The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, September 11, 1903, Page 16, Image 16

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His Hand Offended, .
In obedience to the Biblical coni
xrand, "if thy right hund oReud thee,
cut it oil," OhurieB Newi'trom, 1129
Seventh street S. larl night severed the
oifoudlng member with aji ax. He is
In the city hospital in u precarious
Newstrorn is a laborer, and among
his acquaintances was noted for his
religious zeal, as it was hh custom to
do everything in strict conformity
vith his interpnUtion-ol the Uible.
About 11 o'cIock liiht night lie went
outsider of his home and rot'iul the ax.
He then located a block, used r
splitting wood, on which hr- placed his
right hand. Grasping the axe In his
left hand, ho drove thiough the bone
ond cords of his rla;ht wrist, leaving
the hand hanging by a few shreds of
alt In.
He was discovered b other inmates
of the house shortlv nf forward and an
effort was made to ptop the flow of
blood until the arrival of a doctor. The
phvslclnn or'inmfi the man tai.en to
tho city hospital.
At firet Nowtrnin refnf'd to give
on explanation of what had occurred,
and It was supposed that the deed was
done acoidentallv. T nter Newstrorn
gave 0"t the information that hte
bond hnd broken the liw of Hod. nnd
vns therefore wortleq ns a hand.
He then repeated tho ahove nnota
tion. nnd was readv to arprno with the
physicians that 'it wnq tho pronor thim?
for him to do. rs bo rp'ieb preferred
to lose one band than bis oul.
Tbo doetorn tbin Newstrorn will
recover, although be was very weak
on account of tbo loss of blond Tr?
rt-Ufrlous oTithnsiam nevCT wavered,
end bo is firmlv pnnvtnr-od tbnt be ac
tion was wisr "Minneipnlis Times.
"I T ' '
"Oh, no, 1 am not in favor of an elastic currency,
I do say that wo need a money that will expand
and contract.
Alien Immigration to be Restricted,
A cablegram to the San Francisco
Chronicle under date of London. Aug
ust 12, says: Tho report of the royal
commission on alien immigration is
issued today. It recommends that the
immigration of certain classes of
aliens into the United Kingdom be
subjected to state control and pro
poses a number of reflations and the
establishment of a department of im
migration. The specific recommenda
tions made in the report are similar
Ii many respects to the provisions of
the United States immigration law,
except that no educational require
ment is proposed.
In some directions the regulations
are more strident than the American
. . . :
No, sir, I do not mourn tho defeat of any ship
subsidy bill,
on the contrary, I am strqngly in favor of tho gov
.ment doing everything possible to help the Ameri
can merchant marine."
wktwhih w iinwm rr v r.T
zW 1 1 TN to buy right onco than wrong
jf&k&V&wAl many times jj
(sC0n- Muii T
n Ualtanuea.
Whon you bay a wind ml ll.oar
Steel Wind Mill
(right and can bo bought right, direct from us
without tke Implement dealers' profit. Why keep
paying his ronfc and not got aa good a mill? Our
la the bast feature found on any windmill. This
double bearing distributes tho wear of tho gears
and dlTldoa tho friction ot bearings, making tho
i.i i j J:r7 oaBs running, aoing away
strain of tho
ether 1'olnts
fBnoiBEH-i ouine
jwSFZMTncw bitod
regulations. Tho "undesirable" classes
stated in the report include prosti
tutes, lunatics, convicted criminals and
any one who is in danger of becoming
a public charge.
Provision . is made for the deporta
tion of immigrants who may be
proved to be undesirable within two
years of their landing, and the vessel
importing them will be co pellcd to
repatriate them without compensation.
The proposed medical inspection H
similar to that in the United States.
Tho penalty for supplying false data
to the immigration inspectors is de
portation. The immigration department may
specify certain overpopulated areas as
prohibited territory for fresh Immi
grants. In this case of the conviction
of an immigrant for felony or mlade
moanor tho court may include depor
tation as part of the sentence.
The First Battle
with overhang and abnormal
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Amount ot FrloN
tlon. Loner Shaft Boar.
Inoa, Holt Oiling. Hi V2MLJl"' Frlrtlnn
Wind Wheels. Firmly BraceaTlTrBans and vn
henry sheet stool, Well Braced flSprlngQoyornor I
ot wind. eto. , Tho abovo cut ropro. wl Jl bO 1
senta our Double llAarlnc. nnn.i.. ifi
to user f.q. b. Kansas City, only
whlph It at least 83 lower than you can purchase
O.LGhase Mercantile Co. KM.SfKt2 ..
Why Limited?
"There is in a town in Western Now
York," says Chauncoy M. Depew, "that
bears no name, and in this town some
persons by boring tapped a natural gas
well, and thereupon formed 'the Depew
Natural Gas company, limited.' Mr.
Choato and I met shortly after this on
a public occasion, when both were set
down for speeches. He had tho last
word. After dealing with other matr
ters ho drew from his pocket the pros
pectus of tho gas company and read
it. Then he looked tho company over,
looked at me, and reading the title at
tho head of tho prospectus, queried
with quiot emphasis: "Why limited?"
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