The commoner. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-1923, April 12, 1901, Page 10, Image 12

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The Commoner.
Story of Aguinaldo's Capture. -The
following is tlio story of
Aguinsildo'B capture as it appeared
in the New York Herald:
General Frederick Funston told to
T$tho dramatic story of the capture
of General Emilio Aguinttldo. His re
cital was in tho form of a statement in
tlio third person.
"The confidential agent of Emilio
Aguinaldo arrived February 28 at Pan
tabangan, in the province of Neiiva
Ecija, Northern Luzon, with letters
dated January 11, 12 and 11," he said in
.his statement. "These letters wore
from Emilio Aguinaldo, and directed
Baldermero Aguinaldo to take com
mand of the province of Central Luzon,
supplanting General Alejandrino.
"Emilio Aguinaldo also ordered that
four hundred men bo sent him as soon
as possible, saying that the bearer of
tho letters would guide these men to
where General Aguinaldo was.
"General Funston obtained the cor
respondence of Goneral Aguinaldo's
agent and laid his plans accordingly.
"Some months previously he had
captured tho camp of the Insurgent
Gonoral Lacuna, incidentally obtaining
Lacuna's seal, official papers and a
quantity of signed correspondence.
From this material two letters were
constructed, ostensibly from General
Lacuna to General Aguinaldo.
"One of these contained information tho progress of the war. The
other asserted that, pursuant to orders
recoived from Baldermero Aguinaldo,
General Lacuna was sending his best
company to President Emilio Aguin
aldo. "His plans completed and approved,
General Funston came to Manila and
it .
organized his expedition, choosing sev-onty-oight
Macabebes, all of whom
spoke Tagalog fluently. Twenty wore
insurgent uniforms, and the others the
dress of Filipino laborers.
"This Macabobe company, armed
with fifty Mauser rifles, eighteen Rem
ingtons and ten Krag-Jorgensens, was
commanded by Captain Russell T. Haz
zard. With him was his brother,
Lieut. Oliver 'P. M. Hazzard, both of
the Eleventh United States cavalry.
t "Captain Harry W. Newton, Thirty
fourth infantry, was taken because of
his familiarity with Caslguran Bay,
and Lieut. Burton J. Mitchell, Fortieth
infantry, went as General Funston's
"These -were the only Americans accompanying-tho
leader of the expedi
tion. "With the Macabebes wore four
former insurgont officers, one being a
Spaniard "and the othor three Taga
logs, whom General Funston trusted
"General Funston and tho American
officers wore plain blue shirts and
khaki trousers. They carried each a
half blanket, but wore no inslgn . of
rank. Tho Macabebes woro carefuL
instructed to obey the orders of the
four former insurgont officers.
"On the night of, March 8 the party
embarked on tho United States gun
boat Vicksburg. It was originally in
tended to take cascoes from tho island
of Polillo and to drift to the mainland,
but a storm arose and three of the
cascoes were lost. This plan was
"At two a. m March 14, the Vicks
burg put her lights out and ran in
shore twenty-five miles south of Casi
guran, province of Principe. The par
ty landed and marched to Caslguran.
Tho Americans had never garrisoned
this place, and the inhabitants are
strong insurgent sympathizers.
"Having arrived there the former
insurgent officers, ostensibly com
manding tho party, announced that
they were on tho way to join General
Aguinaldo, between Pautobagon and
Baler; that they had surprised an Am
erican surveying party, and that they
had killed a number, capturing five.
They exhibited General Funston and
the othor Americans as their prisoners.
"The insurgent presidente of Casl
guran believed the story. Two of the
Lacuna letters, previously concocted,
were forwarded to General Aguinaldo
at Palanan, province of Isabela.
"General Funston and the others
were kept imprisoned for three days,
surreptitiously giving orders at night.
"On the morning of March 17, tak
ing a small quantity of cracked corn,
tho party departed on a ninety-mile
march to Palanan. The country is
rough and uninhabited, and provisions
could not be obtained. The party ate
small shellfish, but was almost starved.
