The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, May 10, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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The Commoner
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THE COMMONER, Lincoln, Neb.
Entered at the postoffice at Iyincoln, Nebraska,
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Careful inquiry is made as to the standing
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j)ort if any dishonesty or unfairness is prac
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tion The Commoner in corresponding with ad
vertisers. Wanted In every preoinct, .an. agent to take
subscriptions for The Commoner.
'President Diaz of tho Mexican Republic:
cent a special messenger to El Paso, Texas to
extend greeting to President McKinley.
Mr. Philander Knox has not yet shown a
cHsposition to endanger the $50,000 a year por
tion of his salary by trying to earn the $8,000
portion thereof.'
- It has "been some time since Kitchener has
said, "I regret to state." This may ho due to
the f aot that Kitchener is managing to keep out
of DcWct's way.
Jacksonville, Fla., was recently visited by
a disastrous fire which destroyed more than
ten million dollars worth of property and left
ton thousand people homeless.
New York's "400" has just learned that it
has been wining and dining a "bogus nobleman.
But the "400V love for a real live lord' causes
it to .take some desperate ohances.
All the protection that an American indus
try needs when backed by American skill and
ingenuity is protection against the rapacity of
modern jugglers of financial stocks.
A London papr calls J. Pierpont Morgan
tho "Bonaparte of trade." Napoleons ., ojf
finance have existed before, but the St. Helena,
of bankruptcy is covered with their bones.
The soundness of Senator McLaurin's dem
ocracy may be measured by noting that it is
receiving tho plaudits of the men who have op
posed democratic principles all their lives-
Harvard univorsity might compromise tho
dispute by conferring upon the president the C.
D. degree He may not be a Doctor of Laws
but ho has been doctoring tho constitution.
Scientists are trying to frighten tho people
by predicting tho exhaustion of the fuel sup
ply, but it has no effect on Messrs. Carnegie,
Morgan and Rockefeller. They have money
to burn.
The father of tho new secretary of tho
Turkish legation at Washington can read,
write and speak twenty different languages.
He needs them all when he takes the stovo
down for summer.
The rumor that the republican party will
abandon the doctrine of protection probably
had its inception in the fact that one of tho in
fants shows a sign of refusing to yield to tho
persuasive power of the frying pan.
It would be a good joke on the president if
the Attorney-General should take advantage
of his chief's absence to annihilate the billion
dollar steel combine, but probably he would
regard such an act as a breach of trust.
The "bazaar" fafl seems to have died out
in Great Britain. That handful of Dutch
farmers has outlasted the British outburst of
charitable patriotism. Tommy Atkins is now
left to do the fighting and shift for himself.
It appears that the banishing of editors
from Manila would not serve to keep secret the
peculations of army officers. It would seem
that a mistake was made in not banishing tho
army officers and allowing the editors to re
main. TJp to date no word of protest has been
heard concerning the hauling down of the flag
from the Walls of Pekin, where it had been
raised by American valor. The vociferous-patriots
seem to be overlooking a few opportu
nities for vocal exhibitions.
The editor of The Commoner is 'grateful
to the Seattle Times for defending him against
the criticism of the San Francisco Call. But
the Call is so completely and "hopelessly given
over to tho worship of Mammon that its con
demnation is highly complimentary.
The fact that some of tho army officers in
the Philippines have commenced to steal the
rations of tho American soldiers, would indi
cate that the native pasturage is getting short,
for it is only fair to assume that American
soldiers would be spared as long as possible.
By carefully protecting the lumber indus
try we have managed to denude our forests,
make a few lumber barons rich and tax men
enterprising and thrifty enough to build their
own homes. Now Canada has the forests and
we have tho stumps and drouth and lumber
It will bo perfectly proper for Americans to
contribute to the fund to erect a memorial to
tho late Queen Victoria, but it would bo better
and much more in tasto if Americans would
first erect memorials to a number of Americans.
whose graves aro neglected.
Minister Conger's reception in Do, Moines
would have been much warmer had he taken
the pains to announce beforehand that under
no circumstances would he be a candidate for
governor. Then all the candidates would have,
turned out and made up an enthusiastic crowd
of welcomers. '
Kaiser Wilhelm construes as lese majesto
any cartoon of him and punishes the offender
by throwing him into jail. General Wood
does the same thing. Leso Majeste is some
thing new under the American flag, but many
new and strange things have crept in since tho
adoption of the policy of imperialism.
Our great and good friend, Abdul 'Hamid
Woolomol, Sultan of Sulu and Defender of tho
Faithful, may feel slighted because he is not
on the visiting list of the president during tho
present swing around tho circle. However,
Abdul Hamid Woolbmel will call it square if
his salary is slightly increased. -
The Arkansas senate has passed a bill re- ,
quiring men who desire to drink1 to take out ?$?
' license. Will the legislators charge a small
sum for a license to drink occasionally, a larger
sum for a license to drink regularly and the
maximum fee for a license to drink all tho time?'
If the ability of the licensee to pay is taken into
consideration the rule ought to be reversed.
The army contractors and gold speculators
of Great Britain who are profiting now or ex
pect to profit in the future from the annexa-
tion and subjugation of the Transvaal are in
clined to look upon Sir Michael Hicks-Beach
as a prophet of gloom. Sir Michael is show
ing the British taxpayer that he is footing'the
bills of an expensive scheme to enrich a few
men. Since Aguinaklo Las learned from the Manila
censor the views of his own countrymen -and .
has reconciled himself to the methods employed" .
in his capture, he is being treated with moro
respect by the republican papers. If he will
accept a lucrative position with Congressman
Hull's Philippine Lumber and Development . N
Co., he may yet become the George Wash
ington of the Orient,
In New Zealand a telegram containing
twelve words is sent anywhere in that country .
upon payment of twelve cents. In this coun
try so many people who can afford to pay for
their telegrams carry telegraph franks that.
Now Zealand prices are impossible. Tho tel
egraph companies take good otfre to distribute
the franks whero they will do the most good
to the telegraph companies.
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