The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, November 01, 1901, Page 9, Image 9

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    The Commoner.
Why Be Fat
When There is a New Home Treat
ment that Quickly Reduces
Weight to Normal Without
Diet or Medicine and
is Absolutely Safe,
Dou'tbo too fat; don't puff and blow; don't
endanger yoar lifo with a lot of excess fat; and
t urthermoro, don't ruin your Btomacb with a lot
of useless drugs and patent medicines. Sond
your namo nnd address to Prof. F. J. Kollopg
141 W. Main St., Uattlo Croak, Mich., and ho
will Bend) nun frco trial package of his ro
mnrknblo treatment that will reduco your
woight to normal. Do not bo afraid of evil
consequenced, tbo troatmont is perfectly safe, is
natural and scientific and givos such a degroo
of comfort as to astonish tiioso who havo paut
od and porspirod under tho woight of excess
fat. It takes oil tho big stomach, gives tho
heart fraodom, enables tho lungs to oxpand
naturally and you will feel a hundred times
hotter tho first day you try this wonderful homo
Sond your namo and addross for a free trial.
pacKugosont. securely squiuu in u piumwruppur,
-with full directions how to use it, books and
testimonials from hundreds who 'havo beon
Sond for free trial packago today. It will
brighton tho rpst of your life.
free Poll
f Ctlrlu, Bend us your v,
address on a postal to-' 1
lay, and wo will send 20
Pieces of Jewelry with Coupon
.Book good for subscriptions to
our Family Magazine and pre sell nt 10c. When Bold
send us S8S.OO and we will
send yon tho most beautiful
you ever saw. Large size,
sweet pretty face, long golden
hair, sleeping eyes. Jointed
body, slippers and stockings
to take off. Tho hat and silk-
flnioh dnR9 lire tho verVllPlKIlt
ot fashion. Girls, you will be
deiigniea wun it. APer-
fectbeaaty; order quick.
"wUQlifilW l& !!fr
M aoe e mmrnrn
" Star"-
Foot and
Beitw Cutting.
Cron feed
Vox Fimi, AcccaiTt TYoax.
Bend for Catalogue B.
Seneca Palls Mfg. Co
357 Water Street,
Bibxca TkUA, N. T., U, B. A'
Bought at Receivers' Sale.
Sheets either flat, corru
gated or" V" crimped. No
tools except a hatchet or
lmnimcris needed to lay
tho roofing. We furnish
frco with each, order
enough ratnt tol 7C
cover and nails to lay. Price persqunro, O
A square means 100 equaro ft. Write Tor rrto Catalogue
Wo. 3M ob General MerthandUe. Chicago House
Wracking Co., West 35th and Iron Bts., Chicago, lit
Forum of the Weekly Press.
Norton (Kas.) Liberator: This con
tinual booming up prosperity Is a good
deal like expressing sympathy for the
poor by giving three cheers for the
Harrison County (0.) Democrat:
Cheap wool and cheap sheep under a
high tariff is a haunt to republicans.
They are as low now as they ever
were and a tariff of ten cents a pound
on wool. Think of it.
Bellaire (0.) Democrat: The sheep
industry was never in a more de
pressed condition than today, although
the tariff and whole government ma
chine is controlled by republicans. Tho
public sales through tho country tell
the tale wherever sheep are offered.
Potosi (Mo.) Independent: The test
of the democracy of a paper is tho
policy it pursues. When a paper
wishes to repudiate the cardinal doc
trines of democracy, it is in the posi
tion of the Baptist preacher who de
sires his church to repudiate immer
sion. Carrollton ( 111.) Gazette: Senator
Cullom says trusts cannot be restricted
until the constitution is amended. It
is strange how guarded republican
statesmen are of the constitution when
it comes to interfering with trusts,
but when it comes to protecting priv
ileges for tho trusts it never needs
amendments. No, never.
Crete (Neb.) Democrat: The na
tional treasury is today and has been
This Blgnaturo is on every box of tho genuine
Laxative BromoQuinine Tablets
tho remedy that cures a coltl In one day.
. ji 1'MiBun.aa
Sofa end Pin Cushion
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bcildef , ltnoi.i 011 rtnbroldtrjr and eo lUttnv
burj lace niaklajr, all llltutrated, alone worth
We cock; alio llluttraln! ItiU of mt'rrUli
and quilting dMljtai, Incluiljnr, 10U finrr
ttltcbte for patch work. Regular price fl
He, but to each reader of UiU paprr we will
trad ft copy rrtitjuld for 10c Write 1U',
LADIES' AUT CO., Box 7GA, St. LouU, Ma.
