The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, January 01, 1904, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner.
VOLUME 3, NO. 50.
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Bxotor (Nob.) Bntorprlso: It la be
coming painfully evident that Mark
Hanna has lot go of the prosperity
Sever long enough, to spit on his
Woodsford (0.) Spirit of Democracy:
Come to think of it, aren't wo a little
.inconsistant in making a big kick over
grafting by post-officials whilo the na
itton is in the same line, of business?
Owensboro (Ky.) Messenger: Mr.
Perry Heath, peeping out from under
neath tho potticoats of the statute of
limitations, is another of the sights
of tho purity of the republican party
4ho grand old party! Rats!
Gilmor (Tex.) Echo: Tho isthmian
canal would bo a good thing and our
government needs it, but does she
4ieed it bad enough to got it by violat
ing a solemn obligation to a weaker
'government? .
Hastings (Nob.) Republican: It is
noticed that the knocks given tho
Northern Securities merger by Attor
ney General Knox is not hurting or to
any porceptable extent disturbing any
:of the other .great railroad combina
tions. " "
Hastings (Mich.) Journal: Well,
tho report of Bristow puts tho scandal
worse than ever on Perry S. Heath,
the secretary of tho republican na
tional committee. The postofflce de
partment is a veritable nest of cor
ruption. Darlington (Wis.) Democrat: The
Philippines are in a state of chronic
rebellion. If the nations of tho east
had done as President Roosevelt has,
they would long since have recognized
the Independence of the Filipinos and
warned us to got out.
Paragould (Ark.) Soliphone: Tho
old Panama canal scheme has been
so honey-combed with fraud and reek
inc with corruption that even Eu
ropean nations have for years stood
aloof from the, stench that ascended
to heaven from tho isthmus.
. Sholbina (Mb.) Torchlight: Lake
Whitewash has been discovered in
the Philippine islands. If congress
gets to investigating the boodling in
the postofflce and other governmental
departments, Washington ought to
tap that lake with a pipe line.
Woodsford (0.) Spirit of Democracy:
We are having more "peace in the
Philippines." A few days ago there
was a brush there in which six "con
stables" wore Injured and three hun
dred Filipinos "known to be killed."
Nothing said about Filipinos wounded.
Rawlins (Wyo.) Journal: As shown
by recent debates in the senate the
republicans are more than anxious to
forget tho postofflce scandals and have
them hushed up. Democrats will see
to . it that they are kept boforo the
public until the rascals aro punished.
Bellofonto (Pa.) Democratic Watch
man: It is certain that when it comes
to making a nominee for president for
the democracy neither tho New York
World nor tho Brooklyn Eaglo will bo
looked upon as "bell cows" and since
they can't bo "bell cows" all that is
left for " thorn to do Is to "fall in bo
hind." Darlington (Wis.) Democrat: If the
Boers should rebel against England
tomorrow, would President' Roosevelt
recognize them tho next day as a free
and independent nation? And would
he say to England, "Hands off?" What
he would do is best shown by what he
did when the Boers wero struggling
to maintain their freedom.
Clipper: Tho
"tho action of
Canon City (Colo.)
Commoner says that
the administration in tho Panama
matter violates all of tho precedents
of American statesmen." Tho repub
lican party is not being run on pre
cedents these days. Since the United
States became a world power tho con
stitution and precedents have been
disregarded by tho party in power.
Enid (0. T.) Democrat: The Demo
crat believes in the unity of tho states.
The editor has long since concluded
that secession is wrong. We do not
believe that our country should 'back
up and sustain the disruption of tho
United States of Colombia. With tem
perate and wise diplomacy wo could
have obtained tho canal concession
and not been accused of acting the
Emporia (Kas.) Times: Grover
Cleveland announces that he will not
be a candidate for president. His
decision is unalterable and will not be
changed. Only a very few persons
considered Grover as a possibility.
His chief support came from the re
publican press of the country. The
democracy of the nation is not sur
prised at.jbjs decision and heartily
concurs in the wisdom of it
Emmettsburg (la.) Democrat: Sen
ator Hanna thinks that Judge Parker
of Now York will be tho next demo
cratic nominee for president. The
boss from Ohio seems to bo doing a
little skirmishing for himself these
days, though he is taking special
pains to deny it. If President Roose
velt does not agree to surrender com
pletely to the money power, Mr. Han
na will be given the nomination.
