The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, April 17, 1903, Page 13, Image 13

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The Commoner.
'APRIL. 17, 1903.
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(Continued from Pago 11.)
argument, ,tho United States circuit
court baa made the injunction per
petual. "The cotton interests df the south
including growers, buyers and ship
pers made complaint that they were
suffering great injury in their busi
ness from the methods of the south
ern railroads in the handling and
transportation of cotton. They al
leged' that these railroads, by com
bined .action, under a pooling arrange
nienC to support their rate schedules,
had dened to the shippers the right
to elect" over what roads their com
modities should be shipped and that
by dividingupon a fixed basis the
cotton crop of the south all induce
ment to compete in rates for the trans
portation thereof was eliminated.
Proceedings were instituted by the
.' attorney general under the anti-trust
law, which resulted in the- destruc
tion of the pool and in restoring to
the,growers and shippers of the south
. the right to ship their products over
4 any road they elected, thtfs removing
the restraint upon'" the freedom of
commerce. x
"In November, 1902, the attorney
general directed that a bill for an in
junction be filed in the United States
circuit court at San Francisco against
the federal Salt company a corpor
ation which had been organized under
the laws of an eastern state, but had
its main office and principal place of
business in California and against a
number' of other companies and per
sons constituting what was known
as the salt trust. These injunctions
were to restrain the execution of cer-
" tain contracts between the Federal
Salt company and the other defend-1"
ants, by which the latter agreed
neither to import, buy nor sell salt,
except from or to the Federal Salt
company, and not to engage or assist
in the production of salt west of the
Mississippi river during the continu
ance of such contracts. As the result
of these agreements the price of salt
had been advanced about 400 per cent.
A temporary injunction order was ob
tained, which the defendants aslced
the court to modify on the ground that
the anti-trust law had no application
to contracts for purchases and sales
within a state. The circuit court over
ruled this contention and sustained
the government's position. This prac
tically concluded the case, and it is
understood that in consequence the
Federal Salt company is about to be
dissolved and that no further con-
test will be made.
'.'The above is a brief outline of the
most important steps, legislative and
administrative, taken during the past
eighteen months in the direction of
solving, so far as at present it seems
practicable by national legislation or
administration to solve, what we call
the trust problem. They represent a
sum of very substantial achievement.
They represent a successful effort to
devise and apply real remedies; an
effort .which so far succeeded because
it was made not only with resolute
purpose and determination, but also
in a spirit of common sense and jus
tice, as far removed as possible from
rancor, hysteria and unworthy dema
gogic appeal. In the same spirit the
laws will continueto be enforced. Not
only Is the legislation recently en
acted effective, but in my judgment
it was impracticable to attempt more.
"Nothing of value is to bo ex
pected from ceaseless agitation for
radical and extreme legislation. The
people may wisely and with confi
dence await the results which arc rea
sonably to be expected from the im
partial enforcement of the laws which
have" recently been placed upon tho
statute, books. Legislation of a gen
eral and indiscriminate character
would be sure to fail, either because it
would involve all interests in a com
mon ruin or because it would 'not real
ly reach any evil. We have endeav
ored to provide a discriminating adap
tation of the remedy to the real mis
chief. "Many of the alleged remedies ad
vocated are of tho, unpleasantly dras
tic type which seeks to destroy the
disease by killing the patient. Oth
ers ara so obviously futile that it is
somewhat difficult to treat them seri
ously or as being advanced in good
faith. High among the latter I place
the effort to reach the trust question
by means of the tariff. You can, of
course, put an end to the prosperity
of the trusts by putting an end to the
prosperity of the nation, but the price
for such action seems high. The al
ternative is to do exactly what has
been done during the life of the con
gress which has just closed that is,
to endeavor, not to destroy corpora
tions, but to regulate them with a
view of doing away with whatever is
of evil in them and of making them
subserve the public use.
"The law is not to be administered
in the interest of the poor man as
such, nor yet in the interest of the
rich man as such, but in the interest
of. the law-abiding man, rich or poor.
Wo are no more against organizations
of capital than against organizations
of labor. We welcome both, demand
ins only that each shall do right and
shall remember -its duty to the re
public. Such a course we consider
not merely a benefit to the poor man,
but a benefit to the rich man. We do
no man an injustice when we' re
quire him to obey the law. On the
contrary, if he is a man whose safety
and well-being depend in a peculiar
degree upon tho existence of the spirit
of law and order, we are rendering
hici the greatest service when we re
quire him to be himself an exemplar of
that spirit"
Some trouble is being experienced
by the attitude of the Salvadorean
jgovernment with respect to the pay
ment of the award of an arbitrational
tribunal in favor of an American con
cern. The aggregate of the award is
something over $500,000, and this sum
the Salvadorean government claims is
excessive and uncalled'for.
