The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, October 11, 1901, Page 10, Image 10

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    The Commoner.
ty. t -KWciU Cute- You of ;
fJo pay until you know it.
,After 2,000 experiments, I .havo
learned how to cure Rheumatism. Not
to turn bony joints Into flesh again;
that Is Impossible. But I can cure the
disease always, at any stage, and for
ever. , I ask for no money. Simply write
me a' postal and I will send you an or
der 6n your nearest druggist for six
bottled of Dr. Shoop's Rheumatic Cure,
for every druggist keeps it. Use it
for a mpnth, and if it does what I
claim pay your druggist $5.50 for it. If
it doesn't I will pay him myself.
I have no samples. Any medicine
that can affect Rheumatism with but
a few doses must be drugged to the
Verge of danger. I use no such drugs.
It is folly to take them. You must get
the disease out of the blood.
My remedy does that, oven in the
most difficult, obstinate cases. No
matter how impossible this seems to
you, I know it and I take the risk. I
have cured tens of thousands of cases
in this way, and my records show that
39 out of 40 who get those six bottles
pay, and pay gladly.. I havo learned
that people in general are honest with
a physician who cures them. That is
all I ask. If I fail I don't expect a
penny from you.
Simply write me a postal card or
letter. Let me send, you an order for
the medicine. Take it for a month,
for it won't harm you anyway If it
cures, pay $5.50. I leave that entirely
to you. I will mail you a book that
tells how I do "it.. Address Dr. Shoop,
box 515, Racine, Wis.
Hear Them Howl.
, A m V -n
courtesy, w.hon coniprpd with the hy
pocrites whos6tup-hWl '.about
Hearst's papers.- The JBiibsidized edi
tors havo been hit where it hurts. Not
iiau ui mem uouiu run iieir jpupero iui
a weoic ii tney naci to reiy upon tne
public for support. Let ill 6m still con
tinue to "hyphenate" ana draw upon
'the republicr -. campaign fund to meet
expenses, yes) and lot them continue
to howl. That is all' that they are able
to do. Not one of them can write a
half column article" on 'any economic
tention of a thinking man. Nebraska
Weekly News Summary.
SATURDAY, -Sept. 28. Testimony in
naval inquiry shows that Schley was
not given Cuban code. Columbia de
feated Shamrock II. at first trial race.
SUNDAY, Sept. 29. In engagement
in Philippines company C, 9th infantry,
was attacked by force of Filipinos and
of the seventy-two men in the company,
only twentyrfqur . escaped. Strikers
and policemen collided in streets of
San Francisco and seven men serious
ly wounded.
MONDAY, Sept. 30. Admiral Rob
loy D. Evans testified before naval in
quiry and expressed opinion that
Schley could have donu more than he
did. Appraisers of the estate left by
President McKInley estimate that Mrs.
McKinley's income will be about $8,000
a year.
TUESDAY, Oct. 1. Admiral Evans
recalled to stand before "naval inquiry1
and modifies his testimony of day' be
fore. Yacht race postponed because of
no wind. "Baby Day" at the Buffalo
exposition brought out an exhibit of'
750 infants.
The plutocratic press has engaged
in a new performance during the last
two or three weeks. It may be called
a new repetition of thd "B'aby Act."
It. 'weeps over the degeneracy of the
press meaning that portion that has
been assaulting the "greed and glory"
ideas, o th,e millionaires. Do these
gentlemen remember, so long ago as
1896? If anything in all the history
of the world ever equalled the bitter
ness and vituperation that they em
ployed at that time the historians have
failed to record it. Men with world
wide reputations as educators and
scholars, bankers of unsullied reputa
tion, business men against whom a
word of scandal had never before been
uttered, were pursued as if they were
Wild beasts of the jungle. Their pri
vate characters wore assailed, their
fortunes were wrecked and in one or
two instances they were harried until
they sank into early graves. Why?