Bellaire (0.) Democrat: It would
seem the part of humanity on the part
of the senate to let up on General
Wood before he entirely exterminates
the Moros. As we have been told that
there has been profound peace among
our benevolently assimilated for the
past two years, the useless slaughter
of these defenseless people seems lit
tle better than the slaughter by Greeks
and Itbmans of their helpless prison
ers to entertain the depraved populace
at their feasts and games.
Rochester (Ind.) Sentinel: While
the president declares a part of them
must bo punished, the men whoso
pockets are filled with pilfered cash
show no signs of nervous prostration,
for with many of the most influential
politicians claiming that to punish
these "good fellows" who have done
so much for the success of the party
in the past will discourage men wilh
like talents from lending assistance in
future elections, a "go easy" policy
will bo adopted aifd no one but the
public will be injured.
Bollefonte (Pa.) Democrat: Why do
not the g. o. p. organs tell their read
ers more about the causes, that brought
about the present big break-down in
the iron business, in a score of other
industrial lines, in stocks of which
thousands of honest and confiding peo
ple were investors, including widows,
have lost their all? Why is this thus?
When tho country is blessed with a
bountiful harvest, the g. o. p. organs
would place the credit, not to Provi
dence, but point to it as the "pros
perity" wrought by political vaga
bonds who aro running things for the
benefit of themselves and favored fol
lowers. Why aro so many thousands
of people thrown out of .employment
all over tho country? The trnnhiA ii
in the fact that the government is be
ing run entirely for tho benefit of the
rich and to the detriment of the poor.
Bellaire (0.) Demooraf? a,
the thousands of petitions being pre
sented to the senate against the seat
ing of Smoot wero hundreds from
Ohio, Senator Hanna presenting large
batches, many from nearby sections,
Barnesvillo, New Concord, Canton,
Cambridge, Wellsvllle, East Liverpool
and other towns being on the list. It
looks like the farce of the year to see
Mr. Hanna standing before 'the most
dignified body on earth, presenting pe
titions against carrying out a bar
gain he, his associate, Perry Heath,
and other leading lights in tho parly
havo agreed to carry out and for
which Smoot has already rendered
value expected, and these poor, de
luded people sending them, suppose
that because party necessity caused
the unseating of Roberts, their peti
tions will cause tho same action to
ward a republican.
Bry?vn on Democracy.
(Continued from Page 11.)
tion of any of those possessions, that
we will not stand in the way of any
amicable arrangement between them
and the mother country; but that we
will oppose, with all our means, the
forcible interposition of any other
power, as auxiliary, stipendiary, or
under any other form or pretext, and
most especially, their transfer to any
power by conquest, cession, or ac
quisition in any other way."
Jefferson died on July 4, 1824 just
fifty years after the signing of the
Declaration of Independence. The
year that marked his demise marked
the entrance of tho second great dem
ocratic rfader into the- arena of poli
tics. '
(To Be Continued.)
A Rare Operation.
The life of Frank Mcllhatton was
saved by an exceedingly rare surgical
operation, only nine other cases being
The man was suffering from an
aneurism or dilation of the great ar
tery which extended three inches
above the base of the breast bone and
was three and a half inches wide. As
a result of this enlargement he had
become unable to swallow, had great
difficulty in breathing and suffered
excruciating pains in tho head. To
save his life it was necessary to reduce
the aneurism, and to do that the hos
pital physicians had recourse to what
is known as "Corridi's operation."
Mcllhatton was able to talk to his
wife five minutes after the taslc of the
surgeon was completed, and is report
ed as doing well.
Tne operation was performed by
Prof. E. W. Holmes, surgeon in chief
at the Samaritan hospital, assisted
by Dr. Dietrich, Dr. Snively and Dr.
FInck. Many men prominent in the
profession were spectators. '
Cocaine was applied to the affected
portion of the aorta, the disease lying
in the transverse section, or arch, of
that artery.
A hollow porcelain covered needle
was introduced into the aneurism, ana
a section of gold wire, 15 foet long,
was passed through tho hollow of the
instrument and permitted to coil in
the diseased region. The wire was
then connected with a galvanic bat
tery, and the circuit was completed by
the placing of a negative plate upon
the patient's back, and a current of
five milliamperes was turned on. This
was increased at regular intervals un
til it had attained a strength of eighty
milliamperes and one hour's timo had
been consumed.
Mcllhatton experienced immediate
relief, and the operation, from a sur
gical standpoint, was pronounced flaw
less. The application of the electri
cal current caused coagulation of tho
contents of the aneurism, which
thereby shrank, relieving the pressure
upon the lungs and larynx. Philadel
phia Co; New York Herald.
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