The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 06, 1903, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner.
Without Medicine
The Sticccss of Magic Foot Drafts 'in
Curing all Kinds and Condition of
Rheumatism lias Been so Great
That the Makers Have De
cided to Send Them to
all Who Wrlto
FREE On Approval
Wo want everyone who has rhcutnatlflm to
Bend us his or hor name. Wo will acnd by re
turn mail n pair of Matrlc Foot Drafts, tho Won
derful external cure which has brought moro
comfort into tho United States than any inter
nal remedy over mndo; If they glvo relief, send
uri Ono D.ollar; if not, don't Bond us'a cent. You
M mm
Magic Foot Drafts are worn on thoaoles of tho
feet and euro by absorbing tho poisonous aclus
in tho blood throuen tiio mrco pores, -rue
euro rhetnnntism in evcrv wilt of the body.
must be evident to you that wo couldn't afford
to send the drnlta on approval if they didn't
cure. Wrlto today to the Magic Foot Draft Co.,
XC7 Oliver Bldg., Jackson, Mich., for a trial pair
of dralta on approval. Wo send also a valuablo
booklet on ltheumutlsmi
Coldwatcr( Mich.) Star: Of course
Postmaster General Payne Is after-the
postofllce "grafters!" That is the rea
son he and his family appropriated a
government vessel to spend the sum
mer for his health out on the briny
deep so far away from the stench that
reached clear into his prlvato office,
and now places himself Into contempt
of court by refusing to appear lor
examination before the - grand jury
upon a subpoena Issued at the behest
of Beavers, one of the indicted men
who has voluntarily given himself up
after the police and inspectors
"failed" to find him for all this time.
Payne thinks it time the investigation
of his department was stopped and he
has run off to the Virginia Hot
'Springs for a bath and to evade the
Tfca Sclitm That W.
James Hawkins had It figured that if
ho had half a chance
Tvo exercise his talents as he would,
He vcould blossom quickly into quite tt
master df finance,
And add a whole lot to the people's
And likewise, on the quiet, he could
worldly store increase
By making all to him a tribute pay.
So Hawkins set about it and he worked
without surcease
To have financial power come his
One day he said, "I've got it!" and
he chortled in his glee,
And set about-to put hiis plan in
Ha. nad some handbills printed that
were very nice. to, see,
For Hawkins wouldn't start his
work off coarse.
James Hawkins, Private Banker," was
the headline big and bold ...
That greeted people's eyes on ev'ry"
While "Does a Banking Business,"
also "Bonds Both Bought and
. Sold,"
Appeared in gilded letters high and
"Now, friends," said- Mr. Hawkins,
When his bank was put in trim,
"Just put your money in my vault
so tight;"
And people rushed to do it, saying,
"Well now, seein' Jim
Has got to bo a banker he's all
So Hawkins took their money till his
vault was running o'er
And money was like teeth in barn
yard hen.
And when Jim saw he couldn't get his
hands on any more
And gave the town a building full of
books and left the tax .
On those already bowed by weight
of grief.
Don't think these people only ft? the
foolish class belong
For, others are included:. in their
And if you doubt the statement or in-
'V ."" """" ."" ":"' -
Just stand a while oerore your j,ook-ing-glass.
James Hawkins, I assure you, ,1s no
myth, for he's alive ? r
And working you without, a : mo
ment's rest -..
At your expense he's living and his
paying game will thrive .
Until you knock his system galley
west - ":y ' '
- Brala Leaks.
The true Christian always ldoks it.
He is richest ,wtib, .feels' most dhjdy
inent out of what he has.
He, put his
little scheme In action
Maupm's Little Talk
T want tr have a Httlo heaTt-lo-heart talk with
readers ofTho Commoner. SomebodyI think
it was Solomon said, "Of the making of books
there is no ends" He or aprae other bIbo said,
i'O that mine .enemy would wrlto a book.?' 1
have written a. booknot much of ono, I frankly
cbnless, but it's tho beat I have dono so far and
I want to sell it. It is only ono of many books
published not THE ono ormany. It is merely
a ooUectlpn of sketches and verses that have ap-
Eu earod in TnE COMMONER and other publica
ons, and isglvcn tho title
Whether Common or Not
It will bo very handsomoly and substantially
bound In cloth, will be printed from clear . typo
on good book paper, and will bavo upwards o J
250 paces. Mr. Bryan has written a "foroword"
for tho volume, and it will have a fac simile of
his sigpaturo attached thoreto. Othej authors
have written better books, but no other author
ever wanted to soil ms-oooK anymore man j.
want to sell mine. If ytiu want to know 'Why I
Want to sell it, write mo, enclosing an order for
tho' book. You needn't send tho money with
the order, lorthe book will not bo ready for delivery-
until December -1, 1903. But If you say
you want It I'll know bow many to print. If X
print only a few too m&ny I lose out. 1,'U enter
your "order, and when tho book is ready I'll
notify you. xnen you vhu kuuwb priuo, i,
and LwiU send you tho book. If you do not
like it you can givo it to Bomo one whoupea not
like cither of us.
