The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 13, 1903, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner.
Cure Catarrh' at Home
A Practical Remedy So Simple and Pfe
ant That -.Even a Child ,Caa
Uttltt .;,
lk n 1 1 1 1 r
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each package of
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no matter where It Is
or what It la worth.
Sctid de3cr!ptlon,9f'iteprice
ana learn my wonaenuuy
Tlio addresses of all Fed"
oral Soldiers, their wld"
ows or heirs, who filed
Homestead,- on less
thnn 160 acres be
fore June 23rd, 187-1.
Will pure have Land
warrants issuta is
Soldier oi
n y war.
Comrade W
76 Jacebson Block, Denver, Cojo.
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tho Track.
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big Railway
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free In I'atrnt Hocord hAMPLK COPY ntKJC,
Erans, V likens Co., Dopt. r; Washington, D, 0. '
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Friett. Fnllr Wamatrd. Catalog lfret.
BOX 824 nfauhfor.lMfaua.l.a.X.
Manufacturing site wanted that will give Bo
nus. L. Catr, Atchison, Kans.
What Maupin Wants
You may think he wants a wholo lot. but ho
doesn't, Hcmerely wants to shod a little sweet
ness and light into your home, while .inciden
tally mnkinir a dollar or two. Ho has written a
book, short Btorlcs and verses and wants to sell
it. Tho book will bo entitled
Whether Common or Not
And will have upwards of 250 pages; bonnd in
cloth and printed on extra good book paper.
Tho price is $1. and it you drder it now you will
f;ct it in timo to read it before giving It .to a
riend as a Christmas present. Likewise, Maupin
will get tho order in timo to make his Thanks
giving dinner tasto bettor. Tho book will bo
ready for delivery about December 1, if not &
little earlier. Send yonr order now, and when
the book Is ready you will bo notified, and then
you can send the dollar. Maupin wants tho
order so he will not make the mlstako of print
ing too many books. If you want to know mom
about the book, Just read what Mr. Bryan says
about it:
Mr. Will M. Maupin, whoso literary produc
tions fill this volume, has been a membor of tho
stall of The Commoner during its more than two
and a hulf years oi existence, and I toko genu
ine pleasure in commending his work to those
who enjoy Innocent fun, delicate humor and
philosophy senaoned-with sentiment. His tables,
dialogues and paragraphs are to the point, ana
tho wit is made subservient to tho argument he
presents, Ho is especially happy in bis verse
when as he oitcn doeshe ucuis with, the ten
der attachments ot the family and the homely
Virtues oi overy-day life, The moral in his writ
ings is always .apparent and paramount, and I
contribute this foreword in the bcllor tUatlho
book will benefit those who aro led to peruse it.
That's all for tho prcsont. If you iorder the
book and do not think it is worth a dollar alter
fitting it, tell Maupin and he'll give you a dol
ar for the book. See? It will bo sent postpaid
' on receipt of price. Address the promotor. au
thor and responsible perpetrator,
30.3a So. 1 7th St. Lincoln,. Nab.
Mr. knx.
"We liavo asked you this befonv
Mr. Knox,
.tsut 19 your 'vacation o'er, .
Mr. Knox?
I TV would really like to know,
For the wintry breezes blow,,.
And we'll-soon have ice and snow,
'' Mr. Knox.
And perhaps you are a,ware, .
1 .-.'Mr. Knox, . ,.
That yourold'sldo partner, Baer,
Mr. Knox,
Gets up in. the morning bright
And keeps hoisting out of sight
The cash price of anthracite,
, Mr,, Knox?
If your spell '.of play is done;
Mr. Knox,
Time your duty is begun',
'Mr. Knox.
Of injunctions we are ,sick,
For they do not turn the trick
So do something" else right quick
Mr. Jtuiox.
If you'd take the proper course,
Mr. Knox,
And tho Sherman law enforce,
Mr. Knox,
You could bust tho trusts today
And. by-doing earn your pay,
But yoiL were, not built that way
, Mr. Knox.
We well know just why you pause,
Mr. Knox,
Well we know it is because,
Mr. Knox,
You were not put there for that
By the trusts who yield the fat,
But to Bhield them and that's flat,
Mr. Knox.
If you think we do you wrong,
Mr. Knox,
Prove it by some effort strong
Mr. Knox.
Get the law on scheming men;
Chuck 'em in the prison , pen, . .
And we will Relieve you then,
,Mr. Knox,
And you can safely bet that we'll
not until you do something
beside taljc and get out pitiful injunc
tions that accomplish nothing. .
The Retort Courteeua.
Once in a while one finds a street
car conductor who is inclined to be
just a bit gay.
A few days ago a youth, plainly
from the country, boarded a Farnam
street car in Omaha, and after the
car started he spoke to the conductor:
"Do you know Mr. Atwater, sir?"
The conductor winked at some men
on the platform and replied:
"Intimately. Are you going to strike
him for a job?"
"Yes, sir," replied the youth.
"Well, if I wasn't so busy managing
this railway company I'd go over with
you and recommend you," said the
"Much obliged, sir, but I rather you
wouldn't, You see I, want to make a
good Impression the first time I meet
And the conductor was so rattled
that ho rang the register twice as a
signal for the motorman to go ahead.
! Surprising.
The 'big boy entered the school and
Immediately began bullying the small
er bOVS. He WftS ft .rnimh nrvnfoo nnA
brutal little tough, and the way he
made the smaller boys stand around
"was aggravating to see.
