The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, September 25, 1903, Page 15, Image 15

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Celina (0.) Standard: Uncle Mark
Hanna evidently has reached the con
clusion that Ohio democrats are be
coming too pernicious in politics, as
ho has cut the smart sot at Newport
and hastened back to Cleveland to
take a hand in the coming campaign.
Moulton (la.) Sun: Wo have over
done the business of nursing "infant
industries." These "infants" have
grown under the "nursing" process un
til they now think they are "bigger
than their pa." It is now nigh time
to tako the bottle from them and let
them "root hog, or die."
Harrlsburg (111.) Register: General
Pimon Bolivar Buckner sat in a re
publican convention as a delegate over
In Kentucky the other day. He wiil
be remembered as the candidate for
vice president on the ticket of what Js
now the democratic "reorganizors" in
1.S96. He is where they rightly be
long, and where they would be if
they did not hope to be able to deceive
the people some more.
Rushville (Ind.) Jacksonian: The
reign of the blessed gold standard idea
has been supreme for several month3
find yet we are told that one of the
principal reasons for calling a special
session of congress is for the consid
eration of needed financial legislation.
The president Is now considering a
euggestion made by his senatorial ad
visers to fix the date for the begin
ning of special sessjon a month earlier
than first that more time
may be had for discussion of needed
currency- reform. Isn't it strange?
Eureka (111.) Democrat-Journal:
Our diplomats are the most knowing
end cunning on earth. Their partisan
papers say so, and the diplomats thom
relves admit it. But It is amusing to
cee how they are disgusted, at those
Russian diplomats for lying. Diplo
matic lying is one of the fine arts of
statesmanship, and if In this Man-
churian business tho Russians have
outclassed our own diplomats they
must practice up a little more as thev
did with the Filipinos when they
wanted them to help drive the Span
iards out of Manila.
Portsmouth (0.) Times: The re
publican party organs are maintaining
that the Philippine question is settled
because we havo possession of the isl
ands. Abraham Lincoln once said no
question was oyer settled until it was
stttled right, and a nation could not
exist half bond and half free. What
he said in the "sixties" suits the con
ditions now just as exactly as it did
then and is just as eternallv true. Not
only slavery of nations, but slavery of
individuals exists therein. The thief
itay repent of his gain, but ho cannot
atone -in full until he restores the ill
gotten goods.
Jerseyville (111.) News: This talk of
reorganization, of bringing back the
old democratic party to its original
"golden principles," of rehabilitating
Cleveland and other traitors of the
party, is the cheapest sort of flubdub,
it presents a strong front in tho plu
tocratic press, but that is as far as it
goes. Nowadays you will see nothing
tut tno names or urover uievelanu,
David B. Hill, Richard Olney, Daniel
Lamont and A. P. Gorman in print as
the personification of present day
democracy. These names may obtain
blazonry, because the same Is virtual
ly paid for, but they certainly have
small popularity with the demooratic
party, because it knows what lying
frauds and pinchbeck democrats they
ell are. Sometimes one is disposed to
look upon money as the sum of all
good In this country; as the alchem
ist's dream which transmutes every
thing into what you would have it.
But it is not so. There ara sh; mil
lions and a half of men in this coun
try, at least five millions of whom
have been voting for a democratic
A Washington dispatch under date
of September sll and carried by the
Associated press says: United States
Attorney Beach today announced that
the six persons named in tho seven in
dictments returned by the grand jury
last Tuesday are:
George V. Beavers, former chief of
tho division of salaries and allow
ances, postofilce department
August W. Machen, former general
superintendent of the free delivery
system, postofflce department
James W. Brwin, former postofflce
in pector, with headquarters In San
George H. Huntington and Isaac A.
McGeihan, both of New York city,
owners of the Columbia Supply Co. of
that city.
Eugene D. Scheble of Toledo, 0., a
dentist and interested in the firm of
Maybury & Ellis of Detroit, Mich., let
ter box manufacturers.
Beavers, Machen and Erwin are
named jointly in one indictment for
conspiracy to defraud tho United
Vnother indictment is against Mc
Geihan, Huntington and Machen for
conspiracy to defraud the United
States, and still another is against the
Bame three for conspiracy to commit
heble and Machen are indicted
jointly for conspiracy against the
united States and again for conspiracy
to commit bribery.
