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The Commoner.
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Rich deposits of asbestos have been
discovered la tho . Irkust district of
Russia, according to a dispatch from
Consul General Holloway at St Pet
ersburg to Washington. It is reported
that this asbestos is superior in qual
ity to any yet discovered.
From Vienna on May 9 it was re
ported that a mosque at Kinprliul,
Bulgaria, in which 200 Moslems had
asscmblod, had been blown up by
dynamite aud tho worshippers woro
buried in tho ruins.
A daring attempt to destroy tho
steamship Umbrla was discovered in
time to prevonb its accomplishment,
according to a Now York dispatch
dated May 9. An infornal machine
containing 100 pounds of dynamite and
an olectrlcally operated mochanlsm,
and which was intended for shipment
on the Umb.ria, was found on the pier
of tho Cunard steamship lino. The
mechanism was set to explode within
twonty-four hours and it is said that
enough -dynamite was in tho machine
to have destroyed tho ship and all on
board tho vessel.
It Is claimed that the government
has dropped tho question of fence re
moval on the grazing lands of tho
public domain in Nebraska for some
time to come. Colonel .Iosby, who Js
an ngont for tho department of tho in
terior, has been relieved of this work
and sent to Alabama to make "an
investigation of the timber lands"
Tho good record made by United
States Minister Bowen in the Vene
zuelan difficulty has Impelled tho gov
ernment at Washington to recognizo
his services by promotion. It is un
derstood that while Mr. Bowen will
remain accredited as minister to
Venezuela for the present, it is tho
intention to transfer him to a con
siderably moro important diplomatic
post on the conclusion of his ser
vices at Tho Hague, whore ho goes in
September as associate counsel for the
peace powers.
shops was postponed on May 11 by
tho receipt of a telegram from the
president of tho union Instructing the
men to remain at work at least for
tho next fifteen days, pending a meet
ing of tho railway officials to make
an effort to settle tho difficulties.
The ruin wrought by tho recent
oruption of tho Santa Maria volcano
In Guatemala is said to bo greater
than was at first thought A layer of
ashes from ten to fifteen feet deep
covers a large area of the country,
and one-third of the entire coffee
crop of tho country has been de
stroyed, and the rich agricultural land
has been rendered worthless.
A cablegram from Shanghai, China,
under date of May 11, says: The Chi
nese treaty revision commissioners
have received from the Chinese for
oign office instructions to decline fur
ther discussion with the American
commissioners on article 12 of the
proposed naw treaty, which refers to
tho opening of points in Manchuria to
foroign trade.
A Washington dispatch dated May
11 says: The record in tho case of
tho United States against tho North
ern Securities company, recently de
cided by the United States circuit
court for the district of Minnesota, ad
versely to the Securities company,
reached the supromo court today on
appeal. As tho call of the docket has
been suspended for the present term
the case cannot be called before, next
A London cablegram dated May 12
says that Colonial Secretary Chamber
lain had announced in the house of
commons that as a result of the Brit
ish military operations in the Sokoto
and Kanao districts, ending with the
capture of the emir of Kaho, 100,000
square miles of territory had been
added to Northern Nigeria and would
bo administered by the government
of that territory.
On May 10 it was announced by tho
Associated press from Mexico City
that Colima volcano continues in vio
lent oruption. People at Tuzpan are
in a state of great alarm. On the
evening of May 7 there was a terrific
eruption and a violent outpouring of
lava occurred at 9 o'clock. The no.;t
morning a torrent of lava flowed out
of. the" western slope of tho mountain.
There was .another eruption on the
afternoon of tho same day.
The city of Ottawa in Ontario, Can
ada, was swept by firo on 'May 10,
and 2,000 people were rendered home
less. The loss is estimated to be
about $600,000, a damaged water main
preventing tho firemen from working
to check the flames.
It was recently reported from Pa
nama that tho Panama Canal company
has offered the Colombian government
12,000,000 of the $40,000,000 bonds
from the United States government
Tor the Panama property.
The twenty-eighth annual meeting
of the American Academy of Medi
cine met at Washington on May 11,
with a largo membership present
Sovoral papers on important subjects
were read and discussed.
The threatened strike of tho boiler
makers' union In the Southern Paccific
and tho town, which has been com
pletely deserted for nino days, is now
a scone of life and activity. Tho con
clusion reached by the Canadian gov
ernment's experts was that the slides
will continue for somo time, but to
what extent Is a matter of judgment
Former Senator W. F. Lyons of
Kansas City, author of the anti-alum
bill in the Missouri legislature, has
been held to the grand jury because
of his refusal to answer certain ques
tions put to him by the jury in ses
sion at St Louis, in connection with
the boodle -investigation.
