The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, September 26, 1902, Page 12, Image 12

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The Commoner.
Vl. a, No. 36.
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tVB WILL SEND to ovory nubscriber or roador of Tlie Commoner a
full-shed ONB DOLLAR package of VITE-ORE, Buffioiout for
ono months troatmont, to bo paid for within ono month's time af tor
rocoipt, If tho rocoivor can truthfally say that its use has dono him
or her moro good than all the drugs and dopos of quacks or good
doctors or patont medicines he or she has ever used. READ this
oror carefully, and understand that we ask our pay only whon it has
douo you good, and not boforo. We take all the risk; you have
nothing to lose. If it doos not benefit you, you pay us nothing.
VITE-ORE 1b n natural, hard, adamautino rock-liko substanco
mino ral ORE mined from tho ground like gold and ailvor and re
quires about twenty years for oxidization. It contains free Iron,
free sulphur and magnesium, and ono paokago will oquul in medici
nal strongth and curativo vnluo S00 gallons of tho most powerful,
oilicnoious miuoral wator, drank froEh at tho springs. It Is a geo
logical dIscovery to which there Is nothing added or takon from.
It is tho mar vol of tho century, as thousands tostify, and as no ono,
answering this, writing for a package, will deny after using,
It lias cured more chronic, obstinate, pronounced incurable
cujca than any other known medicine, and will roach evory case
with a moro rapid and poworful curativo action than any medicine
combination of medicino or doctor's prescription which it is possiblo
to procuro.
This offor will challenge tho attention and consideration, and
aftorward tho gratitudo of ovory living porson who dosires bottor
hoalth, or who suitors pains, ills and diseases which havo doflod tho
modical world and grown worse with ago. Wo caro not for your
skepticism, but ask only your investigation, and at our oxponso, re
gardloss of what ills you have, by sending to us for a package. You
must not writo on a postal card. , In auswor to this address THEO.
Bright's Disease
La Grippe
Blood Poisoning
Sores and Ulcers
Malarial Fever
Nervous Prostration
and Anaemia
Liver, Kidney and
Bladder Troubles
Catarrh of Any Part
Female Complaints
Stomach and Bowel
General Debility
TUB IDEAL Germ Destroyer, Disease
Danislier, Blood Vitalfcsr, Pain Eradicator, Health
and Strength Restorer.
A Positive Specific When Used
a Gargle or Swab for
Chronic, Ulcerated or Malignant
Sore Throat,
Tonsils and Quinsy.
I JRiIn I 1
He is certainly
You need not think so un-
OUR DOCTOR mQy tell you
that your case is incurable, that
medical science is unable to help you,
that all you can expect is temporary or
slight relief. Well, let him think so.
entitled to his opinion.
less you wish to.
Many people .whoso testimony appears in tho
books and pamphlets of Theo. Noel & Co. were told
that their caEes were hopeless, impossible, incurable,
past all recovery yet read their testimony. Many wore told that
they had but a few short years some but months to live, yot read
their tesyimony. There are more things in HEAVEN and EARTH
than aro dreamed of in ,tho Doctor's philosophy, and Vitae-Ore is one
of them,
VITE-ORE will do tho same for you as it has for hundreds of tho
readers of this paper, if you will but give it a trial, which nono should
hesitato to do on this liboral offer. Send for a $1.00 Package at our
risk. You havo nothing to lose if tho medicino does not benefit you.
We- want no one's money whom -Vitae-Ore cannot benefit.
Can anything bo moro fair? Ono package is usually sulllciont to cure
ordinary cases; two or throo for chronio, obstinate cases. Wo havo not
asked to be editorially endorsed by tho management of this paper, but
mean just what we say in tho above announcement and will do
just as we agree. Writo today for a package af our risk 'and expense,
giving your ago and ailments, so that wo may give you special directions
for treatment if same bo necessary, and mention this paper so we may
know that you aro entitled to this liboral offer.'' Address
iVf ANY READERS of The Commoner. Lavo taken advantage of this
' liboral offor wo mako to subscribers and their families sinco
they first saw our announcement in this papor, and as a result art
now happily nud permanently cured of their ailments-; and those
who hnvo not accopted it should do so immediately, as no ono should
or need continuo to sudor whon tho moanB for a CURB is offered on
thoso liboral conditions. Vita-Ore has been on the market for
almost two deendos, and is too well and favorably fcnown to need
to bo offered in this way, which is noUdone with any -other
niodicincs, but wo havo conildenco in tho readers of The Commoner,
and know that they will pay if benefited and havo confidence in our
medicino nnd know it will bonefit and euro, so mako this oiler for a
limited timo only to ffain now friends and patrons among Tho Com
monor roadors, knowing that oach porson wo bonofit means a dozen
now patrons through his or hor recommendations.