Tho Combination Oil Cur for Cancer
Has tho endorsement of tho highest modlcal
authority in the world. It would seem strange
indeed if porsons afflcted with cancors and tu
mors, aftor knowing tho facts, would resort to
tho dreaded knifo and burning plastor, which
havo hitherto beon attonded with such fatal re
sults. Tho fact that in the last oight years over
one hundred doctors havo put thomselvcs under
this mild treatment shows their confidence in
tho now method of troatinpr those horriblo dis
enees. Persons afflicted will do well to send for
free book giving particulars and prices of Oils.
Addross Dr. D, M. Bib Co., Box 325, Indianapo
lis, Ind.
Permanently Cured by
No Fits after Orit dar'i me.
ContuUatlon, personal or br mill; treat! and
to Fit patlente who pay exprauaga onlroa delivery.
Permanent Our, netonly temporary relief, for all tfcT'
vout Viiordtri, Kpllepty, Spurn. Bt. Vitas Dance,
Debility, Eihaattloa.K.K.II.K17INJR,JUI.
931 Arch Street, Philadelphia, rouaded lan.
WowillEond to evory subscriber or reader of Tim Commoner a full-size ONE-DOLLAH packago
of Y1TM-OKE. sufficient for one month's treatmont, to bo paid for within ono month s time aftor
rocoipt, if tho rccoivor can truthfully say that its uso has done him or her mpro good than all
tho drugs and dopes of quacks or good doctors or patent medicines ho or she has ever used.
READ this over again carofully, and understand that wo ask our pay only when it has done you
cood, and not bororo. "Wo take ail tho risk ; you have nothing to lose. If it does not benefit you,
you pay us nothing. VIT3-ORE is a natural, hard, adamantino rock-like substanco-rmnerai
ORE mined from tho ground liko gold and silver, requires about twenty years for oxidization.
It contains free iron, free sulphur and magnesium, and ono packago will equal In medicinal
Btrongth and curativo valuo 600 gallons of tho most powerful, efficacious mineral water, drunk
fresh at tho springs. It is a geological discovery, to which thero is nothing added or taken from.
It is tho marvel of the century for curing such diseases as Rheumatism, Bnght's Disease, Bipod
Poisoning, Heart Trouble, Diphtheria. Catarrh and Throat Affections, Liver, Kidney and Blad
dor Ailmonts, Stomach and Female Disorders, La Grippe, Malarial Fever, Uervous Prostration
and Gonoral Debility, as thousands testify, and as no ono, answering this, writing for a pack-
affeLjlartl2aandeoniiaTUoo,and afterward the jraUtndeof erery HtIdj penonwho detlrn Wler It ahh, or who riSnt
,1 . v. w. v. f"."", - 4- . . m .. p , ww
ptital card.
W. is or in Ave,, jnicago, in.
Balnl. UU and iTIiciatrt wlileti bare aecol la meaieu worm ua rrvwn wur.o juj an.
at eur enme. rannllcM of what illi joa hare, by aeadlnx to u for a package. 1 ua nut not write on a
In answer to this, addrosa TIIEO. NOEI CO., 5S7, C0, 5J1
for many years nothing but a tool in
tho hands of tho men who raanipulato
tho stocks and bonds in Wall street.
It Issues and sells bonds or buys and
cancels thom to suit their financial in
terests. It sells bonds at a small
premium and buys thom at a big prem
ium that they may profit thereby.
Tampa (Fla.) Herald: You remem
ber that Kansas was recently
redeemed from populist rule, and not
a. few southern papers joined in tho
fanfare of trumpets with which tho
event was greeted. Tho blessings of
that redemption are rapidly becoming
visible. One of them is that tho re
publican state treasurer is now stamp
ing all state warrants presented to
him, "Not paid for want of funds."
Oh, yes, it is a great benefit to a
state to be redeemed by tho republi
cans. It immediately establishes a
large lino of credit.
Frazil (Ind.) Orthonomic Era: We
want to say here and now that tho
Kansas City platform is tho only Jef
fersonian and Jacksonian platform
that has been adopted by a democratic
convention in fifty years. The democ
racy of 1904, will be found defending
the Jefiersonian principles in that
platform, with Jacksonian courage.
The Orthonomic Era will bo found
then, where it has been for 29 years,
contending for the democracy asserted
in the Sermon on the Mount and re
affirmed by Jefferson in the Declara
tion of Independence.
Aberdeen (Wash.) Herald: Tho
system that puts the making of the
money of the people into the hands of
private corporations is undemocratic
and dangerous. It is a system against
which the democratic party has always
set its face, and which has been de
nounced and protested against from
the days of Jefferson until tho present
day. It is a system which requires a
public debt as a basis, a debt that tho
democratic party has always hold is a
calamity and curse, a perpetual blight
upon honest industry and productive
Coldwater (Mich.) Star: The sin
cerity of the republican (trust) party
in its intercampaign declarations in
favor of repealing tariffs that protect
trusts, and of encouraging our inter
national trade through reciprocity
treaties, is further shown by the fact
that in Massachusetts, while the dem
ocrats have indorsed the position of
McKinley in his Buffalo speech upon
this question the republicans have de
clared against any change in the tariff.
