The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 01, 1903, Page 13, Image 13

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The Commoner,
MAST li 1903.
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Dataware Democracy,
The democratic league of Wilming
ton, Del., recently held the largest
business meeting in the history of the
organization. At this meeting the fol
lowing resolutions were adopted:
"We, the members of the democratic
league of Delaware, hereby acknowl
edge and declare our continued alleg
iance to the democratic party of the
nation, and reaffirm and indorse the
principles laid down in the last na
tional platform, adopted at Kansas
"We congratulate William Jennings
Bryan on the bold and manly way in
which he so ably and fully represented
those principles before the American
people during the presidential cam
paigns of 1896 and 1900.
"We regard those principles now as
wo did in 1896 and 1900, as opposed
to imperialism and colonialism as
nnnncml fr fTnvnrnTnpnr. hv Inllinction.
as opposed to trusts, as opposed to
that foster-mother and breeder of
trusts the protective tariff swindle
as opposed to financial monopoly, as
opposed to all other legalized monop
olies and special privileges; and the
members of the democratic league of
Delaware most heartily condemn ev
ery effort to repudiate or ignore those
principles contained in the national
democratic platforms of 1896 and 1900.
"We declare ourselves a part of the
6,500,000 democrats who voted for and
supported those principles in the last
two presidential campaigns, and we
support them now.
"We congratulate William Jennings
Bryan on the high honor, the proud
distinction, conferred upon him by
the combined plutocracy of America.
We recognize in the conditions and
bitter assaults upon him by the cor
poration press of the republic how
thoroughly he has Identified himself
with the great common people of
America, he has earned for himself
that immorftal honor that came to
Jefferson and Lincoln-the unrelenting
hostility of the enemies of the people.
"We denounce the base ingratitude
of those men, so-called democrats, In
this state of Delaware and through
out the republic, who after we had
conferred upon them place and power,
the honors and emoluments of office
betrayed the people who had trusted
them. When the contest came be
tween manhood vs. money, democracy
vs. plutocracy, special privileges vs.
equal rights, they stood forth in their
true colors, proving conclusively that
which had long been suspected, i.e.,
they were but secret agents of the
plundering trusts.
"We denounce the action of those
trimmers at the state convention of
the democracy held at Dover In Aug
ust 1902. That convention was throt
tled throughout by the very men who
defeated the national democratic tick
et in 1896 and 1900. They spat on the
Kansas City platform, refused to in
dorse it, although the rank and file
of Delaware democracy desired such
indorsement and this democratic
league of Delaware used every possi
ble means to secure such indorse
ment. , . ,. . ,.
"We denounce the so-called demo
crats of the legislature of Delaware,
who signed a document tha they
'would vote for a republican as United
States senator from this state on con-;
dition that an apostate democrat be
elected with him. The records of the
senatorial ballots Bhow that, with few
exceptions, every man voted for by
these so-called democrats was either
an open apostate to democracy or a
cowardly trimmer.
"We denounce the entire member
ship of tha city council of Wilming
ton as incompetent, no business man
or firm would haye such men In their
employ, and In addition to utter in
competency Ihey haye added insult
ing contempt of the people. Whether
euch contempt arises from knowing or
ignorance, matters little. . Whether
Ithe present financial condition of tho
city is the result of design, known of
well-meaning fools is of no conse
quence, the entire crowd should bo
retired. In a special manner wo de
nounce tho so-called democratic mem
bers of council, in the gaslight con
tract they have disgraced themselves
and squandered the city funds and
cast odium on the name 6t democracy.
"We call upon every democrat in tho
city to awake. Arouso to action.
Organize. You are the democratic
party. You are the real power. Or
ganize for tho city campaign. Itememr
ber it is but a preliminary to the na
tional campaign in 1904. Democrats
of Wilmington, organize. Do your
duty and tho traitors, trimmers and
grafters will fly before you as dead
leaves before a cyclone."
Tho Trust Candidate.
Tho best evidence that Grover Is
to bo the next trust candidate for
president, which wo have seen, is his
address in New York last week, on
the negro problem. That was a bid
for southern delegations. Is it possi
ble for tho money changers and stock
jobbers of Wall street to name the
democratic candidate for president a
second time and fool 'em with the
same old stuffed "profit" a man who
became rich while in office? It begins
to look that way. A friendB of ours, a
former New Yorker, told us the other
day that, "while in New York city
some time after election, in 1892 Mr.
Bass, of the firm of Bass & Alexander,
bankers and brokers on Wall street,
in conversation with our friend, said
that they wanted the purchasing
clause of tho Sherman- act repealed
and feared that President Harrison
would not be active in favor of such a
measure and they of the Btreet sup
ported Grover. J. W. Soligman, one
of the heaviest dealers on the street,
giving to the democratic campaign
fund $250,000 and others doing quite
as well."
The tariff was made the main issue
in that election, yet Grover called a
special session of congress to repeal
the purchasing clause of tho Sherman
act and used all the power of his pub
lic patronage as a lobbyist to drive
the people's representatives into sup
porting the measure, which Wall
street had put up its money to buy
his election, in order to have passed.
It was well known at that time that
the large financial institutions of the
east were backing Grover, but the rea
son for their support was not clear
till the special session was called for
the purpose of stopping the purchase
of silver for coinage purposes. It is
to be presumed now that Teddy is not
entirely satisfactory to tho trusts In
the east, and that faithful old tool or
tho past is to bo resurrected and used
to forco tho repeal of tho Sherman
anti-trust law, which has developed
of lato into a powerful weapon to
smito the hydra-headed monster de
vouring everything. Tho Crete Demo
Swear I can't help laughin'
Jest the way I do,
All tho streams are glg'ly,
All the skies are blue;
An the sassy catbird's
Callin' f'm the hill. :
An' I'm so blamed tickled
I Jest can't set still!
If I felt much gladder
Hear the bluejay squall
An' jest see that mockin' bird
Perk his head an' call
If I felt much gladder
'Twouldn't do i'er me;
'F I was tickledcr than this
I'd be sick, b'gee!
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