"Wading swift rivers, climbing pre
cipitous mountains and penetrating
donse jungles, they marched seven
days and nights, and on March 22 had
reached a point eight miles from
"They were now so weak that it was
necessary to send to General Aguin
aldo's camp for food. General Aguin
aldo dispatched supplies and directed
that the American prisoners be kindly
treated, but not be permitted to enter
the town.
"On the morning of March 23 the ad
vance was resumed. The column was
met by tho staff officers of General
Aguinaldo and a detachment of Gen
eral Aguinaldo's body guard, which
was ordered to take charge of the Am
"While one of the former insurgent
officers conversed with General Aguin
aldo's aid, another, the Spaniard, sent
a courier to warn General Furston
and the rest, who, with eleven Maca
bebes, were about an hour behind.
"Having received this warning, Gen
eral Funston avoided General Aguin
aldo's detachment and joined the col
umn, avoiding observation. The Ta
galos went ahead to greet General
Aguinaldo, and the column slowly fol
lowed, finally arivlng at Palanan.
"General Aguinaldo's household
troops, fifty men in neat uniforms of
blue and white and wearing straw hats,
lined up to receive the newcomers!
General Funston's men" crossed 'the
river in small boats, formed on the
bank, and marched to tho right and
then in front of the insurgent grena
diers. The Tagalogs entered the house
whero General Aguinaldo was.
"Suddenly tho Spanish officer, notic
ing that General Aguinaldo's aid was
watching tho Americans suspiciously,
exclaimed: 'Now, Macabebes, go for
them!' The MacabebeB opened Are,
but their aim was rather Ineffective,
and only three insurgents were killed.
The rebels returned the fire.
"On hearing tho firing, General
Aguinaldo, who evidently thought his
men Avero merely colebrating the ar
rival of reinforcements, ran to the
window and shouted: 'Stop that fool
ishness! Quit wasting ammunition!'
"Hilario Placido. one of the Tagalog
officers and a former insurgent major,
who was wounded in the lung by the
fire of tho Kansas regiment at the
battle of Caloocan, threw his arms
around General Aguinaldo, exclaiming:
'You are a prisoner of the Americans.'
"Colonel Simeon Villla, the rebel
chief of staff, Major Alambra and
others attacked the men who were
holding General Aguinaldo. Hilario
Placido shot Colonel Villia in the
shoulder. Major Alambra jumped out
of the window and attempted to cross
the river. It is supposed t? he was
drowned. Five other insurgent officers
fought for a few minutes and then fled,
making their escape.
"When the firing began General
Funston assumed command and di
rected the attack on the house, person
ally assisting in the capture of General
Aeuinaldo. The insurgent bodyguard
I fled, leaving twenty rifles.
"Santiago Barcelona, the insurgent
treasurer, surrendered without re
sistance., ,
'"When cantured General Aguinaldo
iwas tremendously excited, but he
calmed under General Funston's as
surance that he would be well treated.
General Funston obtained all of the
rebel leader's correspondence, showing
that he had kept in close touch withl
the subchiefs of the insurrection in
various parts of the archipelago.
"It was also discovered that General
Aguinaldo, on. January 28, had pro
claimed himself dictator. He had been
living nt Palanan for seven months,
undisturbed, except when a detach
ment of the Sixteenth infantry visited
the town: On that occasion the entire
population took to the mountains and
remained thero until the troops retired.
"General Aguinaldo admitted that he
had almost been captured before, but
he asserted that he had never been
wounded, adding: 'I should never
have been taken except by a strategem.
I was completely deceived by General
Lacuna's forged signature.' He feared
he might be seni to Guam, ar.d ho was
quite glad to come to Manila.
"Palanan was guarded by numerous
outposts and signal stations. During
the fight none of tho Macabebes was
"Tho expedition rested March 24 and
then marched Bixteen miles the follow
ing day to Palanan bay, whero General
Funston found the Vicksburg, which
brought him to Manila. Commander
Barry, of tho Ticksburg, rendered Gen
eral Funston splendid assistance.
"General Aguinaldo, who talked
freely of past events, said he supposed
General Trias would proclaim himself
dictator, evidently not knowing that
General Trias had surrendered. tt
behaved courteously and .ave no trou-
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