The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, December 13, 1901, Page 11, Image 11

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The Commoner.
If yon. have BhoumatlBm, Goat, Lumbago, Sciatica,
try "Gloria Tonic." A BO cont box froo to all who
axe willing to glvo this precious remedy a faithful
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eons bavo boon cured through this wondorful specific
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Cross Purposes.
Father "You want a wife, my boy."
Son "Indeed I don't, sir."
Father "I mean that you ought to
take one."
Son "Whose shall I take?"
Father "Don't be so silly; I mean
that you ought to marry some nice
girl or other."
Son "Whom?"
Father "Whom you please."
Son "No, if I've got to marry I'd
rather have one who would please me."
I A a A
Veclarntlon of Independence. Constltu
tlonoft o U. K.. AH Matloiinl JPJntformn
of all political parties rlnco th ir formation, to
and including 1900. J?rlce, 25 OiUm. Ono and
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L. St Mary'H, Kansas.
A Mining Paper Free
Tho North Amorican Minor, a paper devoted to
the interests of those dosiring to purchaso Gold
and Copper stocks. Writo for No. 12 containing
articln on greatest copper district on tho American-Continent;
also how $100 invested produces
$10 monthly, $2,100 yearly; $115,000 now being
offered for the original investment of $100.
Wheeler & Co. Bankers & Brokers 32 Broadw'y N.Y
Bankers Life
Xvery Polioy Scoured by a Deposit -with
the Stat of Nebraska.
Weekly News Summary.
(Continued from Pago Ten.)
tariff Is to he used for the government
of tho islands.
Republican leaders announce their
intention of passing a bill to increase
the salaries of tho judges of the su
preme court, and of the judges of the
circuit an dthe district courts.
The Standard Oil company has ac
quired a monopoly of the oil business
of Borneo and Bast Africa. This ac
complishment was achieved through
the purchaso of the Shell lino of
steamers. '
Senator Hale has introduced a bill
authorizing the appointment of four
vice admirals. It is claimed that this
has no bearing on the Sampson-Schley
affair, because it takes only the first
four rear admirals which does not in
clude Sampson.w ho will retire from
the active list in February, 1002.
Schley's friends fear, however, that
If the bill should be passed, one or
two of the high grade rear admirals
would retire and thus made room for
Sampson. As Schley has already re
tired, this would put Sampson on a
superior footing.
Judge Dunne has released on a writ
of habeas corpus Messrs. Lawson "and
Canfleld, the representatives of the
Chicago American, who were held for
'contempt by Judge Hanecy. Judge
Dunne holds that the criticism was
made against a final order made by
Judge Hanecy and that although this
order had not been made rf .matter of
record, criticism of it did not constitute
a contempt of court.
The Canal Treaty.
The new Hay-Pauncefote treaty,
providing for the construction - of a
canal, has been laid before the senate.
In. this treaty, it is agreed that the
United States may construct canal
by whatever route it may choose and
Great Britain, relinquishes the right
to any objections which may arise
out of tho Clayton-Bulwer treaty.
Under this proposed treaty, tlis
United States is to have the right of
constructing this canal either directly
on its own cost, or authorize the same
to be constructed by Individuals or
corporations, or in any other .manner
according to- the United States prefer
ence. This government Is to enjoy all
the rights incident to such construc
tion and it exclusively provides for
the regulation and management of the
canal. The United States agrees that
the canal shall be free to vessels of
commerce or war of all nations on
terms of entire equality; that the canal
shall never be blockaded nor shall any
right of war be exercised or any act of
hostility be committed within It.
The United States, however, will be
at liberty to maintain such military
police along the canal as may be nec
essary to protect it against lawlessness
and disorder. General rules are laid
down for tho transit of vessels throw c'h
the canal, and it Is explicitly provided
that vessels of war or a belligerent
shall not take on supplies or stores In
the canal except so far as shall be
strictly necessary nor shall they em
bark or -disembark troops or materials
of war except in case of accidental
hindrance of the transit.
Vessels of war of belligerents are
not to be permitted to reraa.'n In J he
canal or water adjacent to it within
three marine miles of either end for a
longer period than twenty-four hours
except in case of distress. A vessel of
war of one belligerent shall not be
permitted to depart within twenty-four
hours of the vessel of war of the other
belligerent. If any change- in terri
torial sovereignty or of international
relations or any country along the line
of the canal shall o-'cur, the change
shall not effect the general principle
of neutralization.
According to this proposed treaty, in
brief, Great Britain gives to the United
hcnabledusarterlyeiinitoMakaprfcctTh Reliable Incubator
pnd Brooders. .Toil ought to save our tlh Century I;Mltry Hook
in tho liousq. It will coat you but 10 cents and will mako you a matter in
tho poultry business.
