The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, August 21, 1903, Page 12, Image 12

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The Commoner.
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During the examination and trial of
a negro 'known as Cantrell in Indian
apolis, Ind., it became known, that
he is the head of one of the most au
dacious organizations of murderers
ever known in that city. It seems
that the3e people have made a reg
ular business of robbing graves in
various cemeteries, and in addition to
such crimes it has become known that
nearly r score of known murders have
been committed by this gang and the
bodies of the victim's disposed of to
the medical colleges.
Four persons were killed and at least
twelve were Injured by tho collapse of
'& board walk in Philadelphia, Pa.,
during the progress of a ball game
when the walk was crowded with spectators.
A lire in the NaL building, Omaha,
Neb., on August 8 caused a property
less of over $100,000, fully covered by
insurance, however. Street car traffic
in the vicinity of the Ike was blocked
for several hours.
On the retirement of Lieutenant
General Miles from the command of
the United States army at Washing
ton on August 8, General Young Was
sworn in as his successor and assumed
command of the army.
The so-called Ramsey bill, enacted
into law by the last legislature of the
state of Nebraska, and dealing with
matters pertaining to location of ele
vators, etc., will very likely soon be
tested as to its legality in the Ne
braska courts. Eighty farmers of Cass
county have formed an organization
and will seek to compel the railroads
of that section to furnish a site for an
iv dependent elevator.
A partly successful experiment with
the flfteon-foot Langley airship was
made near the Potomac river in Vir
ginia on August 8, and after a flight
in the air of some hundred yards, de
flected into the water of the rive? and
sustained some injury to its machinery.
beginning August 10 was given over
almost entirely to a discussion of the
apparent rise of the mob spirit in
America, all phases of the subject be
ing discussed. On the opening day of
tho discussion Dr. TV. G. Frost of Be
rea college in the mountains of Ken
tucky was the chief speaker and dis
cussed the recent disturbances in
Breathitt county, of that state.
A hurricane of great violence swept
over the island of Martinique, in the
West Indies on August 9 and caused
much destruction of property. The
hurricane also affected the island of
Jamaica doing great damage to sev
eial banana plantations.
A Are took place on the Metropolitan
electric railway, which runs mostly
uitder ground, in Paris on August 10
and so far as known about ninety per
sons lost their lives. In some manner
two empty trains caught fire and
caused a stampede of the passengers
of a train closely following.
It was reported from Washington on
August 10 that Postmaster General
Payne has decided to make the experi
ment of employing baggagemen on
trains which are not provided with
mail clerks to take charge of and de
liver open newspaper mail. This de
cision was made as a result of many
petitions from newspaper publishers
of the country in regard to the matter.
It was announced from Vienna on
August 10 that in consequence of the
assassination of King Alexander and
Queen Draga and the subsequent at
titude of the Servian military officers,
both Russia and Austria have decided
to send homo all the Servian officers
studying in their military schools.
Russia has forbidden her officers to
have either pfneial or social inter
course with Servian officers.
several villages on the island being
destroyed by the hurricane.
An Important decision in the rail
road world was recently made by
Judge Munger at Omaha, Neb., when
he granted to the Chicago Great West
ern railroad the right to use the Un
ion Pacific bridge and terminals as far
as South Omaha, Nob. This decision
was based upon the so-called bridge
act of congress.
The members of the sub-committee
of the senate committee on finance,
consisting of Senators Aldrich, Piatt,
Allison and Spooner, met with Presi
dent Roosevelt at his home in Oyster
Bay, N. Y., on August 12 and discussed
the financial question with relation to
some currency legislation at the com
ing session of congress. It is under
stood that a currency bill will be pre
pared and introduced at the session
which will be called for November 9.
The coronation of Pope Pius X. took
place at Rome on August 9 and was
witnessed by about 70,000 people. The
impressive rite took place in the ba
eilica of St. Peter's and was attended
with great splendor.
According to advices from Baku,
South Russia, vja St Petersburg, 45,
000 men are involved in the strike
vhich commenced July 15 for an eight
hour day and increase of wages. There
are now about G0.000 troops in Baku
and wholesale arrests arc being made
among the strikers.
