The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, July 19, 1901, Page 11, Image 11

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Tfife Commoner.
- - -t r
havo been' established by an order of
even date herewith.
And, whereas, all of the conditions
required by law to be performed prior
to the opening of said tracts of land
to settlement and entry have been, as
I hereby declare, duly performed.
Now, therefore, I, William McKln
ley, president of the United States of
America, by virtue or tlie power vested
in my by law, do hereby declare and
make known that all of the lands so,
as aforesaid, ceded by the Wichita
and affiliated bands of Indians, and
the Comanche. Kiowa and Apache
tribes of Indians, respectively, saving
and excepting sections 16, 36, 13 and
33 in each township, and all lands lo
cated or selected by the territory of
Oklahoma as indemnity school or edu
cational lands, and saving and except
ing all lands allotted in severalty to
individual Indians, and saving and
excepting all lands allotted and con
firmed to religious societies and other
organizations, and saving and except
ing the lands selected and set aside as
grazing lands for the use in common
for said Comanche, Kiowa and Apache
tribes of Indians, and saving and ex
cepting the lands set aside and re
served at each of said county seats for
disposition as town sites, and saving
and 'excepting the lands now used, oc
cupied or set apart for military, agen
cy, school, school farm, religious, Ind
ian cemetery, wo.-d reserve, forest re
serve or other public uses, will, on
tho sixth day of August, 1901, at 9
o'clock a. m., in the manner herein pre
scribed and not otherwise, be opened to
entry and settlement and to disposi
tion under the general provisions of
tho homestead and 'town site laws of
tho United States.
Commencing at 9 o'clock a. m., Wed
nesday, July 10, 1901, and ending at" 6
o'clock p. m., Friday, July 26, 1901, 'a
registration will be had at the United
States land offices at El Reno and Law
ton, in the territory of Oklahoma (the
office at Lawton to occupy provisional
quarters -in tho immediate vicinity of
Fort Sill, Okla., until suitable quar
ters can be provided at Lawton, for the
purpose of ascertaining what persons
desire to enter, settle upon, and ac
quire title to any of safd lands under
tho homestead law, and of ascertaining
their qualifications so to do. The reg
istration at each office will be for both
land districts, but at the time of reg
istration each applicant will be re
quired to elect and state in which dis
trict he desires to make entry. To ob
tain registration each applicant will
be required to show himself duly
qualified to make homestead entry of
those lands under existing laws and to
givo the registering officer such ap
propriate matters of description and
identitiy as will protect, the applicant
and the government against any at
tempted impersonation.
Registration cannot be effected
through the use of the mails or the
employment of an agent, excepting
that honorably discharged soldiers and
sailors entitled to the benefits of sec
tion 2304 of the revised statutes of the
United States, as amended by the act
of congress approved March 1, 1901,
(31 Stat., 847), may present their ap
plications for registration and due
proofs of their qualifications through
an agent of their own selection, but
no person will be permitted to act as
agent for mors than one such soldier
or sailor. No person will be per
mitted to register more than once or
in any other than his true name.
Each applicant who shows himself
duly qualified will be registered and
given a non-transferable certificate to
that effect, which will entitle him to
go upon and examine the lands to be
opened hereunder In the land district
in which ho elects to make his en
try; but tho only purpose for which
he may go upon and examino said
lands is that of enabling him later
on, as herein provided, to understand
ing select the lands for which ho will
mako entry.
No one will be permitted to mako
settlement upon any of said lands in
advance of the opening herein provid
ed for, and during tho first sixty days
following said opening no one but reg
istered applicants will bo permitted to
mako homestead settlement upon any
of said lands, and then only in pur
suance of a homestead entry, duly al
lowed by tho local land officers, or of
a soldier's declaratory statement, duly
accepted by such officers.
The order in which, during the first
sixty days following the opening, the
registered applicants will be permitted
to make homestead entry of tho lands
opened hereunder, will be determined
by drawing for both the El Reno and
Lawton districts, publicly held at tho
United States land office at El Reno,
Okla., commencing at 9 o'clock a. m.
Monday, July 29, 1901, and continu
ing for such period as may be neces
sary to complete the same.
The drawings will be had under the
supervision and immediate observance
of a committee of three persons, whoso
integrity is such as to make their con
trol of the drawing a guaranty of its
fairness. Tho members of this com
mittee will be appointed by the secre
tary of the interior, who will prescribe
suitable compensation for their ser
Preparatory to these drawings tho
registration officers will, at the time
of registration each applicant who
shows himself duly qualified, mako
out a card, which must be signed by
the applicant, stating the land district
In which he desires to make homestead
entry, and giving such a description
of the applicant as will enable the lo
cal land officers to thereafter identify
him. This card will be at once sealed
in a separate envelope, which will
bear no other distinguishing label or
mark than such as may be necessary
to show that it is to go into the draw
ing for the land district in which the
applicant desires to make entry.
