The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 27, 1903, Page 15, Image 15

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The Commoner.
NOYMBER 27, 1903. -
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Factory Price
Direct to You
We are the only General merchandise house
which owns, controls and directly manages a
vehicle factory. We build ' our vehicles from
the ground up and know what's under the paint.
We add but one small profit to the cost of ma
terial and labor, hencft our customers are gelling
a. better made Job In a finer finish and at a lower
price than can possibly be secured elsewhere.
Wagon -Imitation
leather trimmed:
caroet. wrench and
shafts; Just as Illustrated,
JyJ i fcsjs
Write for further
su a t t eM9
Bueey 24 in. body,
doth trimmed: top,
back and aide cur
tains, storm apron,
caroet and shaft a.
A Write for details.
We alsotwve better grades up to the very best
andmoat styftsh that can poaatbb be put together.
VVshkzjc Cataukhts Frhk. Send for it
today. It will give particulars about the above
work. It. also illustrates and describes the
newest and best Una of Runabouts, Stanhopes.
Buggies, Phaetons, Surreys, Carriages, Carts,
Spring Wagons, etc., ever quoted direct to the
buyer. It explains tho difference between good
and unreliable work between the hand-painted
and the dipped buggy and also explains our
Guarantee f Satisfaction and
50 Days' Trial OfTcr.
Sendapostal today for our Vehicle Cat. No. El.
Montg ornery WardCo.
A, special circular quoting our entire Jin of
Slelghe," Sleds, etc., will be sent at the same
time, ;tf you request it. . 4
On November 19 tho house of repre
sentatives by a rising vote of 335 to
21 passed the bill to make effectives tho
Cuban reciprocity treaty. Tho" dissent
ing vote was about equally divided
between republicans and democrats,
tho latter seeking to secure amend
ments to tho bill in accordance with
the action of tho democratic caucus
recently held.
On November 19 tho senate In exe
cutive 'session confirmed tho nomina
tion of Church Howo of Nebraska,
who has been consul at Sheffield, En
gland, to bo consul general at Antwerp.
A Washington dispatch under date
of November 19 says: A meeting of
tho board of trustees of tho National
McKlnloy Memorial association was
held today at tho Arlington hotel.
Governor Myron T, Herrlck of dhio,
treasurer, submitted ""his report by
pi oxy. Enough money Is . no-w oh
hand to erect such a memorial as tho
trustees regard aa suitable', "but a fund
is raising for maintenance' and care
of the monument. About $50,000 yet
is needed for that purpose -
senato on Novembor 20 was taken up
In debating a motion to refer tho Cu
ban reciprocity bill to tho committeo
on foreign relations, and this course
was finally adopted.
th'e-vAlue of charcoal
. -
.4c "
Few, People-Know How Useful It UUn Pre.
?' Irving Health 'and' Beauty.. .Tp
Xearly-eyeryfcodjr knows that char
coal is- me safest 'and most .efficient
disinfectant and purifier In nature, but
fewjreal'ize'lts value "when" taKen 'into
thehuman'System'for tho same cleans
tog' purpose. -' "-
Charcoal is a remedy that the moro
yoif take of it ,tn better; 'it is not a
drug'-af all, but simply absorbs tho
gaes aridmpuritie.3 away present
In thestdmar and Tnteslineq and car
ries them but of the system.
dharcoafr sweetens the .breath after
cooking, drinking or after eating
onions and oth-r odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clears and im
proves the complexion, it whitens the
Ueth and further a'cts as a natural
and'emirfentjy safe cathartic.
It absorbs the injurious gases which
collect in the stomach and bowels; It
disinfects the irouth and throat from
the "poison of catarrh.
All druggists sell charcoal in one
term or, another, but probably the best
charcoal and the most for the money
1 In 'Stuarts Absorbent Lozenges;
tbey are composed of the finest pow
dered Willow -charcoal, and othr
harmless antiseptics In tablet form or
rather .in tho fcrm of large, pleasant
tasting lozenges, the charcoal being
mixed with honey.
Tho daily use of these lozenges will
eoon tell in a much Improved condir
tion of the general health, better com
plexion, sweeter breath and purer
blood, arid tho beauty of It is, that
no possible harm can result from their
continued use, but on the contrary",
great benefit.
A Buffalo phypician In speaking of
the benefits of charcoal, says "I ad
vise Stuart's Absorbent Lozenges, .to
ell patients suflMng In the
etoinachv&nd bowels,"and to clear the
complexion - vand purify the breath
mouth and throat; I also, believe thp
use of them; th co$fe4buT25 cents a
box at drug stones? and although in
some se.nje patant preparation, yet I
h9p&f&l,-t;et more and better charcoal
in' Stuart's Absorbent Lozenges 'than in
ny of the ordinary charcoal tablets."