Alfred Moseley, the well-known
Englishman, has announced his inten
tion of taking a representative tody of
English educators to the United States
in order to study tho American system
of education. Mr. Moseley is to pay
all tho expenses of the pilgrimage, the
deputation representing every branch
of education, primary, secondary, tech
nical, and university.
At Verseilles, France, on August 9
an attempt was made to assassinate
Premier Combes. Two pistol shots
were fired at the premier, but he es
caped unhurt. The would-be assassin
was arrested and it is believed that he
is an anarchist.
Tho convention of the National
Building councils at Denver, Colo., on
August 11 adopted a resolution indors
ing W. R. Hearst as candidate for the
nomination as president of the United
States. The Hearst resolution names
as the reforms needed that of govern
ment ownership of public utilities;
government control of the circulating
medium; tho election of United State's
senators by direct vote of the people;
the enactment of laws providing for
an income tax; the abolition of gov
ernment by injunction, and of child
labor; the prosecution of all persons
engaged in illegal combinations nnrt
the Impartial enforcement of all laws
concerning trusts.
The democracy of Seneca county,
Ohio, met at Tiffin, August 8, and
adopted resolutions as follows: "The
democracy of Seneca county, in mass
convention assembled, hereby renews
its pledge of allegiance to the 'tenets
of the democratic party as enunciated
in the declaration of principles
adopted by the democratic national
convention held in Kansas City, Mo.,
in 1900." "Resolved, that the dele
gates and alternate delegates this day
selected to represent the democracy of
Seneca county at the approaching dem
ocratic state convention be and they
are hereby instructed to use their in
fluence and votes to frustrate the ef
forts of so-called reorganizers, men
who have not been in harmony with
the party for the past seven years,
who would have the grand old party of
Jefferson and Jackson again sold out
10 me money power of the country as
it was in 1892."
The recent disturbances in the
Ealkans continue and it is feared that
serious conditions will soon ensue.
The Macedonian troops are rapidly
arming and massing for the purpose
of meeting the Turkish troops and the
uprising has spread throughout almost
tho whole of the district On Aummt
13 it was announced from London that
the Turkish troops have looted several
Christian villages and it is feared that
a climax of horrible massacres may oc
cur at any time. So far twelve vil
lages have been destroyed by tho
Turks. It has been reported from
Vienna that statements from Bulgar
ian sources assert that the revolution
ists have 35,000 rifles, 15,000,000 cart
tidges and four tons of dynamite
that the insurgents number. 25,000 or
whom 10,000 are in the vilayet of
The first move for construction un
der the new irrigation act was made
on August 12 when tho secretary of the
interior approved the award of a con
tract for tho construction of an irri
gating canal to connect the Truckee
and Carson rivers in Nevada, the pro
posed canal being thirty miles in
length, and will irrigate about 8,000
acres of land" about it
An encounter took place on August
12 between an American fishing boat
and the Canadian revenue cutter Pet
rel near Erie, Pa. The revenue cutter
opened fire and chased the American
boat because of alleged violation of
the fishing ordinances on the Cana
dian side of the lake.
The effects of the recent hurricane
upon the island of Jamaica are greater
than at first believed or reported.
Thirty fatalities have already been re
ported and it is feared that there may
be more lives lost Almost all tho
banana plantations in the eastern part
of the island are entirely destroyed
and great destitution prevails.
It was announced from London on
August 12 that the house of commons
today accepted all the amendments
to the Irish laud bill adopted by the
house of lords, except two which are of
an unimportant nature. It is. believed
the lords will accept the bill in it3
riesent form.
The British vice consul at Odessa,
Russia, was recently sent by-his gov
ernment expressly to Ktebineff to ob
Subscribers' Advertising Department
Twenty-one persons were injured In
a railroad accident near Schell City,
Kas., on August 11. Spreading rails
caused the ditching of the train and
three cars were smashed.
On August 11 it was announced from
Washington that Secretary Root will
tender his resignation as secretary of
war to the president before he sails to
London to sit with the Alsskan com
mission. It is not thought, however,
that the resignation wUl be acted upon
until after congress shall meet this
fall, and it is also believed that Judge
William H. Taft, now governor of the
Philippines, will be appointed to suc
ceed Mr. Root
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Later reports as to the storm in
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