Sun
day morning when he"tiad complained
oi hoarseness. He was delighted with
their , effect, removing all huskiness in
a few minutes and making the voice
clear and. strong.
"As the tablets are very pleasant to
the taste, I difficulty in per
suading him to use them regularly.
"Our family physician told us they
were an 'antiseptic preparation of un
doubted merit and that he himself
had no hesitation in recommending
Stuart's Catarrh Tablets for any form
of catarrh. -.
"I have since met many public
speakers and professional singers who
used them constantly. A prominent
Detroit lawyer told me that Stuart's
Catarrh Tablets kept his throat in fine
shape during the most trying weather,
and that he had long since discarded
the use of cheap lozenges and troches
on the advice of his physician that
they contained so much tolu, potash
and opium as to render their use a
danger to health."
Stuart's Catarrh Tablets are large
pleasant tasting lozenges composed of
catarrhal antiseptics, like Red Gum,
Blood Root, etc., and sold by druggists
everywhere at CQ cents for full treat
ment. They act upon the blood and mucous
membrane and their composition and
remarkable success has won the ap
proval of physicians, as well as thou
sands of sufferer from nasal catarrh,
throat troubles &nr1 catarrh of stom
A little book on1 treatment of catarrh
mailed free by addressing F. A. Stuart
Co., Marshall, Mich.
Bright' Disiast Diabifis
cifrlw 2nc.y neptlm rested in a day and
D to stay cured with a bottlo or two of
iw0,? Patoetto Wine. Send address to Drake
&ftg?7t maiSat " ,0U WlSh
JSf, Domocraey: a series of
optimistic essays, by Louis P. Post,
tedilM The Public; published by
the Moody Publishing Co., New York
and Chicago; price, ?2. This book is
dedicated to Henry George, "precoptor
and friend," and is a volume that con
tains the best thought of the well
known and able editor of The Public.
It is well named "optimistic," al
though the average man's definition of
optimism does not square with Cr.
tost's definition. The book is a keen
and Incisive review of present-day
tuuencie3 in social and public lite,
and through it all runs a stronir cur
rent of patriotism and desire to make
better the conditions under which the
people of this government live. In
addition to the dedication and intro
duction Ethics of Democracy is di
vided into seven parts, namely: Tno
Democratic Optimist; Individual Life;
Business Life; Economic Tendencies;
Politico-Economic Principles; Demo
cratic Government;. Patriotism. Iho
diligent seeker after knowledge in
public affairs, and the earnest follower
of truth, will find In this book valua
ble material. Mr. Post aunroaches
his subjects as the skilled surgeon
treats his patient, and his pen goes at
once to the point sought. He writes
as one who not only loves his country
and his fellow men, but believes that,
soon or late, tl best in the human
r-heart will - make its influencn fnlr.
Ethics of Democracy richlyescrves a
place on the shelf of everyman who
is proud enough of his citizenship to
make some effort to rise to his duty in
making his citizenship worthy of the
country in which he lives.
After Dinner" Stpries, collected by
John Harrison; published by the Penn
Publishing Co., Philadelphia, price,
45 cents. This Is a collection of clever
short stories, easily remembered and
even if not always new, at least pre
sented in modern form. In addition
to he stpries the author gives eome
instructions that will be of service to
the man who may be called upon to
speak in public, especially at a ban
quet. Civics: what every citizen should
know, by George Lewis; published by
the Penn Publishing Co., Philadel
phia; price, 45 cents. This little vol
ume contains a wealth of concise in
formation on a number of topics, and
especially those questions pertaining
to our government, its history and its
The People of the Abyss, by Jack
London; published by the Macmillan
Co.; price, $2 net. Mr. London's place
in the literary world was fixed even
before he donned the habiliments of
the indigent workingman and pene
trated to the lowest depths of the
London slums, then putting the re
sults of his experiences and observa
tions into book form. It is a story that
will fascinate while it horrifies this
story of the suffering and squalor of
hundreds of thousands of human be
ings. In thus picturing human misery
as it exists in 'the center of the world's
wealth and fashion, Mr. London has
performed a distinct service to hu
manity, for it will show the more for
tunate their duty, and may result in
the betterment of the conditions of
those who starve and freeze and die
in the dreadful holes and slums of
London. The People of the Abyss is a
story that had to be written, although
it is a sad commentary on our boasted
civilization and Christianity that con
ditions exist calling for such a story.
New Fire Mask.
A member of the Paris fire brigade
has invented a new mask, which is
said to be a great improvement over
All previous, ones. .It can be Axed to
an ordinary helmet and around the
neck by straps. , x , .
The visor is of mica, protected by
wire. In front of the mouth two pipes
open, one furnishing fresh air and tho
other carrying off what has been
A reservoir worn on tho back as a
knapsack contains two compartments,
one holding two steel Jars filled with
compressed air; tho other bag, which
is called tho lung and which is con
nected by copper tubing with steel
jars and special mechanism, admits
compressed air only at nominal pres
sure to tho lung, whence It is con
vcyod to tho mouth.
