The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, April 03, 1903, Page 14, Image 14

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The Commoner.
Bollofonto (Pa.) Democrat: Tho
trusts got all they wanted out of tho
congrosa Just adjourned, and tho peo
ple got a big load to carry.
Pulton (111.) Journal: A Chicago
paper tho other day called "Jimmy"
Eckels a domocrat. Wouldn't that
frost your Mr. Frosty? Tho republi
can majority in 189G ' was composed
of just that kind of democrats.
Albany (Mo.) Ledger: Tho presi
dent has arranged to quit Washing
ton at onco and enjoy a hunt in the
wilds of Colorado. Having failed to
bring down any big game in his con
test with tho trusts, he wants to try
his gun on a mountain lion. .
Bellairo (0.) Democrat: A careful
study of tho Elkins anti-trust law
will about convince tho avorago citi
zen that ho has the hot ond of the
poker, as the measure is no good in
Itself, and really weakened the former
law. The trust magnates were a lit
tlo too well satisfied with the measure
to indicate that it curtailed their
Cloarfiold (Pa.) Republican: The
republicans in the United States don't
mind going on record in favor of
trusts When forced to do so in order
to prevent anti-trust legislation from
going upon the statute books. The
vote on tho Blackburn resolution to
tako up the Llttleflold bill ought to
satisfy the country that nothing can
be expected from the g. o. p. that will
in any way injure tho big combina
tions of capital.
Denver (Colo.) Democrat: Having
seen his historic bill enthusiastically
kicked out of doors by the senate,
Trust Buster Littleflold may be par
doned If ho begins to entertain some
doubts respecting tho entire sincer
ity of tho Honorable Theodore Roose
velt, who encouraged niin to prepare
tho bill, but now professes complete
satisfaction with entirely innocuous
(substitutes therefor. Other people
than Mr. Llttleflold are likewise
Carlisle (Ky.) Democrat: If we have
to swallow a republican platform
made by a domocrat (? lot Cleveland
& Co. draft it, but on the other hand,
if you are democrats, and love demo- I
crauc teachings and tradiitons, and
desire a government by the people and
for tho people, stand to Jeffersonian
principles as formulated and enun
ciated by tho leaders and guardians
of tho sacred ark of the democratic
covenant along the lines of right, jus
tice and fairness among the great
common people.
Anoka (Minn.) Free Press: Of all
tho iniquities for which the 'republi
can party leaders are responsible there
ia uum: mum uuinnaoie ana rar-reach-Ing
than the protective tariff system,
which is nothing more nor less than a
logallzcd system of highway robbery.
It lovies an arbitrary assessment on
every man, woman and child in the
country for the enrichment of a few
select individuals, who in turn con
tribute a portion of these stolon
riches to a corruption fund which Is
used in perpetuating tho system.
Hastings (Neb.) Republican: Tho
trusts have started out on a cam
paign of education to educate tho peo
ple that the trusts are a blessing and
a joy forever. It has begun ita mis
sionary work under the name of an
organization known as tho National
Economic League. It has notified tho
heads of banks and corporation inter
ests that it will conduct a campaign
. similar to that waged against free sil
ver that enabled Mark Hanna to savo
the country from bimetallism. Of
course tho trusts will contribute lib
erally to tho fund to provide trust
literature to flood the country, it
remains to be seen to what extent
they will educate the people in the
interests of the trusts.
Staunton (Va.) Spectator: We note
that Mr. Cleveland now announces
that he has retired from politics for
good, ft would havo been better had
ho retired long ago, end it will be
best to let this retirement be perma
nent. Aurora (Neb.) Register: The re
publicans say they have what they
want to curb trusts. Now let tho
curbing process begin. The sugar
trust, oil trust, steel trust and paper
trust need curbing about as bad as
Connersville (Ind.) Examiner: Pres
ident Roosevelt won fame as a bronco
buster, but as a trust buster he is
proving a lamentable failure. He is
heavily handicapped by the men who
furnish the means to grease the re
publican machinery in order to carry
elections. Bust the trusts and you
shatter the republican organization.
Mansfield (0.) Shield- This is the
only country in the world where the
statesmen and orators of the party in
power boast of how much the people
aro overtaxed. In no other country
do party leaders make it a chronic
boast that their party has taxed the
people to a far greater extent than
was required for the maintenance of
tho government.
Spencer (la.) Herald: The rank
and file of tho democratic party have
ideas of their own as to who should
be the party nominee and what the
platform should contain. Wo miss
our guess or they will be hoard from
about convention time and tho would
be leaders will either stand pat or get
off the track to keep from being rue
over by tho cars. Thev havo not
changed their minds since 1896 and
Westmoreland (Pa.) Democrat: It
has again been demonstrated by the
republican congress, which adjourned
last week, that if the people want and
are to obtain anv relief from tho re
pression of the plundering trusts, they
win nave to maice a sweeping change
In the law-making body. It has now
been repeatedly shown that the trusts
are absolutely safe from any deter
mined or effective legislation under
republican control.
Tiffin (0.) Advertiser: The repub
lican national committee, Hanna and
Dick, recognized the methods by which
Addicks secured the Delaware legisla
ture, even though he could not con-
uu' ' -" bcuuiu u aunaiorsnip. wan
na should have gone a step further
and instructed the gas man how he
became senator, when a majority of
the members of the legislature were
against him. Or ho might havo sent
at a stroke settle the negro question.
All these patriotic gentlemen have the
same object in view to settle the ne
gro question for tho south. It is lor
tunate that they can't agree upon a
plan, but how can they when they are
all candidates for the same place and
won't .divide the delegates?
Harrison County (0.) Democrat:
Mr. Littlefield was foolish enough to
believe that Colonel Roosevelt really
wanted to make things hot for tho,
trusts and he' wrought to that end.
Note the finish.
Carroll (0.) Democrat: The asser
tion of Secretary Root that "negro
voting is a failure" is interesting be
cause It is the first admission of the
kind from so high a republican source.
Where would the' republican party be
were It not for the negro vote? It
has won three-fourths .; its victories.
Plattsburg (Mo.) Leader: The
Brooklyn Eagle says: "The Bryanito
remnant will have to support the
nominee whoever he is and take their
chances under him or they will hav?
to get out." That is such nice, sweet
tempered harmony talk! Yet If a true
democrat objects to it and resents that
spirit, these fellows call him a de
stroyer of harmony. Fact is most of
this "harmony" talk i simply a de
mand for unconditional surrender of
all that's good in democracy. And
the demand comes from the financial
masters. They need watching. A
citizen who falls in with them sim
ply commits civic suicide.
Howells (Neb.) Journal: There is
only room in this country for ono
trust-worshiping, corporation-ruled
party, and that field is fully occupied
by the g. 0.. p. This should be a
pointer to the reorganizes in the east
who would make the democratic party
a republican side-show. Even if they
should succeed in their foul design
they could only hopo to be a step
child in the trust household, where
the g. o. p. will ever hold the posi
tion of first-born and only beloved.
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Hastings (Neb.) Democrat: Tho
republicans are bound to settle tho
liogro question for tho south again
As long as there are some two hun
dred or more colored gentlemen from
tho south who come f,s delegates to tho
republican TinHnnnl nnt
trlotic northern politicians who need
delegates to maVe themselves presl
donital candidates, spring up regular
ly every four years to settle the negro
question. Here is Roosevelt inviting
ST t0dine at the Whlte house and
giving them political apro'ntments
in tho south. Hanna w?nts to pen
sion all ox-slaves. Spooner wants a
convention of delegates appointed by
tho governors of all states to meet and
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