Because they took a position . on a
strictly scientific ques.tion .that plutoc
racy thought was inimical to its in
terests. The men who engaged in that are
npw talking like saints from heaven
of the vituperation of the Hearst pa
pers! Never at any time has there
been an article in those papers or a
cartoon for that matter that ap
proached in quality of the gall of bit
terness, that -these editors poured out
, upon the head of every prominent man
whom they thought was opposed to the
Interests of the grabbers wlio could
gather to themselves all the increased
products of labor that has accrued
from scientific discoveries, and the in
ventions of the nineteenth century.
Bryan, was often cartooned as a snake
a viper that had been warmed to
life In the bosom of Bociety and now
sought to sting to death his benefactor.
After having made a record of vile
ness that was never equalled Lauter
bach, onq of the chief managers of the
republican campaign, declared that if
Bryan were elected he would never
take his seat they now set up a whine
about attacks upon publjo men. The
opposition press has been a model of
WEDNESDAY, Oct. 2. Triennial
conclave of Episcopal church of
America opened in San irrancisco. ;
British war office decides tq send more
troops to South Africa.
ifr i J :
r MI.
montlonlng this magozlno wo Will nnod
rGkpOHltiOIiniodolBOf Dlanoanndni-firnnalntnlnlafii
r . . ---- j,-m
IMS Illustration Is a reproduction of omt. if vm f nfan.i 1
buying now or In tho near f nturn wa win ?inriiw e. m.i
embossed sot to you. Tlicso miniatures havo bconnrodimnrt
at a groat cost. Thev constitute tlm mn .vnAnoivl
' ... .. - .1 --. --.WMMWl..
aavcruBing matter ever UBcd bv nn. Thnv oiSahin vn
- w - -- wvww WU kVI
inatco a aausiacrory floiection of a nlano or ortrAn nfl tn -rDf
appcaranco nnu color m your own homo. Willi , infn
It accurately represents all tho latest Ktvir-n in rW
ulah American organs and pianos. It ia a work of nrll
you win Ami if. i mnr en. t. -i.i i
It fully explains our uulquo Cornish lan of Belling onl
This method has commendod Itself to n.
Quarter of a Million SatlBflod Purchasers.
THURSDAY, Oct. 3. Columbia again
defeated Shamrock II. Kitchener re
ports defeat of a detachment of Brit
ish troops by Boers. Lieutenant Doyle
testified before naval inquiry that
Brooklyn's famous "loop"' was neces
sary. Josiah Quincey nominated for
governor of Massachusetts by demo
cratic convention.
FRIDAY, Oct. 4. Columbia won
third and final race for America cup.
Counsel for Schley insisted that. Samp
son be called as a witness. Health of
King Edward VII.- reported feeble.
Mrs. Wlnlow Soothing: Syrnp.
Has boon used for over sixty years by mil
lions of mothers for thoir childhkn while
cukes wind colio. and is tho best remedy for
piAREHCEA. Sold by Druggists in ovory part of
tho world. Bo suro and ask for "Mrs.Winslow's
Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. Twen-ty-flyo
cents a bottlo. It is tho best of all.
rough but brave and sturdy comrades
was Silver Bill and Dead Shot. After
the treaty of peace was signed with
the Indians at Chicago in 1896 Col.
Bryan went out of the cattle business
and became one of the bonanza farm
ers of the west. He can now sit on
his back stopp, as the rear veranda
is called in America, and look over
his fields of corn stretching farther
'than eye can reach in every direction.
As a result of his early training on the
plains, where he spent months at a
time without an opportunity of talk-,
ing to ariother human being, the candi
date for president (the article was pub
lished in the 1900 campaign) is ex
tremely taciturn and can hardly be per
suaded to express an opinion on the
issues of campaign. He is the author
of a book of adventure called 'The
First Battle in which some of his
encounters with the Indians of the
Tammany and other tribes are de
scribed at length.
'"In the effort to partially neutralize
the strength of M. le Colonel among
the cowboys and Indians who make
up the largest part qf, the voting pop
ulation west of the Alleghany moun
tains, the republicans Have nominated
M. le Roosevelt for vice president.
M. le Ttopsevelt is one of the leading
cowboys In America., and is especially
famous for once having vanquished a
grizzly bear in a single combat. Dur
ing the present .campaign M. le Col.