One day the smaller boys held a
secret meeting and set about devising
ways and means to dethrone the bully,
After much discussion a pale,
thoughtful youth with a-bulging bfow
said: - ;
"Boys, I cannot, I really cannot,
stand this imposition any longer. The
next time he endeavors to bully me I
shall" resent it."
The meeting dispersed, the pale and
thoughtful youth walking away with
a determined air, followed by the ad
miring gaze of his comrades.
The very next day the bully pitched
onto the pale and thoughtful youth
and instantly a fight resulted. It lasted
but a brief moment.
Q, that we were permitted to soy
that the pale and thoughtful youth
whipped the bully to a frazzle. But
love of truth prevents. The pale and
tnughtful youth lasted about as long
as a fifty-pound chunk of Ice on an
August day.
And after that tho young bully was
worse than ever.
A PurUt.
"Hello!" exclaimed the hurried man
at the telephone. "Is this Short
weight & Littleton's codl office?" -
"Yes." ,'
"What's hard coal worth a ton this
"Hard coal Is worth four dollars a
ton this morning."
There was a gasp from the hurried
man, but evidently he recovered
quickly, for ho shouted:
"Fpur dollars! Send, me five tons,
"Beg pardon, sir,1' said the clerk in
the coal office, whp happened to be a
recent importation from u Boston"
'while hard coal is worth but four
dollars a ton the price is ten fifty de
livered." This little incident teaches us tho
recessity of being careful of our lan
guage if we would avoid' unpleasant
emotions. ,
-k, Medical.. c ,
Did you strike old Trustleigh for a
job?'? - i- .
-"Yes, and got a bad case of chills
and-, fever." v
"How's that?" ' '
Old 'Trustleigh gave me the frozen
face and the -head clerk fired me."
- - " '
At Lwt. - '
"What's good for seasickness?",
."Going to sea.V
Brain Leaks. x
Wild oats furnish an awfully poor
mill product. '
A lot of people would rather be in
style than out of debt
With a whole lot of people prejudice
passes for information, '
Only the foolish allow a small trou
ble to spoil a great pleasure.
The easiest way to finish a job is
to begin it right, and right now. ,
We grow wiser by forgetting a great
many things we thought we knew.
The Christian who goes to church
tnankful comes away with a blessing.
It depends a great deal on the bind
ing whether it is "literature" or not.
Our enemies never fail to criticise,
but our friends often forget to praise.
Golf is little more than the old
fashioned game of shinney played one
at a time.
The youth 'who iaffepts the biggest
chrysanthemum, always reminds us of
A neglected cold lays tho "foumlntinn r.
trrh; neglected catarrh lays the "fonndatSn
vfent:cmptionV" UUrU ia Camrrh RD(JP
whloh is" oYther Vofrom. t) o n oft?
back nd drops into the thrqat: a dSS Uffl
a stopped-up feeling in tho rfoso nn ' hSd.!
,, T' you sufTer
from any of the
above troubles
ypu should be
gin Hie proper
treatme at
Dr. Rlosscr'j
Catarrh Cure Ii
the best remedy
known to medt.
eal science 'or
these (licenses
It cures D5 out of
every 100 enpes.
This remedy Is
a lmrmless,plens
ant vegetubla
?' 'for ,r3a"li6ESd-i&$: - I
lw f W
compound con.
tainlng no tobac
co, which Is
Kmnkod in n nino
m . ..-' .". . . . .r----- . i.
xue mcuicateu vapor Doing inhaled, readies a
rectly tho mucous membranes lining tho head,
roso, throat, and lungs, making a rudlcal and
permanent euro.
Samples Mailed Free.
In ordor to demonstrate, its virtues, a thrco
clays' trial treatment will bo mulled absolutely
free to any Interested sufferer. The price ot the
remedy lsgJ.OOporbox (ono month's treatment.)
sent postpaid. Address I?r. Blosgcr Company,
Wl Waltoii'St"., Atlanta, Ga.' v "
the Frankfurt sausage that naturally
goes with, sauerkraut.
Usually it is the "blue" newspaper
that' shrieks loudest about "yellow"
' Talk Good attracts the most atten
tion, but Do Good accomplishes tho
best results.
"Graft may TiaVe no politics, but it is
usually quite successful Jn selecting
its politician's.
The sting of defeat is always re
moved by the consciousness of having
fought for the right.
Society countenances some things
that its members would not counte
nance in their homes. ,
The church congregation that is al
ways trying to eat itself out of debt
is usually engaged in a desperate
' Some people pose as philanthropists
because they give something they do
not want for themselves to somebody
who needs something else a great deal
The Smart Alex jokesmiths who de
light in saying mean things about tno
mother-in-law never had the pleasure
of being fond fathers and having the
mother-in-law right handy when croup
came in the night.
Slly t Intrednfc th Biff Western Illo
trattl Msjrnzlne. . .,. . ,
Mountain views and nows, stories of adventure,
Not local-dovotpd to all the Groat West. '1 ""KiS,
wlldjlre. Free a whole year to all who send id
names or tho names of tholr friends with ten wu
each to help par tho postage and to prow t"""
roally desire to read the greatest western mf "B.
tho world today. If you have frlonds orboiam
"vestmpntainthe'westyou must havo this row ai
.ThU oiler may aot appoar.asrain. i "SirW
ftlon Tn commoner and addrow Western niusus"
Mkfifiklnn. Dftuver. Colo.
K. ,
U 'd
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. -
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