The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 29, 1903, Page 16, Image 20

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The Commoner,
News of the Week
Tho 115th gonoral assembly of the
Presbyterian church convened at Los
' Angol06, Cal., on May 21. The dole
gatos numbered about 700, Rev. Dr.
Henry Van Dyko calling the assembly
to ordor. Rev. P. Coylo of Denver
was elected moderator to succeed Rev.
Van Dyko.
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The labor troubles botweon the Un
ion Paclflo company and its machin
ists, bollermakdrs, and blacksmiths,
who have boon on a strike at Omaha,
Nob'., sinco July 1, 1902, was ended on
May 22, the- railroad company conced
ing all the demands.
It has been discovered In tho course
tho Investigation of the postofllco
department at Washington that there
Is a shortage in the funds of tho free
dojivery systom. A. W. Machen, tho
superintendent of this branch of tho
-sen ice who was rccontly relieved,
said tho shortage was ?20,000, but tho
pcbtolllco Inspectors claim that It will
amount to $227,300.
Boglnning with July 1 the headquar
ters of tho rural mail delivery sorvico
.for tho midwest will bo located at
Omaha, Nob., according to recent ad
vices from Washington.
A dispatch from Caracas, Venezuela,
dated May 22 says: Mr. Harrison, tho
British commissioner of tho mixed
tribunal which is to pass on tho
ciarmt against Venezuela, has arrived
hore. Herr Goetsch, tho Gorman com
missioner, and Comto Perrotti Delia
Hay ona of tho following will bo son! with
THE COMMONER, both onoyear, for the club
Periodical smny bo sent to different addresses
If desired. Your friends may with to join with
yon in lending for a combination. All sub
aorlptlons are for ono year, and if now, begin
with tho current number unless otherwiie di
rected. Presont subscribers need not wait un
til tholr (inscriptions oxpiro, Renowals re
ceded now will be entored fqr a full year from
expiration date. Subscriptions for Arena, Lit
erary Digest and Public Opinion must be NKW.
Renrwals for those three notaccopted.
Foroign postage oxtra.
Beg. Club
Price Price
Farm and Houie, somi-mo.; fc) .60 81.00
Farmer's Wife, mo ,50 1.00
Farm Stock and Homo, seml-mo. .50 1.00
Homo and Farm, semi-mo 50 1.00
Missouri Valloy Farmer, mo.. 50 1.00
Orange Judd Farmer, vrk 1,00 1.10
roultry Topics, mo 25 1.00
Prairie Fnrmor.wk.. 1.00 1.00
Western Swino Breeder, mo 50 1.00
Central Favraer, wk i,00 .
Farm, Fiold and Fireside, wk.... 1.00 1.30
Irrigation Age, mo 1.00 1.35
Kansas Farmer, wk 1,00 100
Practical Farmer, weok 1.00 l!w
"Father, Dear father, come home with me now."
With Apologies to the Minneapolis Journal.
Rocca, tho French commissioner, have
also reached Caracas.
A cablegram from Tho Hague un
der dato of May 22 reports that tho
decision of tho government of the
Netherlands to station a warship per
manently in the Dutch West Indies is
regarded as disposing of the recur
ring rumors of. the intended sale of
the island of Curacoa to .the United
every part of the kingdom and threat
ens to extend to Dalmatla. During a
celebration at Agram on May 20 a
fierce conflict with the police took
place and many persons were wound
ed. It is said that in Croatia over
2,000 persons are under arrest on ac
count of the disturbances.
Reg, Club
JTorld-erald, twlco-a-weok $1.00 91.