Tho mask leaves tho cars uncov
ered. An electric bell gives warning
when the supply of air Is running out
ThG apparatus weighs only 12 kilo
grams, and will bo put Into Imme
diate use in tho Paris flro brlKade.
London Cor. New York Sun.
X Split Hickory Special &
Slli1'1 W,,'P'M,:1 Mitemw throughout th. hol UniM
law yeirt know wh w metn whn wir "hullt HlrLorr hDttUl
52!!. euUr ?b' u",ln T OolnoorinnuctuflntrlMitU
.. -Jin US,UI ? l"1 "', rr "' for iqt M
1 Sl'ftL i0uJ ? tn rewrtlt.J (Inr m1. lut rrar on
JK . m'y W r.n. ,nl h0D,lf"l 'Wf Axj With tath n Imm
?S'm!i! Dfi.dtlri!ct U.'. ""'. " m nM.(t to off tr nuny
IndnMnunU thli ,r. If 700 r thinking of hat Inc bowr
twr, hli Split Hlefcotx Sp.eUl U mi, of ht c,j, Kpm
lllclory-iplll, notuwed ami hit 100 )olnU c mrlt Fpe
ofthli tthlcle. It li i fully tlMcrlLM In onr nn IM-ptt Kpllt
"O Cto,fTii ot thldpf nd lirnn, nnw rMy for dif
trlbntlon. It fr.. Snd for on l onc NOTl'.-W carry
a loll of high f rl hatntt, oM dlrt at wholf tala
Igr.O Hlth RirrcU Cincinnati. Olilo.
-m T"3fc a
ilS 550
m. wrt 0(Pll SJMprfcrt
inn. y VUlii 87
Dear Sir: Please ask your WIFE, DAUGHTER
or SISTER to Read MY FREE Offer. "
ii i '"la wick umiinQ oc oncccrifcrst
From a Woman of Notre Dame, Ind.
I will mnll, f rco of any chnrjrc, this Uorao Treat
ment with full InstrurtionH and hlHtory or ray own
case to nny lady BUflerlnir with fcmalo trouble.
You can euro yourself nt home without tho aid of
nny phyfilclau. It will cost you noihlnir to irlvo
tho treatment a trial, and If you decide to contlnno
it will only cost you about 12 centa a week. It will
not Intcrfcro with your work or occupation. I
hiivtinotLl'.K to ecll. Toll other BUfrerern or It
'"J-8 uJ1 1 aKlc II curC8 n,, youns or old. u
V&lt you feel a bcarlnedown Bcnsatlon, sonw
of Impcndtm; evil, pain In the back or bowels,
creeping feellnR up the spine, n deolro to cry fre
quently, hot Hashes, weariness, frequent denire to
urlnato, or tf you have Lcucorrhca (Whites). Dis
placement or Falling of the Womb. Prof uae. Scant
or Painful Periods, Tumors or Growths, addrewi
Airs. M. Summers for the Free Treatment and Full
Information. Thousands besfdeainyselfhavtjcured
thnrnsnlvcH with It. I fiend It In nlaln wranno.m.
TO nOTHERS OP DAUGHTERS I will explain simple Home Treatment which speedily and
factually cures Leucorrhea. Green Sickness nnd Painful or Irregular Menstruation in yountr
V6lC8. It will savoyou anxiety and expense and save your daughter tho humiliation of explain
We her troubles to others. Plumpness nnd health always result from Its uko.
vVherover you live I can refer you to well known ladles of your own Statfl or county who know
And will gladly tell any sufferer that this Homo Treatment really cure1? all diseased condition of
our delicate female orjranfsm, thoroughly strengthens relaxed muscles and ligaments which cause
replacement, and makes women well. Write- today, as this offer may not bo nlade aaln.
"By tho use of your Borne Treatment I have been cured of congestion, inflammation and
displacement, which had caused much suffering from nervousness, headache and backache."
MISS LAUIIA WOIITH. 613 Monroo St., Qulncy, I1L
"I had Inflammation of the ovaries nnd polypoid tumors of tho womb for six years, and doc
tored in vain. Your two months' treatment has made me sound and well." ,
"I used your treatment four years ago, and was entirely cured of a severe caf.o of ulceration',
and falling of tho womb, with congestion of the ovaries, causlngagony at tho periods. I had not
known a well day for ten years and was confined to the bed most or tho tlmo "
MRS. OEO. ZIMMERMAN. 310 E Seventh St.. Alton, DL
MRS. M. SUMMERS, Box 11 8 Notre Dame, Ind., U. S. A..
have been called by our patrons "pie Only Ih
cubator," and "Tli Only Brooder "not be
caupo there are no others, but becauso "they sUnd
alono by reason of superiority." Send for free
booklet. Agenta wanted everywhere
Lincoln Incubator Co.
Box K, Lincoln, Neb.
a !
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