The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 28, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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The Commoner.
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THE COMA'iONER, Lincoln, Neb.
Of course Mr. Roid will take his plumbllne
along and see that Edward gots the crown on
. De Wet and Botha havo not been invited to
the coronation, but their presenco will bo felt on
that groat occasion.
The Washington Post quotes the Des Moines
Leader as a republican paper. Has the Leader
mislaid Its domino?
Tho evidence would seem to indlcato that
Kitchener mogaphones tho Boor. 'losses' and tele- .
paths tUo .British, -losses'
. Mr. Quay voted for an increase of the sena
torial salary. Mr .Quay Is not always unselfish .
In his agitation of tho plum treo.
It seems that tho British mulo buyers trusted
too much to that friendly feeling in their dealings
with thoso Missouri mulo raisers.
In thoir Lincoln birthday editorials the admin
istration organs were careful not to quote from
any of Lincoln's speeches or writings.
Lord Salisbury announces that he will not re
tiro until tho Boer war is concluded. Methuselah,
should got. ready to take second place.
Perhaps that "chief horse expert" is related
to tho man who told Joseph Chamberlain that ths
Boers could bo subdued in a few months.
- The dealer in Cuban bonds who offers a few
to .senators need not blush. Senator Quay ad
mitted that he speculated in sugar stock.
; Do Wett has onco more almost permitted
Kitchener to catch him. Kitchener is so enthus
iastic that ho has cabled for more troops.
. Uncle Sam has just returned something over
$350,000 to China. Such a proceduro is calculated
to wring the hearts of earnest patriots like Neeley.
It is interesting to know that the president has
the courage to condemn Sampson for one thing
namely, for trusting Schloy after "he most gravely
erred." J
"Wo must havo tho Philippines because their
trade is valuable!" shrieked tho administration
organs a few months ago. "We must enforce tho
tariff laws against Philippine trade!" shriek the
administration organs now. The logic of the
tariff organs usually jams its pilot into its ca
boose if given time.
The Commoner.
Tho Ohio congressman who. succeeded in rais
ing a breed of tailless dogs has also succeeded in
disproving the old theory that an Ohio man never
tried to do anything but get an office:
It is just as well that the Foraker definition of
treason is not tho law of the land. If it were
the land would be inhabited only by apologists
for loot and defenders of constitution, tinkering.
While deeply grateful to the European na
tions that declined tho Austrian suggestion, Undo
Sam feels that ho was amply able to take care
of that little Spanish fracas even If they had ac
cepted. The kind of "civil government" accorded to
tho pacified provinces in the Philippines is ex
plained by the fact that the habeas corpus writ
is not recognized by the military forces of tho
It now appears that Andrews, tho Detroit
bank wrecker, was selected to speak on "Prosper
ity" at the republican banquet on February 22,
but he withdrew from the program when he saw
tho crash coming.
Senator Foraker may not know it, but he is a
great humorist. He becomes wonderfully funny
every time he attempts to handle Senator Till
man. But there Is nothing funny about it to
Senator Foraker.
The Filipino provjnjcverribr who disap
peared with J4,00Q-of public monoy need not have
gone, to tho - trouble He could have claimed superior-
equipment of the American idea as exem
plified in tho Philippines.
Havo you written to your senators yet? If
not; write today. Don't delay. A postal card only
ccsts one cent and your request added to other
requests will secure the election of senators by
direct vote of tho people.
We refuse to believe the report that Whltelaw
Reid has placed an order for padded coronation
hose with a French manufacturing firm. Such
treason to American industry on the part of
Whitelaw Reid? Perish the thought!
- A reader of The Commoner desires to know
where he can find a book entitled "The Way Out
of the Wilderness." If any one knows and will
send the information to The Commoner on a
postal card, it will be forwarded to the inquirer.
Thoso who imagine that Senator Mason is
not in tho race for re-election should take note of
the fact that the senator is curbing his sentiments
wonderfully well. He needs the support of the
gentlemen whose Philippine policy he was wont to"
The lives of great men (like Lyman J.) all
remind us that wo (at least those of us who are
treasury officials) can make our lives sublime
(measured by money) by being kind to the trusts
while in office. But this fact was so well known
before that Mr. Gage's object lesson was not really
Prince Henry is to be entertained in Chicago
at a great ball to which- only the elect are in
vited. One of tho chosen few who was asked to
subscribe twenty-five dollars on the condition that
he should be invited responded that he would be
glad to contribute the amount to assist in showin
courtesy to a representative of the German -oyt
ornment, provided the entertainment was public
so that all might havo an opportunity to see the
Prince and learn that he was only a human being.
Vol. a7 No. 6
' "Those who enjoy a short story will beinter
er.ted in the following: r
"Do you drink?" ' ' ,
"That's my business, sir." .f
. "Have you any other .business?"
It is now claimed that 'tho Mayflower did .not
bear our Pilgrim Fathers from England to tho
stern and rock-bound coast. The iconoclast seems
1 never satisfied. It has been claimed that the con
tinental congress did not know what it was doing
when it adopted the Declaration of Independence.
Congressman Wheeler was unfortunate in us
ing language which republicans could miscon
strue, but he was right in condemning the sending
of special envoys to the coronation and he did
not miss it very far when he suggested that somo
of our people are more interested in rubbing up
against royalty than they are in showing proper
respect to the official representative of the Ger-
man government.
A reader asks where he can obtain informa
tion in regard to the increase in the circulation of
the currency since 1896. Any congressman can se
cure the information from the treasury depart
ment and doubtless would upon request. Secret
tafy Gage recently boasted that the money in cir
culation had been increased more than five hun-
dred millions since the 4th of March, 1897.
Now that the amendment providing for tho
popular ".election of senators is before the senate,
wouldn't it 'be a good ilan for the Virginia, Massa
chusetts and New Jersey legislatures to adopt res
olutions calling upon their senators to support
the. amendment? These states have not yet 'ex
pressed themselves on the subject, although, twen- -ty-seven
other states have.
- To show courtesy to the official representative
of a foreign government is entirely proper, but
how many of those who are especially anxious to
entertain the prince would be as much interested
in him if it were not for his close proximity to the
throne? How much of the attention will be due io
the fact that he is a representative of the German
people and how much will be due to the fact that
he is a prince?
The Courier Printing company of Syracuse,
N. Y., has issued a little book entitled "Famoua
Sayings by Famous Americans," edited by James
J. Neville. The first quotation, from Grover Cleve
land, is the phrase, "I am a democrat." It was
used by Mr. Cleveland in accepting the nomination
for mayor of Buffalo, October.25, 1881. Js it possi
ble that Mr. Cleveland's dislike for David B. Hill
grew out of the effort of the latter to appropriate
this phrase? Neither one of them seemed to at
tach much importance to it in the campaign of
The St. Joseph Daily News criticises Mr Bry
an's suggestion that this nation should through:,
its president express its sympathy for tho Boers.
The News says that such a thing would be "en
tirely out of place." It even suggests that Mr.
Bryan would not, if he were president, make
such a fool of himself." What reason has the
News for believing that Mr. Bryan would follow
the example set by Mr. Roosevelt and his imme
diate predecessor rather than the example sejt by
the earlier presidents who did not hesitate, even
when the republic was smaller, to express the sym
pathy which the people felt for thoso who were
lighting for liberty? The News seems to W
earned the imperialistic lesson quickly, and now.
,vu UJl, D uu instructor on the subject.