The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, March 07, 1902, Page 10, Image 10

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The Commoner.
Vol. 2, No. 6i,
i -
Weekly News
Floods, cnuscd by tho heavy snow
falls ahd rains, have causod serious
damage In Long Island, N. Y.
A consolidation,, undor. tho name of
thOvUuIted Stutes Fife Proofing com
pany) Is to be formed In Pittsburg, Pa.,
with a capital of $5,000,000.
' It is reported from Tollurldo, Colo.,
that fourtcon men lost their lives ns
the result of nn avalancho sweeping
down from tho mountains.
Genera! Castro's election as presi
dent of Vonezuola for Blx years, be
ginning February 20 last, has been
ratified by Ihe Venezuelan congress.
A meeting of tho mombors of the
"Universal Peace union was hold at
Washington, D. C. Tho object of tho
socioty is to promote universal peace.
At a result of tho recent controversy
botweon Sonators Tillman and Mc
Laurln of South Carolina in the sen
ate, thoy woro both formally censured
by tho senate.
' A treaty for tho preservation of
poaco among tho Central American
states was recontly signed at Corlnto.
Nicaragua, by the presidents of the
several republics.
Dr. Martinoz Silva, Colombian min
ister to tho United States, has been
replaced at Washington by Dr. Joseph
Vlnconto Concha, formerly minister of
war in the Colombian cabinet.
Tho states of Colorado, Wyoming
and Nebraska were represented in tho
Irrigation congress at Sterling, Colo.
About sovonty-fivo delegates woro pros
ont. Governor Savago of Nebraska
Tho Victor Huco centennial was ob
served throughout France, beginning
Fobruary 2G. A bust of tho great au
thor has boon presented to the city of
Rome by tho Franco-Italian league of
Secretary of Stato Hay has refused
to give permission to Rev. Dr. Thomas
and wife to ko to tho South African
republics to visit tho reconcentratlon
camps for tho purpose of" distributing
Two hundred school teachers, sent
by this government to teach in tha
" Philippines, sailed from Now York
February 23. It Is expected that they
will reach tho Philippines tho second
week In April.
A statement has boon made public
to tho effect that In tho recent strike
troubles in Barcoloua, Spain, GG per
sons have been killed since February
17, and that the number of wounded
cannot bo estimated.
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Tho intorstato commerce commis
sion has domanded of tho traffic man
agers of tho western railroads cer
tain data which thoy refuse to give.
It is said that tho commission will
try to enforce this request.
According to a report submitted to
President Roosevelt by Attorney Gen
eral Knox, Arthur E. Noyes, judge Oi
tho second division of tho Urtltad
States court for Alaska, was dismissed
from tho service for incompetency.
Tho Boer delegates to the United
States arrived in New York February
25. Thoy will call upon the president.
Over a thousand returning soldiers
from tho Philippines arrived on the
United States transport Hancock at
San Francisco, February 25.
Advices from Washington assert that
tho formal ceremonies incident to tlio
taking over of tho Danish West Indies
by tho United States shall be per
formed by the army. It Is anticipated
that the islands will bo placed with
Porto Rico under the control of Gov
ernor Hunt.
Rev. Joseph W. Cook, one of the best
known Indian missionary workers in
tho west, died in St. Louis February
25. Ho requested before his death
that ho might be buried at tho Yank
ton Indian agency, among the people
for whom ho had labored so long.
Attorney General Knox, acting by
orders of Prosidont Roosevelt, has in
structed the federal attornoy.of .Cali
fornia to institute proceedings against
tho corporations in that state which
aro operating in violation of the Sher
man anti-trust law.
On February 25, the schooner-yacht
Meteor, built for the emneror of Ger
many, was launched at New York. The
yacht was christened by Miss Alice,
daughter of President Roosevelt, in
tho presence of the president and
Prlnco Henry of Prussia.
I Tho recent disturbances among the
J students of St. Petersburg and Moscow
f on acount or the reports or uount Leo
Tolstois condition of health occa
sioned much trouble in those cities.
It. ia renorted that the nolice in at
tempting to disperse a largo gathering
of students in St. Petersburg wounded
many in tho struggle that ensued.
The Pekln correspondent of the Lon
don Times says in a dispatch to his
paper that conditions in Manchuria
aro unsatlsfactorv. and that the ani
mosity of the people toward the Rus
sian occupation is growing. Russia
declares she will relinquish nono of
her foothold there until the foreign
i tuuuui ui xicu j. am ucusca.