President Roosevelt recently tend
ered to Frederick W. Hollis of New
York city the position of umpire to
act in the settlement of the .claims of
Germany and Italy against Venezuela,
in accordance with the terms of the
settlement effected by Mr. Bowen with
those powers. The question of prefer
ential treatment of Germany, Great
Britain and Italy is to be left to The
Hague court Mr Hollis declined to
serve and Gen. H. M. Duffield of De
troit was appointed in his stead.
Richard Henry Stoddard, tho poet,
died in New York city on May 12.
Mr. Stoddard was born in Massachu
setts -July 2, 1825, and was widely
known as an author and poet He was
an iron moulder in his youth. Was
confidential clerk to General McClel
lan, 1870-73, City librarian, New York,
1874-75. Literary reviewer, New York
World, 1SG0-70, and of the New York
Mail and Express since 1880.
The subcommission of the isthmian
canal commission, consisting of Rear
Admiral Walker, General Haines and
Professor Burr, which recently visited
the Isthmus of Panama to inspect tho
property of the new Panama Canal
company, has returned to Washing
ton. In their report it is made known
that although about 1,200 men are
employed on the canal iittle work has
been accomplished. The uncertainty
surrounding tho ratification of tne
treaty by the Colombian congress
seems to be responsible for the slow
progress made.
The report of the committee of in
quiry appointed by President Nord of
Hayti to investigate the charges of
iraua in the issuing of Haytien gov
ernment securities, made its report on
May 12 and declares that the amount
involved is about $2,000,000, the re
sponsibility for tho fraud being fast
ened on the National Bank of Hayti.
It was announced from Pekin on
May 12 that tho Russian charge in
that city had issued an official notice
mat an xviancuuna is open to foreign
travel and adds that passports are no
longer necessary.
In the United States district court
at San Francisco, Cal., on May 12
the Federal Salt company was con
victed of maintaining a monopoly con
trary to tho Sherman anti-trust law.
It is said that Judge De Haven will
pronounce sentence on Tuesday. The
maximum fine, is $5,000. This case
marks the first conviction under the
wuuwuuu itivr, irmuu weut mio euect
in 1892. The Federal Salt company I
was orgumzeu in xew Jersey In 1900.
It established a business in Califor
nia and quickly secured a monopoly
of the product on the coast, raising
the price from 2 and $6 a ton to $30
and $35.
The destructive forest fires that have
been raging in Pennsylvania for some
time were still continuing, according
to dispatcher recently. Great effort."
are being made to stop the progress
of the flames, and much damage to
property has already been done.
The strike of dock laborers at Val
paraiso Is becoming more serious, ac
cording to a report from Santiago,
Chile, under date of May 13. Troops
have been sent to that city to quell
tho disorder, but the damage done al
ready is very great In an encounter
with the police ten persons were killed
and two bundled injured. On May 14
it was announced that the strike had
been submitted to arbitration and
work had been resumed.
Members of the arbitration commit
tee of the National Civic Federation
held their semi-annual meeting in New
York on May 13. The meeting was
called to order by Senator Hanna and
prominent men from all sections of tho
country wero present
It was announced from Denver,
Colo., on May 13 that 200 cooks, 600
waiters, 500 butchers, and 160 bakers
had been called out on strike, and it
was feared that these movements
would start a general strike of all tho
trades and laborers of the city. In
cluding the teamsters who havo been
on strike for several days, tho number
of men out is estimated at 2,200.
The Association of American Phy
sicians concluded its session at Wash
ington on May 14. Dr. William T.
Councilman was elected president
It was reported on May 14 that tho
memorial arch erected to the menory
of the thirteen missionaries of the
American board of foreign missions
who suffered martyrdom in China in
1900 was dedicated atOberlin, O.
On May 14 Louis Bleyer, a well
known newspaper man, died at Mil
waukee, aged 66 years. It was- through
iJs exhaustive reports of the loss of
life and property on the lakes that
Prof. L. A. Lapham successfully car
ried the weather signal bureau
through congress.
Tho charges of corruption which re
cently were mado in Boston against ,
member of the state senate were, re
peated before a special committee, ap
pointed by the senate to hear tho
charges, and numerous witnesses will
be summoned, before the committee.
The threatened strike among th
employes of the Great Northern rail
road system was averted on May 14
by an agreement reached between thfe
road and its men. Each side made
concessions, although the employes
were granted an increase of wages. ..
At the state G. A. R. encampment
meeting recently held at Fremont,
Neb., Omaha, Neb., was selected a
the next place of meeting. Judge. Lea
Estelle of Omaha was elected-- coin
A Washington dispatch of May 14
says: Acting Secretary of Agriculture
Moore has made plans for establish-
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A dispatch from Frank, B. C, un
der date of May 12, says: Frank has
been reoccupled by order of Premier
Haullian of the Northwest government
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