The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, December 19, 1902, Page 11, Image 11

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The Commoner.
Dec. 19,199a
Why Be Fat
v ev
The Commoner is glad to commend
to its children readers a book recent
ly issued, entitled "In Happy Far-
When There Is a New Homo Treat
ment That Quickly Reduces
- Weight to Normal Without
Diet or Medicine and Is
Absolutely Safe?
Don't "be too fat; don't puff and b'owj don't
endauger year life with a lot of excers fat; and
furthermore, don't ruin ycur stomach with a lot
WBBSmw V mm
R9n 1 1 v f mm
IHI l mm
BMIPjlIIIiV 4 lit K KMrRwJ
IHVirw vv ill Al Er ilaPEbEu3
of useless drugs and patent medicines. Send
jour name ana address to Prof. F. J. Kellogg.
1587 Kellogg Building, Battle Creek, Mich., and
he will stud you fiee a trial package of his re
markable treatment that will reduce yourweight
to normal. I o not be nf mid of evil consequences,
the treatment is perfectly safe, is natural and
scientific and gives such a degree of comfort as
to astonish those who have panted and perspired
uudcr the weight of excess fat It takes off the
big stomach, gives the heart freedom, enables
the expaud naturally andj'ou w 11 feci a
hundred times better the first day you try this
wonderful home treatment.
Send your name and address for a free trial
package, sent securely sealed in a plain wrap
per, with full directions how to use it, books and
tes'imon als from hundreds who have been cured.
Send for free tr al package today. It will
brighten the rest of your life.
In a trained tenor voice he began:
"Joy to the world, the Lord is come.
Let earth receive her King(
Let every heart prepare him room,
And heaven and nature sing."
', The clergyman and the women were
the only ones who knew the words,
but the tune was recalled by two or
three of the men and they joined in
as best they could. Just-as the song
ended afaint whistle was heard. The
brakeman came stamping lit a moment
later and shouted:
"Snow plow's comin'!"
W. M. M.
The national reciprocity convention
was heU at Detroit, Mich., beginning
on December 11, and resolutions were
adopted urging quick action in adopt
ing reciprocity with both Canada and
Cuba, also the prompt ratification of
the reciprocal treaty with Newfoundland.
Away Land," by Ruth Kimball Gardi
ner, and published by Zimmerman's,
15G Oth ave., New York. It contains"
a number of stories taken from
Mother Goose characters, but elabor
ated by the author in her delightful
style. The following are the subjects:
Princess BolPeep.
Little Ten-Pin Ball
The Fairy Fay.
Daffy-Down Dilly.
The White Knight
Lucky Locket.
Bessie Bell.
The Ways of the Fairy Grumps.
Little Tommy Tucker.
The Machine-Maker's Man.
The Fir Tree.
The book is beautifully illustrated
and would make an acceptable Christ
mas present
Henry W. Ruoff of "The Correspon
dence School," Springfield, Mass., is
issuing a serial publication in six parts
entitled "The Capitals of the World."
Number one, which has just been is
sued from the press, excellently exe
cutes the author's designs. When the
book is complete and published in
book form it wil be a splendid addi
tion to any library and of special in
terest to teachers and students.
Thomas Jefferson, by James Schou
ler; published by Dodd, Mead & Co.,
New York.
Alexander Hamilton, by James
Schouler; published by Small, May
nard & Co., Boston.
How to Build a Home, by Francis
C. Moore; published- by Doubleday
& McClure, New York.
American Law of Assemblies, Par
liamentary Lodge Law, by Ed. A.
Stephens, Minneapolis, Minn.; pub
lished by the author, 605 Temple
Court, Minneapolis.
Glimpse of the Twentieth Century,
by Jacob Frazer; published by Chas.
W. Palm & Co., Los Angeles.
Spencer, Trask Co., 27 Pino street,
New York, have issued a little pamph
let containing tables showing the mile
age, capitalization, earnings, dividends,
fixed charges, etc., of the railroad com
panies of the United States, together
with statistics in regard to street
railways and other municipal and in
dustrial corporations.
The Glamour of War and Conquest.
The annual reports of our secretar
ies of war and the navy are as much
alike as two peas or as Croker's fam
ous dogs Guff and Stuff.
Secretary Moody asks for a thou
sand more officers, for more men, for
more money. While announcing that
since the Spanish war seventeen great
ironclads have been begun or author
ized, he recommends "a continuance
without interruption of the increase of
Secretary Root now chimes in with
a modest request for four great na
tional camps of military instruction
and for a highly educated citizen army
of 300,000 militia a force, with ,the
00,000 regulars, as large as Great
Britain's active army and reserve,
though Britain is at the very verge of
turbulent Europe, while we aro or
were entirely outside of every zone
of international disturbance.
If we are to adhere to our tradi
tional policy of avoiding "foreign en
tanglements" we do not need great
armaments, but may well provide our
selves with small but highly trained
and well-equipped professional fight
ing force3 both upon sea and lana. If
Save Your
. Health
Sweeten Your
Prolong Your
By eating the thoroughly cooked, malted and
toasted whole wheat flakes
The Perfect Food.
Wheat contains all the elements necessary to sustain life
and is recognized the world over as the chief food for mankind
the Proverbs say "The Staff of Life."
Pure, Wholesome, Delicious.
A delightful winter breakfastServed with
warm milk or cream.
we are to join In the mad scramble
for "aggrandizement" and to mix in
the politics of Europe and the con
quest of Asia, no forces which Messrs.
Root and Moody would dare to ask
will bo too large for our purpose.
New York World.
A Candidate's Expense.
A successful candidate for a county
office in Kansas has, according to the
Kansas City Journal, filed a statement
showing the following outlay:
To cards announcing to the eager
public that I was a candidate for re
election, $5.
To circulars printed to head off the
nimblo campaign lies turned loose by
my enemies, $12.50.
To the ubiquitous solicitors for
charitable purposes who called on me
just before election, and while suf
fering from, intense agony, and there
fore at a time when I was afraid to
refuse, $22.50.
To the colored editor of a newspa
per at Topeka, which seemed to be
exerting its entire influence to save
mo from the avalanche of democratic
votes which apparently hung In the
balance, $3.
To stationery used by me in expos
ing the infamous fake circular gotten
out by Rev. Smith and others, $0.02.
I wish to further state that an in
accuracies or -omissions which may be
found In this statement (involving a
total of about $300) are duo to the
strenuous condition of things, and to
the breakneck rate of speed at which
I was compelled to run to bo able to
look back at my opponent as I camo
under the wire.
A subscriber inquires about Ro
mero's books on Mexico, referred to
in a former issue of The Commoner.
There are two of them, both Issued by
G. P. Putnam's Sons of Now York in
1898. One is entitled "Geographical
and Statistical Notes on Mexico," and
the other "Mexico and the United
States." The author, Senor Matlas
Romero, was for many years Mexi
co's ambassador at Washington, and
was not only a distinguished repre
sentative of his own nation, but was
also a friend of the United States. Hi
books are of great value to those who
desire to know something of Mexico
past and present
Mr. J. L. Randolph of Cutler, O., on
of the stauiichest democrats in tho
state, died recently. He was ono of
the democrats to whom democracy was
a religion, giving political expression
to. the doctrine of the brotherhod of
Representative-elect Alkman Carna
!an, of the Second Indiana district,
died on December 8, having been ill
ovor nince the election.
1), lilcatro, 111., for a
12.60 free treatment,
1,000 wonderful cart,
ana book.