. ji n ronnrf. made by an
inspector concerning tho leasing of the
Indian reservation land in Thurston
county, Neb., it is recommended that
the Indians bo allowed to deal direct
ly with tho renter instead of doing
business through the agent and mid
dlemen. Congressman Robinson of
Nebraska made a strong speech in
favor of this policy during the discus
sion in the house somo days ago.
After many false reports of her re
lease, Miss Stone and her companion,
the captive missionaries, were liber
ated February 23, according to a uis
nfM, fmm Constantinople. It is also
reported that the United States govern
ment will ask Turkey to pay back the
$72,500 paid to the brigands as ransom
money, on the ground that the capture
was effected on Turkish soil. This
Turkey denies, however, and lays the
blame on Bulgaria.
A from General Smith,
under date of Manila, P. I., announces
the capture of tho Filipino general.
Lukban. by Lieutenant Strebler's
scouts. He has been taken to Laguna,
whero General Chaffee has ordered
that ho be treated as a prisoner of war
with the rank of an officer. An Amer
ican deserter named Dunston, who de
serted from company C of the 8th in
fantry, has also been captured.
New York World Washington dis
patch, February 24: "The United
States supreme court today delivered
its oninion In the case of minnesota
versus the Northern Securities com
panybrought to prevent the merg
ing of the Northern Pacific and the
Great Northern companies by injunc
tionin an application of the, state to
file a bill of complaint in tnat court.
The motion for leave to file tho bill
was denied on the ground that this
court is withput jurisdiction. Jude
Shiras, in. summing up tho judgment,
said that the state of Minnesota is ap
prehensive that a majority of the
stockholders of the Great Northern
and of the Northern Pacific Railroad
company have combined and made an
arrangement through tho organization
of a corporation of the state of New
Jersey, whereby such consolidation, a
joint control and management of the
Great Northern and Northern Pacific
Railway companies shall be affected as
will defeat and overrule the policy
of tho state in prohibiting the con
solidation of parallel and competing
lines nf rallwav. He helrt that it was
obvious that the minority stockhold
ers of the two railroad companies are
not represented in the controversy by
the companies whose stock they hold,
and their rights ought not to be af
fected without a hearing. , In mak
ing such investigation a court of equity
must insist that both sides of the con
troversy shall be adequately repre
sented and fully heard. When it ap
pears to a court of equity that a case
otherwise presenting ground for its
action cannot be dealt with because
Tnlco Laxattvo Broroo ' Oulnino TnblotoV All
dnurgiata refund tho ntonoy if it fails to cure.;
E. W. Grovo's 'slgnaturp is on each bo 3c,-2Sc i"
of the absence of essential parties, it
is usual for tho court, while sustain
ing tho "objection, to grant leave to the
complainant to amend by bringing 'in-1
such parties. But when it likewise
appears that necessary and indispens
able parties aro beyond the reach of.
tho jurisdiction of tho court, or that
wlien made parties, the jurisdiction of'
the court will thereby be defeated; for,
the court to grant leave to amend;
would bo useless. J. Pierpont Morgan '
was present when the opinion of ,the
court was delivered." ;;,
Lemons as a Medicine.
Lemon juice, sweetened with loa2
or crushed sugar, will relieve a cough.
For feverishness and unnatural
thirst, soften a lemon by rolling on a
hard surface, cut off the top, add sugar,
and work it down into the lemon with
a fork; then suck it slowly.
During the warm months a ;sensa
of coolness, comfort and invigoration
can bo produced by a free use of
For six large glasses of lemonade
use six large, juicy lemons; roll on a
hard surface, so that the juice can be
easily extracted. Peel and slice, add
sufficient sugar to sweeten and stir, It
well into the juice before adding tne
Hot lemonade will break up a. cold
if taken at tho start. Make it the
same as cold lemonade, only use
boiling water instead of cold water,
and use about one-half as much sugar.
The discomfort caused by sore and
tender feet may be lessened, if not en
tirely cured, by applying slices of lem
on on the feet.
A piece of lemon, or stale bread
moistened with lemon juice bound on
a corn, will cure it. Renew night and
morning. Tha first application -will
produce soreness, but if ,the treatment
is persisted in for -a. reasonabe .length
of time, a cure will be effected.
To cure chilblains, take a piece of
lemon. SDrinklo fine salt over it and
rub the feet well. Repeat if neces
sary. Lemon juice will relieve roughness
and vegetable stains on the hand3;
After having.'tlip hands in soapsucl&
rub them with -a nieee nf lemrm Tlinf.
will prevent, chapping and make itliQ,
hands soft ,and white. Farmers' Av'iy
vocate. ' Li
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