The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, September 26, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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    The Commoner.
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THE COMMONER, Lfacvla, Nefc.
That motorman must be made to understand
that rough riding is not allowed on electric lines.
Democratic platforms that reaffirm, the Kansas
City platform interpret themselves in every part
of the country. '
The Babcock explanation of the Henderson
episode will add to the gaiety of nations if ever
it is-made public
Perhaps, after all, tle president may decide to
gay something on the tariff question during his
swing around the circle.
Governor Cummins wants it distinctly under-""
stood that no one republican has a monopoly on
' the strenuous business.
General Corbin says the German army is as
.near perfect as it can bo without having a Corbin,
or a man equally good, to boss it
The republican managers want it understood
that Mr. Henderson's loss was because of the
method, not because of himself.
John W Gates has recently purchased' about
ten thousand acres' worth of Mr. Baer's kind of
divine right to administer things.
The withdrawal of 'Speaker Henderson, to
gether with the early frosts, indicate that election
day may be a cold day for republicans.
The silence of Mr. Baer Indicates that his vocal
organs have not yet recovered from their recent
collision with his pedal extremities.
The Indications are that the. people will have
footed the bills long before the umpires decide
the recent army and navy maneuvers.
When Generals Corbin and Wood return to the
United States they will bo surprised to note that
the republic has been running right along with
out them.
Something like two hundred republican con
gressmen cannot understand why a man like Hon
. derson should allow himself to bo guided by his
As the president Is -devoting some time to
tho discussion of the trust question, would it not
bo well fqr him to define the difference between
a good trust and a bad one.
Chairman Babcock says, "The republican party
has a record on the trust question that was made
in congress." Quito true, and that's just what tho
people are complaining about and just what the
republican party is trying hard to hide.
Tho United States senate already has so many
railroad magnates that it has been impossible to
securo tho passago of a law giving the interstate
commerce commission power to protect tho public
from extortionate rates and gross discrimina
tions. Wo do not need any senators of that kind.
The Commoner. '
Uncle Joe Cannon should pause and consider
the promising possibility that there is going to be
no republican speakership to hand out in the next
The attention of democrats interested, in the
preservation of democratic principles is called to
an article entitled "Forewarned is Forearmed" on
another page.
Mr. Rockefeller's $40,000 house on the Hudson
burned down the other day. The fire was almost
as expensive as would have been the combustion of
a ton of anthracite.
The negro is receiving plenty of testimony
from republican sources to the effect that repub
lican love for the negro was measured by the abil
ity of the negro to vote.
The fright of Ohio republicans would, if pro
perly enclosed, make an attractive side show for
Tom Johnson's "circus." As it is it is a very en
tertaining free exhibition.
The society young gentleman with a $50 Pa
nama hat and no overcoat now finds himself very
much in the position of the republican party on
the tariff revision question.
It seems that the republican press has been so
busy chronicling the formation of new trusts that
it has had neither time nor space to print a list of
those that have been shackled.
Mr. Beveridge returns from Utah quite well
convinced that while he knows Manchuria and the
Russian question he is unacquainted with Utah's
peculiar brand of republicanism.
Even a casual reader of the Cincinnati En
quirer will notice that it' is not giving the demo
cratic ticket the enthusiastic support that it did
the McLean ticket three years ago.
Now, all will be forgiven if Congressman Hull
will only withdraw and give as a reason that many
republicans object to his official position to ad-,
vance his financial interests in the Philippines.
After all, what good would It have done Lieu
tenant Peary to bring the pole home, with him?
Mr. Morgan would have assimilated it before
the lieutenant could have wiped the frost off..
When Chairman Babcock undertakes now to
square himself with the men who put up the re
publican campaign funds he realizes that when he
made that famous creak in congress he 'foozled
his put."
The potato-raisers are justly indignant A few
months ago potatoes were worth a dollar, a bushel,
but they fell to 40 cents as soon as the new crop
came in and all under a republican administration.
Senator Mason says he going to make a full
expose of the rottenness in the Illinois state ad
ministration. Has ,the senator at last discovered
the fountain that Ponce de Leon searched for in
They call it "Tom Johnson's circus," and from
tho fright it is causing in republican circles it is
evident that Johnson will have a menagerie annex
in November with all the g. o. p. animals safely
Congressman Cousins called the tariff plank of
tho Iowa republican platform a "dirty, lousy lie,"
but up to date Mr. Cousins has not decided to
prove his suspicions by doing as Mr. Henderson
has. done.
