The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 28, 1902, Page 10, Image 10

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    Vol. 2, No. 6;
Tne Commoner.
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Weekly News Summary
A bill I'opoaling iho war rovonw;
taxes was passed by tho senato Feb
ruary 17.
Itov. Nowman Hall, D. D a well
known dlvlno, died In London, Feb
ruary 18. t
Fobruary 21 a flro broko out In a
Now York liotol and It Is estimated
that fifty lives woro lost.
On Fobruary 17 tho senate ratified
tho troaty with Donmark ceding to
tho United States tho Danish West
Reports received In London from
dlfforont parts of Africa announce the
discovery of rich finds of gold and
Agonts of tho BrltlBh army havo pur
chased 3,000 horses In tho west to be
shipped to South Africa for use In tho
British army.
Socrotary of tho Navy Long has con
firmed tho statomont that ho contom
plates tendoring his resignation as a
cabinet officer.
Tho house commltteo on territories
has roported favorably on tho bill for
tho admission of Now Mexico, Arizona
and Oklahoma as states.
Rev. George Carter Needham died at
Philadelphia, Pa., Fobruary 1G. He
was ono of tho co-operators with Mr.
Moody In his evangelistic work.
As a result of tho Anglo-Japanese al
liance, the ministry at Seoul, Corea.
lias been changed by tho appointment
of now ministers of war and finance.
Seventeen hundred men, employed In
tho Singer manufacturing plant at
South Bend, Ind., are striking for ar.
Increase of 2 cents per hour in thoii
Tho worst snowstorm since tho great
blizzard of 1888 raged In tho eastern
portion of tho United States, being
especially sovoro In New York and
Now Jorsoy.
Tho house committee on .interstate
and foreign commerce will make a fav
orable report to tho passage of a bill
providing for government ownership
of a Pacific cablo.
A cablegram from Constantinople
announces, that tho Bulgarians are
planning to obtain the assistance of
the Greeks In a raid Into Macedonia
tho coming spring.
Somo of tho Indian tribes in Indian
territory aro becoming incensed at the
Take Laxative Bromo Qulnino Tablets. All
drueeiatn refund tho monoy if it fails to euro.
B. W. Grota s signature- is on each box, 23c.
springing up of now towns all over tho
Crook country and it is feared that
serious trouble will occur.
Tho Battle Creek sanitarium at Bat
tlo Creek, Mich., was burned to the
ground Fobruary 18. The property
loss Is estimated at about $400,000.
The 400 patients In tho Institution escaped.
A cablogram from Manila, under
dato of Fobruary 19, announces the
surrender of what Is believed to be
tho largest existing band of insurgents
in Batangas province, to the United
States authorities.
J. P. Morgan & Co. distributed a
dividend of $10,000,000 among the
stockholders of tho United States Steel
corporation. Tho dividend represents
5 per cent of the stock for which th
syndicate is liable.
Tho largest vessel ever built in the
United States was launched at Cramps'
shipyard in Philadelphia, February 19.
It is tho Russian steamship Kronland,
and has accommodations for 1,300
As a result of tho recent earthquake
at Sharnaka, Tifiis, two thousand peo
ple, mostly women and children per
ished, 4,000 houses were destroyed and
It is estimated that 34 villages around
Sharnaka also suffered severely.
The president has sent to the senato
a message recommending the retire
ment of Naval Constructor Richmond
P. Hobson. Weakness of Mr. Hob
son's eyes is alleged as the cause of his
request to be put on the retired list.
A cablegram from Rear Admiral
Hlgginson announces the safe arrival
of tho Nprth Atlantic squadron at
Clcnfuego, Cuba. After a trip about
tho northern coast of Venezuela, they
will shape their course northward.
A dispatch from Panama, under date
of February 20, says that it is positive
ly known that tho government forces
under General Gastro and tho revolu
tionary troops are fighting. The scenn
of the conflict is between 30 and 40
miles southwest of Panama.
A Madrid, Spain, cablegram an
nounces that February 17 the queen
regent signed a treaty of friendship
with tho United States. It is also re
ported that Goneral Weyler, tho min
ister of war, will submit to tho cortes
a proposal to reduce the Spanish armv
by four army corps.
Advices from Chllpanclngo, Mex
?SmrtitlmVh? City Is still Bifforms
from the effects of the recent earth
quake shocks and great alarm now pro-
. m,wum, ut cue uiscovery of
seven small openings in tho mountain
from which smoke is issuing. Earth
quake shocks still continue.
