The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, July 11, 1902, Page 13, Image 15

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The Commoner.
July II, 190a
offer made to introduce the Peoples
'Cream Separator in every neighbor
hood. It is the best and simplest in
the world. We ask that you show it to
your neighbors who have cows. Send
your name and the name of the
nearest freight office. Address
DEPT. 177. KANSAS CITY, ftfcft
jroumnlty, vtierft fiowt froln, Urrla. awl frtpt v pvn. W IU Sad bt
jou an IwUac for, wo1 for HU
best by Test
Balksxen I all
Simrktimery, UtriftbrnaMe.; Daasvllk, N.V.
The clover and blue grass of Delta County, Mich.
Tracts from 40 to 1.000 acres. $3.50 per acre and
up. EASY TJSRMS. Buckbce, 36 JaSalle St,
Chicago, 111.
Manuscripts In all branches of Lltoraturo, sultablo
Jor publication In book form aro required by an estab
lished bouse Liberal terms. No chnrgu for examin
ation. Prompt attention and honorablo treatment.
"BOOKS," 141 Herald 331 St., No wyYork.
Pure Bell Metal Only. (Copper and Tin)
"McShane BELii Foundry,
Battimomk, Md., TJ. S. A.
to J. R. BUCHANAN, -G.P.A.
F.E.&M.V. R.R.,
U. S. Jtfatl. Bank Bldg.,
and get full information
. , , abou,t tho now line
building in the Rose Bud
Reservation that will
.Declaration of Independence. Censtlt
tl on oft tie 17. 8., All .National Platforms
of all political parties since their formation, to
and including 1900. Price, 25 Cents. Ono and
two-cent postage stamps accepted. Don't send
personal chocks. Agents Wan ted. A million
copies may bo sold. Send three 2-cent stamps lor
treatise on Injurious Insects of Orchard, Gardea
and farm. Address VINCXHQP rDU, CO.,
11th and Jackson Eta.. Omaha. Neb.
from now on tho attention of the peo
ple of both countries. Reciprocity with
Cuba affords no adequate remedy for
what threatens hero Interest. A. 20 per
cent reduction In her tariff and ours
will do Cuba as a peoplo or a gov
ernment little or no good, while it will
work great harm to the Interests of
the United States." ,
Senator Hanna of Ohio took sharp
issue with Mr. Elking for his asser
tion that presidents from Jefferson to
McKinley had i ayorod Cuban- annexa
tion. Referring to reciprocity with
Cuba he declared,,
"My opinion 1s that we shall hear
from the people in unmistakable
terms. It is the policy of the admin
istration today, as i would have been
of McKinley had-he lived, to treat tho
country of Cuba as a ward. To talk
of annexation at this time it not fair
to Cuba, just starting upon her na
tional existence and even before she
has had time to prove what she can
On June 30th a bill was passed in the
aenat9 giving Rear Admiral Schley
the pay of a rear admiral on the actlvo
list, instead of a retired real admiral's
Amid a scene of enthusiasm that
has not been paralleled since the stir
ring days of the Spanish war, the
house of representatives adjourned for
the summer on July 1st. speaker Hen
derson received an ovation and patri
otic airs were sung by the members of
the house. The adjournment came at
the end of a - seven and a half hour's
session, during which seventy minor
bills and resolutions were passed.
The conference of the two houses of
congress on tho naval appropriation
bill reached an agreement on July 1st,
the provision being as follows:
"The secretary of the navy shall
ouild one of the oattleships authorized
by this act, in such navy yard as he
may designate and he shall build all
vessels herein authorized in such navy
yards as he may designate should it
Tesonably appear that the persons,
firms or corporations or the agents
thereof bidding for the construction
of any of said vessels, has entered into
a combination, agreement or under
standing, the effect, object or purpose
of which is to deprive the government
of fair, open and unrestricted competi
tion in letting contracts for the con
struction of any said vessels."
There is an appropriation of $175,000
for the equipment of each navy yard
This work is the outcome of a visit to the Transvaal, made by Mr. Webster
Davis while he was Assistant Secretary of the Interior, under Mr. McKinley's
first administration, and as a result of which he broke his relations with the
republican party and alhliatcd nimself
John Bull's Crime or
Assaults oh Republics
with tho opposition. The author ve
hemently arraigns the British govern
ment for the Transvaal war. Whether
tho reader agrees with the author or
not, he will be interested in his presen
tation of the Boer side of the case.
Milton said that truth could not suffer
so long as she was left free to combat errjor. The illustrations wore all taken
on the spot, either by Mr. Davis or by some of his friends, .and they certainly
form a unique collection of South African pictures. Oloth, large octavo (6x9),
400 pages altogether, printed on coated paper, beautifully illustrated by oyer
eighty full-page halfrtones.-attractively bouad. Two dollars, carriage prepaid.
