The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 28, 1902, Page 11, Image 11

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February 38, 190a
The Commoner.
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fir. Roosevelt's Decision.
In discussing tho question as to who
was in command in tho battle of San
tiago hay, Mr. Roosevelt contradicts
himself. Ho concludes that Admiral
Sampson wa3 In command and In or
der to sustain this position, he quotes
from several of the captains and also
points out that when Admiral Sampson
sailed away, ho hoisted tho signal,
"Disregard tho movements of the commander-in-chief,"
but did not hoist
tho signal to the second in command
to take charge. Mr. Roosevelt even
quotes Admiral Evans as saying that
he received no signal from the Brook
lyn and should not have heeded any if
any had been made, as he consid
ered Admiral Sampson as present and
in command. In the same statement,
however, Mr. Roosevelt, referring to
certain points in which Schley was
condemned by the court of inquiry,
says: "It seems that if Admiral
Schley was censurable, he should not
have been left as second in command
under Admiral Sampson." In another
place Mr. Roosevelt says: "If Ad
miral Schley was guilty of reprehensi
ble conduct of tho kind which callpd
for such notice from Admiral Samp
son, .then Admiral Sampson ought not
to have left Schley as senior officer
of the blockading squadron on the 3d
of July, while he (Sampson) steamed
In another place Mr. Roosevelt says:
"Admiral Schley, at the outset of the
action, hoisted the two signals of 'Clear
ship' and 'Close in,'" but, probably
fearful lest Schley would obtain the
slightest credit because of these facts,
Mr. Roosevelt adds that these acts
"were simply carrying out tho standing
orders of Admiral Sampson as to what
should be done If the enemy's ships
atttempted to break out of the harbor."
Mr. Roosevelt also admits that
"during 'the action not a single order
from him (Admiral Sampson) was re
ceived by any of the ships that were
ftfitivelv encaered." And yet after all
these statements, Mr. Roosevelt con-
1 nliirloa rhnt Admiral Kn.mTSOTl was In
Then, after devoting most of his ef
forts to tho question of the command,
Mr. Roosevelt concludes that, after all,
that question is one of nominal char
acter. In considering certain points
on which the court of inquiry had cen
sured Admiral Schley, Mr. Rooseyelt
points out that these offenses were in
effect condoned when the department
failed to call Schley to account for
them and when Admiral Sampson "left
Schley as senior officer of the block
ading squadron on the 3d of July,
when he (Sampson) steamed away."
Then Mr. Roosevelt says that the
court of inquiry "should have spe
cifically condemned tho failure to en
force an efficient night blockade while
Admiral Schley was in command."
This night blockade was also condoned
in the same way, and yet Mr. Roose
velt criticises the court for condemn
ing Schley on condoned offenses and
then coolly proceeds to criticise tho
court for not condemning Schley on
another condoned offense.
In several places in his statement
Mr. Roosevelt seems to take partic
ular pains to associate Mr. McKinley's
name with the matter under discus
sion. One cannot avoid the suspicion
that Mr. Roosevelt was seeking to pro
tect his decision from severe criticism
by appealing to the popular affection
for the dead president. Indeed, In ono
place Mr. Roosevelt bluntly says that
the matter before him "Is, in effect,
an appeal from the action of President
McKinley three years ago. And again
he says: "What I havo to decide
therefore, is whether or not President
McKinley did justice in the matter."
And then: 5n; another place Mr, Roose
velt says: " "I find that President Mc
Kinley did substantial justice and
there would be no. warrant for re
versing his action." And again Mr.
Roosevelt says: "Under such circum
stances it seems to me that the rec
ommendations of President McKinley
were eminently proper and that so far
as Admirals Sampson and Schley were
concerned, it would havo been an in
justice for him to havo made any other
If Mr. Roosevelt was really con
vinced that President McKinley was
on trial, Mr. Roosevelt was not in a
frame of mind to do justice to Admiral
Schley. Even though Mr. McKinley's
acts wore to be passed upon, Admiral
Schley would yet be entitled to justice;
but the truth is, that Mr. McKinley's
acts were not necessarily under con
sideration. "When Mr. McKinley sent
in hjs- recommendations for promo
tion of the various officers concerned
in tho Santiago squadron, he acted
upon Information that camo to him
from tho naval department which was
then under the control of men who
were hostile to Admiral Schley. Since
Mr. McKinley acted in these matters,
the court of inquiry has been held and
tho evidence has been presented. It
will be remembered that tho evidence
given before the court of inquiry
served to confirm the popular impres
sion concerning the battle of Santiago
bay and no one will be justified In say
ing that in the light of this testimony,
Mr. McKinley would have rendered a
decision adverse to Admiral Schley.
"Referring to Sampson and Schley,
Mr. Roosevelt says: "Thero was noth
ing done at the battle to warrant any
unusual reward for either;" and then
he says, "It was just to Admiral Samp
son that ho should receive a greater
advance in numbers than Admiral
Schley," and referring to the advance
ment of Sampson, Mr. Roosevelt said:
"It would have been unjust for him
(McKinley) to have made any other
If there was nothing done at the bat
tle to warrant any unusual reward for
either, it seems strange that Sampson,
who was not even a participant in the
battle, is entitled not only to receiv
ing the prize money, not only to a
greater advance in numbers than Ad
miral Schley, but is entitled to the
honor and credit of being known as
tho actual commander; while Schley,
who, to say the least, was in the battle,
not only is deprived of any honors or
credit, but is actually the recipient of
a severe condemnation.
The really serious feature of the
president's statement is that relating
to the loop. Mr Roosevelt condemns
tho loop and gives a finely veiled hint
of cowardice when he says: "This
kind of danger must not be too nicely
weighed by those whose trade it Is to
dare greatly for the honor of the flag.
Moreover, the danger was certainly not
as great as that which, In the self
same moment menaced Wainwright's
fragile craft as he drove forward
against the foe."
In his statement of facts concerning
the battle of which statement Mr.
Roosevelt says, "There is no room for
doubt on any important point," Mr.
Roosevelt says: "For some minutes
the Spanish and American vesselB
steadily approached each other and the
fighting was at its hottest stage. Then
tho already damaged Spanish ships
turned to the westward, while at the
same time tho westernmost American
vessel, the Brooklyn, which was near
est the Spanish line, turned -to the east
ward, making a loop of three-quarter
circle, at the end of which she again
headed westward, farther off from
and farther behind the Spanish vessels
(Continued on Pago 12.)
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