The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, December 06, 1901, Page 10, Image 10

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: Weekly News Summary Z
A Berlin dispatch declares that there
exists a vory strong sentiment In Ger
many favorable to the annexation to
the German empire of South American
countries where, the Teutonic element
is strong. '
The rebellion in Colombia, South
America, has taken several interesting
turns. The rebels captured the city of
Colon after quite a spirited struggle.
One week later Colon was surrendered
to the United States authorities, who,
in turn, delivered it to the regular
Colombian government.
The camp occupied by union miners
near Madisonvillo, Ky., was taken pos
session of by state troops by order of
the court. No resistance was made.
Sugar refiners interested in the Ger
man "Kartell" are busy asserting that
the "Kartell" is not-a trust, but sim
ply an "agreement" among refiners.
A London cablegram to the New York
World, Bpeaking on the subject of the
"Kartell" makes this' interesting show
ing: Tho alarming state of the sugar
market 4s laid by British manufactur
ers to a great secret " German trust
called the "Kartell," which they have
recently discovered. They say the
German "Kartell" and bounty com
bined will ruin within two years tho
cane and beet sugar industry in other
countries,; notably Cuba and the other
'West Indies, unless " checked. The
overthrow df this "Kartell" will be one
of the' chief subjects of consideration
at the Brussels conference. British
firms are already in correspondence
with leading American sugar interests,
and tables are being drawn up to show
the workings of the "Kartell" with a
view to laying them beforo the govern
ment at Washington. The British gov
ernment will be urged to emppwer its
representatives at Brussels to threaten
retaliatory countervailing measures
unless . the "Kartell" is broken" lip or
' modified. Germany now produces one
third of the world's supply of beet
sugar, of which she exports no less
than 1,250,000 tons. This exportation,
almost one-fifth of the 'world's avail
able supply, would mean a loss to
German manufacturers but for the
"Kartell" and the bounty, which en
able them not only to reap a handsome
profit. but also control the sugar
Comedy or Tragedy?
Household Dramas on Which
Curtain is Drawn.
market. The "Kartell" is run secretly,
but confidential reports show that It
consists of an Ironclad combination of
almost all producers and refiners to
keep up the price of sugar in Ger
many. This is done so successfully
that tho German consumer pays three
times as much for sugar as the Briton
does for the same article iinportQd
from Germany. The enormous profits
due to 'these methods are 'pooled in the
"Kartell" and divided upon an elab
orate, ingenious scale,, and the surplus
product is disposed, of at a slight loss
in other European and Amerfcah mar
kets, though even this deficit is often
made up by the bounty.
Tom L. Johnson, mayor of Cleve
land, has been granted by tho supremo
court of Ohio permission to file a peti
tion in mandamus against the state
board of equalization oh railroads.
Mayor Johnson seeks to compel the re
assessment of the railroad property at
a valuation based upon tho market
value of its securities. Mr. Johnson
contends that the railroads of Ohio
which are on the assessment list for
$117,000,000 are appraised at only 23
per cent of their actual value, while
real estate in Ohio is appraised at CO
per cent of its real value. He asks
that railroad valuation be increased so
as to brjng them up to a GO per cent
basis. This would make the railroad
assessment $356,000,000 instead of
A terrible wreok occurred on the
Wabash railroad November 26, one
mile east of Seneca, Mich. It is re
ported that at least eighty lives were
lost, many passengers being cremated
in the burning cars.
Secretary of War Root has addressed
a letter to Maso, one of the candidates
for the presidency of Cuba. In this
letter Mr. Root assures Maso that the
United States government will not
seek to interfere in the contest for the
presidency of the new republic,
General Kitchener has been accused
of suppressing news from South Af
rica. It is asserted by Kitchener's Lon
don critics that many of Kitchener's
reports have been wholly misleading.
Lieut. Lewis J. Van Schaick with five
American soldiers attacked 150 Fili
pinos at Cavite and put them to flight.
Col A. D. Anderson of Washington
City, who is said to have originated
the idea of the World's fair at Chica
go, committed suicide by drowning
himself in the Potomac river.
The supreme court has declared that
tho Kansas law fixing rates, at the
Kansas City stock. yards is invalid. .
Martin Hogan, the well-known Irish
man, recently died in the city of Chi
cago. The Chicago Tribune says of
Hogan: "Martin Hogan was convicted
in Ireland in 1866, with John Boyle
O'Reilly and five others, on a charge
of ,treason. The seven men joined tha
English army in 1863, intending to
Fenianlze it. They were detected, tried
for treason, and sentenced to bo shot.
The sentences were commuted to life
imprisonntent and later reduced to
twenty years of penal servitude in Van
Dieman's Land, the English penal col
ony in Australia. In the spring ' of
1869 the whaling ship Catalpa was
fitted out to rescue the convicts, but
before its arrival O'Reilly had escaped
from the island in an open boat. Ho
was picked up by another American
whaler and brought to this country.