It was reported on . November 19
that Secretary of tho Interior Hitch
cock had sent to Speaker Cannon a
draft of a bill to control grazing in
'forest reserves. The bill -'provides ar
maximum fine of ?1,0(0, or imprison
mnent not to exceed ode year, for-pasturing
live stock pri public lands in
cluded within forest reserves, wimout
aVperjhiC from the secretary of the'
interior. ---.
;. '-.v . - - ' .- -'
' President bos"eveltr on" "November
19 received, a dispatch from the gov
ernor of .Colorado asking that General
Baldwin, commanding the' army de
partment of Colorado, be instructed
to supply such troops as may be nec
essary to preserve order in the min
ing districts of the state; but after a
consultation between the president and
the secretary of war, Governor Pea
body was advised that Jt did not ap
pear that the resources of the state
had been exhausted and tnereforo the
request was denied.
The state department received a re
port from Minister Thompson, which
report was dated at Necropolis, Bra
zil, recently announcing that the Acre
boundary dispute between Brazil and
Bolivia had been settled. The report
says that Bolivia cedes and quits title
to 06,000 miles. Brazil assumes the
question with Peru and gives 2,000,
000, builds a railroad around tho Ma
deria rapids, admits perpetual rights
to Bolivia to free transit, permits the
establishment of Bolivian customs
houses in Brazilian ports and cedes
territory for a port In Paraguay.
On November 20 Senator Newlands
of Nevada, author of tho resolution
annexing Hawaii, introduced a joint
resolution inviting Cuba to become a
state of the United. States upon terms
Of 'equality with the other states of
the Union. The resolution provides
that Porto Rico shall become a coun
ty, or province of Cuba; that, all pres
ent officers of Cuba shall retain their,
nnsition until terms expire; that
the $35,000,000 bonds of Cuba shall j
become the bonds of tne state or uu
ba, with interest reduced to 3 per
cent, and 2 per cent, to 'je applied to
a sinking fund; that the present rural
guard of Cuba shall be incorporated
into the army of the United States;
that the money In the Cuban treasury
shall become the money of the state of
rhe entire time of the session of tho
Tho first government Irrigation work
undertaken, now in progress in Ne
vada, promises great development for
that state. Tho national hydrograph
er, Frederick H. Nowoll, in speaking
on tho subject of irrigation before
tho National! Geographical society at
Washington recently, mado tho claim
by means of Irrigation tho state of
Nevada alone will support 400,000 peo
ple where It now has only 40,000.
treat gAtntto&o I &
packase 01
Lion Coffee!
The situation in Panama continues
to attract considerable attention
throughout tho country, although lit
tle "of a startling nature has occurred
recently In regard to It. It is not yet
known what action tho senate wilj
tako In respect to tho ratification of
tho Panama treaty recently conclud
ed by the secretary of stato and the
representative of Panama. On No
vember 20 a dispatch carried by th$
Associated press from Colon seems to
indipate that the Colombians are by
no means satisfied with the course of
everits in Panama, and it Is probable
thafcJhQ United States may navo more
oi less, trouble with the government
of Cplombia in regard to its course In
i .
' Among other measures introduced in
the htiuso on November 16 was one by
Kepresentatlvo Gaines of Tennessee
proppltyng- an amendment to tho con?
stitution off the United States an fol
lows: "The president of tho United
States shall hold his office during on6
term o six years, and no person, hav
ing gnfce been president, either by
election or succession, shall bo again
eligible to that office."
On November 17 Messrs. Coclo'oll
and Dryden presonted to the senate an
address from a committeo represent
ing tho insurance companies of tho
country, asking for legislation look
ing to tho prohibition of the uho of
tho mails by bogus Insuranco compa
nies, and Senator Dryden introduced
a bill to carry tho pQtltion into ef
fect In tho houso Representative
Gaines of Tennessee has introduced a
similar bill..
Tho efforts of tho mayor of Chicago
to bring peace in the street car strike
are believed to have been successful,
it being announced on November 20
that but two points of difference still
exist between tho company and its
employos and it is hoped that these
will be overcome and peace bo restored.
A collection of sketches, and
verges, 277 pages, cloth bound. Prlco
jlpoatpald. Now ready for delivery.
A hapdsome Christmas present Ad
dress Will M, Maupln, Lincoln, Neb.
n" 1
6AW MILLS, 4 11
TV cut ?ftW feet per
dajAll itcVlna
crMIilnirloJUHUnnd dlfrri Willi UUrnt
YrlhIo Friction
Jfcc(Mortable Orlncl
InK MllH.Wntor
yihnU, UO Mil!, tmt
dot Urp Uif. riiU
PttOACll MIIX xro, OO.,
RM4, AtlMl..O
III Ulrtttficn I"
Established Over 30 Years
at the same location. No change of firm, no fires,
no failures, nothing JJut steady progress, and in all
that time I have been dealing direct with the con
sumer. The above facts are certainly evidence of
merit and fair dealing. Send for catalogue of the
Celebrated Birch Carriages and Harness;
j! in w f
'100 styles of each, at moderate prices, mailed fre
upon application.
James H. Brroh, Burlington, N. J.
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