The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 14, 1902, Page 13, Image 13

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The Commoner.
Nov. H,ioJ
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Illoirtratedb ok fall of vain Able
Information ana testimonials of
iaadreds of oarefl SENT FREE.
rs. Xather Noble. 8M Ilowan
Ave Gklca&o, eared of Optlo Nerro Parallels. Write
her. Nothing sont 0. O. D. unless ordered.
Cross-Eyes Are Cured
Tty Dr. Oneal wltheat the knife or pain. Address
OWEN ONEAL, M. D., Svltc 121 52 DMitera St., Chlca.
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resident school by cuing your eparo time only and at
yonr own home. Courses of study, tozt books,
practice work and Moot Court same as In resident
school. Superior to studying' in a law olUco. One
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weoks In your school than I learned In fonr months
In a law ollloo." Borralar Collego Couree (2 years),
roat-Graduato Courso (1 year) and Business Law
Course (1G weeks). Endorsed by the bench and bar.
For full particulars address
Reaper Block, Chicago
Let us Sell Your Farm
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ways obtainable. We are the" original instructors by
Bomb corbjbotondbnc School, Philadelphia.
.4i983 Appointment
wore mado to civil Sorvlco places dnrinfr the year
ending-Juno 30, 1002. This was 4,662 moro than wero
appointed during 1001. Excellent opportunities for
"young people. Hundreds of those whom we prepare
by mall for the examinations are annually appointed.
Full information about all government positions free.
Write for our Civil Service Cataloguo and dates or ex
Pa. Ave. S. E., Washington, X. O.
ley, Delaware, Lackawanna & West
ern, Central of Now Jersey, Now York,
Ontario & Western, Now York, Sus
quehanna & Western, Delaware &
Hudson, Pennsylvania, Baltimore &
Ohio, The roads have until Novem
ber 20 to file their answers.
An important decision was Tendered
by tho supreme court of Nebraska on
Novombor 6 in that tho constitution
ality of the Nebraska anti-trust law
was upheld. This decision hinged on
a case involving tho right -of this law
to exempt organizations of laboring
men from its provisions, and" accord
ing to tho decision, this right is sustained.
On November 6 a dispatch from
Napa, Cal., announced that Profeseor
Husmann, one of the best known nom
ologists in the United States, is dead,
aged 75 years. He was a prominent
promoter of horticultural and viti
culture Interests. For three years he
filled the chair of pomology and for
estry in the university of Missouri,
and with Parker Erie founded tho
American Pomological society. He
was once publisher of tho viticultural
Journal, a contributor to many maga
zines and the author of several books
of authority on viticulture and horticulture.
A dispatch from tho City of Mexico
under dato of November 6 reports:
Albert Everett of California, president
of the canal now under construction
In the state of Chiapas, has reached
here from the scene of recent seismic
disturbances in Guatemala. He says
tho ashes worked great benefit to cof
fee planters, as they killed oil noxious
insects and also will Bervo as fertilizers.
Judge P. M. Redburn, who on Tues
day was elected circuit judge of Jasper
county, Missouri, died on November 6
from over exertion during the cam
paign. Judge Redburn was 65 years
an old established house of solid financial standing to man a
Several trustworthy gentlemen or ladles wanted In each state by
r business In their own and nearby counties. It
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Ten yenro In business und us compelled to
Bseiose Mir-aaoressea
CCIIT fiU TDIAI with a positive guaranteo to wash tho
Oklll Ull IslIM eoUars and wristbands olithedlrtlestshirt
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ft m--z
A Cold Watch and Chain for $3k
flM'bt.hondUBwt. i BKntpwftct Ktoulo, li taml O.U pUtod wtuh ad efcUo on lb. uibt Basil, troth
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mfaattd for 90 ton. With lol&ul 60-laab QU Fitted lorpiotto ChoJa tot UdJ., ud baabotM
Poahl BnMtta Cbain led China for ccstt. PoridrWj (&HlMt UrUn . S4 on (b. Avm of tt Stnb.
SEEING IS BELIEVING. Cat l&U eat u ml lito a. lth.joar Mm. .pott rite, tat
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it. vuiud, QENTS LADIES 1 47 M (M0 &ttttUmmi raipMWr.MtMMMcua,
K. E. CHALMERS & CO 352-356 t)earberHU tniCAUO, ILL.
of age and has boon prominent in
stato politics In Missouri for twenty-'
ftvo years.
A special dispatch from Mexico by
way of Laredo, Tex., and dated No
vember 6, says: In a personal lotter
to parties In Cordoba Presldont Dlax
has declined a proposition to accept
money raised by popular subscription
for tho payment of tho Plus fund
claim. Tho president's letter was In
roply to a letter from Cordoba sug
gesting that tho amount bo raised
through an appeal to tho pcoplo, and
stated that Mexico will adhoro to oven
tho technical points in the decision of
The Hague court, and that sinco It was
stated in tho decision that the amount
should bo paid from tho Mexican treas
ury tho payment will be mado ac
cordingly. Captain Wlllard H. Brownson has
been officially- appointed as suporln
tondent of the" naval academy at An
napolis, Md., and took his placo on
November 6.