On April 6 it was reported that the
secretary of state has selected as coun-
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alaniuxafU . on erory box. ac.
sel for the United States before the
Alaska boundary commission Judge
Jacob M. tJickinson of Chicago, who
was assistant attorney general during
the Harrison administration; David
T. Watson of Pittsburg, United States
counsel in the merger cases, and, Han
nis Taylor, ex-United States minister
to Spain. They expect to go to Lon
don in September.
The long delay in the proceedings in
the arbitration of tho Venezuelan
claims was partly explained on April
5 when it was announced that the al
lies as well as the Castro government
have been waiting to give an interna-
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Farm and Factory Cream Separators
As ovorybody knows all tho big and long experienced users
of Cream Separators aro patrons of tho DE lAVAL machines.
Many commenced wi'h other makes 'and nearly all have tried
various different kinds, but practical experience in tho use of
'Cream Separators always means tho eventual ubo of DE LAVAL
machines exclusively.
Tho names below aro those of a few of tho big users of
separators all using from 20 to 200 Power or Factory machines
and having hundreds, of Farm machines' with their patrons as
specifiedall DE LAVAL.
Beatrice Creamery Co., Lincoln, Neb.. 5,000 machines
Continental Creamery Co., Topeka, Kas 8,000 machines
Franklin County Creamery Ass'n, St. Albans, Vt... 1,000 machines
Fairmont Creamery Co., Fairmont, Neb 1,000 machines
Littleton Creamery Co., Denver, Col 1,000 machines
Manning Creamery Co., Manning, Iowa 750 machines
Faust Creamery & Supply Co., Salt Lake City, Utah. 500 machines
W. G. Merritt, Great Bend, Kas 500 machines
Frank Dunning, Bedford, Iowa .... 500 machines
Nebraska-Iowa Creamery Co., Omaha, Neb 800 machines
J. A. Danielson & Co., Lake Park, Minn...'...'... 800 machines
E. G. Hammer, Goodhue, Minn ,. 800 machines
W. C. Lubke, Kenyon, Minn 800 machines
These aro just a fow of tho big users of DE LAVAL machines
who aro now busily engaged along with many others in putting
out hundreds moro of Farm machines among their patrons as
fast as the Shops can produce them.
A De Laval catalogue may be had for the asJcing.
The De Laval Separator Co.
Randolph & Canal Qt&( , . .. Squah,
Chicago. General Offices: Montreal.
1210 FlLOEBT 8TRECT, -jm rrr-ri iwnT Ctocct 7577 YORK STRUT,
217-221 Drumm St. MCVAf VADI S48 McDihmot Avtmjr,
tional hanking syndicate an oppor
tunity to make a reasonable offer to
finance tho affairs of tho southern re
public. This syndicate desires to raise
about $45,000,000 in cash for this pur
pose and it is said that tho United
States is not averse to this method of
financing tho Venezuelan debt. . It
believes that it can better deal with
such a proposition on this continent
than to have the allies continue their
Admiral Walker, General Haine3
and Major Black, the two latter of
the corps of engineers, will leave New
York shortly for Colon for the pur
pose of appraising the value of the
work now in progress on the Panama
canal and which "will be prosecuted by
the French company up to tho mo
ment when the property comes into
the actual possession of the United
States. It is reported that this com
pany employs 1G0 engineers, 45 medi
cal officers, and about 1,500 laborers on
the canal and that the United States
will be expected to pay the company
$5,000 a day for continuing the work.
It was announced on April 7 that
J. W. Mitchell, judge of the municipal
court at Auburn, Me., has been ap
pointed attorney in the bureau of cor
porations of tho department of com
merce and laoor. Mr. Mitchell's du
ties, will be to some extent those of a
consulting attorney.
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Seattle, Wash.
European Plan. Rates $1.00 and upward
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Ranier Grand Hotel Ce.
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SENG Industry and
F. B. MlUs. Vox CO, Uofio IU11,
It is said that though the nego
tiations are still in progress between
the United States and Cuba respect
ing the Isle of Pinesr there is reason
to believe that the treaty to be drawn
and which is now practically complete
will confirm the title of Cuba to the
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