The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 28, 1902, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner
Vol. 2, No 10.
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Weekly News Summary
. At Chatham, Mass., whilo engaged
In the roscuo of the crow of the strund
od bargo "YVndona, tho life-boat cap
sized and oloven porsona were
drowned. . ,
John Dillon, nationalist, waa hus
pondod from tho houso of commons
March 10 for reforrmg to Joseph
Chamborlain as a liar. The suspen
sion 's for ono week.
Tho forolgn residonts of Japan have
refused to pay tho now taxes on prop
erty, claiming that it is a violation of
treaties and tho question is to bo
definitely settled between the powers
and Japan.
Roar Admiral John A. Howell, presi
dent of tho naval retiring board, and
next to Admiral Dewey tho ranking
o'fllcor of tho navy, reached the ago of
G2 years March 15 and was placed on
tho retired list.
A dispatch from Berlin announces
that great dissatisfaction is felt in
Gormany on account of tho evident
partiality that is being shown to tho
transportation of American goods by
Gorman steamship lines.
In a suit hold in New York against
tho Northern Pacific railroad com
pany, it developed that tho firm of J.
Piorpont Morgan & Co. had traded
$78,000,000 of tho stock of this com
pany for Northern securities.
Tho pier of tho Phoonix steamship
lino at Hoboken, N. J., was destroyed
by firo March 38. Tho steamer Brit
ish Queen was consumod, also a large
amount of cotton bales and hay. The
loss will approximate $1,000,000.
In tho houso of commons March 18
tho war secretary, Mr. Broderick, an
nounced that Lord Wolselev's trip to
South Africa was an ontirely private
affair, tho object of his visit being in
no way connected with tho war 6fllco.
At tho celebration of tho 126th anni
versary of the evacuation of Boston by
tho British, a monument on Dorchester
Heights was unveiled. Honry Cabot
Lodge delivered tho oration and Ad
miral Schley was the guest of honor.
Late advices from Venezuela con
corning tho revolution seem to assert
tho supremacy of tho rebels over tho
government forces. Provisions are bo
coming scarco in Panama as tho small
Louts are no longer able to communi
cate with tho neighboring towns.
A new cabinet has been formed in
Spain with Sonor Sagasta as premier
and .General Woylor as minister of
war. According to tho Associated
press dispatch of March 15, the queen
regent commanded Senor Sagasta to
form a new cabinet to take the place
of tho ono that resigned March 13.
A dispatch from Havana announces
ttlmt a sentiment is growing in Cuba
In favor of an open door policy wUh
regard to reciprocity to all nations and
that if the United States shall make
a less reduction in the tariff than 50
per cent, tho government of Cuba will
demand the immediate right to make
commercial treaties.
In tho houso of commons on March
18, Sir Honry Campbell-Bannerman,
-the liberal leader, asked for an inves
tigation of the whole commercial his
. tory .of the South African war. jn
the house of. lords, tho premier, Lord
Salisbury, was called upon to defend
tho government's rigorous methods in
Capo Colony. Ho Insisted that there
was enough of armed resistance in
the Cape to fully justify tho applica
tion of martial law.
tho republican caucus in tho houso.
This plan provides for a 20 per cent re
duction of duty and limits tho duration
of tho reduced rates to December 1,
On March 21 the house passed tho
river and harbor bill. It carries an
appropriation of $G0,688,2G7.
Washington dispatches intimate
that President Roosevelt will force
Gonoral Miles' retirement on account
of tho statements attributed to Gen
oral Miles before the congressional
On March 18 the house heard sev
eral arguments on tho pending eight
hour bill. Messrs. Payson and Mc
Cammon, representing a number of
large corporations, spoke against the
bill, and President Gompers of the
federation of labor, spoke in favor
of it.
The senate committee on foreign re
lations has mado concessions to the
houso by deciding that reciprocity
treaties affecting the revenue are to
be amended so as to provide that these
treaties shall ta'ko effect when ap
proved by congress. This means tha't
these treaties must have the approval
of tho house as well as of the senate.
March 20 General Miles appeared be
fore the senate committee on military
affairs and, dispatches report, an
nounced his intention of resigning if
tho bill introduced by Senator Hawley
for tho organization of a general staff
for the army should become a law.
Tho reason ho gave is that tho bill
would destroy unity of the army .and
leave its management in the hands
of tlie favored few.