These envelopes will be separated
according to land districts and will
be carefully preserved and remain
sealed until opened in the course of
the drawing as herein provided. When
the registration is completed all of
these sealed envelopes will be brought
together at the place of drawing and
turned over to the committee in
charge of tho drawing, who, in such
manner as in their judgment will be
attended with entire fairness and
equality of opportunity, shall proceed
to draw out and open the separate en
velopes and to give to each inclosed
card a number in the order in which
the envelope containing the same is
drawn. While tho drawings for the
two districts will be separately con
ducted, they will occur as nearly at
the same time as is practicable. The
result of the drawing for each district
will be certified by the committee to
the officers of the district and will de
termine the order in which the appli
cants may make homestead entry of
said lands and settlement thereon.
Notice of the drawings stating the
name of each applicant and number
assigned to him by the drawing will
be posted each day at the place of
drawing, and each applicant will be
notified of his number by a postal
card, mailed to him at the address, if
any, given by him at the time of regis
tration. Each applicant should, how
ever in his own behalf, employ such
measures as will insure his obtaining
prompt and accurate information of
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tho order in which his application for
homestead entry can bo presented as
fixed by thq drawing. Applications for
homestead entry of said lands during
the first sixty days following the open
ing can be made only by registered
applicants, and in the order established
by tho drawing.
At each land office, commencing
Tuesday, August 6, 1901, at 9 o'clock
a. m., the applications of those draw
ing numbers 1 to 125, Inclusive", for
that district must be presented and
will bo considered In their numerical
order during the first day, and the ap
plications of those drawing numbers
125 to 250, inclusive, must bo presented
and will be considered in their numer
ical order during tho second day, and
so on at that rate until all of said
lands subject to entry under the home
stead law, and desired thereunder,
have been entered. If any applicant
fails to appear and present his appli
cation for entry when the, number as
signed to him by the drawing is
reached, his right to enter will be
passed until after the other applica
tions assigned for that day havo been
disposed of, when he will be given an
other opportunity to make entry, fail
ing in which he will be deemed to
have abandoned his right to make en
try under such drawing.
To obtain the allowance of a home
stead entry each applicant must per
sonally present tho certificate of reg
istration therefore issued to him, to
gether with a regular homestead ap
plication and tho necessary accom
panying proofs, and with tho regular
land office fees, but an honorably dis
charged soldier or sailor may file his
declaratory statement through the
agent representing him at the registra
tion. The production of the certificate
of registration will be dispensed with
only upon satisfactory proof of its
loss or destruction. If at the time of
considering his regular application for
entry it appears that any applicant is
disqualified from making homestead
entry of these lands his application
will be rejected, notwithstanding his
prior registration.
If any applicant shall register more
than once hereunder, or in any other
than his true name, or shall transfer
his registration certificate he will
thereby lose all the benefits of the
registration and drawing herein pro
vided for, and will be precluded from
entering or settling upon any of said
lands during the first sixty days fol
lowing said opening.
Because of the provision In the said
act of congress approved June 6, 1900,
"That the settlers who located on that
part of said lands called and known
a"s the 'neutral strip' shall have pref
erence right for thirty days on the
lands upon which they have located
and improved," the said lands in the
"neutral strip" shall for the period of
thirty days after said opening be sub
ject to homestead, entry and townsite
entry only by those who have hereto
fore located upon and improved the
same, and who are accorded a pref
erence right of entry for thirty days
as aforesaid. Persons entitled to make
entry under this preference right will
be permitted to do so at any time
during said period of thirty days fol
lowing the opening without previous
registration, and without regard to the
drawing herein provided for, and at
the expiration of that period the lands
in said "noutral strip" for which no
entry shall have been made will come
under the general provisions of this
The intended beneficiaries of the
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provision in the said acts of congress,
approved, respectively, March 2, 1895,
and Juno G, 1900, which authorizes
a qualified entryman having lands ad
joining Xhe ceded lands whose orig
inal entry embraced less than J GO
r.cres, to enter so much of the ceded
lands as will make his homestead
entry contain in the aggregate not ex
ceeding 1G0 acres, may obtain such
an extension of his existing entry,
without previous registration and
without regard to the drawing herein
provided for, only by making appro
priate application, accompanied by tho
necessary proofs, at the proper new
land office at some time prior to tho
opening herein provided for.
Any person or persons desiring to
found or to suggest establishing a
townsite upon any of said ceded lands
at any point not in tho near vicinity
of either of tho county seats therein
heretofore selected and designated, as
aforesaid, may, at any time before tho
opening herein provided for, file in
the proper local land office a written
application to that effect describing
by legal subdivisions the lands intend'
ed to be affected and stating fully and
under oath the necessity or propriety
of founding or establishing a town
at that place. Tho local officers will
forthwith transmit said petition to c
the commissioner of the general land
office with their recommendation in
tho premises. Such commissioner, if
ho believes the public Interests will
bo subserved thereby, will, if the .sec
retary of the interior approve thereof,
issue an order withdrawing the lands
described in such petition or any por
tion thereof from homestead entry and
settlement and directing that the same
be held for the timo being for town
site settlement, entry and disposition
only. In such event the lands so with
held from homestead entry and settle
ment will, at the time of said opening
and not before, become subject to set
tlement, entry and disposition under
the general townsito laws of the United
States. None of said ceded lands will
be subject to settlement, entry or dis
position under such general townsite
laws except in the manner herein pre
scribed, until after the expiration of
sixty days from the time of said open
Attention is hereby especially called
to the fact that under the special pro-