The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, February 21, 1902, Page 11, Image 11

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    February 31,190c
The Commoner.
Bailey on Judicial Salaries. '
The following extract from Senator
Bailey's speech on the bill to increase
the salaries of the supreme court
judges presents several points which
are well worthy of consideration:
I must assume that when the senate
voted down the proposition to increase
the salaries of its own members and
the members of the house of represen
tatives it did so because it believed
that tie members of this body and of
the other house are not entitled to an
increase in their compensation. I
know there are some men uncharitable
enough to say that they voted it down
because they feared to do what was
right when the right happened to be
In their own interest. I, myself, am
not at liberty to assume such a fact,
and I conclude that it was the senate's
deliberate judgment that the present
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salary of both senators and represen
tatives is entirely sufficient; I must
draw tho same conclusion with refer
ence to the salary of cabinet officers.
Then wo have this peculiar condition
of affairs, that in tho judgment of tho
senate that particular class of govern
ment officials who, excepting tho pres
ident alone, already draw tho highest
salaries, hold their offices for tho long-
est term, have the least expense in exe
cuting tho duties of their place, and
undergo the least drudgery, are the on
ly officials in the service of the gov
ernment who are entitled to an. in
crease in their compensation. The
judges of the supremo court today
work fewer hours in every day and
fewer days in every year than any
member of this body who faithfully
meets and discharges his duties. If it
be said that the honor of that station
is greater than the honor of this, then
I answer that this is all tho more rea
son why its salary should not be so
The truth is, Mr. President, that In
fixing tho salaries of high public of
ficials they ought all to be so adjusted
that tho salary itself should never
become an inducement to seek or to
accept a great office. The salary should
be so fixed as to enable the occupant
to support himself and his family in
decency and comfort, and no more. All
above this reasonable provision ought
to be the honor of tho place, and that
ought to appeal to tho ambition and
not tho greed of an American citizen.
I believe our salaries are now sufflc
ient; not that we could not realize
more from our professional or business
engagements, but not one amongst us
came here for the salary; all came for
the honor of the place. If you were to
double the salary you would not add
to the honor, nor would you add very
much to the comfort of the members
You would simply add to the exac
tions which are levied against, us;
you would probably double the
charges of all the taverns in tho city
probably double the prices of all the
tradesmen with whom we deal, for th3
rule in Washington seems to bo to
assess us so that there shall be noth
ing at the end of each year anyway.
But even if it' would increase our
comfort to increase our salaries, I
would still contend that the salary
ought never to be made an Incentive
for any man to seek or to accept this
But while that is true of us who
serve in the legislative department, is
it not also true of those who serve in
a judicial capacity? The chief justice
of the United States hold tho highest
prize of the greatest profession in th9
world; it is the very topmost round
in the profession of tho law, and sure
ly, having reached that, ho ought to be
content with the honor and a salary
sufficient to keep him in decency and
comfort. ,
Mr. President, the greatest curse of
official life In Washington Is that It is
fast becoming Impossible for a poor
man to support the expense. We have
heard it asserted that cabinet officers
have been compelled to resign their
places because $8,000 a year would not
provide for their expenses. Do you
expect to remedy that bv Increasing
tho salaries? No, sir. You simply in
crease the appetite for more by yielding-
to tho demands of today. Give
them $12,500 and still tho disparity be
tween their expenditures and their
luxuries would be as great when com
pared with the circle next above them
as it is today. You can go on increas
ing the salaries of those who serve
the government until you make them
so great that the offices are sought for
the sake of the salaries, thus dimin
ishing the honor without satisfying
the occupant.
I undertake to say that there Is no
man who faithfully and diligently
serves a plain republican form of gov
ernment who cannot meet all reason
able expenses upon the salaries now
paid; and when you make the salaries
great enough not only to justify, but
to invito extravagances, you do tho
people who pay tho salaries and tho
officers who receive them an injury.
My Maryland.
(By James R. Randall.)
The despot's heel Is on thy shore,
Mary 1 and 1
His torch is at thy temple door,
Avenge the patriotic gore
That flecked tho streets of Baltimore,
And bo tho battle, queen of yore,
Maryland, My Maryland.
Hark to thy wandering son's appeal.
My mother state, to thee I kneel,
For life and death, for woe and weal,
Thy peerless chivalry reveal,
And gird thy beauteous limbs with
Maryland, My Maryland.
Thou wilt not cower in tho dust,
Thy beaming sword shall never rust,
Remember Carroll's sacred trust,
Remember Howard's warlike thrust,
And all thy slumberers with tho just,
Maryland, My Maryland.
Come, 'tis the red dawn of the day,
Come with thy panoplied array,
With Ringgold's spirit for tho fray,
With Watson's blood at Monterey,
With fearless Lowe and dashing May,
Maryland, My Maryland.
Dear mother, burst the tyrant's chain,
Virginia should not call in vain,
She meets her sisters on the plain;
"Sic semper!" 'tis the proud refrain
That baffles minions back amain,
Maryland, My Maryland.
Come, for thy shield is bright and
Come, for thy dalliance does thee
Come to thlno own heroic throng,
That stalks with liberty along,
And give us a new key to thy song,
Maryland, My Maryland.
I see the blush upon thy cheek,
But thou wast ever bravely meek,
But lb! there surges forth a shriek
From hill to hill, from creek to creek,
Potomac calls to Chesapeake,
Maryland, My Maryland.
Thou wilt not yield the Vandal toll,
Thou wilt not crook to his control,
Better the fire upon thee roll,
Better the shot, the blade, the bowl,
Than crucifixion of the soul,
Maryland, My Maryland.
I hear the distant thunder hum,
The Old Line's bugle, fife and drum,
She Is not dead, nor deaf, nor dumb
Huzza! she spurns the Northern scum;
She breathes, she burns she'll come!
she'll come!
Maryland, My Maryland.
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