Roosevelt has ridden a series of horses
all over the country, giving exhibi
tions of, rough riding such as were seen
in Paris & year ago under the direc
tion of another American statesman."
of murder in the second degree? The
ballot (unanimous) No.
Fourth ballot Is the assassin guilty
of murder in the first degree? The
ballot (unanimous) Yes.
Time occupied by the jury In delib
eration Thirty-four minutes'.
Verdict Guilty of murder in first
Time elapsed between commission of
the crime and conviction of the as
sassin Eighteen days and twenty min
utes. . N . .
Time elapsed between, death of Presi
dent McKinley and' conviction of his
assassin Ten days, fourteen hours and
ten minut6s. . .
As Ottiers See Us.
In a paper published in the south of
France is found an amusing acoount
of tho early life and exploits of Will
iam J. Bryan. The story, it appears,
was written by tho Paris corespondent
of the provincial paper, and is based,
so the writer avers, on Information fur
nished by friends of the candidate who
havo been prominent at the French
The western wag who filled the
Frenchman so full of new and start
ling information must have smiled to
himself as he read in cold print the
statement that "M, le Col. Bryan first
came into farile as one of the strange,
half-savage bands of cowboys who
roamed over the far west fighting the
Indians and wild boasts. Imitating
perhaps, the custom of the Indian
chiefs, each of the cowboys bore a
nickname based on some of his ex
ploits as a hunter or fighter; Thus
M. le Col. Bryan's title among his
Speedy Justice.
The Czolgosz trial was perhaps the
swiftest on recqrd. The New York
World prints a record of this trial as
Length of trial Eight hours and
twenty-five minutes.
Number of "witnesses For the prose
cution, seventeen r for the defense,
Actual time of .taking testimony
Four hours and one-quarter.
Time of defense in presenting the
case to the jury-r-By Mr. Lewis, sev
enteen minutes; by Mr. Titus, one and
one-quarter minutes.
Time of the state in arguing for
conviction Fourteen" minutes.
Time .occupied by tho judge in charg
ing jury Twelve minutes. , .
Number of ballots taken by jury
First ballot Is the assassin sane?
Tho ballot (unanimous) Yes.
Second ballot Is the assassin in
sane? The ballot (unanimous) No.
Third ballot Is 'the "assassin .guilty
i .' M's.ic DOUBTERS. .i r
i ' ,'r "'.; ' "fff
van ue uuangeu oy. jujiowieupo. .. .r
If . there, is . any doubt about mak
ing brain power by the use of certain
food, the doubter should make the fol
lowing experiment. , t '
Helen Frances Huntington of Gaines
ville, Ga., says: ."Just a word of com
mendation concerning Grape-Nuts
which I have found to be the most
wholesome, nourishing and appetizing,
food that has ever come to my knowl
edge. I am not a dyspeptic, but being con
stantly engaged in severe brain work I
found that I did not thrive on ordinary
diet; even a moderate dinner dulled my
brain so as to be practically incapable
of critical work. I tried meat-juice,
peptonoids, the, two meal system of
light breakfast and no supper which
brought on nervous depletion and
sleeplessness, so I resorted to one and
another of the various health-foods
which all seemed alike tasteless and
valueless as a brain food, until quite
by chance, I had a dish of Grape-Nuts
food served as a dessert. I liked it
so well that. I began to use it daily,
for supper four teaspoonf uls in a saucer
of hot milk, eaten before it dissolves to
This point should be remembered as,
after a certain time, evaporation seems
to affect the sweet nutty flavor ofthe
food as in the case of certain fine-flavored
The result In my case was simply as
tonishing, I had no desire whatever
for sweet pastry s, meats, or in fact
anything else; and my brain was c.3
clear and active at night as on awaking
from a long, refreshing sleep.
The peculiar advantage about Grape
Nuts food is that it supplies the nutri
tive qualities of a varied diet without
the bad results of heavy eating. I
cheerfully recommend its use to all
brain workers, if not as an exclusive
diet, certainly for the last meal of
the day. I always take it with me
when traveling, which saves a deal of
annoyance and discomfort."