General Miles made a request to be
sent to the Philippine islands and
there allowed to employ methods sim
ilar to those used by him so success
fully in his Indian campaigns. This
request, however, has been denied by
tho president, and the war department
as they hold that the war is "already
about at an end, and the adoption of a
change of policy would bo unfair to
those whoso work there has brought
about almost complete pacification."
debate ensued, after which amend
ment after amendment designed to
improve tho measure was voted down.
The six republican senators who voted
against tho bill on its final passage
voted with the supporters of tho bill in
order to defeat the amendments pro
posed by the democrats.
The bill for the protection of the
president passed the senate March 21.
Mr. Patterson mado a speech in oppo
sition to the bill. Mr. Fairbanks spoke
in support of the measure and the bill
was nassed after tho rejection of all
amendments by a vote of 52 to 15. The
bill provides that any person within
the United States who shall willfully
and maliciously kill the president or
any officer on whom the duties of
president may devolve, or any sover
eign of a foreign country, or shall at
tempt to kilFany of the persons named
shall suffer death; that any person
who shall aid, abet, advise or counsel
the killing of any of the persons
named or shall conspire to accom
plish their death, shall be imprisoned
not exceeding twenty years; that any
person who shall threaten to kill or
advise Or counsel another to kill the
president or any official on whom the
duties of president may devolve, shall
be imprisoned not exceeding ten years;
that any person who shall willfully
aid in the escape of any person guilty
of any of the offenses mentioned shall
be punished as a principal. Tho sec
retary of war is directed to detail
from tho regular army a guard of offi
cers and men to protect tho president
"without any unnecessary display,"
and the secretary is authorized to
make regulations as to the dress, arms
and equipment of such guard.
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Tho bill providing for tho repeal of
the war rovonuo taxes passed tho sen
ate March 21.
The Sibley plan with regard to Cu
ban reciprocity has been adopted by
Tho ship subsidy bill came up in the
senate on March 17th for consideration
and it was passed by a vote of 42 to 31.
Senator McLaurin of South Carolina,
elected as a democrat, voted for the
bill. All democrats present voted
against the bill and Senators Allison,
Dolliver. Proctor, Spooner, Quarles,
and Dillingham, all republicans, voted
against the measure. The debate of
tho day began with a speech by Mr.
Galllnger In favor of the bill.
Mr. Hanna appealed for the
passage of tho measure in be
fov tho passage of the measure in bo-
half of the business interests of the
country Mr. Clay of Georgia said
that while Mr. Hanna had made a re
markablo speech, ho had not answered
the questions which had been asked
by tho democrats. Mr. Hanna renlied
that he did not have time. Mr. Clay
retorted that Mr. Hanna might have
had a month and he could not answer
the questions that had been propound
ed by the democrats. Mr. Clay then
proceeded to speak in opposition to the
bill. Mr. Wellington spoke in behalf
of tho measure. Mr. Berry followed in
a speech against tho bill. Mr. Perkins
of California spoko in favor of the bill
and was followed by Mr. McLaurin of
Mississippi in opposition. A running
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Major General Otis again appeared
bofore the senate committee on the
Philippines March 18. He stated, in
reply to a question by Senator Hale
as to where the insurgents got their
supplies, that they had received 2,500
rifles from Admiral Dewey and. also
supplies from Hong Kong. On March
19, General Otis again appeared be
fore tho committee and the Associated
press dispatches say: Senator Patter
son continued his questioning and re
ferred to a letter dated September 6.
1898, addressed by General Otis, to
Aguinaldo, as "the commanding gen
eral of the Philippines forces," in
which ho spoke of the sacrifices made
by the revolutionary forces, "in the in
terest of civil liberty' General Otis
declared that this related to their deal
ings with the Spaniards. He admitted
that before the United States army ar
rived in Manila and for some little
time before they took possession, the
insurgents had the Spaniards hemmed
in in Manila. Ho denied that he led
Aguinaldo to believe that the United
States would not assume absolute sov
ereignty and governmental control
over the islands. Asked what he
meant by tho statement in his letter
that "rather than seo the ships of the
United States navy control the navig-
uuxe waters or tnese islands and its
army devastating their territory I
greatly prefer to advise my govern
ment not to send any more troops
nere." General Otis answered that
that was his opinion because he did
not .want to see any war. "I wanted
to conquer by peaceful means," said
ho, "but I gave the impression that
there were troops waiting." General
Otis said, answering an inquiry by
aenator waie, tnat had tho govern
ment taken him at his word, not to
send more troops, anarchy would have
reigned throughout the island. He
thought that his letter should be con
sidered as a whole. "That was a per
iod when I was laboring hard," said
he, "to keep the. peace, and to kcop
our men and officers from paying at
tention to the insults received from
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