I published a book onco boforo, expecting all
my friends to buy It. Eithor they novor knew I
published it, or I overestimated the number of
my menus. a """i ' 11 """" ""
book. I know I would like to sell you one. If
vou will order now you will lift a heavy load
from my mind. I've talked my npaco full. If
vou want to know moro absut this matter, wrlto
me, X postage stamp la chcaperthan ap inch
of advertising spaqo in such a valuable advertia
lujrmwllum a The Commoner.
bsa 5: i7lh St. Lincoln, Nsb.
T11 issue'ndtes," said Hawkins, "ana
ru lena it wun a-zesL
To' all who've got security to give.
But'l have got to gather quite a
Tieavy interest, - '
'Caiise' as a banking man I've got
to live?'
Ahd when' the people asked him, "Mr.
Hawkins, 'how are we
To know your pretty notesare good
and square?" v
He swelled up quite important and he
answered, "Look- at:me
They're backed. up by your money
kicked in there." -
This satisfied the people and they
cheered aloud for Jim
And thought he did them kindness
wh"6n he loaned
Them hank notes based on money they"
' had gladly left with him,
And paid him interest on what they
Whene'er they got a dollar of real
money, off they, went
. And put it, in the Hawkins ,yault to
sleep,, ;.. . .
Then borrow Hawkins' bank notes
.at, a! rate of cent per dent '
That was to say the least, almighty
steep. '
And HawklnB, rich and' portly, lived
a life of perfect ease, '
And gathered himself riches more
and more;
While those who paid him tribute had
to scrimp and save and squeeze
To keep the wolf of "Want from out
their door.
And Hawkins shrewdly managed by
his "philanthropic, acts"
To make them think he was of
friends tfie chief,
The other man's work always
pears tho easiest to perform.
It is always safe to trust 'the man
who warms the brjd.lebits on a winter
morning. ' '
Of course there. Is room., al, the top,
but is there plenty of opportunity atr
the bottom?
Some people observe Thanksgiving
and then bow their acknowledgements
to themselves. .- - "-. .
A whole ' lot of;, men excuse - dirty
political tricks by saying that 4t is
"good politics." .
Charity begins at home, but it never
amounts to much'xiiitil it takes some
outdoor exercise. . ' '
We never see a woman lavishing
caresses on a pug dog without feeling
sorry for the dog.
The,. man who quits cdur;tVng,his
Wife usually lyonders why she' duit's'
being hifi sweetheart: "'" " ' :
The man who buys, books'.' solely;,. for
their bihdiugs, usually picks his irjerids
"because of their jelothes.
Tha average boy is always most
deeply interested in his studies jiist
at. the time when he should be getting
in the 'kindlings. "' " ' '
Hpw often we wish. that wq could
raise children as well as those men
and women who have no children
think they could.
There is but one reason w'hy we
should do a thing that should be done,
but we can generally find a dozen rea
sons for not doing It. ;
The pessimist is a manwho draws
down the blinds to shut- out, tho sun
light in order that he may sit in- the
gloom and worry about it
Captain Kidd's reputation would
not have been ihiprbved a 'bvit? if he
had talcen to a captaittc tif industry
instoad of taking to buccaneering.
. fhe latest fashion in men'g trousers
is to have them made extremely wide
and loose about the hips. The nar
rower the headthe wider the 'trousers,
The husband who ''nevpr gives his
wife a cent unless she asks for it is
usually the fellqw who wonders most
how a woman can got along with one
pocket. .
- "i AAA aL
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Vortical and
Can't Jump
' the Track,
Used by the
big KftUway
dealer for it.
My boy, if you have not learned to
use tobacco, ponder on this fact: ' No
man who uses it is glad' that he
learned how, and no man Who does
not is sorry that he never
I learned how.
A FREE game 6a kinds IuW8
each package or
lion Cone
w7 I
bestlryTwt-TS TEARS. We DA Y wiektt
f J-h:
i.,;mi.':..Jl- j..