The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, April 10, 1903, Page 4, Image 4

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The Commoner.
Kntercd nt the postofficc at Lincoln, Nebraska, as iecontl
lns mnil matter.
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fa Clubs of 5 or mora, per
year 75c
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They can nleo be sent through newspapers which have adver
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York or Chicago. Do not scud individual checks, btamps, or
RENEWALS. The date on your wrapper shows when yonr
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1904. Two weeks are required after money is received before
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U communications to
THE COMMONER, Lincoln, Neb.
Dr. Crura appears to havo been the only ono
pinched when that "door of hope" closed.
Up to dato that half-a-million appropriation
for the attorney general's department has not
beon used in a manner calculated to make the
octopus duck and side-step.
It will bo noticed that there is nothing in
the striko commission's report to prevent the coal
barons from adding that 10 per cent wage in.
croaso to the prico of the coal.
Tho "Subscribers' Advertising Department" io
bringing satisfactory results to those who patron
lzo it. It is one of tho most successful advertising
plans over offered to tho public.
When President Roosevelt enters Yellowstone
Park his gun will be sealed. Now we know what
happened when tho prosidont took his gun and
started for tho trust reservation.
Tho organization of democratic clubs for tho
defonso and promulgation of democratic
principles s a duty that devolves upon loyal demo
crats in all sections of the country.
,nfS0 f Mr ,?lGVelanl's worshipers declares
IH , p0rpuu arIty of th0 ex-president Is "un-
2SUfh0d' MThIfIs palpably false' Ifc IB bounded
on tho south, at least, by Henry Wattorson.
Whilo shaking " hands with tho fathers and
mothers of largo families President Roosevelt
should not neglect to explain to them that tho
mouths? g lt VCry hard t0 fce(1 mmy
If tho "Iowa idea" is not wearing a choice lot
YomS nfenpS,n0t Ul fault of Colone CLa?o
VnSS 1 Si ,Moine3- As a red welter Colonel
Young has achieved considerably more than local
To ba(i! T? bad, that tho Palmor and Buck
nor party should bo disrupted by the quarrel be
tween Cleveland and Watterson. Can't wl have
some1 wa?7 dinner and brins tbem together In
JJ .,R?ckefollor haa denIod tho report that
ho would give a million dollars for a now atomSh
Perhaps ho figures that without a 8tonm?h2t
tmZaix!mQm COmplI-tio- withal!
Perhaps those republican ambassnrtn m
want to appear at court clad in velvet Jo?J? 1J?0
The Commoner.
Duo note should be made of the fact that tho
gentlemen who write the most profound articles in
support of tho Roosevelt policy toward the col
ored man and brother are best known as writers
of fiction.
It is announced that when President Roose
velt reaches "Yellowstone Park ho will do abso
lutely nothing for two weeks. A peep into the
legal department of his administration will reveal
tho possibility of doing that sort of thing right
in Washington.
Tho Chicago Chronicle observes that "it is a
comfort to know that we do not have to real
any moro personal organs than wo please." It is,
indeed. And in that fact may lie tho explanation
of tho quiet satisfaction enjoyed by those who do
not read Mr. Walsh's Chronicle.
Tho ancients knew some things that the pres
ent generation has not learned. The ancients
knew how to turn the floods in their rivers to
good advantage. So far this generation has "im
proved" its rivers until they are a positive menace
to life and property.
Tho announcement is made by the news dis
patches that at least 3,000 more soldiers are to be
sent to the Philippines. Is not this rather strange
in the light of the assurances we have been given
to the effect that peace has been established in
our new possessions?
The organization of clubs for the defense and
promulgation of democratic principles is a sure
way of blocking the plans of tho men who would
make the democratic party so nearly like the re
publican party that it would receive the support
of undemocratic interests.
A Morrlstown, N. J., woman has been in a
trance for two weeks and physicians are unable to
awaken her. If they discover a way to arouse
her it is to be hoped that they will immediately
take the case of Attorney General Knox in hand
and try their skill on that
A delegation of Virginia republicans went
down to Washington recently and warned the
president that that state would go democratic if
he refused to give some patronage to the state.
They will probably be able to carry out a threat
of that kind easier than a promise.
It is a pity that Mr. Watterson and Mr.
Cleveland should be so far apart when they are
really so close together. They seem to differ
about the very propositions .concerning which
they agree two heads with but a single thought,
even if the two hearts do not beat as one.
. A thick-and-thin administration organ, re
ferring to the Smoot case, declares that the sen
ate is the sole judge of its own membership. This
may be true, but in looking over the senate roll
call one must be convinced that the senate is a
very poor judge in quite a number of instances.