Hogan and his five companions wero
taken off the island by the Catalpa.
ous mining man;! thdught'.;thesofai5t3
might bo of somo benefit to somo of lriy
The worst thing to do when tho stom
ach is diseased and causes discomfort,
such as belching or acidity, is to tako
. ; BOino of tho many palliatives put up in
Tho daily press makes us familiar tho form of pills, tablets, powders, etc.
enough with tho sceno in the drunkard's These are no remedies for the disease,
family in which tho intoxicated man They only superficially chango existing
finding tho meal not to his liking, throws -conditions. Allow that they "sweeten"
it on tho floor and proceeds to vent his tho stomach, release the accumulated
temper by smashing crockery and furni- gas, check fermentation, etc. All this
ture. This is pure tragedy to tho abused is only temporary. The diseased condi-
and helpless family, and to ttie onlooker tion of tho stomach is untouched. Dis-
who through tho wandows of tho press oases never stands still, and therefore tho
views tho sad scone. But the daily paper stomach itself is getting worso instead of
uovor has a word to, say about tho sober better. Ibis the result of the use of
and roputable man of family, who, in a some of these numerous palliatives that
fit of irritation dashes to the floor or out men and 'women, when they have ex-
of the window some dish not to his liking, hausted their little helpfulness, find
Tho press doesn't tell because it doesn't themselves with an aggravated form of
know. Family prido and lovo draw tho stomach "trouble.'' If theso palliatives
curtains of privacy closely about such had not disguised and covered up tho
scenes, and it is only when tho long earlier symptoms, tho people would long
ago have sought and
This slgnaturo is on ovory box of tho genuine
Laxative Brorao-QuinineTavieta
Ah rctuody that enres a cola in one tiny.
Hogan has lived in Chicago for twenty-five
years, coming from New York
to this city when his family arrived
from Ireland."
A Constantinople cablegram to the
(Continued oh Page Eleven.),
found a real cure.
Tho moral is that if
your stomach is "weak"
or diseased don't trifle
with trivial palliatives
get tho medicine which
cures disease of tho stom
ach and other organs of
digestion and nutrition,
Dr.' Pierce's Gbldbn Med
ical Discovery. '
"For hreo years I suf
fered untold agony,"
writes Mrs. H. R. White,
of Stanstead, Stanstead
Co., Quebec, Box 115V "I
would have spells of
trembling and being sick
at my stomach, pain in
right side all tho time;
then it would work suu
suffering wife appears perhaps in the into my stomach, and such distress it is
divorce court that tho curtain is raised impossible to describe. I wrote to the
for a moment and roveals the mysteries World's Dispensary Medical Association,
lovo has long hidden. This is not a fan- stating my case to them, and they very
ciful case. There is many a good home promptly answered and told mo what' to
haunted by this skeleton of unhappi- do. I took eight bottles of . Dr. Pierce's
ness; many a reputable business man Golden Medical Discovery, and five vials
whose homo coming is feared and 6f Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Thanks
dreaded. To an outsider tho sight of a to Dr. Pierce and his medicine I am a
man furiously throwing a dish of cako well woman , today. Dr., Pierce's medi-
from tho window, or savagely kicking a cine also cured my mother of liver com-
chair out of his way, would provoko a plaint' from which sho had been a suf-
sraile. But to those in tho man's family ferer for fifteen yeqrs. We recommend
his conduct provokes only tears. theso medicines to all suffering people."
' It is not natural ill-temner or miro You may expect from tho" uso of
meanness which makes a man so moody, "Golden" M&dical Discovery" the same
sullen and irritable. Tho cause of his results which have followed its use in a
condition is generally to bo found in dis- multitude d other cases. You may 6x-
easo of the stomach, often involving tho pect that tho stomach will W perfectly
liver, kidneys or other organs. The and ' permanently cured; that by tho
surest and quickest cure for disease of perfect digestion and assimilation of food
tho stomach and other organs of diges- tno wnolo body will receive new strength;
tion and nutrition is found in the use of that lost flesh will be regained. You
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, may expect' that if the disease of th'o
Having seen tho advertisement of stomach has involved tho heart, liver,
your 'Golden Medical Discovery,' and kidneys or other organs, that tho disease
being a great sufferer from tho offects of of theseorgans will be cured with tho
stomach trouble for the past eight years, cure of tho stomach.
I concluded to try your medicine," writes Why may these - things bo' expected?
Mr. W. A. Maxwell, of Marshfield, Coos Because they are tho common expected
Co., Orog. "I had tried almost every oft those who- have been cured by tho
known remedy, also consulted with tho use of "Golden Medical Discovery."
best medical skill attainable,but all with- Theso experiences follow tho law of ex
out any relief. After reading one of your poctations, by which we naturally expect
circulars I concluded to try one bottle of that an effect which has usually followed
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, a given cause will not ceaso to follow it.
After taking one bottle I felt so relieved By the same law you may expect
it induced mo to continue. Am now on "Golden Medical Discovery" to euro
the fourth bottle, and have not had a you. It has a record of cures, covering
spell of bloating or 'acid stomach' nearly a third of a century. In ninety-
(which was vory painful) for the last eight cases out of every hundred it lias
six weeks, Before the use of your medi- perfectly arid permanently cured the dis
cino I was in dread of every meal time, eases for which it is prescribed and rec
for in twenty minutes after eating I ommbnded.'
would .bo racked, with pain. Indigestion Those who suffer from chronic diseases
was my principal ailment, and I have aro invited to consult Dr. Pierce by letter,
been also terribly afflicted with asthma, free All cprrespondenco striotly private,
which I believe was brought on through Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, "Buffalo, N. Y.
the medium of indigestion. Now, as I ' WispoM tor pennies;
stated, after having used four bottles of A 1008 page, book, froo. You can get
your medicino, I have riot had an attack thQ People's Common genso Medical
of sour stomach or painful bloating, arid Adviser, thoest medical book ovorpub
my asthma has just about disappeared. ishod, freety sending, stamps' to. pay
In fact, I feel hotter, now than for tho expense of mailing only. Send . 21 one
last ten years. As It'am largely known centstampjgjjpr. the book in paper coyers,
in Now Mexico, Arizona, Co orado, Call- or 31 etampfpr the clothrbound voliimfc,
f ornia arid 'Orogon, as a rather prosper to Dr, R. V. Piorce, Buffalo, N. Y.