The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 01, 1903, Page 4, Image 4

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tt niTifl,
The Commoner.
Entered at the postoffice at Lincoln, Nebraska, as second
class mail matter.
One Year $1.00
lxftonthj 50c
la Clubs ol 5 or mors, per
year 75c
Three flonths 35c
Single Copy $c
Sample Copies Frea.
Foreign Postage 53c Extra.
SUBSCRIPTIONS enn be sent direct to The Commoner.
They can also be sent through newspapers which have ndver
Ustd a clubbing rate, or through local agents, wheresuch agents
have been appointed. All remittances should be sent by post
office money order, express order, or by bnnlc draft on New
York or Chicago. Do not send individual checks, stamps, or
RENEWALS. The date on your wrapper shows when your
sulrctiption will expire. Thus, Jan., 'c, mentis that payment
has been received to and including the lnjt ismcof January
1904, Twd weeks arc required after money is received before
he dale en the wrapper can be changed.
CI1ANO.EOF ADUREbS.-bubscribers requesting a change
of addi ess must give the OLD as wt 11 as the NI$W address.
ADVERTISING rates furnished upon application. Address
all communications to
THE COMMONER, Lincoln, Neb.
1 1 1 - 1 ... 1
Organize democratic clubs now and be ready
for the primary battle.
Thorough organization is the best safeguard
against demoralization.
To Sir Thomas Lipton: Be sure that your
mast is all right, then trial again.
However, it was Governor Van Satit who car
ried the big stick until the big stick was prodded
into action.
Tho reports of Mayor Johnson's political death
were, as Mark Twain would say, very much exaggerated.
Tho chief difference between Mr. Parry and
Mr. Hanna seems to be that iir. Parry has no
political ambitions.
Tho Chicago Tribune is demanding oil tank
reform. But wouldn't reform in the oil tank con
tents bo acceptable?
Radium is tho scarcest and costliest metal
known to man. May wo not expect a single ra
dium standard party?
Brazil is having more trouble over tho Aero
territory. It may bo that The Hague tribunal
could furnish a suitable dentist.
President Roosevelt's "stand pat" policy as
rogards tho tariff may bo construed as a vindica
tion by David Bremer Henderson.
1 In the moantimo Mr. Hill and Mr. Morgan will
go right ahead doing without tho merger just
what they purposed doing through" tho merger.
Perhaps Messrs. Hill and Morgan could in
duce the attorney general to compromise tho caso
on tho lines followed in the Porto Rico smuggling
, )Iill(1 Beem t,mt lt is ab0t time to call out'
tno militia to suppress -tho corporation rioters
who happen to bo members of the Illinois leg
islature. b
Subscribers desiring to make use of tho "Sub
scribers Advertising Department" are requested
to send in their copy one week before dato of uub
it fbinning ,t0 awn upon tao financial
world that Mr. Harrlman used tho Northern Se-
MT.lmeTJ.PJiyil.BChme t0 a faU 0ul
Somehow or other it is always difficult to
arouse a groat deal of sympathy for the American
heiress who traacs off her wealth for a tMe and
then comes homo without either. -
Countess Russell, who paid a big prico for V
coachman under tho Impression that sho was get--ting
a prince, may live to learn that a coaZah
Kan J ? Impr er manyTrlnX:
The Commoner.
Democracy will hardly agree to management
by men whose principles are acceptable to tho
interests that are opposed to democratic principles.
While Mr. Lorimer's attention is fixed on
that ballot recount tho self-respecting republi
cans of Illinois should seize tho occasion to slip
his shackles.
Tho London Artist says that it is "easy" to
palm off false works of art. If these critics will
try to mako Morgan pay his taxes they will not
find him so "easy."
President Roosevelt's speeches en- tour con
cerning trusts, great business interests, etc,
sound very much like the harmony talk put up
by tho reorganizes.
Tho parents of Lisle A. Ramsden, aged 18,
desire reliable information as to his whereabouts.
Address Mrs. T. Ramsden, Lake Elmo,-Washington
county, Minnesota.
The announcement is made that San Miguel,
the last of the Filipino insurgents, is dead. Tho
"last Filipino" continues as long as the republi
can revision of the tariff.
Those people who declare that "the money
question is settled" should explain why it is that
every other republican member of congress has- a
currency bill up his sleeve,
After expending $850,000,000 in perpetrating
an injustice upon the Boers, Great Britain is fig
uring on appropriating less than half that amount
to do justice to the people of Ireland.
iTho monev Question will never be settled un
til tho financiers secure absolute control of tho
money supply or the people secure to tho gov
ernment the exclusive function of Issuing money.
The Cramps, shipbuilders, aro suffering from
them. This certainly shows that it is again up
to Dr. Leslie M. Shaw to inject a little more
public money into the channels' of private business.
In view of what they are in the habit of do
ing when they have an opportunity it is not to
bo wondered at that a lot of Pennsylvania legis
lators aro seeking to muzzle the press of tho
Great Britain has figured up the cost of tho
Boer war in money and finds it to be $825,000,000.