"BarbaJ0US and short-sighted" is the way J.
Plerpont Morgan describes the tariff law levyinc
00 per cefct tax on art objects brought to this
country, but the Louisville Times observes that
"on the subject of the 60 per cent tariff on articles
of. necessity Mr. Morgan is singularly free from
righteous indignation." "" "ee irom
A subscriber asks how gold and silver cet into
circulation. Under the bimetS system any
owner of mtfal either gold or silver, can toke tt
to tho mint and have it coined into legal tender
money, and the money is then turned over to Sim
The moment he uses it, it is put into circulation'
and is a part of the money of the world.
, General Wood explains that tho gifts he re
ceived in Cuba were merely "personal1 Without
in the least Impugning the motives or the honesty
of General Wood it may be remarked that ttm
same explanation has been made b? men who had
to go to the penitentiary Just tho same
Mr. Bryan's remark about the narrow escane
he made from naming a child X nLifi
has brought out the internal th one demo'
cratic fa her who named his son after cfeveZd
changed it when Cleveland went over to tne Wb
lican party, and now a Kentucky dernnornt
ports that ho Is going to try S t "hS wl e"
ful that he did not take any more of the .n?m
This shows how risky it is to name a chili SS
a public man while the man is alivS af ter
General Simon Bolivar ,Buckner is takinc
.very pessimistic view of the democratic outlook
However, it has been quite a while since the' can
eral looked at, the democratic situation throuch
democratic spectacles. bU
In view of the fact that he has made tho
most of his money by reason of the protective
tariff it illy becomes Mr. Morgan to object when
asked to pay the tariff duty on those works of
art But consistency is something not often found
in a protectionist
Rhode Island's republican legislators refused
to permit the appointment of a commission to in
vestigate charges of political corruption. Doea
Governor Garvin think for a minute that the men
who carry out the wishes of the trusts and mo
nopolies will permit that sort of thing?
Over in Iowa they recently held court and
tried Hamlet on the charge of insanity. In tho
course of twelve or fifteen centuries perhaps the
legal department of the United States will wake
up long enough to try some-of the trusts on the
charge of violating the law. It takes some people
a long time to get started.
Times are so prosperous and money so plenti
ful that the banks holding government deposits
are frightened lest a withdrawal of 15 per cent by
tho government for Panama canal payments may
precipitate a panic. There may be something
devious in this journey from premise to conclu
sion, but it's as straight as a string compared to
some ot the legic of the administration organs.
- If the newspapers that are shouting for tho
reorganizers will publish on their editorial page a
list of their stockhojders and the names -of those
irom whom they borrow money and who control
the policy of the papers, they will cease to havo
any influence in the democratic party. It is only
because these papers conceal the corporate inter
ests behind them that they have any weight
Those who thought that the republican" party
would do something for silver in response to the
requests from China and Mexico will please note
that the provision for a silver commission is
stricken out and the president is empowered to
co-operate through diplomatic channels with cer-
oOC0UntrI:f for "the Purpose set forth n tho
message of the president" Only this and notk-
ornt Snf gi a cablegram to the Globe-Democrat
William Crosier, editor of the Manila Daily
American, was recently convicted of libel "for a
,n TfV1 ,on Major General DavJs be-S-'?eoatters
unfavorable review of Major
wen. Crosier was sentenced to a month's im-
l mS??' Aand a fine 0f ?1'000- mayseem
cUvEtJ ?u?rC?n t0 hear of an e(Htor being
ac? hnf f? Hbel because he criticises an official
thLs if w nrWe musfc set used to un-American
PoSfy3 of Tmpiafit5 flBny Ut th Europea
societv wrnfo ft1 first reported that some
kerchfef nnff J? RoPse1t asking for a hand
Eifrl turned it as "too" cheap."
rnfe adddf that 5he has aPtea a new
Won X mil V ?i Send hankerchiefs at all.
consider hrfwy.b,G blamed by thoae ho do not
she will hS ifi?m?,rou? such quests are, but
will rto to S6,1? lfc wIth by thoso who
and otner wor?lCUlatf the number of churches
then remeXrfL0016"68 that hold bazars and
a giftSaqp-?hat eVeiI Public mention of such
to a cociG4 env fe nTbQr of requests. To give
thing- to rivAfJS J? a neShborhood'is one
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and the editor nm S?6 .the messing contests,
one man, not a 2? ngihis investigation found
resetted toat he S? f t0 The Comner, who
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