RelliMs lacubalK & touin Co,, hi B-7, Qulncr, Ills.
States tho privilege of building this
canal at United States it The
United States will accent tho vcrv
clear explicit conditions which Great
JUrltain has laid down. Tho canal com
mission has made its report and rec
ommended the Nicaraguan routo. It
seems to be settled therefore that the
canal will be built, tho Nicaraguan
route being the privlledged one.
. Bits of Humor.
Once upon a time there dwelt in the
deserts of the far Orient a tribe of
Bedouins who were at great pains tj
perfect themselves in the art of danc
ing with the small of the back.
Neighboring tribes, wondering, made
bold to ask "To what end?"
"Why, in order that wo may appear
worthily at the great expositions held
from time to time to exhibit the in
dustrial, commercial, and intellectual
progress of the United States, of
course!" replied the Bedouins. Puck.
Eastener (on his vacation) "I be
lieve there is less of vice and crime
among the Indians out here than there
used to be. Is there not?"
Comanche Pete "You're right, pard.
Th' hain't ez many Injuns ez they used
to be."-Chicago Tribune.
It was after the church fair, and he
was surveying his purchase.
"Why do you speak of the cost as
'The Charge of tho Light Brigade?' "
she asked. "It seems to me the charge
was a heavy one."
"True," he admitted, "but every girl
at that table was a blonde." Chicago
Miss Gushington "I suppose, cap
tain, you've had a great many hair
breadth escapes."
Captain Kandor "Yes, indeed, and
the narrowest escape of all occurred
only a few days ago."
Miss Gushington "What! here at
Captain Kandor "Yes, I came very
near being sent back to the front
again." Philadelphia Press.
Wigg "I hear your friend, the un
dertaker, has been adjudged insane."
Wagg "Yes, poor fellow. I'm
afraid his case is hopeless. He Is try
ing to discover an elixir of life."
Philadelphia Record.
"If you woke up suddenly in tho
night and found yourself In the den of
a man-eating tiger, what would you
do?" '
"I'd promise myself to quit drink
ing." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Little Willie "Say, pa, did you ever
see a sea monster?"
Pa "Lots of them, ray son. They
run the hotels along the seashore."
Chicago News.
English Polled Cattle
AND Poland China and Chester White
Young Stock for Sale
Call and Examine. CorreHpon
dence solicited.
Is It Safe?
When tho war with Spain made
more revenue necessary internal taxes
were again voted. Last year, when the
surplus became troublesome, a part
of these taxes was repealed. And
now it is proposed by the republican
leaders still further to reduce the
taxes on whisky, beer, and tobacco
vices or indigencies which all civ
ilized governments make tho basis of
their revenue and to leave untouched
the worse than, war taxes on the nec
essaries of the people, their food, fuel,
clothing, and shelter; taxes, too, which
promote monopolies and permit their
beneficiaries to sell cheaper in foreign
markets than to home consumers. Thl3
would be better than to continue tax
ation for a surplus or for extravagance.
But is it just? Is it statesmanlike? Is
it safe In a country where, after all,
the people rule? New York World.
5 Miles north of Central City, Nebr.
This is a Pennine
offer made to introduce the People
Cream Separator in every neighbor
hood. It is the best and simplest in
the world. We ask that you show it to
your neighbors who have cows. Send
your nnme and the name of the
nearest freight office. Address
Bon fcht nt Receiver' Bale
lilmtta either Hat, corru
KatcdorV'cr'rnpcd. No
toola except a hatthctor
li&mmcrla needed to lay
tho roofing. "Wo f urn I A
frco with each order
eaouch nalnt to At vr
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A nquaro means 100 square ft. Writ for rro CaUUfue
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Slinron H(ocI Farm.
Thoronffhbrrd Holstoin-Fricsian Cnf tlo. Four
miles east of I'niyorsity Piaco. Nob. A fw
choice younp bulls for sale wiioso dams wnr
from rich milking strain, nnd winners at th
State Fair butter tents for sornral years.
John C. Pomrr. University VJnco, Nb.
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idW t nrnlnh ihe work and teach yon I re, yoa work la
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Do You Scratch?
Intenso Itching, Eczema, nil akin diseases
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and general agents to soil tho grent "nn ouvn'b
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clusive territory. N ralk merit sells ft.
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? nn DAILY
VliUU Pump Governors.
K LAUDANUM, of a nevcr-iaDing-harmless
Homo Cure. ..Address
Mrs. M.O.BALDttlN.P. O. Hoxl212Chtcago,m.
Elf Catarrh Cure (a compound witii or
-WI without tobacco.) The only remedy on
earth guaranteed to euro or money re
funded. Writo for free tample. EE-M Co., At
lanta, Ga.
with supple-
tatbo r
bound book. "Frames tho roost difiicult roof."
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it" says another. "Will help anyone," says a
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