Tho following endorsement from elerjeymen of all denomina
tions will prenoh. far more forcible sermon regarding
this remedy thau anything; ire could say t
"PLLZEY, MISS. I havo been afflicted with Nervous Prostration,
- Invor and Kidnoy Trouble for about sixteen yoars and Piles for
twenty years, so bad that I had to givo up my church work. Aftor
using Vita-Ore for four days my Piles disappeared and tho blooding
erased. I continuod its use about four months nnd today my Norvous
Prostration, Kidnoy and Livor Troublo are all gone, and there has
not boon a day sinco that tho Piles havo prevented mo from riding
hbrsoback. I owo all this to Vita-Ore. Bkv. T. H. Smith.
ALEXANDRIA, IND. I havo used Vita-Ore with satisfactory
" rosults; alto know a number of pcoplo who derived groat bonefit
from its uso. I choorfully rerommend it to tho afflictod. Rev. S. C.
Hummkl, Pastor Christian Church.
TJOPE' WIS. I havo boon using Vita-Ore for sorao timo. It is
x working remarkably well and E am fooling stronger than over.
Up to this timo I havo been doctoring with a ronowned specialist
and havo spont much monoy but it sooms that your medicino must
be given first place. Rev. J. Wolf.
TSJEW WINDSOR, ILL. I have been using a package of Vita-Oro
-L1 with considerable profit to myself and am well satisfied with
tho improvement of my hoalth. You certainly havo a very valuable
medicino in your V.-O. Tonic I wish nil weak m'n and women
could bo brought to know of its valuo to them as a restorer. Roval
J. KEr.iiboo, CongrogationaL Minister.
TJOLTON, KAS. For throe or four months boforo using Vitas-Ore
xx I suffored constantly with SQvero pains through the main part of
my body and small of my back so that I could not turn in bod with
out first Bitting up, which I believe was caused by1, Kidnoy and Liver
Troublo. A few clays aftor I began using Vita-Ore thoso pains all
loft and have not returned. I was also troublod with extremo drows
inoss as night came on, and Bowel Troublo, which Vita-Ore ontiroly
removed. It is a splendid remedy to build up and givo now onorgy
and lifo to the human body. I shall ever speak a good word for
Vita-Ore. Rev. M. T. Hoban.
TJIQHSHIRE, PA. Having boon broken down In hoalth and an----
nblo to nttond to my dutios Vlf nj-Qro was rocommonded to mo,
and nftor taking it as por -directions for one wcok I was enabled to
continuo my work preaching for throo wooks, and mado during tho
aay many pastonni cans, lor wmcn i give V.-U.
tho credit. It has
inco. I thoroforn. rocom
avaluablo modlcino.-A. L. Shannon, Pastor HighshireUB. Church
TVIAKYSVILLE, CALI1T. I havo used Vita-Ore for ten years and boliovo it to bo tho
granaost curativo for human beings that can bo found. I hope that all suffer
inffnrnr will
ubo it and givo it a fair test and am satisfied that thoy will find it as I and thousands of
others havo, a God-sent remedy. Rev. Db. H. E. Howland.
pUBTON, LA. I havo takon your Vlho-Oro and find that it lias dono me mofbgood than
-" anything I havo ovor takon for Liver or Kidnoy troublo. Rev. C, H. Wilson.
yiRQINIA CITY, VA.I am an Evangelist Proachor. Three months ago my doctors said
. I could not live, Lut tho Lord has raised mo from death to tho Pulpit through tho uso
of Vltio-Oro. Rev. B. T. Moody.
T5UTLER, IND. I would bo ungrateful Indeed woro I to roraain silent concerning tho
e1roat benefit I have recoivod from tho uso of Vita-Ore. The relief dorlvod from your
remedy isincalculablo. It has boon a greator bonofit to mo than any other I havo ovor
used. Vitro-Oro prevents hoarseness and soro throat and I would not think of going into
a protracted meeting of many weeks duration without first laying in a supply. I chcor
fully and heartily rocommoud it to all, feoling that it will bo a God-Bond to those who uso
it.--Theo. P. Fbeoh, A. M. D. D.
VITVE-ORE points tho way for storm-tossed sufferers
to a haven of Health and Comfort. If you havo been
drifting in a sea of sickness and disease, towards tho
rocks and shoals of Chronic Invalidism, Port your
Holm ore it bo too late, take heed of tho message of
hope and safety which it flashes to you; stop drift
ing about in a helpless, undecided manner, first on
one course and then- another, but begin tho proper
treatment immediately and roach tho "goal you aro
seeking by the routo so many have traveled with
Every porson whoso testimony is given on this page
is willing to act as a pilot for you, oach knows tho
way from having followed it; attend their advico
follow the light and bo cured as thoy havo. CAN
3KviBPjyvf.jalaaaW-r gV&
9$&SSf$4r feaaaaai vfrTTJSjffi''
Theo. Noel Company,
Department Vitae-Ore
B. C. Building,
Chicago, HI.
It. ' .kA S.