Another Indictment is against Mc
Geihan and Huntington for bribery,
and the last is against Machen singly
for accepting bribes.
The indictments against Beavers,
Machen and. Erwin alleges that tho
Postal Service an! Improvement com
pany of San Francisco, formerly the
Montana Indicator and Letter Box
company, was composed almost en
tirely of western postal employes; that
in 1900 it set aside 1,000 shares of
stock for "forwarding its interests"
and that, armed with this authority.
Its president. Daniel S. Richardson.
and Inspector Erwin came to Wash
ington, saw Beavers, Machen, Heath
and others and got an order for equip
ping 2,089 letter boxes with their de
vice. Tho indictment says tho company
was systematical! relieved of Its obli
gations in the way of paying freight
crating, painting and printing cards
for tho devices it was furnishing. The
indictment charges that Beavers and
Machen owned stock under assumed
names. Most of the thousand shares
of stock set aside, the indictment says,
went to different postofflce officials
and again President Richardson came
to Washington and, following an in
crease In the contract price he got for
tho company, dividends were paid on
the stock.
McGeihan, principal owner of tho
Columbia Supply company of New
York, is charged with agreeing to pay
Machen GO cents for each f 1.25 paid on
tho packago box contract by tho gov
ernment Specific payraonta to Ma
chen aro cited In consideration of in.
creased compensation and under tho
packago box contract, ostensibly for
attaching a different support to the
boxes. Schoblo becamo interested in
tho firm of which Mayor Maybury of
Detroit is a member, and which fur
nished letter boxes to tho government
and Scheble and Machen, in a joint in
dictment aro alleged to have schemed
to defraud tho government by tho sup
ply of excessive quantities of boxes.
The indictment says that Maybury
and Ellis paid Schoblo to the extent of
tho lattor's interest in tho company,
and that ho in turn paid largo sums to
In soventeon counts tho Indictment
cites specific payment to Macheu by
SchoblC. ThO Other Inrllof mourn In-
VolVO practically similar transactions.
Montague, whose name figures in tho
Montaguo Indicator and Letter Box
company, is postmnsler of San Fran
cisco. A number of other postal cases aro
now pending before tho grand jury
which will resume its sessions hero
next Monday.
Artificial Corn Ears.
It Is not probable that any one will
attempt at the cpming Wqrlds fajr to
work such a "fake" as was dono in tho
Icwa building at the Columbian expo
sition in Chicago ten years ago. A
great sensation among agriculturists
was created by a display of some im
mense eajs of corn, which were put
forth as a sample of Iowa's chief sta
ple. People suppbsed they were gen
uine, and all marveled at tho size of
tho ears and wondered what sort ot
soil there could bo in Iowa to produce
It turned out afterward that thoy
were the product of a Shenandoah
genius, who sawed a lot of corncobs
into sections, glued them together and
then stuck on the kernels. It was dono
so nicely that it deceived the most
experienced farmers. These big ears
of corn were afterward exhibited at
state fairs all over the country. St
Louis Post-Dispatch.
The First Dental School,
The world's first school of dentistry
and its first dental mMnfv morn 0i.
lished' in America. A Philadelphia
ucuuac pointed out tnis fact the other
cay. "we get our American dentistry
from France," he said. "A French
denlst came here to fight for us during
the revolution, and he taught all he
knew about his profession to an Amer
ican soldier. The soldier afterward es
tablished In Baltimore a school for
dentists the firs' school In the world
and it still flourishes. Tho great
grandson of the man who founded it,
the revolutionary soldter who learned
tho principles of his profession from a
French dentist beside a campflro, Is
practicing brilliantly in the suburbs
or Philadelphia today. Every genera
tion Of this famllv. from tha fnnnrlnr
of the world's fjrst dental cihool on
nown, nas naa a dentist in it" Kan
sas City Journal.
President Rooscvolt, it is asserted,
y to withhold tho promotion of 30
vetorans, who aro to bo confirmed aa
brigadiers boforo retirement, until tho
narao of Gonornl Wood has been acted
upon by tho senate. This is using a
politician's club with a vengeance.
Euffalo Times.
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Rubber Tire Buggy
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0. L. CMASE WEKCAHTILE CO., 1. Ith Si., Kama City, Ha,