The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 13, 1903, Page 13, Image 13

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The Commoner.
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nrethod of congressional procedure on
the Cuban reciprocity treaty. It igias
n.ade known that in allt probability an
entirely new .tariff aw must be en
acted to make good the treaty terms
owing to the defective nature of one
provision of the treaty as amended
by the senate. It Is Relieved by others
that the treaty may be made operative
by joint resolution of congress.
News of an uprising in Southwest
Africa was reported on November 5
by the Cape .Town correspondent for
the London Daily Mail. It seems that
the Bondelzwar tribesmen are en
gaged in a native rebellion in Dainar
lond, a province in the German pos
sessions in Southwest Africa, and re
cently made an attack on a fort held
by the Germans, destroying the fort
and the village, massacred all the Ger
zrans and took the English families
prisoners. The trouble is said to be
due to the execution of a native chief
by German officers.
At a conference of the organization
known as the Missouri River Im
provement association, which confer
ence was held at Omaha, Neb., on No
vember 5, several questions were dis
cussed. Among these questions were
the following: "How shall we go
about it to have the ravages of the
Missouri river checked; to have our
property protected from floods and
currents; to interest the national gov
ernment in our behalf?" Delegates
from four states were present at the
conference. A permanent organization
was effected, H. T. Clarke of Omaha
being elected president Resolutions
vere adopted asking the government
to adopt means to prevent the rav
ages of the Missouri river and to take
steps to render it a navigable highway.
The clash between the federal Ind
ian authorities and the state of Wyo
ming over the question of right to
punish the Indians who recently par
ticipated in the struggle in Wyoming
wherein a sheriff and one deputy
were killed, resulted on November 5
in the returning of the nine Indians
captured in South Dakota to Wyoming
for punishment.
A dispatch from Butte, Mont, under
cate of November 6, says that fire in
the Kearsarge mines, six miles from
Virginia City, Mont.,-causea the death
of nine men and several others were
entombed. These, mines are consid
ered to be among the most valuable
gold mines of the state. "
It is believed that all hope of avert
ing a general strike of coal miners
in district 15, which Includes Colo
rado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyom
ing, must be given up, despite the ef
forts of the governor of Colorado and
Commissioner . of Labor Montgomery
to settle the difficulty. Notices have
been posted ordering the men to quit
vork on November 9.
From recent .reports the insurrec
tion in Santo Domingo is still contin
u;ng, the Insurgents being in the vi-J-wty
of the capital of the island. It
was reported on November 6 that a
steamer destined to Puerto Plata had
Sn 8tPPed by a Dominican warship
X ?ot ,aliowed to land Its cargo at
we destination stated.
In Justice to Mr, Brvan.
It is to be confessed that no little
" the newspaper comment upon Mr.
Bryan in his relation to the Bennett
U is not only unjust, but lacking In
kindness. Nothing to this dato has
Transpired In the matter which reflects
upon the Nebraskan's honesty or hon
or, and so far as the Inquiry goes, It
seems to reveal that ho has acted
throughout with scrupulous fidelity to
exalted ideals. Mr. Bennett, it seems,
was not only a devoted admirer of Mr.
Bryan, but a most enthusiastic be
liever in the political dogmas which
he represents. In making his will he
naturally desired to leave a portion of
his large estate to the man who was
not only his friend, but his political
prophet. This he did without In any
manner causing hardship to any who
had a right to expect to share in his
That Mr. Bryan drew the will does
not demonstrate that he used undue
influence upon the mind of the testa
tor. Indeed, had he had ulterior mo
tives in the matter, he would not have
appeared in the transaction, nor
would the Bryan bequest have been
made in the peculiar manner that it
was. His conduct since has been open
as the day. Between a natural desire
to accede to the well known wish of
his dead friend and an aversion to
doing anything that would pain Mrs.
Bonnott or give pretext for scandal, he
has occupied a delicate and very dif
ficult position. His rights in the case
have not been urged uncompromising
ly. His proposition to defer to the
will of the widow in the disposal of
the fund bequeathed him is certainly
.ill that he can do without positively
violating the solemn testament of his
dead friend. In the light of the facts
criticism is hardly justified. Mr. Bry
an the politician is one thing, Mr.
Bryan the man is entirely another
thing. Political opponents are justi
fied in combatting his economic the
ories. He himself is the last to shrink
from such criticism. When it comes
to his private life, however, the most
rudimentary conceptions of justice in
dicate that he should bo judged fairly
and according to standards which ev
erywhere prevail. Newark (N. J.)
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Johnson Still Fighting.
Tom Johnson comes up smiling and
announces that the fight will continue.
Ho says:
"The result is due to several causes,
of which the chief was the successful
attempt of Senatpr Hanna to impress
on the people that a continuance of
undisturbed business conditions de
manded his return to the senate.
"In the last few weeks of the cam
paign' the closing of mills and dis
charge of thousands of workmen, to
gether with bank and business fail
ures throughout the country, gave
color to Senator Hanna's claim.
"I hope Senator Hanna's statement
that his re-election will preserve the
Industrial and business situation from
disturbance will be verified, and that
confidence, which ho believes to be
the basis of prosperity, will be pre
served. "The republican party used a fund
larger In amount than any other sim
ilar fund In the history of state poli
tics. -This campaign fund was fur
nished by privileged Interests
hrniurhnnt. thfl country, thev not un
naturally feeling that Senator Hanna
was their national representative.
"The ultimate success of the demo
cratic nrinclDles Is only postponed by
this defeat, and I urge the people of
Ohio to begin now the campaign for
the election of the next legislature, the
selection of which will not involve
the election of a United States sena
tor, or any other national question,
but which can be chosen solely with
reference to the questions of. home
rule and just taxation, in which an
overwhelming majority of the people
of 'Ohio now believe."
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