Send a copy of this advertisement with your order to 4
publishers, 114 Firrn AV.
to bo used for constructing any of the
A dispatch from Washington under
dato of July 1st, reports: Chairman
Dalzoll of tho special commltteo of tba
house of representatives which Inves
tigated tho charges in connection with
the purchase of the Danish vcst In
dies, today submitted tho report of
that committee, After detailing the
charges of bribery and showing that
Captain Christmas had repudiated the
alleged report on which the charges
were based, tho committee suras up
the results of their investigation as
That thero is not the slightest sem
blance of evidence that any member of
congress, either directly or Indirectly,
was offered any bribe or was paid any
valuable consideration of any kind or
character to vote for or assist in- pro
curing tho proposal, adoption or rat
ification of a treaty of sale of the
Danish West Indian islands to tho
United States. There Is not tho re
motest ground from which to draw
an inference or on which to base a
conclusion that thero was any corrup
tion or wrong doing on the part of
the public officials of tho j United
States In connection with tho negotia
tions for the purchase of tho Danish
West Indian Islands.
"It is plain beyond peradventuro
that the bribery alleged in the report
could nave existed nowhere save In
the imagination of Christmas, since
tho whole burden of his story Is that
he had no money. It is in evidence
that ho had to borrow in order to
pay his passage homo from this coun
try. "
On July 1st the president signed a
bill for the construction of a govern
ment warehouse at Omaha, Neh., the
cost of which is to be $75,000. The bill
fixes Omaha as one of the great dis
tributing points for military suplles.
On July 1st the conference report
on tho Philippine government bill was
adopted in tho senate. Afterwards
Mr. Carraack of Tennessee called up
his resolution providing for a con
tinuance of the investigation of the
Philipine committee and for a visit;
to the Philippines by the committee
during the coming summer. After an
hour's vigorous debate, the resolution
"was referred to a committee, thus ef
fectually killing it.
Tho senate adjourned sine die at
5:28 p. m.
A dispatch from" Washington under
date of July 1st says: Acting Secre
tary of War Sanger today sent a com
munication to the house of represent
atives in answer to tho resolution di
recting the secretary of war to furnish
information as to what amounts have
been paid out of the Cuban treasury
or funds of thq Cuban peoplo to F. B.
Thurber, or any other person, cor
poration or association, for advocating
reciprocity with the United States.
The answer of tho war department
consists of .certified copies pf vouchers
covering the payments referred to In
the resolutions, amounting to $15,020.
These vouchers are accompanied by
a letter from General Leonard Wood
to the secretary of war. "Tho dis
bursements made," says General Wood,
"were made by me as military go-
ernor of the Island of Cuba, and wero
'inado for tho purposo of presenting to
tho peoplo of the United States, with
out reference to party or section, tho
desires of tho peoplo of Cuba as to
tho trade relations which should ex
ist between that country and our
own. The action taken was approved
by the Industrial and commercial
classes of Cuba. It received tho un
qualified approval of tho secretaries
of the insular government, and was
an expenditure of Cuban funds for
tho purpose of promoting Cuban in
terests. "The expense accounts are horowlth
"First Expenses of the special com
mission of tho Cuban planters, sent by
me as military governor of Cuba with
letters- of introduction to tho honor
ablo secretary of war of the United
States with the intimation that they
desired to appear before the commit
tees' of congress to be heard upon tho
subject of trade relations between Cu
ba and tho United States, $1,399.
"SecondSalary of F. B. Thurber.
together with tho cost and expenses
for travel and clerk hire, $740
"Third Expenses incident to tho
purchaso and circulation of certain
marked copies of various United States
periodicals, $340.
"Fourth Tho circulation of 10,000
copies of a pamphlet entitled 'Indus
trial Cuba,' $322. .
"Fifth Tho cost of circulating 320,
000 circulars In four issues of 80,000
each, $U,520, to which there is to be
added $27.67, traveling expenses of
Lieutenant J3. Carpenter, A. C, U. S.
A., Incurred in connection with tho
payment to United States export as
sociation of $2,280, (see voucher No. 1
to abstract herewith) making in all
"Sixth The expenses incident to
the circulation of 18,000 copies pf thfc
Sunday editions of the Havana Post
containing editorial writings on rec
iprocity, $750.
"Eighth To the Havana Post for
printing and circulating certain
pamphlots on reciprocity, $800; total,
"The foregoing is, to the best of my
knowledge, tho total amount of tb.9
disbursements for. the cause of rec
iprocity called for in tho resolution of
congress of Juno 23, 1902."
Potosi (Mo.) Independent: If the
leaders of the democratic party
throughout the United States do not
take into account the deep-rooted con
victions of the great mass of the vot
ers of their party in making plat
forms and selecting candidates, they
niay expect to come to grief, or cause
the disastrous defeat of their organi
zation. It looks now as if the bolters
of 1896 were coming back to the or
ganization for the express purpose of
wrecking It. Tho state administra
tion will have to rid itself of the recal
citrants within tho next two years.
1 1
At all ocug afore.
25 Doms 25c