The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, December 13, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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The Commoner.
I Whether Common or Not.
Writing To Santa Glaus.
With infinite care and many a pause
She's writing a letter to Santa Claus.
Her pink cheeks are dimpled, her brown eyes shine,
Her fingers are guiding the pen aright;
And a wish she writes in every line
That must go by post in the fire tonight,
For the note that is signed with baby's name
Will haste, away on the dancing flame.
Postage is free
To girls and boys
Who send their notes .'.. ,' .-...
. . To Land o' Toys.
rrk .
She's making a curve for a waxen doll, - v
And a big, black blot for a parasol.
She knows that old Santa will understand J-
Each mark she is making upon the sheet;
And she changes her pen from hand to hand, i;,
While over her- cheek chase the dimples sweet.
a ' Writing to Santa God grant, he gives
i An answer to every sweet tot that lives.
Over tjie snow .'"-,'
:'! 1 . Without a pause ; ;-'' - .- ::
''"' Tlie sweet notes go '
i To Santa Claus. .
1 . ' "
..(vi. , "JS
i . . , And Santa awaits in his north retreat v ' - -'"..,
' -For the postman's knock and the missives Sweet.
.V ' '.-Arid he smiles and chuckles the while he reads
''$. The marvelous writing of boys and girls
i.o "'Quaint and curious are the blotted screeds . ., '
Of dashes and dots, and of quirks and curls..r: ..
But all are as plain as your A, B, Cs ' '.
To Santa who reads with the utmost ease,
For baby marks ''..'".'.'
In polar glint
To Santa Claus
Are plain as print.
an automobile I joined him In pleading
for mercy.
"There are no trees in this neighbor
hood largo enough to hang him upon,"
I argued.
"Well, we are going to hang him to
a telegraph pole," angrily retorted a
member of the mob.
Whereupon the prisoner burst Jnto
loud laughter and appeared to be en
joying a huge joke. -'
"Shut up," growled the master o'f
ceremonies. "This is no time for
laughing." '
"But this is the age of the wireless
telegraph," cachinnated the prisoner.
"Foiled!" hissed the leader. Then
turning up his heel he gave the signal
to disperse.
Under the Mistletoe.
I caught her beneath the mistletoe
The day had died and the lights were
Under the mistletoe.
She bent her head with a modest
mein K
She who reigned in my heart a
She struggled not as I raised her head
To kiss her warm lips rosy red .
Under the mistletoe.
Juss .then come one turned on the
"light. ...
I started back in sheer afright
My .TSiTris held not my precious maid)
But rcr brother, dressed for a mas
querade Under the mistletoe. t
A Christmas Wish.
Say,; Santa, when my. .stocking hangs
I wish with all my heart and soul
That you would gently place therein
About two thousand pounds of coal.
And with -this hint I'll hang it up
On Christmas eve iirplainest sight,
And hope to wake on Christmas morn
To find a ton of anthracite. -
He Had Left.
Miss Boston Baque "Mr. Porkerly,
did, you ever feel that longing 'for the
infinite; that soulful desire for a moro
perfect grasp of the beyond?"
Mr. Porkerly (of Chicago) "Have I?
Well, I should smile. I always feel
it when 1 put up margins on pork."
Never Failed.
The committee laid the matter In
hand beforo the representative from
the 'Steenth district.
. "This is a matter of grave concern
.to us," said the spokesman, "and we
trust you will take extra care to see
that it is attended to."
. "Gentlemen," replied Representative
Cynch, drawing himself up to his full
height, "I" always take extras."
Woman's Ways.
Miss Goodhart (2:25 p. in., on her
way to University Campus) "0, see
that brutal man beating that poor,
halL'-starved horse because it cannot
start that heavy load!"
Miss Goodhart (3:15 p. m., as her
colors bucked the lino in a desperate
ondeavor to make the five yards)
Rah, rah! Sis-boom-ah! Eat 'em up,
eat 'era up, rah, hoop-la! Good, they
disabled the half-back of the Scrub
ton's! Smash him! S-M-A-S-Il
H-I-M!! That's the stuff! Hooray,
they're carrying anothor Scrubton stirC
off on a stretcher! Once more! That's
it. T-H-A-T-'-S IT! A. touchdown for
And in her excitement Miss Good
hart swung her hat until the two pig
eons and a parrot thereon, were torn
into fragments.
i In .1922.
"Sparo me! "'screamed the wretched
"There is no mercy for such as you,"
replied the leader of the mob.
Naturally I asked the cause of all the
For three NEW subscriptions at
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For Sale.
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the Christian College, and a block at
University Place, Nebraska, near Wes
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move to either of these towns for the
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can obtain a bargain by addressing
Geo. E. Waite, No. 324 So. 12th St.,
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Educate Your Children.
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also the same distance from Cotner
University, Bethany, Neb., (both be
ing suburbs of Lincoln) is an elegant
six-room cottage for sale cheap. The
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uated on high ground, overlooking- slta
surrounding country as far as the eye
can reach. Good barn, wagon shed,
chicken house, pens, etc. Unlimited
amount of good water, windmill, 100
barrel tank from which the five acres
on which the 'house is located could be
irrigated. Abundance of grapes, chor-.
ries, apples and plums, also a few
young peach trees. If interested ad
dress, M. T. Howey, 1207 D st., Lin
coln, Neb.
tmnhlft. nrrt unnn holiif n1r1 tVinf li
w ., , , . w -w, . wMn vy.u bUMU luw
Kill 'em! Knock their heads off! prisoner had been guilty of stealing
Brain Leaks.
Luck is jellied pluck.
A" half truth is a whole lie.
He who borrows trouble pays usury.
Where there's a will there's a lawyer.
Never buy a bald-headed barber's
hair tonic.
Better a happy old maid than a sor
rowful young wife.
Many dogs are given the caresses
that children pine for.
Some men think they are candid
when they are only stupid.
The average boy generally imagines
that his wisdom teeth are several years
late in "arriving.
There is a vast difference between
being dyspeptic and being religious,
but some men never learn it.
. Will M. Maupin.
Mrs, IVlnslow's Soothing Syrup.
Has boon used for over sixty ieajis by mil
lions of mothers for their oiiildren while
cubes vtInd colic, and is tho best remedy for
-DXARB1I03A. . jSold by Druggists in every part of
the world., Bo sure and ask for "Mrs. Winelow's
Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. Twen
ty 'five cents a bottle.. It is tho beat of all.
Tho same being a Book in
which appears Divers and
Sundry Versos nnd Sketches
from the Trenchant Type
writer of the Architect of
Whether Common or Not
It is not a cpllectlon of "litorary
gems," but a collection of slcotchcs
and poems written in tho hurry and
worry of nowspapor work. But you
will enjoy them. Tho stories aro of
human intcrost nnd tho vorses about
homely things and affairs. A neat
book of 180 pages, woll printed, cloth
bound, with fac similo of tho author
and his cob pipo nnd writing ma.
chino on tho cover. Tho book will
bo sent postpaid on rocoipt of 75c in
postage stamps, money ordors, bank
drafts, silver or certified checks.
Tho author flhcorfully admits that
hundreds of bettor books have been
published, but insists that no othor
author wants to soil his works any
moro than he does. Ho wants to en
jo; Christmas hlmsolf.
j6iu douvu mill at.,
. Lincoln, Neb.
. a.