The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 07, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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The Commoner.
' The decision that Clark and Wainwright are
d titled to tho bulk of tho praise is calculated to
lnduco "Fighting Bob" Evans to do a little maga
zinlng. You will look In vain in tho editorial col
umns of republican newspapers for regrets that
tho "gang"- won another victory in the Phila
delphia election.
The Commoner.
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THE COMMONER, Lincoln, Neb.
It scomB that reciprocity is merely tho ping
pong ball of protection.
Are- we to infer, Mr. President, that tho battle
cf San Juan hill was a colonels' battle?
Mr. Hill scorns to cling to tho opinion that
platforms aro mado to get in on, not to stand
It would seem high time that Author "Roose
velt recoivo a stinging reprimand from President
Tho "captains of industry" gave Prince Henry
a banquet, 'and tho "privates of Industry" footed
the bills. - ""
It also gives certain senators great pain when
"vested rights" got a blow on the. floor of tho
It will bo well to beware of tho plan for demo
cratic harmony that receives the unanimous ap
proval of tho republican editors.
The democratic party has passed the stage
when it will accept Janus platforms A "Janu3
platform" is one that faces two ways.
Collector of Customs Ivoy at Sitka, Alaska,
aeems to be strenuous enough to suit the stren
uous gentleman in tho White house.
Of course any intimation of an Investigation of
how certain senators secured their togas would
bo an insult to that gravo and dignfled body.
The Gage salary has shed a long string of
ciphers and Mr. Gage Is now preparing to assume
the-presidency of a New York financial concern.
It la. still possible to ascertain that New York
city has. a "reform administration" by referring -to-
tho November, 1901, files of tho daily papers.
. Lord Roseborry recently said: "I am think
ing of how wo are going to have, tho Boer and tho
Briton live, together after tho war Is over " A
acre pertinent question at this time would'seem
to bo how the British are going to terminate tho
war. w
Tho Nebraska banker who stole $160,000 has
been humiliated by being sentenced to the penl
tentiary for as many years as tho Illinois thief
who stolo a sot of harness.
. It will bo noticed that tho gentlemen who aro
quickest to desert democracy aro tho same ones
who aro always most interested in determining
the future of democracy.
In view of tho manner in which they secured
their senatorial togas it is not dif cujt to under
stand why some senators object to the election of
senators by direct vote of tho people.
Shall we send special representatives to Jolo
to roprosent us on the occasion when the sultan
of that batch of islands sets his Imported blood-'
hounds on the track of runaway slaves?
The Sultan of Sulu has asked for some Ameri
can bloodhounds to track down fugitive slaves.
It seems that several amendments to tho consti
tution have not followed the flag to Sulu.
The $10,000 a year saved by extinguishing the
torch of liberty In New York harbor will pay 25
per cent of the expenses of the American repre
sentatives to tho coronation of King Edward.
, Editor Whitelaw Reld, special representative
to the coronation, 'of King Edward,, and editor of,,
the New York Tribune, now spells it "honour."
Editor Reid seems to have a severe attack of it
Several senators who have never resented tho
openly made charge of bribery and boodling are
shocked at the very thought of a senator being
charged with having sold his vote for patronage.
Mr. Depew once referred to the "twin heresies
of repudiation and expansion." He should be very
careful how ho makes love to one of the twins
now. He may find himself courting the wrong
Advocates of "publicity" as a remedy for tho
trust evil, should bear in mind that the Detroit,
Mich., and Bellwood, Neb., banks were for many
years subjected to it. But the people did not
profit thereby.
Gentlemen who liken the annexation of tho
Philippines to the annexation of the territory em
braced in the Louisiana Purchase never read and
understood the tree' 7. ratifying tho Louisiana
Utinnh Ann
a m wUuQu.
The supremo court was quite ready to go out
side of tho constitution in deciding a case affecting
the freedom of alien peoples, but it was not quite
ready to go, outside of it in. order to- protect
Americans from the rapacity of the "mergers."
It is said that wo love In others that which we
lack ourselves. If the opposite Is true, and we
hate in others that which we find in ourselves
it may account for the fact that President Roose
velt condemned Senator Tillman's, pugilistic ten
dencieahy withdrawing the invitation to th
.white house.
Vol. a, No. 7
.,,,The New Jersey legislature has appropriated
$10,000 for the extermination of., the mosquito.
There are other pests in New Jersey.
The principal of a Massachusetts public school.
Issued an order forbidding pupils oating onions
and three pupils were expelled for violating tho
order. Still tho government seed bureau con-.
tinues to encourage rebellion in the schools by
distributing onion seed.
The. glory is settling down upon the captain
of. the Oregon, the commander of the Glouchester
and the gunners, but the prize money remains safo
in the keeping of the gentlemen who were in com
mand of the battleship that was not within sight
or sound of the battle.
The Iowa congressman who has several sons
snugly located in the army and several fat con
cessions in the Philippines is at home hustling; .
for a renomination. .While attending to selfish in
terests a few panels of his political fences were
allowed to become sadly dilapidated.
The fact that the shipping subsidy bill is be
ing seriously considered in the senate is an argu
ment in favor of electing senators by direct vote
of the people. A senator who had to go before
the people for a re-election would not dare to ad
vocate such an unjust and iniquitous measure. '
The Canadian member of parliament who
threatens to march an army of Canadians into the '
United States and annex us to Canada would bet
ter be careful. Before he could get his army out
of sight of the boundary line some American '
sheriff would throw the whole crowd into jail. .
At a speech at the seventy-fourth annual ban-. .
quet of the New England society in the city of
New York, December 22, 1879, Chauncey M. Depew
expansion and repudiation as "tw'n
spoke of
heresies." But that was when Mr ripnow ha a oc
casional spells of thinking and speaking for himself.
The civil service commission announces that
It is not opposed to government employes con
tributing to campaign funds, but Is opposed to.,
coercing the .employes into .contributing. This
position will please the gentlemen whoso duty it is
to secure contributions. Of course tho contribu-
tions will be "voluntary." -' A
In another column will be found an editorial
taken from the Omaha World-Herald commenting-,
upon child labor in the south. The factories o
tho south have been developing rapidly in recent
years, ana with their development has conio a
condition which calls for prompt action upon tho
part of those interested in the welfare of our race. .
ii Sad commentary on industrial and social !
conditions that laws should be necessary to pro-
tect society against the employment of children ;
during the years which should be devoted to ,
schooling. Whether the result is due to lack of '
wisdom on the part of the parent or to a grindin
necessity that, for the time being, seems To Tver- '
whelm the parental Interest, a remedy must be ap
plied at once. No citizen in any community no
S2,7 Hk? r IntelUgent' Is so far rved
from the humblest toiler that he can afford to bo
indifferent to the highest progress of all A boa v
dwarfed by early and incessant toil, a mind dark
ened by the absence of lnatnoUoaluiSo2
only a menace to the community, but they are bit'
terness in the cup of those who a e directly o
remotely responsible for the conditions that Pro!
iZTT SaVagQ brCast ia docil and harrn
less in. comparison with a brutalized human hem
him r' ? Veng"y wrongs, infltea upon
f,G in Wh0m grefld has siled the voice
of conscience and the dictates of mercy.
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