It is easy to see why the late president
never carried out in practice the poli
cies he advocated and doubtless be
lieved in as right.
Aberdeen (Wash.) Herald; The re
publican press seems exceedingly anx
ious to have the democratic party re
nounce its anti-imperialistic fight and
in the name of expediencey acquiesce
in the policy of the administration.
There Is a tendency on the part of
some of the enemy to contort tho
democratic contention into an unmean
ing contempt for expansion. The dem
ocracy has always favored expansion
tho expansion of American Institu
tions with- all that that implies. When
Cuba expresses an uncoerced desire
for annexation tho democracy will
welcome her into the sisterhood of
American states. Now that we are re
sponsible for Porto Rico, tho democ
racy would grant her all her rights
and privileges under the constitution.
But tho democratic party would not
.(Continued on Page Eleven.)
If You are Sick
Let me Know it.
I wish simply your namo and address
no money. Tell mo which of theso
six books you want.
I will send with it an order on your
druggist to let you havo G bottles Dr.
Shoop's Restorative. Ho will let you
take it for a month; then if it succeeds,
ho will chargo you $5.50 for it. If it
fails, ho will send tho bill to me. Ho
will trust to your honesty, leaving tho
decision to you.
Such un offer as this could not bo
made on any other remedy. It would
bankrupt tho physician who tried It.
B'ut in five years I havo supplied my
Restorative on theso terms to 550,000
people. My records show that 39 out
of each 40 paid for it, because they
were cured.
This remedy alone strengthens thoso
Inside nerves that operate all vital or
gans. It brings back the only power
that can make each organ do Its duty.
No matter how difficult the case, It
will "permanently cure, unless Bomo
organic trouble liko cancer makes a
cure impossible.
I have spent my lifetime in prepar
ing this remedy. I offer now to pay for
all you take if it fails. I cannot bet
ter show my faith in It. Won't you
merely write a postal to learn if I can
help you?
Simply stato which
book you wont, and
address Dr. Shoop,
Box 515, Racino, Wis.
ijook ko. i ojr nrgpr.PHU.
hook no. a o.v tub kiunkyb.
IIOOK no, iron ME.
M!Mww,ot eh rente, are eftoearMr7c4eriAijilf. Alall drurU.
' Hog Cholera
The recent test conducted by some
of tho head officials of the State
Grange of Ohio has proven beyond a
doubt that tho Hog Cholera remedy
discovered by Dr. J. H. Snoddy is a
real success. The test was made by
treating over a dozen diseased herds.
Tho disease was promptly Btopped and
tho hogs restored to health in each
case. A boolc, "Treatise on Hogs,"
with report of tho test will be sent
free to those sending their name and
address to Dr. J. H. Snoddy, Alton, 111.
This test report comes from such a
reliable source that every farmer can
havo confidence in it and all should
write for these free books.
Here's Your Chance!
CI flA - HrL" ry Joan mm looVlnr. forwarl to a luiliwil
$!.VV i)l Mbe JrerrebotMUrvlef IlUSI.HKSH, tfiejuar.
uwmmwm aU fvr u Couo'liv Been. It ll an l!lu,tnt4
nwmUilj that eonUlm preetfaal article on Ui
keeplnc, Ofllee Maiameat, CrfllU, Collection, Aeeounllox, drrrllflnj
an1 Diulaeej Xetlwrlt In (ecrral. InraluaMe to the UiiUttn km. Le Le
jounforoU. fl-0Oajar.
Hero is a SPECIAL OFI'En (for now subcrib
ors only): Sond us within ao days 2.rc., and wo
will credit you with a year's subscription.
Business Pub.Co.,14i5 Amorican Tract Hldgr.N.Y.
Symptoms Disappear When Drug I Aban
doned "Tea and coffee were forbidden by
my physician, for I had symptoms of
paralysis and it was plal.i that tho
coffee was the cause of tho trouble. I
began using Postum Food Coffee and
am now a steady advertisement for
Postum. The old symptoms of paraly
sis disappeared in a very brief time
after I began tho use of Postum and
quit the use of coffee. Do not use my
name publicly, if you please."
Morrow, JO. The above name can be
given by'the Postum Cereai Co., Ltd.,
Battle Creek, Mich.
Coffee Is such a direct poison to the
nerve centers of many highly organised
people that it produces all sorts of
disorder from stomach and bowel
troubles, palpitation of tho heart, kid
ney troubles, etc., etc., up to more in
tricate nervous diseases, suc.i as
paralysis. The way to kep well is to
leave off coffee or any nervo distroysr
of that sort, and use Postun Food
Coffee, which is a direct rebuilder of
tho nerve centers. Sure and well de
fined improvement In healfh will fol
low this course, as can be proven by
any person who v ill mak'i the trial.