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On November G it was reported from
San Francisco, Cal., that the flouring
interests on tho Pacific coast have
been practically amalgamated with a
capital of $20,000,000.
A Washington report of November
6 says: Tho annual report of Lieu
tenant General Miles, commanding
tho army, is a brief review of tho re
ports that haveboon submitted to him
by other officers. Ho indorses tho
recommendation of General Brooke
for a readjustment of tho geographi
cal limits of the different departments.
General Miles calls attention to the
necessity of quarters for troops, say
ing that while hundreds of thousands
of dollars are being spent for quar
ters for cayalry very little Is being
used to afford shelter for artillery.
Several weeks ago Ambassador
White In Berlin, Germany, received a
letter from President Roosevelt
marked, "To bo opened on your 70tn
birthday." On November 7 Mr. White
reached his 70th birthday and on open
ing' the letter found a warm note of
thanks for his distinguished services
to tho country.
CacalogM, fc asoei
It was reported from London on No
vember 8 that Prof. G. R. Parkin of
Toronto, charged with putting the
Cecil Rhodes scholarship in the United
States into effect, has mado Inquiries
at Oxford as to how tho Rhodes schol
arships will bo received. Ho has as
certained that every ono concerned In
the matter is ready to co-operate
heartily. Each college at Oxford is
prepared to talco from two to five
scholars a year, according to Its size.
On November 8 It was reported that
Roswell Beardsley of North Lansing,
N. Y., who was tho oldest postmaster
In point of service In the United
States, having held that position for
seventy-four years, is dead, aged 93
A Wonderful Invention
A little group of men clustered about
a radiator In the office of a western
hotel recently fell to discussing the
growth of modern Invention. The
marvelous electrical development of
the last decade had boon duly com
mented upon and the usual remarks
made about the self-binder, sewing ma
chine, the linotype and the perfecting
press. Suddenly a railroad man spoke
up and said:
"Gentlemen, all you have mentioned
are great inventions, but there is ono
that has not been mentioned and upon
it depends In large measure the suc
cess of all that you have spoken about
I refer tt ths little rim of metal pro
tecting downward from every car
Trtieel the Hange. Do you know that
ventions of the age. Uporf that little
flange depends tho speed and safety
of our railroad trains? Without It
our railroad trains would bo as slow
as stage coaches and as unsafe ae ft
gasolene stovo left In charge of a cart
less housewife?
"That littlo rim of metal, scarce
half-Inch higher than the surface of
tho car wheol, keeps the cars on the
track, makes them take the curves,
keeps them steady and permits all the
wonderful distribution of Industrial
products that wo love to boast about.
What would bo the good ot tho lino
typo If there wero no way of getting
tho groat dally newspapers across the
country? What would be tho good ot
increased facilities for harvestint:
grain If thoro wero no way of gotttng
that grain to market rapidly? Whn
you come right down to the bottom
facts you will find that the utility of
all these great modern inventions
about which so much Is heard, depend.
In a largo measure upon the poor and
littlo known flange upon overy car
wheol In tho country."
An.ObJect Lessen.
The coal strike arbitration commlf
tee did well to mako a personal tour
of the mines. After a few hours In the
dark, damp and low galleries, -with
aching backs and burning eyeballs, the
commissioners wore in a better condi
tion o Judge fairly between employers
and employes. Judge Gray had to give
up and return to the surface bofore the
tour of Inspection was well begun, and
othor members of the commission were
almost exhausted when they emerged
Into the light of day. But hundreds
of thousands of men must spend their
days in these galleries, working hour
after hour in cramped positions, and
all for a dally average of S1.C0. Few
people have any appreciation of the
hardships and dangers of a miner's
The Money of Pools.
In the safes of the gambling houses
raided on Tuesday night were found
fat rolls of money. It was counted,
not being In tho usual interpretation
"apparatus" of gambling, but it wae
evident that the' total was very great,
probably in the hundreds of thou
sands. A part of this money was puaway
for safe keeping by tho gamblers them
selves, a part by bookmakers and pool
room keepers. Vast as it is, it Is only
the "petty cash" for current business
of a small portion of the men who by
favor of the police have been parting
fools from their money in this city.
On what a gigantic scale must the
whole business be organized! How
continuous, ,how uninterrupted, how
bold and confident must have been Its
operations! Now York World. . '
Who Hade The Tariff.
On the subjdet of "tariff revision by
its frieTTds" the Terre Haute (Ind.) Ga
zette (dem.) has this catechism: "Who
made the sugar tariff? Oxnard and
Havemeyer. Who made the steel tar
iff? The ironmongers. Who made the
tariff on hides? The packers. Who
mado tho tariff on cotton goods? The
New England mills. Who made the
tariff on shoes? The New England
and Philadelphia factories? Who
mado the tariff on locomotives? The
Baldwin Locomotive works. Who
made the tariff on salt? The salt
trust Who mado the tariff on paper?
The paper trust"
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