At least that portion of humanity embraced in
the list of British taxpayers will do considerable
Loyal democrats will refuse to accept tho
leadership of men who vote the republican ticket
when democracy is at stake and tho democratic
ticket only when the republican party seems de-
People are now beginning to understand why
tho republican; machine in Rhode Island made
such a strenuous fight against Governor Garvin
The governor is locating the machine tenders who
have tho goods on their persons.
A democratic club in every voting precinct
for the preservation and triumph of democratic
principles will prevent a repetition of the nartv'a
betrayal in 1894-95, and will insurf the success
of democratic principles at no distant date!
A Gorman scientist insists that a man mav bo
ST K this taV? mlS by tUe u "Knot!
ism. i this is true, perhaps it would be well to
til Sist that thG foreigner pays the
A contGmPrary declares that "Senator Alli
son may be depended upon to place Iowa renul
wEfV?0 pro?Qr light on the toPirSueltlon
What this contemporary really mean? ?a ?i?A.
Senator Allison will tell iSSubflcaiS how
they should vote and that the aforesaid Iowa
Jnfml1?1?; WiU d0 ifc witUot taking ge troSSS
to 'think tho Question out for themselves
' "VOLUME !3, NUMBER 15.
,Tli phlIadelphia woman who has remark
that President Roosevelt was never the So, w
of a large family has passed the work of snv
something more up to tho president
When the delegates to Hho next national
publican convention come to vote on the rednr.vT
ity and statehood planks they -will have difficult
in refraining from laughter long enough to shout
It will bo noted that in all tho "fierce fiuht,
ing' connected with, those South American revn,
lutions the list of killed and injured in any ono
battle is never quite so largo as tho list of killed
in any one of tho numerous brushes between
the "constabulary" and tho ladronea in thn
peaceful Philippine islands.
A reader of Tho Commoner recently inquired
where he could purchase a book entitled "Tho
Emancipation of the Workers." Another reader
replies hat it is published by the Appeal to Reason,-
at Girard, Kas. The Commoner is obliged
to its informant for tho Information and hereby;
conveys it to the inquirer. -
The Philadelphia Press asserts that the presi
dent holds to the view that a general revision of
the tariff before"the presidential election is inad
visable, and that "ho would not let the tariff be
come the football of a political contest" Tho
humor of all this lies in the gravity with which
the Philadelphia Press said it ,
A lot of republican organs that cannot un
derstand why loyal democrats object to the lead
ership of men who betrayed, the democracy in
1896 and 1900 would throw conniption fits if tho
men who left the republican party in those same
years should return, now and demand control of
the republican organization.
Harry L. Merrick, the witty and talented
paragraph writer of tho Washington Post, died
suddenly on Sunday, April 19. Mr. Merrick was
recognized as the leading paragraph writer in the
newspaper field and his death is a personal loss
to every one who was permitted to read his keen
comments and his witty jests.
. - 1-
. The Dramatists' club of New York" city is
urging-the establishment of a national theatre at
Washington where only the best dramas shall bo
produced. There is something in the idea, for
the people are growing weary of the comedy pre
sented by a trust-controlled congress pretending
to legislate in the interests of the people.
Mr. Rockefeller has offered to give two-thirds
of ?100,000 to tho University of Nebraska if tho
people of the state will give the other one-third,
the sum to be used in the erection of a largo
nail. A. perusal of the newspapers of the state
JSi ? Z tne Plnlon that the people of Nebraska
think they are able to remember Mr. Rockefeller
by the odor of his kerosene.
The New York World says: "The cry against
government by injunction raised by the unthink
ing hosts in the train of those who think they
MnSi' Se2aS fo.lisn enoush in tno Heat of tho
Northern Securities decision." So the World woul,l
elim nate the plank against government by in-
?J ? w wel1 as the money Plank- would it?
lltZSltTV req?ired t0 write a platform sat
thfJSft itf !t ul nt differ essentially from
the republican platform. .
fromT?h ?i? 1 Vme FresIdQnt Roosevelt "quotes
h?hm,lit1St?P f Riza1' tne FilInino Patriot'
BtenS? ?JE ir enough to state the circum-
ten RiS I ThiCl tnat letter 9 writ
oner In t?2 1 St0 ctn letter while a Pre
written fn, t5and8 f the sPiards and It was
Sd savin J PUrPi?.SG of deceving the jailors
John M il hiL0Wn "fe if Possible. Gallileo and
drcLIithPe P,et' dId the samo thing under
circumstances of a similar nature. .
tioncommK Indiana's moml)er rfthe na
the suMoTn lBUggei3ts that HIU will -receive
delegates it ifSi if not all of tne Indiana;
the KiSas Gitl SUnatefor thQ believers in
ganizor? ar n?0, that sorae of the reor
is much easier upokon as Mr. Taggaft, for it
secret one anS wLhtS86 m11 open enemy tha
he is at work fnr 5MTaesart announces that"
filo that Tt Is hLH1"' hX otifles th rank and
ganization that n fr thom to Perfect an -
as a delegate to thL ?Sentiany H111 raau
baiQ to the national convention.