Hodky Mountain News-Tinus, wk 1.00 1.60
Nebraska Independent, wk 1,00 1.85
Kansas City World, da. exe. Sun. 1.50 2.00
Thriee-a-woek N. Y. World 1.00 l.St
neanio Times, wk 1.00 1.35I
vauo.uuuii inquirer, w JC 1.00 1.35
Atlanta Constitution, wk 1.00 1.85
Indianapolis Sentinel, wk 50 1,00
Wachter und Anzeigor, Sunday., tW 1.85-
Reg. Club
., , pica Prlcd
' 1 1,00 51,35
Household, mo 1.00 135
Good Honsekeenintr. mn inn i'o
Yfomaa's Homo Companion, mo. l!oo 1,45
Success, mo ,, 100 165
Cosmopolitan, mo joo i'.s
Arena, (nkw) mo 2.50 250
Roriew of Rotiews, mo 2.50 2.85
The permanent treaty between the
United States and Cuba, in which is
incorporated all the provisions of the
Piatt amendment, was signed at Ha
vana on tho afternoon of May 22.
Governor Mickey of Nebraska on
May 22 issued his ofllclal proclamation
for the observation of June 15 as the
.aaniversary of the birth of the Ameri
can flag.
Literary Dlst, (nkw) wk $ 8.00 taOO
: ."I?: .w.k. 83 11
iwu.,.uaMiuuun,ino 1,00 135
tote.-i;inbblng Combinations or premium
laM"""!?? Woria, World-
I Horn nnnir."! "?"" F "i OOk
K.f7r: V. sr " ft,VKon lo "Maonts of
nnAiuiV: u"" wmou "l0 Papers named
A cablegram from Manila dated May
20 announces that the supreme court
has decided that Messrs. Dorr and
O'Brien, respectively proprietor and
editor of Freedom, are not guilty of
sedition. They were, however, con
victed on tho charge of libeling La
Garga, a native member of the Fili
pino commission.
Another Manila cablegram under the
same dato reports that two thousand
native houses were destroyed by fire
c-nn Jond0' alstrict t Manila. About
8,000 persons are homeless and are
being fed and sheltered by the mu
nicipality. Tho damage is estimated
at 2,000,000 pesos.
From Vienna cornea the report that
the revolt in Croatia is spreading to
Turtle mountain which recently
caused to much destruction in the
town of Frank, Canada, is reported as
cracking and tho people of the vil
lage have been warned to evacuate
the place immediately.
It Is feared that St. Petersburg,
Russia, is on tho verge of serious la
bor troubles.. The approaching cele
bration of the bicentenary of the city
Is believed will witness almost a gen
eral uprising among the labor class
and employers are asking for police
protection during the festivities.
Michael Davitt, recently sent 'to
Russia as the special representative of
the Hearst service, reported on May 21
that an accurate list of the casualties
shows 42 killed, 83 dangerously in
jured, and 500 seriously hurt, and over
2,000 families rendered homeless
among the Jews. In the recent out
rages at Klshineff, Russia.
Miles Defends His Report.
General Milea Is not in tho least in
timidated by the rebukes of the stren
uous Teddy or the open hostility of
the Corbin clique in the war depart
ment In a letter to the Army and
Navy Journal he defends his recent
report on conditions as he found
them in the" Philippines and asserts
tnat he went there not on a pleasure
trip, but by order of the president with
instructions to give special attention
to the discipline and supplies of the
We are quite sure that all right
thinking people will support the con
tentions of General Miles that there
are no conditions in the Philippines
that warrant cruelty or a departure
from the honorable method of con
ducting warfare, and he places him
self squarely on record as opposed .a
overlooking and condoning such de
partures as have be,en made since tho
American occupation of the islands.
He does not hesitate to say that cer
tain officers were responsible for ths
acts of appalling cruelty that have
r-2en committed by soldiers and the
mei in the ranks he compliments
highly. He" makes the charge that
soldiers have withheld fire when or
dered to shoot prisoners; that they
have protested against Cruelty and
urged their people at homo to call at
tention to these crimes.
General Miles' letter to the Army
and Navy Journal will not be pleasant
reading for Secretary Root and oth
ers connected with the war depart
ment who have been laboring assid
uously to keep from tho, American
people all knowledge of the atrocities
committed in the Philippines. It wilt
now bo in order to administer another
reprimand to General Miles for "tell
Ing tales out of school," and the
chances are that it will bo forthcom
ing, when tho galloping Teddy returns
from his junketing trip through the
west New Orleans Daily States.
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