The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 29, 1901, Page 11, Image 11

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The Commoner.
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SO rhlelra from fit) Ctrtrs. Of
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tory. A. B. KUHLMAN, Manhattan Bound
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WANTED Solicitors and canvassers to sell
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sales-agencies in communities of from one to
ten thousand population, Each solicitor or can
vasser will be expected to build upa' list of cus
tomers at a place and then secure a permanent
local acent for such place, then go to some other
point and do the same thing; continuing the
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The Great Eastern Coffee & Tea Co,, ioth & Clark
Ave., St. I,ouis, Mo.
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Weekly News Summary.
(Continued from Pago Ten.)
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Off uuia. Neb.
1 '
a distinction now held by the King of
Portugal. Peeresses are trying to out
vie each other In the brilliancy of their
tiaras. Lady Kilmorey, one of the
most beautiful women In London, the
wife of the Earl of Kilmorey, who was
a boyhood intimate friend of the king;
Lady Londonderry, the Duchess of
Devonshire, and the Duchess of Port
land are all said to be spending vast
sums in order to .celebrate the corona
tion by a display of jewels wrthy of
the ocasion. It is reported that King
Edward at the coronation will confer
the semi-royal title of Duke of Inver
ness on the Duke of Fife, son-in-law
of his Majesty.
A St. Paul, Minn., dispatch to the
Chicago Tribune says: War has been
declared in the northwestern states
against the promoters of the Burlington-Northwestern
Pacific-Great North
ern combine. Sentiment has developed
In this state that foreshadows a state
political issue if the subject Is not
summarily disposed of. The demand
upon Governor Van Sant for a special
session of the legislature is so strong
that he probably will issue the call
this week. A spontaneous demand has
sprung up in Minnesota during the
last few days for the convening of the
legislature for the purpose of enacting
legislation that wilL prevent any
change in the management or direction
of, these roads. This feeling has been
aggravated by an opinion of the attor
ney general and of the state railroad
and warehouse commission that the
state has no jurisdiction over the traffic
'of the iron ore roads of the northern
part of this state, owned by the United
States Steel company, practically shut
ting out the independent mine owner
from mining or shipping his oro at a
profit The newspapers are unanimous;
in the opinion that something must be
dpne at once or the railroads will overr
ride all the laws of the state. The op
position charges that the combination
organized to control the Great North
ern and Northern Pacific is formed
for the purpose of circumventing th
law in this and other states, and th
suggestion is made that laws be on--acted
that corporations legalized i
New Jersey will hav6 no legal recogni
tion here unless they shall be charr
tered by the state of Minnesota as it
they held no other charter. In North
Dakota a similar feeling prevails and
Governor White has the subject of a
special session under, consideration
along the lines proposed in Minnesota.
Secretary Root on Execution of
Secretary Root has written the fol
lowing letter to Governor Odell, of
New York, commending .the manner
in which the trial and execution of
Czolgosz were conducted:
The court, the prosecuting attorney,
the officers who had the prisoner in
charge, all appear to have performed
their duties with effectiveness and de
corum, and particular credit seems
due to the distinguished gentlemen
who, upon the request of the bar of
Erie county, undertook the disagree
able task of protecting the legal rights
of the wretched culprit under the as
signment of the court
The course of justice was swift, but
measured. Protection against lawless
violence was shown to be consistent
with the certain and awful punish
ment of guilt No opportunities for
defense were withhold; but no oppor
tunity for spectacular play, or th9
gratification of vanity, which is so
great an incentive to such crimes, was
afforded. I know that this has beon
appreciated by the cabinet of the late
President McKinley, and it Is especial
ly appreciated by the representative ot
Now York in that cabinet. I am au
thorized to say that President Roose
velt fully concurs in the sentiments 1
have expressed.
The Prize Money.
The Washington Times Is author
ity for the statement that Admiral
Sampson, who did not participate In
the battle of Santiago Bay, is the only
commander, not excepting Dewey, who
has received more than ten thousand
dollars as prize money. Admiral
Schley, who commanded in that great
battle and on whom the popular ver
dict has bestowed the title of hero of
Santiago Bay, has received the muni
ficent sum of $18.12 in prize money.
.The Times makes this interesting
The following table indicates the
sums of prize money awarded for the
capture of vessels and other property
afloat, and of bounty money awarded
for the destruction of vessels and other
property, for which warrants havo
ben issued in favor of Admirals Dew
ey, Sampson, and Schley.
Prize and bounty paid to Admiral
Dolores $ 21.47
Argonauta 1,223.08
Domingo Aurelia ...'.... 51.44
Prasquita 511.19
Amapala ' 45.7G
Candita ...' 23.48
Ambrosia Boliver 310.83
Belle Ynez 7.14
Christina 2.11
Augedita 6.96
Natilda 47.22
Mascotta 2.31
Guido 3,890.48
Pedro 5,480.88
Carlos P. Roses 4067
Steel lighter : 223.49
Lorenzo 525.G0
Galllto 12.20
Benito Estenger 328.53
Total 513,122.44
Adula (not paid) 675.25
Santiago $ 8,335.00
Manzanillo, June 30, 1898 .... 1,700.00
Manzanillo, Juno 18, 1898.... 1,475.00
Nlpe Bay, Cuba 785.00
Total $12,295.00
Grand total 25,417.41
Bounty money paid 'to Admiral
Manila fiay, May, 1898 9,570.00
Prize money paid to Admiral
Maria Dolores 18.12
The total amount of bounty money
which has been distributed in accord
ance with appropriation acts is $449,
574. Of this sum $181,350 was awarded
to participants in the Manila engage
ment exclusive of Admiral Dewey,
whose apportionment was granted in
a special act of congress. To the
heroes of Santiago $158,365 was al
lotted, and congress allowed Rear Ad
miral Sampson $8,335. For the de
struction of the Spanish vessels at
Manzanillo on June 30 bounty money
amounting to $21,400 was apportioned.
In this case, as well as in the second
battls on July 18, for which $29,500
bounty money was allowed, it was
held that the Spanish fleets 'were in
ferior to those of the United States,
and therefore $100 per capita in the
enemy's fleet should be granted as the
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legal award. Tho crows engaged in
the fight at Nlpe Bay received $15,700.
Admiral Sampson received one-twen-tioth
of these last threo items, which
was the fractional amount of bounty
allowed him as commander.
Provided a hlghor tribunal sustains
the decision of Justice Bradley in a
United States district court that tho
Don Juan de Austria, tho Isla do Cuba,
and Isla do Luzon, tho Rclna Mercedes
and tho Maria Toresa are legitimately
prizo, which tho government contests
on tho grounds that tho expense of
raising and repairing thorn greatly re
duced their value, It will bo barely pos
sible for Admiral Schley to get about
$1,000 prizo money, in addition to the
$18.12 already received.
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14 -)
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- l
L I----P--V I
H yiSsfnBr ii r
Sharon Sleek Farm.
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miles east of University Place. Neb. A few
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