Tho recent, , Anglo-Japanese treaty
has been seconded by tho United
States, as is shown by this govern
ment sending a note to China and Rus
sia in line with tho agreement. It is
believed that Germany has done the
same and that no nation will receive
special favors in Manchuria.
During the debate in the senate on
the Indian appropriation bill, Mr.
Smith, delegate from Arizona, de
nounced tho eastern schools for Ind
ians as doing more harm than good to
thorn. He insists that the Indian
should be educated in tho environment
in which he must live.
It is reported from Barcelona, Spain,
that on account of the strike disturb
ances that have occurred in that city,
It has been put under military rule.
Several conflicts have taken place be
tween the soldiers and the strikers.
It is announced that the anarchists aro
tho primo movers in the disturbance.
News has been received in England
sustaining the contention of a rigid
press censorship in South Africa. Com
mandant Kritzinger, who was captured
by the British in December last, was
to bo tried February 16. The "Belgian
league in Brussels has appeal to Pres
ident Roosevelt to use his efforts in
preventing the execution of this man.
The president has signed a bill for
bidding the sale of intoxicants, opium,
and firearms by American citizens in
any island of the Pacific ocean inhab
ited by semi-civilized nations. -Secretary
Hay has asked the British gov
ernment to join ours in submitting to
othor commercial powers a universal
treaty to make this provision binding
upon all nations.
Representative Cochran, who intro
duced the resolution inviting Presi
dent Kruger to visit the United States
as the guest of the nation, has received
a letter signed by three members of
the Boer delegation thanking him for
his efforts in the Boer behalf. They
also appeal to this government to call
r. congress of the powers in the inter
est of peace.
During the discussion of the perma
nent census bill by the senate, amend
ments were proposed admitting that
persons who had served as soldiers In
tho United States army are to have
preference in the matter ot certifica
tion; that all except skilled laborers
be placed under the provisions of the
civil service rules, and for the ap
pointment of an assistant director or
tho census at a salary of $4,000 per
year. The bill was passed Feb
ruary 17.
In the course of a debate on the
Philippine tariff bill on Saturday, Feb
ruary 22, Senator McLaurln of South
Carolina charged Senator Tillman
with having uttered a falsehood. Sen
ator Tillman resented the charge with
a blow and the two senators engaged
in a spirited fight. They were sep
arated without serious damage being
done to either. Both senators aro held'
to be in contempt of the senate and
that body is yet to determine the pen
alty that will be exacted.
Reflections In a Lumber Yard. ,
These boards are like the people that
I know; . ,,, ,'
There's one thats broad and strong
and it somo day
May fill a wide space well and show ;
Off splendidly to all who pass that
way. ' '
And this one's rough,-yet down below'
That unenchantlng surface there'
may be .
The soundest substance or the finest,
Ah, here is one that sun and wind'
and rain
Have sadly warped. The selfsame tree
From which it came perhaps has"
yielded others still
That, polished well and fitted nicely
Important places; and if they were
With minds they doubtless would
That they are finely dressed,
While this warped thing, this rude, ,
Discarded piece of lumber, lies
Out here because 'twas ne'er as wise
Or of such worth as they
Yet, truth to tell, some little whim ot
Some small, unnoticed circumstance,
May -have laid out the parts for them
to play.
Yon board is smooth a little short-
it slides along .
But is it of much worth or sound or
And this one's narrow, formed to fit
Within a little space; yet haply it. .
If made a reasoning thing, wouli
To be in some wide place and never
In failing of its fond desire, why,
But sadly charge the world with
These boards are much like men I
know and I
I wonder if I'm broad and strong and
' sounds
Like this one, or a poor, warpprt
piece like that
The workman stands a moment gazing
And then throws out, to He,
Unneeded and condemned, around?
S. E. Kiser, in Chicago Record-Herald.
Ilero Is a 14-K Bold filled watch, dur.
able, well made, doweled, stem
wind, Btem sot and looks
elegant, tiuarnctccri 20 Year.
Solid "No nrnnnv. Ronrt
us your name, addi ess and
Mk-uruHb express omco ana
wo will pend you tho watch.
You examine It and If 16
looks as v ollns any $40 natch
pay exprpsa agent t3.75 and
tu watch Is yours, together
With chain nml nlmm r
pfe Oronts or COlneh lorgnette)
Afi chain for 'ladles. Kst.25yrs.
280 K. 48d8t..ihlca8o.
l JKitf W;ri2P TCnW'lw.
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