Henry Wattorspn has been saying some harsh
things about the New York four hundred and the
circumstances attending tho killing of Nicholas
Pish in a saloon fight will furnish him with a
now text
Tho republican leaders say that taking the
tariff off of trust-made articles would not kill tho
trusts, but they are quite sure such a policy would
cripple the republican party and lessen the cam
paign funds.
It is reported that tho president and his sena
torial advisors have agreed that there shall bo no
tariff revision at present. They, are afraid to be
gin revision for fear they cannot find a stopping
place, but they must remember that a failure to
amputate a diseased limb has often resulted in
death to th whole body.
Vl. a, No. 36.
The fact that Mr. Baer does not have to bm
coal is no sign he has nothing to arbitrate. '
Let us hope that Attorney General Knox will
return from Europe in time to listen to a fevi
Washburn sermons and learn how bad the trusts
really are.
. Since the pyrotechnic withdrawal of David B
Henderson from the congressional race, Uncle Joe
Cannon has manifested a "Barkis" attitude towards
the speakership.
The spectacle of Mr. Morgan being urged ta
settle- the coal strike is proof that Mr. Morgan
wields more power than can- with safety be trusted
to any one man.
The frequency of the Dubuque, la., date lino
is evidence that the republican managers will bo
too busy cementing the cracks in their own party
to give much attention to the little squabbles in
democratic ranks.
A large number of republican organs that
encouraged a parade in a rough rider suit as
an effective and legitimate, form of campaigning
are quite sure that Tom Johnson's circus tent earn.-
paign is undignified.
Mr. Beveridge "went all the way to Ogden,
Utah, to tell the people that Mr. Roosevelt is tho
only president who ever tried to enforce the laws
to regulate the trusts. Some men always carr
a joke a long ways.
The democrats of the nation "will take notice;
that the Massachusetts reorganizers were anxious
for "harmony" until they got control of the con
vention and then they ran rough-shod over those
who were loyal in 1896.
David B. Henderson is not the only man who
does not believe that the tariff shelters monopoly.
Among others holding similar views may be men
tioned tho managers of every tariff sheltered
monopoly in the country.
Let's see: Mr. Roosevelt is quite positive that
we cannot handle the trusts without a constitu
tional amendment, and equally positive that we
can handle the Philippines without any constitu
tional authority whatever.
Perhaps Mr. Henderson was convinced that
the Iowa republican platform meant what it said
and the surprise was too much. The idea that a
republican platform means what It says is cal
culated to surprise most folk.
The fact" that certain administration organs
favor annexing Haiti because that island's trou
bles threaten the trade of the United States may
explain why the South American republics aro
viewing the United States "with suspicion.
Speaker Henderson withdraws from the con
gressional race because he finds himself out of har
mony with his constituents. If ali tae republican
candidates were as sensitive to public sentiment
the democrats would have an easy victory.
The attention of Rev. Washburn is called to
the fact that three more trusts are preparing to
organize in spiteof the "providentially" selected
trust exterminator who talks about trusts, but re
fuses to enforce the criminal law against them.
Chicago republicans rejoice at the success of
their recent picnic and. premium distributing
scheme, but are horrified because "Big Bill" Devery.
of New York worked exactly the same kind of a
political scheme. Repuuiican leaders are always
trying to untie the knots in their logic.
Since Admiral Higginson stopped the naval
maneuvers long enough to receive and entertain
the Duchess of Marlborough, on board his flagship
we begin to understand why pink-tea-pouring, ger--man-leading,
cotillion-dancing officers take pre
cedence over expert gunners, trained sailors and
capable seamen.
The Lincoln (Neb.) Journal, a leading repub
lican organ of Nebraska, declares that tho Fowler,
bill is not an issue because it expired with the con
gress in which it was introduced. The Fowler bill
was not introduced in the last congress, but in thp
first session of the present congress. It Is on the
house calendar with, tho recommendation that it bo
passed. The amount of misinformation that tho
average republican organ can accumulate is won-"
derful to behold.
. . - . -
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